The opposition kibokos squads should be modelled around the Mungiki experimenet in Kenya


Have you posed to wonder about the cause of massive rigging in NRM?  According to my analysis, it has a lot to do with the forthcoming NEC elections. One camp-read mafia-wanted to bolster their line up so they targeted independent or unpredictable NRM members whom they could not count on.

Yes, the rigging was ordered by a senior NRM official from Kyadondo Road who hand picked most of those crooked returning officers and members of NRM’s EC to do his bidding. I challenge the journalists in Uganda -let NRM spins doctors deny this-to put their ears or the ground in order to get to the truth behind the open, massive and violent rigging witnessed in the primaries.

The just ended or ongoing NRM primaries are its waterloo. Mark my words, NRM like KANU after the 1988 mlolongo elections will never be the same.  But can the opposition rise to the occasion and punish or contain NRM at least at the parliamentary level where the NRM fallout is likely to be massive?   Will the opposition waste the opportunity due to their endless bickering, disunity and stupidity as reflected in the allegations of some in UAH against leading opposition crusaders?

With each passing day and the comments from some in the opposition, I say thank alleluia, I am in the neither/nor camp. I could not possibly associate myself with such imbeciles. And yes, folks, some are imbeciles.

The tragedy is that they delude themselves that they are helping their candidates. No. They are screwing them kabisa. That is why the opposition is more likely than not to waste the crisis presented to them by NRM.

I am hoping the news that the opposition has set up their kiboko squad is for real.  It is about time. I hope and pray that the opposition kibokos squads will be efficient, brave, ruthless, and decisive and determined as the Mungiki was. The opposition folks behind their Kiboko squads should study the Mungiki model.  Trust me, if they can mould kiboko squads that are 50 percent as good and dreaded as the Mungiki, then NRM will not dare.  Mungiki believed in the Colin Powell doctrine.

If the news were to reach Kampala that several yellow Kiboko squads, and yes even those seeking offices elsewhere had been whipped-do not kill, beat or assault women- but whip them really good and use overwhelming force, hell will break lose. Chances are once NRM’ kiboko squad hear such terror they will piss in their pants and run for dear life. Use the cell phone and you tube to broadcast your success with NRM goons.

The message I want to send to the opposition is this: better be serious because the yellow kiboko squads will be unleashed. Do not panic, but encircle them and then pounce. And when you pounce use, I repeat,  use overwhelming force and hit them really good,  but do not kill them.  And do not beat or molest women.  If you get a chance to reach or encircle Mutale sue your imagination but irrespective, hit him hard. If you get a chance to reach that scam bag from Bushenyi who beats journalists, beat him really good.

Fear must be met with fear. But the opposition better be serious because their supporters are going to to put their bodies in line of fire. The opposition cannot afford to blink.

Yes 2011 will be war. And if a police person like the Regional police commander who was commanding the police in Bukedea presents him or herself to facilitate NRM rigging or kiboko squad, I say chafuwa. That police commander is an idiot and could have been killed by her own police forces.

If NRM is going to use mobs to intimidate voters or influence election, outcomes, then the opposition has no choice, but to mobilize their mobs as well.


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