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Day August 4, 2010

It was wrong for the government to arrest Timothy Kalyegira

Dear UAH,

The govt should not have arrested Mr Kalyergira. They are making him popular.  The best way is for NRM to let him continue to write his stuff.  As you observed, sooner or later, believability would be an issue. And if a journalist or columnist is not believable anymore, you know so fill in.So let the NRM big shots or spokespeople in UAH  send the message: let Mr Kalyegira be. Leave him alone.

Some NRM supporters have a point about the rule of the law but Mr. Kalyegira has been writing such hair raising stories for some time and nothing happened to him. I was under the impression that the government had wisely decided to let him use freedom of speech to destroy himself.A few have destroyed themselves without being touched. And that includes here in UAH.   The most famous and also sad example is that of Mr. Peter Annette the courageous CNN correspondent from gulf war 1.  He said certain things long after the war that all, but ended his hall of fame career. The other famous example is that of Mr. Dan Rather formerly of CBS.   Let me be clear: these were giants in the real sense of the word.

I did not get into the debate about intellectuals in Uganda because I noticed it was a generational thing. Those of us-and that includes you-who went to shule under Amin Dada have a different view. I dare say a more nationalistic and patriotic view of our motherland.

So let the government bite the upper lip and let Mr. Kalyegira continue to write his stuff. Too much of anything and that include freedom of speech can be harmful to one’s self.


It was Kagame Not Museveni who Killed Fred Rwegyema

General Salim Saleh in a military uniform in early 1980s

General Salim Saleh in a military uniform in early 1980s

Friends at UAH

I do not find any problem with Museveni’s involvement in the 1990 war, per se. Perhaps what happened later? I must explain myself. M7’s help for our Rwandan struggle was actually a moral obligation for him and Ugandans in general. It was not Museveni only that helped us from Uganda. I recall the so many Ugandan combatants with whom we were on the front for the Rwandan struggle. Some of them died. May they live eternally?

We had a serious problem that time. We had no permanent home. However much Uganda had become our home, it was home away from home. We gave to Ugandans and we received from Ugandans.

The first mistake Museven made in the struggle was to order the killing of Afande Bahingana and Bunyenyezi. After Paul Kagame had organised for Afande Rwegema’s death, he cheated Museveni into believing that Afande Bunyenyezi and Bahingana had killed Rwegema. Given the close relationship and friendship between M7 and Rwegemea, M7 ordered his brother,Afande Salim Saleh, to execute the two with immediate effect.

M7 had no reasons to believe that Kagame could do such a thing to a person who actually carried him all the way from the streets of Kampala, dealing in fake cheques, Rwegema carried Kagame to the altar!!!! I tried to tell people the true story but they did not want to listen. It is now, after Kagame’s attempt on afande Kayumba’s life, that people have started reflecting how far Kagame can go just to be the ‘top man”!!! Other mistakes Museveni made are basically political and internal issues for Ugandans to handle. I do not think I have the authority to discuss them.

General Kayumba’s assassination was sanctioned by Kagame. Claude was put in charge of this. It leaked before and we warned people in South Africa. They promised not to go for any World Cup game and to remain indoors most of the time. For some reason, “C” went out!!!

Kagame also said it a few days ago. He said he was set to kill “House Flies” with a hammer. By house flies he meant Kayumba and Karegeye. Remember there are so many former Kagame allies in South Africa who are on Kagame’s list. For your information, some of “the hunted” now were “hunters” with this “arch hunter” (Kagame) at a certain time. We know so well how Kagame does it.

Here in the US, Kagame has posted two people with a mission to poison/assassinate Rwandans and Americans that are perceived as “sympathetic” to the oposition. One of them is Mbabazi Justine (Washington) and another one Nduhungirehe ( New York). The only pity I have for these ones is that they may go back to Kigali dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Kayumba does not need to turn himself in. He can say what he has to say in another Forum. If he is willing to tell the whole truth, as an insider, Gen. Kayumba is welcome. The new Rwanda I wish for Rwandans is that one in which the whole truth about the Hutu and Tutsi killings can be freely discussed and people brought to book. It does not need to be formal courts. It is not even an appropriate method. I believe a South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission is the only viable forum for Rwandans. What is tru is that on our side as the Tutsi front – RPF- we killed the Hutus in Millions. Habyarimana’s – the Hutu Front also killed Tutsis in thousands. In addition, our side ( RPF) killed so many Tuitsi ( those Tutsi who remained in Rwanda under Habyarimana. We considered them a serious threat because they were basically educated and rich. Kagame himself ordered that they too be eliminated -regardless of whether they were fellow Tutsis because they would create “Fujo”!!!!

Former RPF Combantant
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