July 2010
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Day July 15, 2010

Mrs Linda Nabusayi Wamboka: Press Release on Presidents statement on bombings

Mrs. Linda Nabusayi Wamboka:

Mulembe.  It is true Uganda’s borders-borders in the region really-are porous, but efforts should be made to screen foreigners.  The president is not keen on inconveniencing businesses units, but that should change.  The govt should take a careful look at the way foreigners are allowed to operate businesses in Uganda.

I asked the other day, who allowed foreign born Somalis to operate petrol stations all over Uganda? How many petrol stations are operated by foreigners, but especially non-Ugandan born Somalis?  Does the govt know the number? And what measures are being proposed to stop it?  How many foreigners, or to be specific foreign born Somalis operate money transfer businesses in Uganda?

How many are involved in real estate or rental businesses as landlords?  I hope you realize where I am going with this. I am sure the business lobby will be pleased to see the press release. However, the president cannot put the desire for business efficiency above national security. There is a need for balance security with liberties. All sides and that includes Ugandans will have to give up something in order to be secure.

The press statement asks whether it is necessary to implement any amendments. Yes. The govt should cease conducting intelligence business in such an adhoc manner.   It is time to consolidate national intelligence under one legal entity to coordinate intelligence. Ugandans should emulate Kenya and create the equivalent of NSIS.  It is possible due to the turf wars and egos; critical information was not relayed to other intelligence agencies.  That ought to change.

The President defends Minister Mbabazi on grounds that ” Once incident happening should not be used to condemn permanently some of the actors”. May be.  But they failed the president who is the appointing authority and Ugandans in general and should resign or be fired.  Those who should step aside to pave a judicial inquiry into the massive intelligence failure include Minister Mbabazi the ESO, ISO heads, CMI head and the overseer of intelligence General David B. Tinyefunza. .

The president cites developed countries but after 9/11, the USA created the super ministry of Homeland security and a new agency of NSA to coordinate intelligence. If he is going to cite the USA and others, he should do what these countries did after 9/11


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