Condolences to the dead but the police should not just focus on the Somali angle


Condolences to the families of the dead. May their soul RIP.The police should not just focus on the Somali angle but look deeper and wider.  Hopefully they secured the scenes and are interviewing survivors.

While the Somali angle is credible, other potential leads could be

a) Business related that is nnugu from business rivals that may have lost business or felt jelousy over the World Cup.

b) Local issues.  The bombing could have something to do with the political temperature in Uganda.  Therefore the role of rogue elements within the political and state intelligence systems cannot and should not be ruled out.

c) dissatisfaction within UPDF/ESO/ISO regarding the Somali mission. There could be military elements, yes, UPDF who want to create a situation to force UPDF out of Somali.  Privates may be paying the ultimate political price while UPDF fat cats eat the money in Kampala

d)  Sleeper cells of once active Ugandan rebels activities

e) Political tensions between Ethiopians and Eritreans. Eritrea has  the most pro Al Shabaab regime in the region.  This may give hints about the targeting of the Ethipian /Ritream restauranst in Uganda.

f) Tensions with some religious groups in Uganda.

g) Foreign interests not happy with Uganda over the fact that General Nyamwasa used  a Ugandan passport to flee to South Africa.

In others words,the bombing smells of blackmail.




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  1. john mukasa,

    RIP to all those invloved in this incident. This sort of tragic moment will take us way back to find who does this sort of conduct. We have to ask when did this sort of person start in uganda after the plan explosion of the peace talk of GARANGA and the rest of that sort. There has never been a clear investagation outcome. Museveni’s army as well should not be clasified as ugandan army in africa simply because it does not serve its country but the president only. The gov’t did not even wone its citizens about the threat dispite the fact that they new as romours say. It can also be a frame work for seeking more support from the west from ugandan gov’t as they seem to be losing control and power of dictatorship,but the iorny of it is that Ugandan gov’t has no respect to human rights at all. Who in uganda can be layeble of explosive other than the gov’t and its new investors who operate in strongly secure primises and locals have no excess to it. What do they manufacture in this factories that don’t contribute to the economy and what ever thay do is not know to ugandans. The international community should be well aware of this and they willnot fight terrorism if transparency of our leader and the suffering common man from the dictators. Who ever burn Kasubi tombs also would this sort of thing and there is no difference apart from the equipement used. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY lets all pray to find an end of this.

  2. Tugumizemu Vernon,

    It is sad news to experience what our sisters and brothers go through in Iraq,
    Somalia and say Afghanistan for that matter, however what befell Kampala is a
    series of unfolding unrest more so ahead of 2011 elections.

    Like Kijomonyi and comrades reacted to Media centre’s spin doctor P. Kesaasi,”
    WHO TO BLAME FOR k’LA bOMBS” I believe its really ridiculous for the Police to
    center and focus their ant-terror antics to the Somalia-AMISON issues, no, we
    must boldly accept that some elements in and outside our own government could be
    wanting to create apolitical scare crow a head of the hotly anticipated 2011,
    to (1) arrest oposition linked to the blasts like Dr.KB was arrested prior to
    2006 presidential elections, (2) create astate of fear for poeple never to rally
    for the so-called SUUBI gatherings in Kampala, (3) to threaten the Africa Summit
    which is under way next week in Munyonyo Kampala which Col.Gadafi is attending
    alongside other 52 heads of state excluding Gen.Bashil, (4) also recently South
    Sudan Students matched in Kampala at liberty and it in another way could have
    gone bad with international relations between Khartoum-GoSS and Kampala, besides
    a lot should be considered more so with the discovery of Oil in Buganda.

    I rest my case for now!!!!,

  3. ahmed katerega,

    kitalo nnyo!!! But we can also revisitthe AMISOM mission. It should be remembered that we were invited to Somalia by the Provisial Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia and IGAD. They barred immediate neighbours like Kenya, Djobouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea from contributing to peace keeping force because they were partisan. They accepted only Uganda and the Sudan. But the Sudan could not make it because it had an outbreak of war in Darufur. So we took the initiative, which was later supported by AU and UN. That’s why Muslim countries like Egypt and Algeria promised to jet our contingent although it was only Algeria that fulfilled the promose.

    Other countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa, Rwanda, and others promised to send in but later chickened out.Then came Burundi which did so.

    The blunder that was made was Ethiopian troops with the US support uprooting Union of Islamic Courts which had pacified most of Somalia. Fortunately later Ethiopia pooled out and a section of the Union of Islamic Corts wrere persuaded to join Provisional Government, and they are the people in charge now.

    So we are in Somalia for legitimate reasons, and the IGAD/AU/ peace keeping force, need reinforcement from Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Countries. For us we are not only IGAD.AU but also OIC.

    Reinforcement will help us to fufil the noble objective of pacifying the stateless country since 1991, but we should be careful or else we are mistaken as mere agents of Judeo-Anglo-American imperialism.l am saying that we are in Somalia for a legitimate cause and any body fighting us should be fought and defeated. But we should be careful so that were not packaged as agents of Judeo-Anglo-American crusaders.

    we are all stake holders in Uganda, Eastern Africa, the great Lakes Region, Africa, the Muslim World and the entire Earth.
    Somali affairs are not distant from us, as we all know that some of our clans and communities migrated from Galla in Ethiopia/Somalia area and you can look at any person from south western Uganda or Rwanda-Burundi and you think s/he is an Ethiopian or a Somali, Fiona her self look like Ethiopian or Somali beautiful girls. So were are one people.

    Secondly, our neighbor ,Kenya, which is a member of East Africa Community, which has just turned into a common market and later a currency union and a political federation, has a full province, which used to be called Northern Frontier which is now called North Eastern. These people dominate a big division even in Nairobi city. Here in Kampala, you find them at Mmengo -Kisenyi and one of them is a junior minister in Buganda Kingdom.
    When Burundian first president Michel Micombero was ousted, he fled to Somalia where he died in exile. Somalia, Tanzania, the Sudan, Guinea, were among the countries that provided troops for invading Uganda and restoring Obote president in 1971 hadn’t young Museveni told Nyerere that Obote had lost popularity and such an invasion would be suicidal.

    Later the then President Siad Barre played a key role in mediating between Uganda and Tanzania which resulted into signing Mogadishu Peace Pact in 1972 by the then Uganda’s Foreign Minister Joshua Wannume Kibedi and Tanzania’s Foreign Minister Rashid Kawawa.
    Siad Barre was the outgoing OAU Chairperson in 1975 who handed the happer to our own Idi Amin during the 12th Ordinary Summit in Kampala in June.
    Do you remember Idi Amin’s Parish sub parish chiefs (Abatongole abaasoma) who were supervisors of village chiefs and Mayumba 10 chiefs, were trained in Somalia. One of them the late Byarugaba from our own Mawogola, Ssembabule rose to a saza chief before he was killed by government soldiers during the Uganda-Tanzania war of 1979.

    Uganda like the Sudan, is member of IGAD and we are in Somalia for a legitimate reason. We are both in COMESA ,AU, OIC etc…
    But despite the fact that Somalia is in Arab League, it has not been helped by its Arab brothers and sisters. They see it as African. That should be a lesson to other African countries that are in Arab League like Eritrea, the Sudan, Seyecelles, and Mauritennia.

    In fact due to a traditional rivalry between Somalia and Ethiopia (which is like Israel and Palestine, Teso and Karamoja or Buganda and Bunyoro), l invesage a Federal Republic of Somalia preffering joining East Africa Community and federation while Ethiopia is reluctant and preferes patroning IGAD andCOMESA.

    We should all collectively ensure that negative forces are wiped out of stateless Somalia.

  4. john mukasa,

    We all know why most african countries pulled out of this. The so called comand of the african peace fighting group were not convincing to coalition. We also note the crave for leadreship in this frontier and luck of listening to others repelled them away from this army. Credit of leaders of this army must have been checked and urgued but with less feed back and dictatorio what do you expect. Most of these countries have a very unsettled democratic background and could not be asked if the worse dictators were to lead as i think they thought it right because its very difficult to work with some one who will not listen to you. Somalia and rwanda yes we all agree they have something in common even Burundi,but what hapened to there former leads and how did they go. Who wants more of somalia and centralise east africa as one. We need to know whose Idiology suits best and what happened to Congo peace keeping is still pending.Sure United nations Commite knows more inside of it all and lets not think athe MR Coffe ANANI don’t know about it all.

  5. Awadh,

    pls bring back our boys from Somalia same one is getting the money and our sons are dieing for no cause

  6. kasaija,

    RIP the dead victims in this massacre. i have been expecting this ever since i got the history of Uganda politics. we must expect any thing from power hungry people. Uganda is not the only country under tension over politic and won’t stop being under tension even if m7 leaves office. all leaders that have ruled Uganda are puppets controlled by foreign powers and these powers will do any thing in their powers to stay in control of this country. Uganda is not the first and won’t be the last to be wiped out.
    one wonders why when there is a riot army fills the streets yet when a real terror occurs, they are no where to be seen. papers say they already know the time the bombers took to carry out the attacks, meaning they were watching as the whole process was being carried out and did nothing.
    they have failed to cause people massacre them selves by creating ethnic divisions.they will do any thing to create killing grounds. don’t lose sight of what we want…change to federal governance…may God protect us all and grant us our wishes. stay safe.

  7. Solomon Kibinge,

    Mr. Kiggundu of Observer Dancing on 11/7 victim’s graves.
    It is surprising that in the midst of this high profile investigation the state has decided to mislead us the victims of this tragedy for its failure to stop the bombers. Now the regimes security organs are diverting the public’s attention by pretending to be working. They are secretly conniving with un principled journalist like Mr. Edris Kiggundu in his so called EXCLUSIVE observer article of 21 July 2010 “Telecom manager held over bombing”.
    Mr. Kigundu’s article is intended to calm us down and reassure us that the investigations are on course. However, we the residents of Mutundwe are not convinced, because the media’s reporting on 11/7 is full of security briefings. These security organs are on the defensive to justify their huge budget allocation. This article shows how the government is in a credibility self destruction gear by misleading the large (50 plus) strong number of FBIs investigating the 11/07 twin bombings in Kampala.
    There are lots of information Mr. Kigundu as a journalist is not telling us, why? For example this Yemen terrorist controller who slipped out of the country in April, what are his names, did anybody in Kisigula zone ever sighted this man, yes he is a terrorist but not a needle surely we would have seen him at least once.
    If Mr. Kigundu is not conniving with the security agencies did he take the trouble to note that the so called hide out house for the terrorist in Kisigula Zone, Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb is one of the uncountable “safe houses” where Ugandans are being tortured on a daily basis. The house in question is one of the many prisons controlled by Brigadier Kayanja.
    The people of Uganda know it very well that Museveni is surviving on disinformation. We should not be fooled by this regime. We the residents of Kisigula zone and other places in Uganda know how JAAT and other secrete security organs operate. They always ferry people for torture in houses in residential areas to cover their acts.
    To prove the above point you may remember the Newvision article of 27 June 2010 by Herbert Ssempogo “Suspected Thug Shot At Brigadier Kayanja’s Home”. The article went by: A suspected thug was on Saturday shot dead at the home of Brig. Elly Kayanja,…The unidentified man allegedly trespassed into the soldier’s compound at Kanaala Zone, Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb”. Interesting, again Mutundwe – a Kampala suburb, what a coincident!!! The article further went on “The bullets hit the man’s stomach and he died on the road, a few meters from Kayanja’s home”. The article was accompanied with a picture of a naked malnourished male dead body. As they say a picture tells the story. This showed a story of a poor tortured Ugandan in one of the Mutundwe safe houses, we know these prisoners are kept there in inhumane conditions, no food, only in clothes they arrest (kidnap) them in. This man dying on the road, he had taken advantage of laxity of the guards who were dozing off because of their previous busy night torturing prisoners.
    This landlady is nothing but the work of security operatives, who was set up to brief the FBIs. It is the security operatives that choose who should speak to the FBIs. “A house became a bee-hive of activity with lots of people moving in and out”. Mr. Kigundu give us a break in Uganda nothing like that can go on without the watchful eye of the LCs.
    According to Kigundu’s article “Forensic experts led by FBI agents ransacked the house on Tuesday for about six hours.
    The house, according to our sources, was virtually empty without any furniture save for a single mattress…” but this is the way the Museveni safe houses are set, this was a perfect dungeon for the poor Ugandans but sadly the FBI team is being mislead diverted from the real task at hand .
    In another twist, what Kigundu does not reveal to us is an open secret of loose talk by UPDF soldiers in barracks and to their family, friends and within the media personalities. They are talking of a fierce battle between the UPDF and the ADF in Western Uganda and some of them (UPDFs) are defecting to the liberation front (the ADF). Instead of Kigundu informing the public of what he knows from the frontline between UPDF and ADF, he instead informs us that ADF is Al Shabaab and the other way round.
    In order for our people to be protected from journalist like Kiggundu and the government who always dance on victims graves. We have been forced to volunteer to inform the public, a role the media houses in Uganda have decided to shun away from, they only prefer to manipulate public opinions by reporting about the presidents tours (campaign) in safe areas Uganda.
    Therefore, from our Kafunda club (joint) in Ndeeba we tasked Mr. Mubangizi our member to head to western Uganda on an expedition to report back his findings on the ADF and UPDF skirmishes.
    After a long week in the West, Mr. Mubangizi’s report was moving and interesting to listen to. He reported that the gallant sons of Uganda all over Uganda, with different backgrounds (a real sample of Uganda) under the guidance of ADF are involved in viscous battles with UPDF on a daily basis and the UPDF is on the run most of the time. He said that it will not be long when Uganda will be free from the NRM – Museveni occupation.
    Read Mr. Kiggundu’s article:

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