Why Lango Sub-region should continue rejecting NRM

Why Lango Sub-region should continue rejecting NRM

Since 1996 elections Lango sub-region has been continuosly voting against NRM government. There are a number of reasons why the Langi have taken this stand.  First of all the Langi are democrats and they believe in competitions which are free and fair including politics.  When the first elections were held in Uganda in 1958 the Langi voted for their best candidates for both LEGCO and District Council without any coercion.  During those days the parties which competed for Langi votes were Uganda National Congress (UNC) and Democratic Party (DP).  Milton Obote won the LEGCO seat on UNC ticket.  While both UNC and DP councillors got elected to Lango Distric Council.  Those were the days when there were lively debates in Lango District Council.  The Langi embraced both the UNC and DP without any problem.

Political parties which operated in Lango sub-region from 1960s until 1985 were Ugand Peoples Congress and Democratic Party.  Unfortunately the DP became weaker and weaker because most Langi embraced the UPC policies and voted for the party.  The UPC government was overthrown in 1971 and then there was a period of political lull in Lango.  However political activities went underground until the liberation of 1979.  The Langi were happy with the return of competitive politics in 1980.  In that election they freely elected candidates of their choices without any coercion.  But in 1985 the rule of the gun returned which the Langis detested, though the opportunists embraced it.  The Langi have always resented the rule by the gun and any form of coercion.

When in 1996 Yoweri Musevini Kaguta organized his sham elections the Langi rejected him.  They again rejected him in 2001 and in the last elections in 2006.  They have done so in-order to show Ugandans that they do not like leaders who come to power by the power of the gun.

The second reason why the Lango sub-region should not vote for NRM government is because of their record in power for the last 25 years.  Since NRM came to power all forms of public services have deteriorated in Lango and many parts of Uganda.  The hospitals are just a shell with no medicine.  The government schools where the children of the poor go are performing very badly.  Most roads in Lango are impassable during the rainy season.  Corruption is ripe in all spheres of the Ugandan public life.  In the above light why should they vote for NRM government to continue marginalizing the poor?

There is a new breed of Langi politicians going around telling the Langis that if they do not want be marginalised this time they should vote NRM.  What a lie.  For the last twenty five years the Langis have suffered.  It would be wrong for them to accept that sort of lie.  Two constituencies in Lango namely Dokolo and Maruzi voted NRM.  When the Langis look around do they see and development in those areas better than in other Lango areas?  Why should this politicians lie to the Langi.  The Langi should also check other sub-regions like Teso, Bugisu and Bunyoro which have been voting NRM for sometime whether there are any meaning developments in those areas.

The Langi should understand how the NRM government operates.  The NRM government is only interested in keeping themselves in for as long as they can.  They will use any means available to achieve their objectives including bribing opinion leaders and buying votes during elections.  In case of failure they go open rigging. I would therefore appeal to my fellow Langi to continue rejecting NRM government as they have been doing before and vote for opposition.

John Ojok-Akona


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  1. And unfortunately it is the folly of the NRM regime’s foreign policy that adversely affects the lives of thousands of innocent civilians here in Mogadishu as well as home in Kampala.

  2. balaam,

    i don’t see why we should eat one another.

  3. edward obadia,

    thanks mr ojok for your article but for me i think that the langi do not vote NRM candidate at mp level simply because they have been presenting poor candidates since know if people like agrey Awori stand on NRM ticket he will win those constituency without any rigging.

  4. Comrade J.O.A, thanks for a sprited snap- shots;of the politics of Lango-Sub region. Many without biasness or prejudice,would easily agree with your irrversible facts of History. However,only ”those” selfish individuals on the opposite end of the moral spectrum;totalitarian- functionary,univocal[one- voiced] media& media houses:in ”nrm state”of ykm7,plain liars,thieves,rampant corrupted ”officials”in high places of nrm government,brain-washed/indoctrinated- graduates of kykwenzi-nrm hate academy,where ugandans are brain washed to hate& distrust each other or distortors & pervertors of history. Your article,comrade John Akona,can only spell nightmare-rish & mental anguish for movementists & their cronies,not only in Lango sub- region,but nation wide. The legacy of ykm7 is crystal-clear;from the bushes of Luwero & beyond our nations’international boders;bloody wars of conquest,stolen conglese mineral wealth[ref- UN report on the looting of DRC/CONGO],broken public services,balkanization of uganda by creation of unviable distrits4 nrm,patronages,vandalisation of our national assets .i.e; where is our national flag carier- the Uganda Airlines? banks,factories vandalised& striped of operating machines & sold off to the presidents foreign friends in the name of ”attracting investors” where then is the fruits for ugandans?? The jury is out,not only for Lango,BUT the entire Ugandan nation,with ykm7 at the helm,cast your vote wisely,salvage the rot that has been severly eaten by the canker worms of nrm system of governace. Bravo 2 you comrade AKONA.

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