Buganda under a State of Emergency again

1/4. In selected areas of Buganda, at least according the GoU/NRM mouth piece, the New Vision [20th Sept. 10] any meeting between 5 people or more (whether family members, school buddies or not] will need the permission, not of just the Police but of the IGP _ the Inspector General of Police, who happens not to be a Police man, after all.

2/4. The sad thing here is that, last time Buganda was placed under emergency Rule [’66-’71], the then Dictator had the bravery to use Parliament to rubber-stamp the decision, which had to be renewed every 6 months.

3/4. Today, this is done without even a Cabinet paper, let alone a pronunciation on it. It is done by the “security” Forces, on orders from the ‘Almighty ABOVE” [who ever this may be].

4/4. Conclusion:

In other words, the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are now taken away at his whims, fears, like and dislikes of a brutal, selfish, group, scared even of children gathering to play a ‘banana-fibre’ game of football. Hmmmm???

Christopher Muwanga,



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  1. kasaija,

    buganda has never been free and its not news to me. what makes me wonder is how we put up with it for all these years. for we have talked but we are so weak to fight for our freedom.

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