Dear Ugandans,

Below are the merits of dictatorship I learnt about dictatorship at NCO Academy:  

1.    It means a powerful and efficient government.  A heavy hand is put on anti-social and anti-national forces.  The conditions of law and order are restored in a short time.  The government does not spend time on unnecessary discussions.  Promptness in administration can be seen, because things move expeditiously at the behest of the dictator.
2.    It assures progress and prosperity of the people by taking quick action.  The dictator tries to solve social and economic problems of the people so as to legitimize his iron rule.  Political stability is brought about and new plans of social and economic development are implemented with the result that overall development of the country can be taken note of.
3.    It recognises the element of quality or merit.  It stands on the principle of natural inequality of mankind.  The dictator acts with the assumption that only a chosen few have the talent to run the administration of the country.  In this way, the lazy and incompetent persons are deprived of the privilege to mess around with power.
4.    It enhances glory and prestige of the nation.  A weak government cannot protect the honour of the motherland.  Dictatorship makes the nation strong.  The name of the nation is glorified and a policy of ‘blood and iron’ is pursued by the government to restore the honour of the country.  Lost areas are taken back; humiliating treaties are abrogated; enemies of the country are severely dealt with.
5.    It can meet the situations of emergencies effectively.  Whenever the security and stability of a country is endangered by the conditions of war, external aggression or internal subversion, a dictatorial system works well to meet the problems.

I do not know what the Kampala government has told you, but what I can confidently say is that for many many years to come, the country is going to remain unstable.  The question is: who will stabilise the instability? The instability is stable.  And that is very important.  Extremely important.”The patient is in stable condition” does not mean “recovered”.  They will even say, “critically ill but stable”.

For example: It is one thing for rebel groups to emerge and another thing for governments to fall every other year.  Emergence of rebel groups is a sign of instability.  When such groups go a head to constantly overturn governments with resultant anarchy, you are talking of unstable instability.  The people of NRM will tell you that their tenure in office has been marked by the emergence of at least a dozen and a half rebel groups (instability), but the reign of only one government (stability).  Not a dozen and a half.  I am told that the former London spokesperson of the Teso-based UPA is now the PPS of the NRM founder….. 
Another example: When there is going to be tension between provincial notables like RM Mutebi and national authorities, there is bound to be instability.  The stability of that instability lies in the fact that there will be predictable push and pull but RM Mutebi will not be deported, or exiled or his palace will not (yet) be a target of a military assault.  There will be a constant search for an equilibrium.

Uganda or Somalia are not therefore failed states.When a three months old pregnancy is aborted, do we talk of a still birth?  When your little ones were losing their milk teeth, would you call them “failed children”?  “Moving beyond that level”: which level are we at?  May be we are behaving exactly the way we are supposed to be behaving!
Think of Somalia and wonderful people that call it a failed state.  If you hire an autistic child minder and your child becomes a “Kasiru”, do you call that child a failed child?  Somalia was colonised by Italy.  As late as 1846 Metternich of Austria was describing Italy as a “mere geographical expression”, and a few years later, Bismarck was inviting the same Italy to also partake of the scramble for Africa.  What did we expect a former Italian colony to become? 
Recall Italy in 1870 was like DRC.  If DRC became a colonial master, what would you expect its colony to become after independence?….in a few words, in Somalia, Italy created itself in its own image!  So, is the failure really Somalia’s?…..recall Italy has since the end of WWII had over 60 governments.  It is a failed state, to such a point that in 1990, Gadhaffi was offering to provide political leadership.  So, what do you expect of its former colony? 
Let us call off these platitudes of “failed state”, “good governance” etc.  They are conceptually and historically anaemic.
Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick


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  1. Robert Ssenkindu,

    Lance Corporal,
    Merit number one really demonstrates an effecient battle against corruption by K’la admin. It further demonstrates how the rule of law is turned upside down at the pleasure of the dictator.

    Merit number two is proved beyond reasonable doubt as the economic progress of the nation 24 yrs down the rd is beyond our expectation.

    Merit number 3 leaves me speechless simply because merit/quality means either bush war comrades or close friends

    Merit number four entails the survival of the fittest as the glory of motherland can only be restored when all citizens are so called’yes men’… if ,say, the dictator decides to sell Mabira to foreign investors,the rest must concur simply because it is the only way the glory of nation is maintained.

    Finally merit number 5 demonstrates how general Idi Amin excelled at dealing with the internal aggression effectively. Further to that, the recent Bududa landslide also demonstrates how K’la admin responded effectively to the situation as the pic here under demonstrates.

  2. Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto,

    Mr Senkindu,

    What exactly are you talking about down below? You make me sound like I made any reference to the style of rule in Kampala. You might also try to make us believe that Idi Amin was a dictator which is utterly wrong!

    I see you also referring to what you call “internal aggression”. Hii nini? In Corporal language, we talk about external aggression and internal subversion……

    People, do not get unduly obsessed with YK Museveni. I am so amazed at how you all lunge for YK Museveni when dictatorship is mentioned. It is also so amazing how many of you think you have really insulted YK Museveni when you call him a dictator. Really amazing! One of these days you will get caught up in something that will make you wish the man had stayed on forever.

    And….you seem to be one of those that feasted on YK Museveni when he dressed up the way he did below on that particular occasion. Really amazing that so much was said about a soldier trekking 17 miles through a jungle in combat attire, assault rifle on hand, in a frontier zone that is known to be infested by own and neighbour’s insurgents, in the flanks the region’s armed rustling region…I do not think many of you know where Bududa is….Look at that picture very closely. Look at the gentleman on the extreme left side just behind the soldier. Tell me something about him…….

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  3. Robert Ssenkindu,

    Lance Corporal,
    My sincere apologies for being oblivious of the fact that you have previously demonstrated the meaning of ‘dikteta’/udikteta/serikale ya nguvu/kibeberu on this fora,which is otherwise from our comprehension. However, I would still ask you to let us know how to ‘christen’ the K’la admin. which according to our understanding is associated with bad governance characterised by undemocratic principles similar to that we ‘wrongfully’ thought to be ‘udikteta/serikale ya nguvu’

    As regards ‘internal aggression’, thanks for pointing it out because I wanted to mean otherwise.

    Concerning the Bududa saga, are you really serious or sure that the general trekked 17 miles and not airlifted? If the area is infested with insurgents, rustlers and other evil/criminal elements, how comes that other gov’t officials didn’t take assualt rifles? Again, we are talking about a president who is protected by ‘divisions’ of soldiers who on that particular day visited the area purposely to console the victims and bereft families, something which is done wordwide by leaders. Further if it is true that the area is infested with rogue elements, then his excellency must do the same thing while moving around within the whole country as by now he has created himself many enemies.

    And finally… please I have failed to read the mind of the guy at the extreme left behind the soldier whose grey-like t-shirt bears a Kenyan flag. Could he be one of the reasons why the general chose that outfit plus an assault rifle? Bwana sina mengi yakusema lakini natafurahi sana ukijibu maswali yangu. Wasaalam.

  4. Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto,

    Mr Senkindu,

    You see, this is why we never help ourselves/situation much by our style of argument. Why do you employ such hyperbole as “other evil/criminal elements”, “area is infested with rogue elements”? Hii umetoa wapi? What is the purpose of such questions as: “…how comes that other gov’t officials didn’t take assualt rifles?” How am I supposed to answer such a question? That the District Medical officer was also there. He had no rifle, therefore YK Museveni should have had no rifle! Ah!

    And if you are protected by divisions of soldiers, you yourself should be a sitting duck? Kweli? If only you could one day read the Mt Elgon intel reports for that month. You would know that there was more to land in the Elgon than merely the landslide. Heard about the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), the Mooreland Forces (MF), the Political Revenge Movement (PRM)? By the time of the landslide, those chaps operating in the Elgon Park, in the same area where Bududa is, had killed at least 700 people on the Kenya side of the Elgon. Mount Elgon park where Bududa is located is a zone of a bitter insurgency. The SLDF have been particularly lethal following the May 2008 killing of one of their leaders, yes, somewhere in Bududa….one Wycliffe Komon Matakwei….

    Some of those that died in the landslides were actually refugees, some of them most likely were SLDF etc. Only that you did not get to hear about some arms cache that was found entangled in the mud of the land slide,….and why the UPDF should have had particular interest in participating in the recovery operation….aid to civil authorities notwithstanding. Just across on the other side of the border are Kenya government troops on their operation “Okoa Maisha”, every now and then, spilling over into your Bududa.

    Point being, there is actually a war going on on the Kenya side of the Elgon and the Bududas are always zones of hot pursuit. I am sure you had of the reports of Kenya Airforce personnel crossing the border all the way to Bumbo, just south of Bududa, and the kind of diplomatic embarrassment that it almost caused. So, when a soldier goes to that zone fully kitted up and we reel off with calabashes of cynicism, we only do a disservice to our intellectual equipments, whether we love the man slinging the rifle or not!

    M7 Airlifted? Air assets could only go as far as they could go, and not too deep. The rest had to be a trudge through the mud, and oh yes, through a zone of insurgency, where you mourn with a corked rifle.

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  5. okurut simon peter,

    Patrick Otto,

    I suppose you will appreciate the fact that forum members comment on articles as they appear, and sometimes not aware of what is obtaining on the ground. Personally, I was disturbed to see a president posing in uniform with AK-47 across his chest at the mudslide rescue mission. It did not fit then, but with this information you have just released, now I understand, but still the president should not have gone there just like that, it was very risky, that is how I see it.Howver, some people may argue that he had to show solidarity but there could have been a better way than that risky one.


  6. okurut simon peter,

    But Mwami Otto,

    You overlook the fact that “a Democratic Image” is everything to the Americans and it seems that you are channeling JFK perhaps thinking that the USA is still caught up in the Cold War. The Cold war is over and then “communist democracies” like that of Milton Obote, Nkwame Nkrumah, etc were a liability, now things are different…the USA’s “democratic Image” is ever shifting and tracks along with their interests.

    Then it was the Cold War, now it is the “War on Terror”. Therefore any Democracy that supports the USA “War on Terror” will be seen as a partner; and as long as Museveni can feed his cows and the USA is not seen by its electorate as supporting a farmer who milks hungry cows in Rwakitura, he will stay in power…

    I thought you the Kakensa was very well schooled in these matters. If Museveni could fake a look alike democracy and convince the West that he Museveni is democratic and fighting insurgents in Somalia, he will stay in power regardless of what IPC do or worse what DP’s Mao thinks…

    Certainly very interesting, given the covert ops of the US Gov’t in the Great Lakes Region? But who is boss? UPDF or the Pentagon? It is one reason why Museveni will stay in power as long as he plays to the tunes of the West, Kagame seems to be “misbehaving”… Museveni has successfully turned Uganda into a US Client State but the problem is that he has failed to feed his cows and now the milk seems to be running out…and these US folks care about Image – Democracy is their Image and Mzee Museveni has failed to deliver. He had a chance to become a China in Africa but failed miserably, only his mission in Somalia is keeping him in good books with the West simply because these “UPDF of the United States” dread another ‘Black Hawk Down’…

    Kato Mivule

  7. Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto,

    Mr Mivule,

    I have spent quite a few minutes examining yours below with the view of understanding how far I can take this with you. This is particularly in light of how you recently got a metaphorical statement wrapped around your axle – the statement on a letter being authored today, but being received yesterday – a statement that was crystal clear for every thinking forumist.

    Your literal interpretation of that statement and willingness to weave up a lengthy debate ref, “….ebbaluwa wagifuna otya nga tenawandiikibwa? Kiddemu! eeeeeeeeeh, oooh, aaaaaah, mumulabye….omusajja oyo muyaye…”: that was really amazing, and telling of what it is that you bring to debate. If you could really not get the metaphorical nature of my statement then… becomes easier for one to understand why you should make such statements as you make below….”The cold war is over”…..what? Even at the basic level of understanding of sociological and biophysical realities, it is a fact that when objects, processes and phenomena cease to be cold, they do not become temperatureless. No reflective observer of the international scene still makes such statements as “the cold war is over”! Only Mr Mivule does….and what was so communist about AM Obote and Nkwame (sic) Nkrumah?

    The JFK statement that I quoted for you embodies the USA’s pragmatic approach to international politics. National interest first, nebulous ideals later. Much later at that. They do not give a hoot about your democratic credentials as long as you are willing to be conscripted to defend their vital interests. You say the cold war is over…but the so-called global war on terror is a bigger challenge for them, a million times over, than the cold war! GWOT is a hot war.

    I will give you some imagery, and please do not interpret it literally. The cold war was like two elephants locking “horns” in a fight: both of them giants, each knowing the other’s capabilities, and able to forecast its next move, with Krushchev flying to DC for a SALT Treaty etc. When that stand-off between the elephants ended one of the elephants splintered into skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, mice and all other little creatures, the single elephant left in the field is now dazzled and in fact desperate. No way of predicting the next move of each and every little beast out there: North Korea, Iran/q, Afugaani Sitani, etc etc. Easy for the elephant to stump around and squeash a few squirrels, skunks etc in an evening, but it only takes one mouse or bee to creep into the trunk of the mighty elephant, and down on its knees it will go…things are that tough.

    ….and of course there are other emrging elephants…in the pacific rim, in President Monroe’s no man’s land….heard of the BRICKS?….Russia is re-emerging….

    Cold war is over? That finishes it with me….forget about the Saturday market gossip about YK Museveni grazing his cattle…you certainly could not avoid stating that….probably too profound a debate for a Corporal, a muyaye……bye!

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  8. Kato Mivule,

    Your own words trapped you. Is there not a saying that wisdom is justified by her children? Well, I could not see that in your contradictions however much you tried to spin and interject. But that was not my purpose. My goal was to get you to reveal your tricks which you masterfully did not do.

    I appreciate your research and enormous contributions but to suggest that we should out of simplicity all agree with your trajectories eradicates the purpose of this forum in the first place. You claimed that the Letter was WRITTEN on a certain date then you RECIEVED your copy BEFORE the letter was WRITTEN…now if that is “metaphorical” too, perhaps I am too weak for such…I don’t think even WikiLeaks could help out in such…

    Secondly, I meant no beef with you in regards to the “muyaye” statement, that was my Kampala colloquial speech and tribute that you are “bad” at what you do – in other words “good” or the best term very CLEVER in your methodologies but though not unquestionable – my “metaphorical” masking of ‘that I salute you on your hacking capabilities’.
    About the Cold War, whatever I wrote is common knowledge in most Western Mainstream Media and Intelligence Briefings and yes, very much debatable. The rise of Russia is no indicator that the cold war is still ranging on, with that I agree to disagree with you. The acclaimed ‘Rise of Russia’ is only a parody in Conspiracy circles. Recent arrest of Russian spies in the USA is no indicator that Russia is emerging as a Power.
    If there is any indicator, it is the USA solidifying its military might around the Globe with help of their European counterparts; for instance the largest military bases on every Continent including the future AFRICOM. Russia does not have such funds.
    If there is any threat to the USA today, it is the ‘Rise of Capitalistic Greed’, and the ‘RISE of Radical Islamic Nations’ and not just to the USA alone but Europe where a surge in Moslem populations is continuously sending shockwaves to every European nation, not forgetting Russia and their Chechnya problem. Yes, perhaps Russia could be playing a clandestine role in such, say in Iran but I don’t see that serving their interests. Russia currently seeks economic might having learnt lessons with the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    Even China cannot afford such global military capabilities. Just ask why China, Japan and all emerging markets are hiding their money in USA treasury Markets rather than say buy Treasury Bonds in Kampala.
    That is my take.
    Kato Mivule

  9. George O. Pacu-Otto,

    My friends,

    Mr Museveni is supposed to be retired but still wears a military uniform and carries a gun as was seen recently when he was photographed in Bududa with an AK 47 strapped across his pot-belly. Our own retired Lance-Corporal Otto is actually still in active service as the resident ESO commander here in the UK and Europe. The bumbling fool, Otafire is also retired, in his case, I don’t know what he has retired from, the army,his dinner table or his tonto watering hole.
    The point is they never retire. They are historicals until history removes them.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  10. Nice replies in return of this issue with firm arguments and describing everything regarding that.

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