It was Kagame Not Museveni who Killed Fred Rwegyema

General Salim Saleh in a military uniform in early 1980s

General Salim Saleh in a military uniform in early 1980s

Friends at UAH

I do not find any problem with Museveni’s involvement in the 1990 war, per se. Perhaps what happened later? I must explain myself. M7’s help for our Rwandan struggle was actually a moral obligation for him and Ugandans in general. It was not Museveni only that helped us from Uganda. I recall the so many Ugandan combatants with whom we were on the front for the Rwandan struggle. Some of them died. May they live eternally?

We had a serious problem that time. We had no permanent home. However much Uganda had become our home, it was home away from home. We gave to Ugandans and we received from Ugandans.

The first mistake Museven made in the struggle was to order the killing of Afande Bahingana and Bunyenyezi. After Paul Kagame had organised for Afande Rwegema’s death, he cheated Museveni into believing that Afande Bunyenyezi and Bahingana had killed Rwegema. Given the close relationship and friendship between M7 and Rwegemea, M7 ordered his brother,Afande Salim Saleh, to execute the two with immediate effect.

M7 had no reasons to believe that Kagame could do such a thing to a person who actually carried him all the way from the streets of Kampala, dealing in fake cheques, Rwegema carried Kagame to the altar!!!! I tried to tell people the true story but they did not want to listen. It is now, after Kagame’s attempt on afande Kayumba’s life, that people have started reflecting how far Kagame can go just to be the ‘top man”!!! Other mistakes Museveni made are basically political and internal issues for Ugandans to handle. I do not think I have the authority to discuss them.

General Kayumba’s assassination was sanctioned by Kagame. Claude was put in charge of this. It leaked before and we warned people in South Africa. They promised not to go for any World Cup game and to remain indoors most of the time. For some reason, “C” went out!!!

Kagame also said it a few days ago. He said he was set to kill “House Flies” with a hammer. By house flies he meant Kayumba and Karegeye. Remember there are so many former Kagame allies in South Africa who are on Kagame’s list. For your information, some of “the hunted” now were “hunters” with this “arch hunter” (Kagame) at a certain time. We know so well how Kagame does it.

Here in the US, Kagame has posted two people with a mission to poison/assassinate Rwandans and Americans that are perceived as “sympathetic” to the oposition. One of them is Mbabazi Justine (Washington) and another one Nduhungirehe ( New York). The only pity I have for these ones is that they may go back to Kigali dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Kayumba does not need to turn himself in. He can say what he has to say in another Forum. If he is willing to tell the whole truth, as an insider, Gen. Kayumba is welcome. The new Rwanda I wish for Rwandans is that one in which the whole truth about the Hutu and Tutsi killings can be freely discussed and people brought to book. It does not need to be formal courts. It is not even an appropriate method. I believe a South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission is the only viable forum for Rwandans. What is tru is that on our side as the Tutsi front – RPF- we killed the Hutus in Millions. Habyarimana’s – the Hutu Front also killed Tutsis in thousands. In addition, our side ( RPF) killed so many Tuitsi ( those Tutsi who remained in Rwanda under Habyarimana. We considered them a serious threat because they were basically educated and rich. Kagame himself ordered that they too be eliminated -regardless of whether they were fellow Tutsis because they would create “Fujo”!!!!

Former RPF Combantant


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  1. herbert Buhanga,

    Bwana Lusoke

    Many people in Africa have tested dictatorship , tyrannical forms of governments and genocide and other state inspired crimes against humanity.

    As a result, the masses have a deep rooted desire for ppositive experiences that can engender hope and trust, and convey a comforting sense of being understood and accepted as fully grown human beings that should be respected, protected and valued.

    The result has been a necessity for democracy but this move has also eroded trust among the public to dangerously low levels. What people receive from the so called liberators, journalists, wankers and mafias is nothing other than lies or inconsistencies and twisted information.

    For example, I whole heatedly do not believe that Paul “Kagame himself ordered that Tutsi’s too be eliminated -regardless of whether they were fellow Tutsis because they would create “Fujo”.

    To me, the reason as to why you came up with this statement is not only because it is not only untrue but you chose to “go negative” because it works for you and for those that have fallen out with Kagame.

    Please remember that the negative story sells more, as does the negative message. But the trick is to make the techniques as hidden as possible.

    First of all your explanation does not at all attempt to persuade the reader to a serious point of view. Instead, it ambushes the reader with horrible surprises yet the reasons behind the alleged act are childish, flimsy, laughable and inconceivable.

    Now Lusoke, can you really and truly categorically state that Kagame killed indigenous Tutsi’s in Rwanda because they could have created chaos?

    The whole argument is weak because it holds unwarranted leaps. You appear to add two plus two to make five. If you critically analyze your argument, it races ahead, leaving gaps in the reasoning and relies on unsubstantiated assumptions. This then calls the reader to check the underlying reasoning carefully because the surface reasoning does not hold much water.

    I suspect that you fell out with Kagame and now you hate him so much to an extent that it negatively affects your argument on the issues of Rwanda.

    And your example that I have quoted appears to suggest that you intended to work on the readers emotions by using horrible examples in order to provoke an emotional response against the Kigali establishment.

    Please do not get me wrong but my critical thinking skills tell me that Kagame did not systematically kill indigenous Tutsie’s. This is because you have failed to prove such a serious allegation with concrete evidence and panache.

    Also, I do not support Kagame but I’m just trying to be objective.


    Buhanga H.


    Bwana Lusoke Willy,

    I agree with you on the story of Museveni actually ordering his young brother Salim Saleh to summarily kill Dr. Baingana and Bunyenyezi, who he believed had killed Fred Rwigema. But I do not agree with you I quote..”Museveni’s help for our Rwanda struggle was actually a moral obligation for him and Ugandans in general.”

    My brother Willy, I am sure if Museveni had consulted Ugandans before arming RPF to invade Rwanda, Ugandans would have advised him not to take that extremely dangerous and utterly reckless option, simply because they knew better and would have impartially advised him. How many Ugandan presidents had led Uganda since 1959 when the Rwandan refugees sought refuge in Uganda?

    Here we are my friend, twenty years after Museveni took that reckless path; over one million Rwandans are dead! Kagame is still killing with impunity! Kagame has now turned his guns to his comrades in your RPF struggle! Millions of Rwandese live in constant fear and biting poverty! Rwanda’s prisons both new and old are overflowing with political prisoners! Over 2.4 million Rwandese both Hutus and Tutsis are living in exile where Kagame is picking them one by one with bullets!

    The whole Museveni/Kagame RPF invasion of Rwanda of 1990 is the most bankrupt reasoning with far reaching avoidable consequences a sane leader would have taken on his people.

    If the present Kagame’s Rwanda is not what you expected to have after this bloody invasion Lusoke, twenty years today, is the price so far worth it my dear friend? Couldn’t there have been better but longer options to reunite the people of Rwanda? Ngambenyenka Museveni should be ashamed of himself for this injustice.

    Francis Muhoozi

  3. George O. Pacu-Otto,

    this man Rwigyema is the one who commanded the forces who carried out the worst atrocities in Teso. In fact it is good that Paul Kagame killed him because imagine how many other people he would have murdered in Rwanda when Museveni sent him there as head of the so-called RPF? Instead of 1 million, it could have been 2 million. The man was a pathological killer and I certainly do not miss him.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  4. lusoke William,

    I was in Tetso that time. I was based in Katakwi. Ask m what happened. I remember that plain immediately after the USUKU Catholic Church play ground. You might remember the dark night … hundreds were killed under a big tree that used to be infornt of the Church in Usuku!!! Man, people sufffered!! I know the story so I understand your concerns

  5. George O. Pacu-Otto,

    My friend Willy Lusoke,

    I am glad you can corroborate what I am asserting, and people like Hannah had better take note. When I write about these things, people like the resident UAH fool Corporal Otto Mutengesa and his new acolyte Wilson Otim Okelloson cry foul and instead resort to abusing me personally. But no amount of vitriol they pour on me will change the facts. No body has ever investigated what happened in Teso. This is what I am trying to do, and they call me mad. Just the same, I have also turned my attention to
    Rwanda because the situation there can not continue as it is. Paul Kagame should not be allowed a la carte blanche, a licence to terrorise Rwandan people and kill them at his own will and for his pleasure. I know we have a long road to travel. Today early morning, I watched the trial of Charles Taylor at the ICC. One day, both Museveni and Paul Kagame will find themeselves in that dock. Justice has the eye of the eagle and the tenacity of the marathon runner. It catches up with the villians eventually, although it may take a long time.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  6. Christopher Muwanga,


    1/3. Leave Katakwi & USUKU Church debacles aside.

    2/3. What about the acts at the nearby “Ocholimongin” public [River of Bulls] stock-market where people lost bulls and lives.

    For long, the People thought they were victims of the persistent Akarimajong warriors till, to their chagrin, they discovered, albeit late and later on, that they had become the unwilling/subcontracted Quartermasters General to the rag-tag Bushmen, now self-imposed leaders of the new Order. The same people that had been charged with treason a few years back.

    3/3. Un-surprisingly, Kagame, operating clandestinely there then, got some of his arms from the Teso ‘armory allocation’ from Republic House [before and now Bulange]. It needed only his subordinates to requisition arms, approved by him and his kin in Teso, ostensibly to fight Hitler [alias Eregu], only for the same arms to find themselves in Northern Rwanda. Talk of impunity…!!!

    Christopher Muwanga,


  7. muhindo,

    what happened in Rwanda in the early 1990s was unfortunate, however I strongly think Afande Museveni did right to send ugandan boys to assist the Rwandan brothers, these rwandan brothers had just helped Uganda get out of the tyrannical regimes. so what was wrong with Museveni helping Rwanda get freedom and enjoy democracy? what ever kagame is doing now is not museveni’s problem, so many a leader have betrayed their people by abandoning the revolution. Museveni and kagame fell out long time ago and strongly think its because kagame became a double edged sword or may be Museni also changed. When we see these people shake hands when they meet, they do it because the world is looking at them and so they pretend and forge a smile. The confrontation that uganda had with rwanda in the DRC is still fresh in our minds….what do you think was the cause? many a time Rwanda has positioned her soldier near the ugandan border. do you know why?…………….in 2002 we near saw a fully fledged war between uganda and rwanda if only the international community had not stepped in may be i would not be typing this or may be you reading it

  8. kazindu,

    fine fine all is said and recorded but you guys all what you are saying can’t help Rwanda now i would like to read some thing one an article with a clear precise solutions that will help Rwanda and the Rwandeese people back to their freedom of Hutus and Tustis living in harmony like we see now blacks and Africanas in present day south Africans heaping blames on kagme or Museveni wont help now just come out with ideas which Kagames spies and Musevenis eso will read and try to copy instead of trying to find out yr email address or identity because i know thats what follows imedeately they will reply in all sort of ways to keep you pouring out the scorn so as to be able to get one simple detail to connect with you so its nt going to help mistakes have been done by every body even those we sang to day like mwalimu julius came out in the open and admitted to his people before he retired that for twenty yrs he had looked in the wrong directions so plse come on get us some good ideas not inclined on either side where has Kagame gone wrong he can change possibly if given the right ideas but if you have been with him for ten yrs and all of a sudden because you have fallen out with him the you start singing wrong songs Ah ah we just wonder whether you are another judas or the same as the one you are heaping on all the blame so next time i will be happy to hear some beutiful reconcilliation methods of work and idealogies
    keep on brain storming God bless Rwanda and Uganda

  9. kazindu,

    Although the events in Amukula in Teso were well documented and publicised,
    and there were really very bad, the govt of the day tried to arrest all those that were involved, but what the special forces did in the central and southern regions of luwero and central kla until now sends chilles through any ones body ,
    and if we were to start writing about these things again ,all the past efforts to bring people together will be put to the bin.
    we all regret what our past and present leaders tried to do to mislead our children into atrocities but once the era is gone and we have put into position machinery or institutions that have helped to bring in law and order so that the same mistakes are not repeated , the best way to cement these efforts is to support them but not whole sale rejection, with the case of Uganda every body knows very well where they have come from so lets give credit where its due

  10. Agaculama,

    Dear William.

    We speak about Yoweeri Kaguta as “M7”.
    What does that mean “Ngambenyenka” Museveni?
    Is it right that Kagame was named as “M4”? Why?

  11. Agaculama,

    Dear William,
    I really appreciate your article/confession. Of course, RPF war crimes and crimes against humanity are now well documented, as stated, for example, in the Spanish Warrant of Arrest of the 4th anterrorist judge Don Fernando Andreu Merelles, in February 2008.
    Concerning your article, I have some unanswered questions to ask to you to answer, if possible.
    1/ How can Paul Kagame have organized the assassination of Fred Rwigema (aka Rwigyema) on October 2, 1990, as he was himself busy with is IMET training in Fort Leavenworth, Dallas, USA?
    2/ How can it be possible that the death of Fred was kept secret, even in Kaguta Museveni’s spheres, with all his intelligence network? This death has for the first time been announced begin November on a foreign media, so the secret was closely kept.
    3/ How could Kagame, after coming back from USA, persuade Museveni that commanders Mugaanga Bayingana and Bunyenyezi were the murderers of his friend Rwig(y)ema? Both commanders have said to Kagame: “You are mentally unfit”.
    4/ Where Fred Rwigeema, Chris Bunyenyeezi and Peter Bayiingana Abanyiginya, thus historical ennemies of Kagame’s Abeega Ubwooko/clan?
    5/ Do you think that the order by Kagame to kill Fred Rwigema has something to do with the fact that Rwigema came in Brussels, Belgium, in the month of October 1990, for secretly calling by phone in exile Rwandan King Jean-Baptiste Ndahiindurwa Kigeri the 5th? Why to go to Belgium for that? Because Fred knew that all the intelligence network of NRA was composed of Rwandan Tutsi under the orders of Kagame. I heard that Kagame became very sad when he heard what happened from an “Ifuku” spying Rwig(y)ema!
    6/ Can you confirm the “Batuutsi Classification” that had been made at the level of RPF High Command during the guerilla phase (1990-1994): “CLASS ONE TUUTSI: FROM UGANDA, THE BEST; CLASS TWO: FROM TANZANIA; CLASS THREE: FROM BURUUNDI; CLASS FOUR: FROM CONGO-RDC-ZAIRE; CLASS FIVE TUUTSI: FROM INSIDE RWAANDA: TO BE KILLED”? This has been confirmed by former RPF/RPA officers in exile in Spain.
    7/ You wrote: “Here in the US, Kagame has posted two people with a mission to poison/assassinate Rwandans and Americans that are perceived as “sympathetic” to the oposition. One of them is Mbabazi Justine (Washington) and another one Nduhungirehe ( New York)”. You spoke about Olivier Nduhungirehe, son of Chrysostome N., currently in Addis Ababa. Are you sure that this low level administrative officer received this “poisoning/assassinating” mission from Paul Kagame himself, even if officially they received a mission from Bernard Makuza?
    8/ You wrote that Rwigema recruited Kagame “from the streets of Kampala, dealing in fake cheques”. Is it true? Could you also confirm that years before, Kenyan authorities issued a Warrant of Arrest, sent to Interpol, searching Kagampe for trafficking stolen cars from Kenya?
    9/ Finally, what does “Fujo” mean? The kinyarwaanda word “Mufuuho” (jalousry between a husband and his wife)?
    I thank you a lot for your answer.

    Best regards.
    May God bless Rwanda and Uganda, as Kaziindu wrote!, the friend of the great majority of Banyarwaanda who are not allowed to express their point of view.

  12. do u have the true answers of the questions given above? could you post them? thanks

  13. Kagame is one who killed mr gyigema becouse kagame he have jelousy for politics? in uganda we good no corruptions while museni stand with 4 candidates.but you cann’t finds some one who shouting in rwanda an important person now there in imprisons becouse kagame

  14. pliz it was not mistake museveni made in the struggle was order the killing of afande bahingana and bunyenyezi and his cambinate given me also i can do like this? museveni he send gyigema to go to fight in rwanda but this ti guys after remaining for few days to cought in rwanda bunyenyezi and bahingana shouting gyigema becouse gyigema was going to become presendent in rwanda while gyigema he was agood fight of museveni,museveni after hearung that gyigema has died museveni he start to crying about his friend gyigema and he start to orderd to kill bahingana and bunyenyezi.after kagame comes to fight he start to kill kayumba and karegeya he say that am going to kill ( houseflies) tommorrow iam coming with agood stories about museveni and gyigema

  15. kwitonda juma,

    Lusoke william thanks you to writer this good stories my friend i was far way with net so now am available.Where kagame comes from after hearing that bunyenyezi and barigana killing rwigema? who calling kagame to come to fight in rwanda,HOUSE FLIES is tutsi or you think that kagame he is harassing an impotarnt person in rwanda which means now he is tired.secondary he have abad rules in rwanda no peace.tells story about kagame.according my minds kagame he cannt become president for 20years is true he can do? AM KWITONDA JUMA send you message use private message 24 hour am available.

  16. Kagame did the unthinkable to gain power. Think about it. He killed Rwigema, Habyarimana, Ntaryamira, Ndadaye, Kabila…
    He sacrificed 1million of his people, he murdered his brothers in arms, and he is still at it his luciferous ways continue to show and hes not ashamed of it. His days are numbered.

  17. Well , Kagame after all is a man with just a sort of what you would call little or weird understanding…… killing Gj Rwigema was the only thing he never should have attempted and thats why there is just less friendship between him and uganda at large because he is guilty of that and surely know that Mj Gn Salim Saleh and his fellow former UPDF/NRM comrades from both Rwanda and Uganda aint happy with him so he just have to be defensive violently ….

  18. kwitonda juma-kisoro district,

    Dear all i pray this message to finds you in good health this days uganda is not okey you have to be patient is your walking to walking.dont go for protest dear you can lose your life there.just you have to mine your business.museveni he is agood person by chief advisor he rules there wrongly like kivajinja he is also stupied man plus kale kayihura those two guys they like to make riots in kampala pleople aloosing his thing in city

  19. Guys you talking about something you do not know, that will never ever stop us from developing day by day.
    KAGAME has never been a killer, instead he came to reconcile us Rwandans, and for us who do not have big stomach like you, we have forgiven and living in Peace with our brothers that we considered to be our enemies.
    We know your problems; you never got what you wanted, to fill up your stomach with every thing you wanted and to day your wish is to take Rwanda where it was in 1994.
    I’m sorry to tell you this but look at the positive sides and come back and see what you can do for your country.
    But every one is looking at you as no body over there.

  20. Desire Martin,

    To the writer and all Rwandans, my wish is to let you know that, ever hpned and hapning riots, hatrage, war, at 85% are due to bad or force memory of our past. Our history may potray many evil deeds done by the acused. But if we keep on seeing the evil of the past what do we learn. A gud friend shows u a gud way to tommorow. Guy we cant hold onto Rwandas past history and acuse ppo. By now no 1 will knows or will tell the truth, infact no 1 to trust abt the truth coz the imfor z force alwyz. Give thm chanc

  21. Mutera of KIBUGABUGA,

    Un productive comments will not stop Rwanda to develop at the fastest pace in the great lakes region. Thx to her visionary leader.

  22. It is not Rwanda which is developing as you say, but a very few number of Kagame’s house.

  23. kwitonda,

    Hullo everybody, my discussion is that kagame is one who killed fred gyigema he pass through the bunyenyeri and kayigane to killed gyigema,becouse i was young boy when i was in primary school.if you say that kagame is not one,tell me who killed him? after killed him museveni was crying him becouse he was man-power of museveni.
    Forexample kagame is one who supported rebels in congo i have anothe wino becouse we staying in normanas land.

  24. let me first wish a 55th birth anniversary to H.E paul kagame.
    now, i definately don’t agree with u the so called ex-RPF combatant Lusoke William on that afande rwigema’s death at all.
    this article has two negative impacts to rwandans and friends..! 1: it humiliates our president but fortunately he’s a very strong character not to be disturbed anyhow and actions speak louder.
    2: we all take afande rwigema as hero to our country so wen u say president Kagame is behind his death u’r jst like an empty tank…!

  25. Jean Pierre,

    wt ever u se mak sur tat u can fool a part of people all time, u can fool all people some time but u can never fool all people all times

  26. Jean Pierre,

    Utawala wa kidemokarasia unawahusisha wanaanchi wote, siyo watu chache kutoka mahali fulani (bushiru, gisenyi, ruhengeri, bugoyi, nduga, i bwami, uganda, etc) wala kabila gani wakiongozwa na wale waliojichagulia kwa mapenzi ya wengi bila kulazimishwa kwa ncha ya upanga wala bunduki.

  27. omu koji,

    koko omukoji 30 dec.2012. dear bros, it doesnt matter wether u r a tutsi from rwanda or ugandan. the bottom line is future genocide is in the making in uganda, just a matter time., dont be surprised to see the tutsi one day fleeing in disaray back to rwanda in a twinkle of an eye, leaving behind all what belongs to uganda to ugandans. in the process, lives will be lost considerably esp. on the side of the occupiers in this case the cocroaches. there is no need to waste time to know who killed who and why, it is crystal clear, the tutsi stole our pride and murdered us in our own land. they will pay a heavy price come that moment. everybody have forgotten uganda has a reputation of deadly crisis.

  28. kwitonda juma,

    I cann,t wishes 55th univerasal of rwanda becouse kagame is cruel man becouse he is supporting m23 in congo all soldiers their come from rwanda like Nkundabatware,john ntaganda,runiga and new rebels there is crisis in boarder both uganda and congo,can you stopping the m23 to fight and you chest them way from congo to rwanda.we are remaining few days kisoro boys to fight with m23 becouse we are tired battles in boarders. thank

  29. kwitonda juma,

    what is problem of aronda nyakairima to die like poor person.

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