Mrs Linda Nabusayi Wamboka: Press Release on Presidents statement on bombings

Mrs. Linda Nabusayi Wamboka:

Mulembe.  It is true Uganda’s borders-borders in the region really-are porous, but efforts should be made to screen foreigners.  The president is not keen on inconveniencing businesses units, but that should change.  The govt should take a careful look at the way foreigners are allowed to operate businesses in Uganda.

I asked the other day, who allowed foreign born Somalis to operate petrol stations all over Uganda? How many petrol stations are operated by foreigners, but especially non-Ugandan born Somalis?  Does the govt know the number? And what measures are being proposed to stop it?  How many foreigners, or to be specific foreign born Somalis operate money transfer businesses in Uganda?

How many are involved in real estate or rental businesses as landlords?  I hope you realize where I am going with this. I am sure the business lobby will be pleased to see the press release. However, the president cannot put the desire for business efficiency above national security. There is a need for balance security with liberties. All sides and that includes Ugandans will have to give up something in order to be secure.

The press statement asks whether it is necessary to implement any amendments. Yes. The govt should cease conducting intelligence business in such an adhoc manner.   It is time to consolidate national intelligence under one legal entity to coordinate intelligence. Ugandans should emulate Kenya and create the equivalent of NSIS.  It is possible due to the turf wars and egos; critical information was not relayed to other intelligence agencies.  That ought to change.

The President defends Minister Mbabazi on grounds that ” Once incident happening should not be used to condemn permanently some of the actors”. May be.  But they failed the president who is the appointing authority and Ugandans in general and should resign or be fired.  Those who should step aside to pave a judicial inquiry into the massive intelligence failure include Minister Mbabazi the ESO, ISO heads, CMI head and the overseer of intelligence General David B. Tinyefunza. .

The president cites developed countries but after 9/11, the USA created the super ministry of Homeland security and a new agency of NSA to coordinate intelligence. If he is going to cite the USA and others, he should do what these countries did after 9/11



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  1. Ronald,

    Well done Wamboka,
    something has to be done.A complete overhaul of our security systems has to be done.
    We have many ministers in the name of Defence,security,Internal affairs all doing everything from suppressing opposition demonstrations ,running after Besigye,beating up IPC ladies etc
    but they forget the reason why they are in power.
    We must change everything starting with the big FISH

  2. DJonathan,

    Thanks to all comments made, i think imigration Dept of UGANDA should atleast get serious. When you go to other countries they say Uganda is a free place for any sort of dirty business and if you want to go through with it go to Uganda its a shame.

    11th of July. Spain was breathing fire down the throat of The Netherlands in the world cup soccer final match when the ugly face of terrorism frowned over my nation.
    2 simultaneous blasts rocked the night sky leaving 74 Innocent soccer fans dead in Kampala Uganda. Over 80 were injured.
    Scores of bereaved families. Broken hearts everywhere. Fear seems to reign supreme. Fingers are pointing in every direction. We are angry. It Almost feels like God was on Holiday…or asleep on that fateful night.
    But beneath the smouldering embers of grief and despair it’s comforting to know… that we r not alone.
    The Psalmist says;
    Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…for thou art with me. (Psalm 23)
    Hope is what lingers even after we have laid the wreath on that cold grave and bid farewell to the last mourner. It’s the anchor that holds our boat when the raging seas of uncertainty rock our boats. It’s the lone ray of light in the midst of our dark tunnels.
    They r gone and we r hurting but HOPE is alive.
    Hold on to that hope. Keep on believing that the best days of your life still lie ahead.
    Tom Mutete

  4. Kyeyune Richard,

    Wanyala Naabi Nabusayi!!!

    All the govt institutions should be headed by professionals and / or people who do their jobs Professionally!!! We all know of people in the army and in the general public who are not being utilized because of their tribes or because they are not so royal to the appointing authority! The president should think about the professional-ability-to-perform before appointments. Otherwise we are still mourning

    Kyeyune Richard

  5. Solomon Kibinge,

    Mr. Kiggundu of Observer Dancing on 11/7 victim’s graves.

    It is surprising that in the midst of this high profile investigation the state has decided to mislead us the victims of this tragedy for its failure to stop the bombers. Now the regimes security organs are diverting the public’s attention by pretending to be working. They are secretly conniving with un principled journalist like Mr. Edris Kiggundu in his so called EXCLUSIVE observer article of 21 July 2010 “Telecom manager held over bombing”.

    Mr. Kigundu’s article is intended to calm us down and reassure us that the investigations are on course. However, we the residents of Mutundwe are not convinced, because the media’s reporting on 11/7 is full of security briefings. These security organs are on the defensive to justify their huge budget allocation. This article shows how the government is in a credibility self destruction gear by misleading the large (50 plus) strong number of FBIs investigating the 11/07 twin bombings in Kampala.

    There are lots of information Mr. Kigundu as a journalist is not telling us, why? For example this Yemen terrorist controller who slipped out of the country in April, what are his names, did anybody in Kisigula zone ever sighted this man, yes he is a terrorist but not a needle surely we would have seen him at least once.

    If Mr. Kigundu is not conniving with the security agencies did he take the trouble to note that the so called hide out house for the terrorist in Kisigula Zone, Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb is one of the uncountable “safe houses” where Ugandans are being tortured on a daily basis. The house in question is one of the many prisons controlled by Brigadier Kayanja.

    The people of Uganda know it very well that Museveni is surviving on disinformation. We should not be fooled by this regime. We the residents of Kisigula zone and other places in Uganda know how JAAT and other secrete security organs operate. They always ferry people for torture in houses in residential areas to cover their acts.

    To prove the above point you may remember the Newvision article of 27 June 2010 by Herbert Ssempogo “Suspected Thug Shot At Brigadier Kayanja’s Home”. The article went by: A suspected thug was on Saturday shot dead at the home of Brig. Elly Kayanja,…The unidentified man allegedly trespassed into the soldier’s compound at Kanaala Zone, Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb”. Interesting, again Mutundwe – a Kampala suburb, what a coincident!!! The article further went on “The bullets hit the man’s stomach and he died on the road, a few meters from Kayanja’s home”. The article was accompanied with a picture of a naked malnourished male dead body. As they say a picture tells the story. This showed a story of a poor tortured Ugandan in one of the Mutundwe safe houses, we know these prisoners are kept there in inhumane conditions, no food, only in clothes they arrest (kidnap) them in. This man dying on the road, he had taken advantage of laxity of the guards who were dozing off because of their previous busy night torturing prisoners.

    This landlady is nothing but the work of security operatives, who was set up to brief the FBIs. It is the security operatives that choose who should speak to the FBIs. “A house became a bee-hive of activity with lots of people moving in and out”. Mr. Kigundu give us a break in Uganda nothing like that can go on without the watchful eye of the LCs.

    According to Kigundu’s article “Forensic experts led by FBI agents ransacked the house on Tuesday for about six hours.
    The house, according to our sources, was virtually empty without any furniture save for a single mattress…” but this is the way the Museveni safe houses are set, this was a perfect dungeon for the poor Ugandans but sadly the FBI team is being mislead diverted from the real task at hand .

    In another twist, what Kigundu does not reveal to us is an open secret of loose talk by UPDF soldiers in barracks and to their family, friends and within the media personalities. They are talking of a fierce battle between the UPDF and the ADF in Western Uganda and some of them (UPDFs) are defecting to the liberation front (the ADF). Instead of Kigundu informing the public of what he knows from the frontline between UPDF and ADF, he instead informs us that ADF is Al Shabaab and the other way round.

    In order for our people to be protected from journalist like Kiggundu and the government who always dance on victims graves. We have been forced to volunteer to inform the public, a role the media houses in Uganda have decided to shun away from, they only prefer to manipulate public opinions by reporting about the presidents tours (campaign) in safe areas Uganda.
    Therefore, from our Kafunda club (joint) in Ndeeba we tasked Mr. Mubangizi our member to head to western Uganda on an expedition to report back his findings on the ADF and UPDF skirmishes.

    After a long week in the West, Mr. Mubangizi’s report was moving and interesting to listen to. He reported that the gallant sons of Uganda all over Uganda, with different backgrounds (a real sample of Uganda) under the guidance of ADF are involved in viscous battles with UPDF on a daily basis and the UPDF is on the run most of the time. He said that it will not be long when Uganda will be free from the NRM – Museveni occupation.

    Read Mr. Kiggundu’s article:

  6. wabbi ken tony,

    Well done mrs. Wamboka, the government should take it too serious before the country heads to an abyss of social set back & where are the nation I.Ds I thought they would have been a step forward.?

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