It was wrong for the government to arrest Timothy Kalyegira

Dear UAH,

The govt should not have arrested Mr Kalyergira. They are making him popular.  The best way is for NRM to let him continue to write his stuff.  As you observed, sooner or later, believability would be an issue. And if a journalist or columnist is not believable anymore, you know so fill in.So let the NRM big shots or spokespeople in UAH  send the message: let Mr Kalyegira be. Leave him alone.

Some NRM supporters have a point about the rule of the law but Mr. Kalyegira has been writing such hair raising stories for some time and nothing happened to him. I was under the impression that the government had wisely decided to let him use freedom of speech to destroy himself.A few have destroyed themselves without being touched. And that includes here in UAH.   The most famous and also sad example is that of Mr. Peter Annette the courageous CNN correspondent from gulf war 1.  He said certain things long after the war that all, but ended his hall of fame career. The other famous example is that of Mr. Dan Rather formerly of CBS.   Let me be clear: these were giants in the real sense of the word.

I did not get into the debate about intellectuals in Uganda because I noticed it was a generational thing. Those of us-and that includes you-who went to shule under Amin Dada have a different view. I dare say a more nationalistic and patriotic view of our motherland.

So let the government bite the upper lip and let Mr. Kalyegira continue to write his stuff. Too much of anything and that include freedom of speech can be harmful to one’s self.



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  1. Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto,

    Mr Kyijomanyi,

    1/3 If Mr Kalyegira is to be let to continue writing his stuff, what about the rule of law you people keeping talking about? Can’t someone cite that as grounds to scrutinise what Mr Kalyegira is saying particularly if it is not founded? What can only save him is if he gets professional certification that he is insane or something like that and so, what he is writing should not be taken seriously. Short of that, he might have to be caused to account for what he is saying. I think freedom of speech goes with some level of accountability, especially for the media that have a duty to make others, especially the politicians, accountable.

    2/3 If politicians are unaccountable and the fourth estate is also unaccountable then, kwisha!…..the last time I did some drill, two rights made a left. In this new civilian life I have been condemned to, two wrongs seem to make a right…almost makes me feel like doing a “nyuma geuka” on my new-found civilianness!

    3/3 Anyhow, in P.3 civics in 1953, they used to tell us about the Penal Code Act 1950 (Ch 120), Chapter XVII, Defamation…sections 179-186. Why shouldn’t that law be observed to the letter…unless of course Mr Kalyegira has such an excuse like diminished responsibility….?

  2. edward pojim,


    Further to your response, the Corporal should appreciate that Kalegyira had previously written articles of personal and specific nature libelous to President Museveni, First lady, Janet Museveni and their children; senior government officials (Sam Kutesa, Salim Saleh, etc., and even military officers.

    The tone and allegations of his recent “bomb attacks crusade” were not specific enough to warrant such a high charge. A few of us dismissed his claims in this forum as far-fetched and illogical, and nothing more than the labor of an imaginative mind.

    Add to the forum he used in making these allegations and you realize that the government is severely hampered in constructing a sound prosecution case against Kalyegira.


  3. jeniffer Biri,

    You spineless, womanly Mutooro, you conninived with foreigners to see a heroic Mutoro, a man with a spine, Noble Mayombo, 6ft under, and now you want another fellow Mutooro with a full spine, Timothy Kalyegira arrested and possibly killed like Noble Mayombo? When will you pick up the guts of being a full man,a full Mutoro ,walking upright, calling yourself Mutengesa , the wise Mutengesa and not to hide under pseudo names of — Otto Patrick, etc. Have you not gained enough out of corruption to resort to your former self? Have you been a poor investor? And you accuse a gentleman, Okello of personality duality, no, it is you , yoiur own (bipolar )personality disorder that you are trying to pin or project on him.Okello is real, and you are not. If you can stand idle to see your fellow elite Batoro disappear, what do we expect of you when it comes to dealing with people from other tribes. Can’t you be a man for once or forever without the vomitus injected into your gut from your Munyarwanda boss? iI believe Amelia Kyambadde has always saved for you the freshest vomitus.Now, you better register early with the next Museveni’s Private secretary.Enjoy your meal!

  4. john mukasa,

    It just comes to show how the ugandan gov’t have lost it completely. We hear of security safety and freedom ugandans achieved by Army and police comanders since 1985,is that what they call it. Kalyegira never wrote what they did not anounce especially on 7/11. Shame about NRM and this is costing them more without even knowing it.

  5. kazindu,

    when a former short TV star who used to feature i tv series in the 90s died ,his wife took pictures of his last minutes, but because at his time of death they were living in absolute poverty the wife cashed in on the photos by selling them to a major news magazine.
    The world cried foul they said “amaziga ge nte ” literary “the tears of the cow when its slaughtered is the joy of the dog cos it gets the bone to chew”, the same with kalyegira publicing fake stories un checked so as to make a kill as first journalist to air out the story is very wrong and it must be checked immediately, because majority of the people are simply led, led to believe in people who they think have moral responsibility yet not, the likes of sezi cheye when he tried to hanghis own comrades with his topsecrets.
    He was instead given a very long rope to do it to himself the results are self explanatory and with people like Mr Otunnu comming out with new ideologies about genocide in Uganda the govt can’t take chances any more the sooner the scribes are made to follow their ethics the better

  6. david sseruwagi,

    where is kalyegira now?

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