August 2010
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Day August 6, 2010

Honourable Ssekikubo, fell into a trap he should have seen coming in 10 years

Summary: Like the hunted animal of prey, Hon. Ssekikuubo has been stalked for 10 years and more and so, it is not surprising he fell in the trap, at last(?). The Crime: He has been attempting to derail parts of a “Grand-Plan” for the Homeland of some people –and not just the so called “Bamooli” of the area who were resurrected the other day. The plan is ‘grander’. We saw it all coming.

1/4. They have done ALL they can simply due to one fear, that, with the likes of him around, the project “Homeland”, in which the likes of Gen. Tinye are architects, would be diverted.

2/4. Want to know why? Read the “Mustard Seed” and then learn about the admired pet subject of the glory Chwezi Empire (mostly myth but believed never the less). Examples: Bigo-bya-Mugenyi, Ntusi, etc. To the author and the others who eulogise myth, the archaeological finds here prove that there was a superior civilisation here and the scions must too be special today.

The main question and thinking then must be near this: “For such places of ancient civilisation to be under Buganda then must be a ‘historical anomaly’ that must be rectified’.

3/4. Which leads one to warn that, Bugerere and Bululi are just rehearsals for the main act somewhere to the South-West of Buganda. The Ssekikubo-targeting provocation (deliberately dis-enfranchising his supports, etc) and eventual ensnaring must have been well planned be far in advance of the climax that we all came to behold. They are well rehearsed acts with the cast known long in advance. He has been a pain in the neck for too long.

4/4. Their annoying  ‘question-plan’ must really be: “Who are the Ssekikuubo’s to interfere with the God-ordained grand plans, who tarnish the names of  the ‘special ones’ with petty issues like CHOGM fund revelations, etc?  They must know their place and belong where they should”.

Wild dreams? Watch this page.

Christopher Muwanga,



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