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Day July 28, 2010


Dear UAH,

When the Tibamanya-Rutashokwa story came up, someone suggested that Tibamanya did it because he had been trained in Kyankwanzi, which is what I set out to correct because our training manuals do not have that module.

But I also suggested that if the institutions at which we are trained are responsible for our crimes and sins, let each of us begin my giving his/her CV so that we gather data on crime and sin in relation to where one studied. I also emphasised that such an exercise is foolish. I hope you now get my point.

I agree that our institutes should follow their students to ensure they don’t ashame them but this should extend to every educational institution, not just NALI because not everybody has gone to, or will go to NALI.

I however do not know on what empirical evidence you base the other wise intriguing allegation that most criminals areclose to those who fought or from the president’s home. Grant me access to these statistics when you choose to release them one day.

I am not the head of NALI; I am only in charge of NALI publications as editor. NALI is headed by Colonel Shaban Seban Bantariza (Psc-U). Please visit our humble site on www.naliideologue.ug and you will among other things find that mindless singing of leaders’ praises is missing. Actually the debates among trainees that rage on controversial subjects is astonishing!

For your information, NALI is still under the umbrella of the UPDF and we are proud of being the one place which brings together Police, Prisons and Army for joint courses. Indeed, no officer goes to Senior Command & Staff College Kimaka without doing Pre-Kimaka at NALI.

I am glad some of you salute the discipline in UPDF and political education at NALI is part of the medicine. I am also among those infuriated by the inability to punish the corrupt. However, you will notice a phenomenon in Uganda which I have dubbed MIS-RULE OF LAW. Suspects manouvre within constitutional rights and privileges to get off and even those you classify as NEVER FOUGHT have learnt how to use this.

If you go back into archives you will discover that nearly every suspected cheat and fraudster becomes an opposition politician and even gets elected into party leadership positions. When Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi was in trouble, you will remember which opposition party invited him into its ranks “to help him”.

I also have a problem with election cheats. However, I also know that many Ugandans will try to steal votes for a candidate even when he does not need the stolen ones and is sure of victory. I think the perpetrator of the malpractice at say a given polling station should be punished, rather than the candidate, unless evidence shows that the cheat was commissioned by the candidate to steal.

Assuming it to be true that NRM primaries are rigged, I do not think they are rigged in any special way if compared to other parties. In the UPC Hon Jimmy Akena came close to accusing his mother of rigging for Amb. Otunnu as party boss; a top Conservative Party official believes that Hon John Ken Lukyamuzi has sold the party to NRM through Dr. Kigoonya (is that the name?) There are now at least two Democratic Parties, each of which holds the other to be a fraud.

Let us pray for each other and I thank you for investing time in reading this long thing!

Tony Owana

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