How to Stop Thieves terrorising people in Uganda

Dear Ugandans,

The thieves are terrorising people in and on the outskirts of Kampala but If any of you is going to wait for the police to help you over these thieves, you have a big jock on your hands. In early 2000s, we had such a situation in Nansana. Some of us took it upon ourselves to contact the District Internal Security office, and the then Wembly Unit. We wrote to the District Security offices and only copied our correspondences to the Nansana Police Post- reason being, they just cannot do this for you.

You need to organise yourselves. Most of these thugs are sons born in Nansana, the police find it difficult to get some of them and punish them because they are protected- mwaana wagundi!.

If you asked around Nansana, especially around the St. Joseph Primary and Secondary schools Nansana, all that area below the church, the stretch below the Nansana Town Council premises up to Masitoowa, people know about the mobilisation we did then. Some of the people who participated in this Mobilisation are still there in Nansana and they are willing to cooperate. Just get up and protect yourselves.

Let me put this right. By taking full responsibility for fighting against the thugs in Nansana then, we never set them on fire or launch them; we contacted, pressurised and thus compelled the Wakiso District Security officers as well as Wembeley guys to reign on these fellows. They would do rounds during both evening and night.

We made the police aware that we were tired of their unending promises. Incidentally the police seem to have been collaborating with the thieves because they seem to have been warning the thieves about which side of Nansana they were to patrol at what time!

But when all avenues fail, then people will have no alternative but to go it their own way.

Frank Mutagubya

UAH forumist


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  1. gaumoy nockrach-laduma,


    Otherwise you would be just as dissastrous!!

    Contemplate better approaches.

  2. Eric Lakidi,

    This is the symbolic of a collapsed state!

    Uganda need new direction under new leadership period.

    This is sad even the enlighten one start to sound like bayayes.

    We need God in Uganda.


  3. REHEMA,

    It is useless to report thieves to the police because the police is curroupt. If anybody catches a thief red ahanded, torch them which will scare aware others. A friend of mine was robbed a week ago and the suspect was taken to Kajjansi police, but the police did nothing to get more information out of the suspect. This man knew where the things were and all the people he worked with but they have done nothing.

    POLICE ARE USELESS. Just transfering a suspect to Kireka for interrrogation costs a lot of money. you have to feed the interrogator and transporter. Nze bintamye. You catch a thief, kill them on the spot

  4. Jica,


    have the wanaichi a choice? The prisons too full, so they release them the next day; besides its a waste of tax payers’ money incarcerating these rogues who plot, form more cliques and get more ’empowerment’ while inside; so no matter how Mw Kasaija rehabilitates them, akakyaama amamera….. hmm hmm

  5. Monsieur Edward Mulindwa,


    You see the danger of these kinds of brains? Robert Ssenkindu admonishes Mwami Mutagubya to use the law and not to set the thieves on fire, but he praises and justifies the MPs to break parliamentary doors. It is this kind of brains that made me stop to blame Museveni, Uganda’s population has a real problem.

    Museveni no Museveni.


  6. john mukasa,

    The Law in uganda does not work as set,it only works on opposition who voice out the sadness of m7 regime. Prisons are full of innocent civilians and real thieves out on street busy with their daily skills. These thieves include the police and army officers. Untill NRM is gone, we will never be safe and thats a fact. M7 recruited thieves to catch thieves, and he thought that was the best solution. So these thieves employ others to work in our homes,towns and city. You can just imagine if you try to report one to the police. You end up being arrested as the thief.

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