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Day August 5, 2010

Good Bye President Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa, QC,

RIP, President Binaisa, QC!!

1/5. Although resting at 90, Godfrey can be said to have died ‘young’, compared to his Dad, the late Rev. A. Binaisa, who passed at way at 103 , having reportedly re-wedded at 93 (?).

2/5. Known for many things that are to be said elsewhere, Binaisa caused laughter at King’s College Budo about 10 years back when he, on being awarded the Budonian award for achievers, admitted that that he was very naughty as a pupil there.

3/5. Meaning that his stubbornness and the ‘non-conformist’ traits, were not acquired in mature age.

4/5. As I said on this forum a few weeks back, when I predicted that the passing of H.H Muloki and then Lady Damalie [RIP] showed the end of an era, I too predicted that the QC’s days were numbered. Sorry to have been so right but that is life.

I also added that, the passing of that Budo Jnr generation at this moment was a sad reminder that, may be, their contemporary, Sir Edward, would be alive or, at least, in the evening of his life too, today.RIP.

5/5. QC’s story is very long indeed. He was rather ‘violent’ as a youth and stepped on the toes on many (although, unlike Bidandi Ssali, his pictures throwing stones along the streets of Kampala of the 50’s and 60’s are not common – he was from the “High Class”, remember).

Today’s people will miss his Queen’s English and his regular attendance at the Luganda 10:30 AM service at St. Paul’s, Namirembe where he was regular. May be, to miss him most will be “Sir Apollo” Nsibambi, a regular parishioner, at he service too.


A/B. The QC indeed must have been a man of  guts because, as late as two years ago, he admitted he was/had been UPC, besides having been overthrown by the UPC itself in Nov. 1980!!! Talk of principles. Again recently, on whether there had been arms at Mmengo in ’66, Binaisa was evasive but said, ‘they said there were arms’. Journalist: “Were they there?” Answer: “I did not go there”. (Lawyers! ) Lawyers!!). So, to us laymen, was this confirmation of the claimed guns at Mmengo or a denial??

B/B: On his involvement in drafting the 1966 pigeon hole constitution: “I was only the mid-wife”.  “In absence of legal guidance…the baby would have been born still” or something near that. He resigned his AG post on differences with Obote on clauses of the Republican Constitution of 8th September, 1967 and may be, because of the State of Emergency in Buganda then.


Christopher Muwanga,



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