Kajjansi Trading centre; what needs to be fixed



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  1. john mukasa,

    I would like to contribute to this and i think abetter planing for roads allowing future buildings to come and mostly the drainage. There should be a planned drainage system which collects all the west domestic water into a main souwage . This can help general dirty staggernant water which is a source of mosquitos. Also its easier to alocate repairs a system the west countries use nearly across EU. It also impliments proper building plans because if suppervision is carried out un corrupt, less homes will not exist without a toilet. This needs a very strong community enforciment with un corrupt gorvenance. Its very important to have a foundation of any building to have perpus and credible enginiering for health and safety. This seems to be abit difficult for ugandans at present as Jobless ness hits the roof,poverty which does not allow proper work accomplishment and a blind eye from the gov’t. But it would help to cut down on malaria and other water norn diseases.

  2. sasha1grate,

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