Stop “SUUBI-phobia” & political sectarianism in Uganda

Summary: The GoU/NRM Propaganda Press has unleashed anti-SUUBI (Hope) vitriolic propaganda, whereby some of their leading propagandist organs like the Red Pepper, Kamunye [The Kite] – (the Red Pepper’s Luganda “sister” publication), have excelled. These people are so scared of the social Movement called ‘SUUBI’ [Hope] that they have now engaged a higher gear in their propaganda effort by, as a matter of fact, wrongly labeling it a “Buganda” Movement and in some cases a “Mmengo” ethnic thing, a claim by which such people, in effect, violet the Country’s anti-sectarian laws. The surprise is that no body has charged such with the violation of our anti-sectarian laws. The ‘PS’ [bullet 7/7] after signature (bellow) explains the possible ‘cause d’être’, driving the SUUBI Movement. Read on but note please, these  not of a second or any other party.

1/7. Some rabid ‘gandophobs‘ have now engaged a higher gear gone a step further, to the extent of labeling ‘SUUBI’ a sort of KKK [Ku Klux Klan] without even reading its aims, in mind, in words or in ‘bwino‘ [hard evidence]. It’s as though Suubi was in the American South burning crosses and lynching blacks-thus showing us how much the NRM activists are afraid of anybody pointing out their more than self-evident mistakes.

2/7. An amateurish Example: On p.27 of its 22nd July 10 edition, The Red Pepper, over an article by one Fred Daka “Kamwada”,  carried a heading, “SUUBI SECT MAY NOT BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM KU KLUX KLAN’, with a picture of Fascist leader Benito Mussolini standing side-by-side with Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, standing side-by-side. Talk of ‘terror’ in our midst. The mention of the KKK in our country today terrorizes many a Citizen’s mind and no one raises a finger!!!! Kamwada may be dismissed as suffering from an infantile malaise by some but look; this ‘man’ has a full-page ‘column’. So, he must be ‘powerful’.

3/7. In the article, Kamwada ziz-zags round with school-level truisms about German Nazism and Mussolini’s fascism and do you know where he ends? In his so called ‘Facts, Logic & Rationale’, Fred Daka goes ahead to not only equate SUUBI [Hope] with the dreaded political parties (that came to power in Europe) but most alarmingly, he attacks Buganda/Baganda (like Mr. Ssemujju Nganda of FDC) ostensibly for “agitating” (for) and promoting the supremacy of the interests of Buganda Kingdom just like the Ku Klux Klan had to preserving (sic) the customs of the traditional America where the White was superior to any other race” (sic). Even after committing such a sacrilege, the propagandist of hate, “Kamwada” is not done. He goes on,” I don’t think it’s wise to underestimate SUUBI because their mission is to push for the supremacy of Buganda” (sic). The question: Have they written or said so?

4/7. Well, the manifestos of the KKK, the South African ‘National’ Party, the Italian Fascists, the German Nazi parties, etc “Fred” loves to dell on, had their aims spelled out clear and presented to their ‘voters’. Although I have not read the SUUBI manifesto (Have they presented one? Are they a party?), I do not recall any of its promoters stating what the Red Pepper is publishing, in the public domain, that is tantamount to demonizing/blaming a whole ethnic group for planning to commit ethnically-motivated crimes. Such demonization of a group on ethnic grounds is a crime under Uganda’s ‘anti-sectarian laws’ BUT, I am ‘not’ surprised that the Red Pepper, let alone Daka Kamwada, has been called to the Police to answer charges of exciting sectarian sentiments.

5/7. But wait, under our situation, does this law come into play when the victim, other than the author is a Muganda? No way. According to the Red Pepper line of thought and philosophy, sectarian crimes are not crimes when the target is a Muganda. To prove me wrong: Check out what the killers of 10/11/12 Sept. 2009 in Kampala and the environs– they are all free and some have even been promoted!! Let’s wait too, for the Red Pepper [or Mr. Fred Daka Kamwada for that matter] be called or be taken to the Police for explanation. CBS equipment was destroyed ostensibly for promoting sectarianism although not Court or Magistrate’s warrant was ever produced to charge it/any of its employers with such crimes. Rule of Law, indeed.

6/7. The daily explanations by the promoters of SUUBI that they want ‘equal rights’ like for every other Citizen of Uganda [freedom of travel* in the country of their birth, freedom not to be harassed un-necessarily, etc] cut no ice in the minds of the incorrigible hate-mongers of the Kamwada type. Uganda is at the cross-road where: white is called black and darkness-light, so longer the perpetuator is none other than the ‘un-touchable’, the one that acts with impunity [what will they do to me?]. God bless Uganda and Africa.

(7/7) *P/S: When asked as to why he was promoting SUUBI, the former Katikiro of Buganda, Mr. Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere, a Frelimo veteran, said, “it hurts me very much to see that, today, ALL Ugandans are allowed to travel freely in the country of their birth, except kabaka Ronald Mutebi”. May be, saying this is what hurts the gandophobes of the kamwada type? Has Ssemogerere no right to be hurt by injustice? How does Mmengo’s hunger “for supremacy come in here”? Are they the ones who shut down and destroyed CBS equipment? Are they the ones who shot passers-by, including some NRM Baganda supporters (one, a teacher from Mpigi), etc? Come off it “Kamwada”. Pride comes before (a) fall.

Christopher Muwanga,





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  1. kk,

    Muwanga i have seen all those atrocities in my vision and much more is yet to come. the problem we have is we have failed to acknowledge that we are wanted dead but we continue to hope for justice from those who want us dead. we must sit down even if we are only 10 and plan our future and how we can counter attack the atrocities awaiting us. if we don’t do that we are talking in vain.

  2. To me Suubi is a tribal political party like the defunct Kabaka Yekka of the 60s. Uganda today needs transtribal and not tribal parties like Suubi and I am afraid that it will bring problems to IPC, just as Kabaka Yekka brought problems to UPC.
    Suubi means ‘ hope’ in Luganda. If its founders had wanted Suubi to be a party that belongs to all Ugandans, they would have chosen a neutral name such as “Hope for Uganda”, “Save Uganda Party” , etc..
    Buganda is one large ethnic entity that should not be behaving as an orphan. Even with a vice president, prime minister and a number of senior ministers, not to mention thousands of civil servants in strategic positions in government, Buganda and Baganda have failed miserably to use their position to give direction to Uganda’s political map.
    Mr Muwanga, I want to assure you that the more you continue with your insularity, the more you become alienated from the rest of us, and the goals that you seek to achieve shall remain a pipe dream forever.

  3. Top Dog,

    Museven has squandered a golden opportunity to bring unity in diversity within Uganda. We have many ethnic groups, but this onits own should not neccessarily result into ethnic conflicts. The root cause of these ethnic conflicts now is due to the resources which are being dished out by Museveni unequitably; in favour of his own ethinic group. Masaba and his likes, because of their “gandophop” are refusisng to see this for what it is; and insead resort to bashing Baganda when the latter fight for their rights.

  4. Dear Author,
    Thanks alot for your constructive comments about sectarianism in Uganda. This is not new to some of us. Most of the families from the dominant ethnic group are nolonger having a say on the rule of a gun in Uganda. I mean here the Baganda who are in the government are just used as scapegoat for the government to win and continue its dictatorship rule in Uganda. Could any one give me areason why the voice of Buganda and the other listeners of CBS were denied the right to express their views through this voice. The Baganda and other ethnic groups who have tried to challenge the dictatorship have perished and /or lost the big positions in government. It will be too early to point out the people and the people know who are these victims. I personally lost my brother in the army, who served in one position with out being promoted despite his upgrading of the skills and traveling to USA for more trainings. Enough is enough Uganda needs to come out of the cloud and fight against sectarianism accompanied by corruption. We should evey body know is that Justice is Justice ,the culpripts one day will be brought to face Justice. The international rule of law is awaiting for them. God Bless my Country Uganda and the innocent people who have suffered physical and arrests for no reason.

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