UJA Elections Nullified: Chaos And Armed Police. Hawkers, Utoda Taxi Touts, Car Washers Vote Kyalimpa

Dear Colleagues in journalism,
Re: Call for National Duty
I wish to thank all members who travelled from across the country to participate in the general assembly of the Uganda journalists association. This was the biggest gathering of Uganda journalists to discuss our issues; most times we appear to cover other people’s stories.
On behalf of my executive I want to say sorry for what happened when some anti- UJA forces led by a one Steven Ouma who heads a trade union called Uganda journalists union which he has been using to dupe donors that they are the professional body for Uganda journalists stormed our general assembly to terrorise us. He has led this malicious campaign and met his thugs at hotel Tourist hotel who he paid for causing the chaos.
We resolved not to respond to this malice but to my executive sorry but I have run out of patience we have to remove the gloves we have restored UJA and some body is he is a body at all is bent to undoing the achievements made. This guy wants to kill the confidence donors have in UJA and this you can see from the reciepients to his malice.
Last night my media friend Haruna Kanabi called me to say that OUMA made one lecturer at Makerere to cry because of a similar malice and that we should ignore hime but how can we look on when some lumpen in maligning others for selfish reasons. OUMA you know I have data on you including documentary evidence sent to my email by you which proves you are not clean. I have a name to protect, I am consulted on media issues in the greatlakes and Africa  world over and I can not be soild by a school drop out who is in the proffesion my accident.
Many of you colleagues have called to express you sympathises because my victory has been delayed. I want to assure the UJA members that my opponent only delayed his loss for a month but it’s just a question of time. He had got some 24 votes againts 126 in my favor but I am investigating how he managed to get the 24 votes I would be the first to sue if the results had been declared how and where did the 24 votes come about.
Why the malice
It should be noted that Uganda journalists association started the process of unionising journalists in the country. That process headed by the secretary for labour then was supported by the International Federation of Journalists.
Later on the leadership of UJA would change and a crooked executive on which Steven Ouma now heading a malicious campaign against UJA was secretary general.  What that group did was to divorce the union from UJA and have since been purporting   atleast outside Uganda to be the professional body for journalists in Uganda.
Ouma for example wanted to cling to power in UJA and did not attend the assembly that brought my executive to power.  I got a landslide victory and two years later the confidence from the journalism fraternity is only growing.
If thugs had not disrupted the exercise your president Joshua Kyalimpa had won with 126 votes against 24 votes for the opponent I am still investigating how he managed to get those 24 votes and I would have petitioned if those results had been declared.
UJA comes to Life
It should be noted that before my executive resurrected UJA some groups had filled the gap and were getting donor support for and on behalf of the journalists. Such groups seek a vibrant UJA as a challenge and are doing their best to discredit not Joshua Kyalimpa and his executive but the whole organisation which has been attracting a lot of interest from the donors.
The malicious mails that have been circulating are not the first and will not be the last. I had been advised to ignore but I have painfully decided to burst out if only it can help make people understand the genesis of this problem.
150 Presidential donations at media dinner
Some negative forces tried to discredit us and UJA on the basis of the 150 million and the fact that we organised the presidential media dinner. There was a lot of debate around the issue and I remember going to different radios and TV’s to defend that decision.
I argued then that it’s not uncommon even in the old democracies for the media to have dinner with the president or even receive support. In the US its an old time tradition, Canada based committee to protect journalists organises a similar dinner and in Germany the same is true.
We won that argument and today the fracas is about how the money was used and that is a simple argument, just come to the general assembly. If some body has doubts about the cost of land in that prime location we are willing to sell it and refund the money. But I am sure the one raising these issues aims at discrediting us.
Today the annual presidential media dinner and National media dialogue is supposed to be the biggest event on the media calendar.
Before the dinner was delayed because of the death of Mzee Binaisa atleast 26 ambassadors in the cluster of friends of the media had confirmed they would attend. Media houses has joined the long list of supporters including some donors agencies where some people had thought they would discredit us on the basis of having dinner with our Uganda president and or accepting a donation from him.
UJA records
UJA was started in 1963 by Kintu Musoke and others and should have been expected to operate an account .Ouma who was the secretary general and the old UJA executive has to date failed to give us financial details or even tell us the account number. Former president Ahmed Katerega only gave me some old files at a hashed hand over after his scheme to impose Mercy Nalugo failed.
The only records available are from 2008 when my executive opened an account and we made a bold step to make it public for even our detractors to know.
UJA Achievements for the last 2 years
We have managed to make UJA visible and this I want to share the credit with my entire executive for   standing together amidst challenges.
1-     UJA has an account for the first time known to every body.
2-     We managed to clear issues with registration because Ouma and the group made the association to be de-registered purporting that Uganda Journalists Union with headquarters in his bedroom had replaced UJA. We cause a meeting with the founding president Mzee Kintu Musoke who signed the transfer to my executive and we have brought it to life.
3-     We have reclaimed the world press freedom day activities since I came to office I am sure many of you join processions on 3rd may.
4-     UJA is now the reference point on media issues in Uganda and has sent many people for training or meetings in Uganda and abroad.
a-We seconded Ouma Steven to Go for the international solidarity meeting of unions in the US having been contacted by the US state department
b-We sent two journalists for training in financial reporting in Ghana supported by DW akademie
c- We sent 2 more journalists to same training conducted in Zambia
d-We are sending 2 other journalists to DR Congo for training in News Safety supported by the international news safety institute
e-I participated in the Common wealth journalist’s association assembly in Kuching Malaysia to discuss media issues in the common wealth.
f-Another member of the executive travelled for a UNESCO meeting to discuss climate change.
g-I was appointed to the Uganda national commission for UNESCO committee on information and communication.
h-I represented Uganda journalists association to UN climate talks in Denmark.
5-     Local trainings,
a-      We conducted a training in peace reporting in conjunction with the East Africa institute for peace and governance
b-     We conducted a dialogue on freedom of expression with support from the US government
c-      We have conducted trainings in elections reporting for 6 journalists in partnership with  the US government
d-     With partnership from British council 20 journalists have been trained in climate change reporting
e-      We partnered with UN special Rappoteur on the rights of human rights defenders to highlight issues of rights of journalists in Uganda 40 journalists have been trained about their rights.
f-       I was part of a selected few people who met the UN high commissioners for human rights when she came to Uganda during the ICC conference
6-     Uganda journalists association has taken the leadership of the media. We initiated and steered the formation of a coalition of all media groups called Article 29 Coalition and we have used this to discuss media issues. I am general secretary of the coalition basically the driver
7-     UJA presented the views of Journalists on the phone tapping bill to parliament
8-     UJA initiated meeting with the minister for information to discuss the proposed media bills and our position has been made loud and clear
9-     We are working on a state of the media report to be issued every year with support from different donors
Colleagues I would have gone on and on because what we have done is visible. We have land we are going to set up headquarters in the next two years if allowed by members.A lot has been said about the assembly of Saturday which was stopped. I see a positive to it. I have argued in different Fora that all journalists members of UJA need to pay membership so that they can get UJA cards.
Yesterday hooligans demanded that every body must vote even without cards we stood our ground and that was not allowed. Now every body agrees that any association must have paid up members and that is what is provided for in the constitution. So who wanted none members to vote certainly not Joshua Kyalimpa or may executive.
We are happy that reason has prevailed. Let me urge all members to please renew membership so you can be part of history.
My victory which was delayed is bound to be bigger I am praying hard that the opponent does not chicken out. When the opponent was nominated by OUMA who told the East Africa Journalists Association meeting recently that UJA is dead and his brief case organisation is the one which represents journalists we knew the scheme is to kill UJA. Iam in touch with IFJ and a decision is about to be made watch the space they almost made the decion in Morocco recently but hold a minute
I am now calling all Journalists to action to defend our Association and the Profession by renewing membership and coming to the next assembly
Joshua Kyalimpa is a Uganda based International Journalist,President of Uganda Journalists Association, a member of the UNESCO committee of Experts on Communication and Information, a Talk show Host and Media consultant. I have written several papers on Corruption, Human rights,Democracy and the Media.
Mobile contact +256-772-640004 Office +256-414662163 +256-312-337000



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    Dear colleagues we are discussing how to professionalise Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) by getting rid of quack journalists, revamp the association, and how the current UJA executive led by a one Joshua Kyalimpa must account for Ushs 150 million donation received from President Yoweri Museveni.

    Now when Kyalimpa evades debating issues professionally and intellectually by becoming diversionary and trivial, I have no choice but handle him in the best possible way available. However for the sake of members of the “Fourth Estate” who started, and have maintained, positive debate, I cannot let them down. I will first debate issues in a professional manner before later turning trivial to respond to this Fisherman from Bunya.

    I will try to be precise and concise, and I have no regrets for whatever I would be saying about Joshua Kyalimpa and I should not be held liable for any repercussions that would prevail later on. These are facts, the truth and nothing else but the truth about Joshua Kyalimpa. I wish you good reading.


    The donor (State House) of the controversial President Yoweri Museveni’s 150 million donation to the journalists through the infamous Uganda Journalists Association, has instructed its Legal Department to investigate and report back. State House is shocked by the reports of embezzlement and has given go – ahead to aggrieved members of UJA to officially lodge complaints with Police Criminal Investigation Department for onward transmission of the case to the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP).

    “Our donation was given in good faith and was intended to help journalists acquire a permanent home,” said State House source. The source added “The money was solicited for by and through the Eastern Africa Media Institute(EAMI) President Mr Wafula Oguttu.


    We spent some time Monday and yesterday consulting and discussing with Legal experts and a cross section of the Members of the Parliament, including the Public Accounts Committee, they all said “Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) must account for Ushs 150 million”. They said the laws that govern procurement, spending and accountability of public funds whether the source of the donation is from the United States or from Uganda are the same.

    They said President Museveni’s Ushs 150 million is the same like the money Uganda received from the United States under the Global Fund and Gavi and added journalists are inconsistent, corrupt and lack credibility and moral authority to expose and fight corruption in Uganda. “ Why should journalists always want to be treated differently from the rest of the people society,”?. “You have even delayed to hand over the “thieves” to police for prosecution,” said a Legislator who preferred to remain anonymous.


    The office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) has taken up interest in the Journalists’ Ushs 150 million and has promised to investigate and recommend after its findings. The office is now receiving tips and officials wondered how Journalists are always upbeat to expose corrupt officials in government departments but cannot clean up their own house.


    The office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has given green light to the aggrieved members of UJA to file official complaint with the Criminal Investigative Department (CID). The CID would investigate and transfer the case files to the DPP for prosecution of the “culprits”.


    I could not believe my eyes when Joshua Kyalimpa thanked “all members who travelled from upcountry to attend the biggest gathering of Uganda Journalists. Little Kyalimpa are you a Professional Journalist or hawker?. How can you invite Utoda taxi touts, hawkers who sell merchandize on Maria Galeria environ, car washers, pick pockets, shoes shiners, butchers, bicycle mechanics, Vision voice support staff to attend UJA assembly. Two years ago you were able to cheat distinguished and professional lady Journalist Mercy Nalugo, when your cantankerous corrupt Treasurer “boda boda” man Robert Kagolo ferried car washers from Kabaka’s lake and voted you as President.

    This time around we set up a Task Force which infiltrated your cam and carried out an “espionage” like mission, and we were able to compromised “intelligence reports” of our opponents. For instance when you withdrew money on Friday August 13 from the bank and handed over Robert Kagolo money to pay quack journalists and transport for two mini buses which Kagolo hired for the students of business at Enock Mukokoma’s Institute of Business and Media Studies near Kabaka’s Lake. There was no plan you hatched and we did not know of it as you ere planning it. All the delegates were from Kampala and 60 per cent were city rogues operating from Kampala Central Division.


    Dear colleagues I found Joshua Kyalimpa to be the most daft, primitive and hopeless News editor I have ever seen or heard of in Africa South of the Sahara and North of Limpopo. How stay in the media with such village mentality. I need to educate you on Electioneering terminologies and situations.

    When you fraudulently and dubiously generated a secret Voters’ Register which you kept away from members, and we nabbed your quack journalists voting the Electoral Commission (EC) nullified the Elections Results. That meant that the ballot results were annulled. Moments later when enraged Journalists wanted to beat up you and your Executives the EC cause an emergency meeting that culminated in the nullification and setting up new dates for the General Assembly.

    Day – dreaming Joshua wake up, when elections are nullified it means the balloting is null and void, and whatever count had been taken thereof is inconsequential. How can you unveil in public your ignorance and stupidity to pick ballot papers from the dustbin that had been invalidated and you claim you were destined for victory.

    Since when did that tea girl at the New Vision join UJA, what about the slender, dark skinned girl with big eyes, who folds newspapers in the New Vision Printing Press?. Where does Massoanna (Four Eyes) a watch mechanic file his stories?. How many New Vision journalists turned up?, how many voted for Kyalimpa?.
    Now what about the UTODA fellows who sat in the first two row s to the high table they could not even look behind, but thanks god I had come along with my special investigative Camcoder Video camera that managed to capture images of Kyalimpa’s crooks. Now if New Vision journalists cannot vote for you as UJA President why do you think students of Business should vote for you?.


    Its now official: The Head Of Quack Journalists In Uganda is none other than Joshua Kyalimpa, a self – made journalist and fisherman from Bunya.

    I’m challenging anyone who cares for protection of the image of the Journalism profession in Uganda I show you my video of people who voted for Kyalimpa, and corroborate it with the photographs at Hotel Africa Security
    Office. I went to Hotel Africana and showed them the video they said they have a special report which indicates all the criminals that steal delegates’ briefcases, phones, laptops, bags and all items, are holders of UJA membership cards.

    Mr Herbert Lumansi must tell the truth now, although you are Kyalimpa’s Vice President I rang you four times to help your quack journalists wielding UJA membership cards after we apprehended them. Then three others including a certain Paul Tetana was arrested by Hotel Africana for impersonation and fluking, a private party where they gnawed food like they had just been released from prison leaving nothing for the delegates. Now on Saturday atleast 20 such criminals were among Joshua Kyalimpa’s Campaign trail. We stood aside and shuddered, how shall we fight and eliminate quack journalists when a “News Editor” of a Kampala FM radio and a graduate of “Mass Communication” at Makerere University adores quacks and his unremitting enthusiasm for corruption makes Kyalimpa the most corrupt journalist in Uganda. How shall we convince members of Parliament to help enact a media – friendly Press and Journalist Statute (Amendment bill 2010) as opposed to the draconian version, when Kyalimpa is helping quacks that the bill aims to eliminate, grow and join UJA?. Kyalimpa you have put our profession into disrepute and you must resign and go back to your fishing career where you fit.


    My friend Joshua do you know the meaning of a school drop out?: It means withdrawing from activity, leave school , university without finishing or completing ones course. Now can you explain where I was studying and I did not complete my studies?. Do you think you are very dense?. You are a New Editor of an English FM radio station?. Why has Management of the New Vision that runs Vision Voice taken long to sack you?. You are just a disgrace to the media and a liability to the New Vision. Vision Voice will never grow unless its sacks the Bunya fisherman. He is just misplaced he could do better managing fish landing sites on Lake Victoria than Sleeping in the newsroom. He lacks professional creativity, lacks strategic planning, cannot sniff news or moot ideas of news analysis or even innovations to treat news or information search with a multiplicity of sources. He just sits on the chair to doze and dream, and has left the destiny of Vision Voice radio to be determined by god. Why has the latest media outlet of the New Vision, Bukedde FM radio(Embutikizi) has picked up so fast, and so is the Television. But Vision Voice is static like its News Editor, while advertising revenue is lost because of lack of creative reporting and innovative programming despite poaching renown Disc Jockey and Big Brother Housemate Gaetano Kaggwa.

    Try to compare yourself to other News Editors in FM radios around the country. Kyalimpa you are alone in your dreamland, nobody can match your daftness. You cannot think beyond your nose.

    Now listen, I started practising and trained in Journalism immediately I completed my Advanced Level Certificate. I have since trained at four Institutions of Higher Learning globally , including two universities, one in Africa, one institution inn Uganda and the other in the United States (America). I’m a qualified journalist and if you are computer literate with skills of manoeuvring computer – aided investigative search, you should be able to Google my names and read about me.

    Now Kyalimpa tells us Where were you between when you failed your Senior Six and when Makerere University introduced a Mature entrance Evening Class?.
    How come you who is not a school dropout failed your senior six and could not join Makerere University as a Fresher, and had to wait for a good Samaritan to initiate an evening program. I do not intend to demean the Evening Programme, I thank the initiators because it was the best option at the prevailing circumstances. Many of my colleagues have gone though this program and are efficient news managers, ethical media practitioners and progressive public Relations Officers. Why has Kyalimpa remained, dumb, daft, static, retrogressive, archaic and in permanent slumber?.

    I’m reliably informed Kyalimpa had a stint at a Bunya Fishing Refresher Camp during your senior six vacation. But how come you have failed to relinquish fishermen’s thinking and conduct even after going through Makerere University.
    Now I was prompted to interview Kyalimpa’s classmates at Makerere University, including his immediate neighbours, they said this fellow was too dense. We are even surprised that he possess a degree(leaving a great deal of suspense in our minds and calling for an investigation on his degree).

    The fellow was a non – starter, always sleeping, dreaming, and sometimes disorganising the environment by exuding contagious gases in class, a behaviour he has maintained even at the Vision Voice.
    Kyalimpa had a trade mark of waking up from his slumber to ask neighbours what assignment had been given out, or in case of notes dictated and generated from Lectures he would copy his neighbours short hand notes and never bothered clarification. Three days later he would return to disturb the classmate whose notes he copied. Then when it came to news reporting, Kyalimpa would be a proper “goat” in search for green grass to grazing. He would copy his neighbour’s notes verbatim and paste them in his notebook even if he did not comprehend.
    Trouble would come when told to use the techniques given out to organise a Public Relations Campaign or purport to be covering a corporate body, that’s when you would he a proper fisherman from Bunya lamenting and wishing he had remained in Lake Victoria. Kyalimpa has never practised as a New Reporter, and does not know the basics of News Reporters.

    If Makerere University was planning to package Mass Communication graduates as a “Human Resource products” for marketing to the public then Joshua Kyalimpa would be the worst sample Makerere University ever produced to advertise since its inception in 1922. Kyalimpa is the “damages” that a factory often gets in production and must be thrown into the dustbin.


    Kyalimpa you are an inveterate liar and all your actions are invidious. Now Joshua be sincere to yourself, tell the truth and shame the devil. Me and you who duped donors last year and this year?. Do you remember when you organised the poorly – organised Dinner May3, 2009 at Imperial Royal hotel. Three donors (I will leave out their names on diplomatic immunity) purchased sixty cards ,paid cash and gave Kyalimpa to distribute the cards to Freelance journalists who could not pay Ushs 50,000 to attend the dinner. Kyalimpa pocketed the money, resold the Freelancers dinners cards and was busy reminding President ,Museveni about the journalists’ promised money.
    Joshua you are just a pickpocket when it comes to money matters. And this year do I need to remind

  2. Tentena Paul,

    Mr. Ouma . I thank you for your comments i find them interesting and some how educative if they are. However i want to advise and warn you to never again include my name in your quarrels.
    I don’t think if i seek a court ruling or judgment you can prove me to be a quack journalist. I have been in the media for more than eight years which proof i can give with a blick of an eye. So for me i will not battle with you because i see you’re ignorant. But i just want to advise you to never ever include my personality in your broken english. I Paul Tentena have a name to protect so any allegations you make you should justify them. I can forgive your comments for now but i won’t for give if you repeatedly mention my name in such childish comments.
    A person who has ever contested for a UJA post ( Organising Secretary) cannot in any way be Quack. Anyway being a true catholic i have forgiven you for now but you should also know that i had an option to take a court action.


    PO BOX 9815
    Email: paultentena@yahoo.com and ptentena@newvision.co.ug
    Mobile: +256777161628

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