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How the closure/reopening of CBS exposed Buganda’s most sly enemies

By Nabusayi L. Wamboka


Government has reopened the Central Broadcasting Service radio station (CBS) amidst sighs of relief and groans of disappointment.

Depending on which side of the coin you stand, the move by the government to eventually get the radio back on air without any conditions but after a series of `closed and open’ door meetings is something that all peace loving Ugandans and lovers of freedom of speech and expression must embrace.

It is never good news if somebody shuts you up as was the case during previous governments. Previously, radio and television were 100 percent government owned and controlled.

It was not until the early 1990, when President Yoweri Museveni liberalized the media industry, that saw a boom in broadcast media. Thanks to this wise decision, the country now has 258 licensed radio stations and 55 television stations. Every district in Uganda now has access to information through public media, especially radio and now telecommunication. This has enabled communities to access information about local, national and international issues most of which are translated in their own languages.

The International Telecommunications Union has described Uganda as one of the fastest communication sectors in Africa due to the expansion of mobile telephony. As per March 2009 there were over 10 million telephone subscribers up from 8.7 million in December 2008. Since 2007, Uganda has opened up the sector to competition with the country’s major mobile providers, including MTN Uganda, Orange Uganda Limited, Zain, Uganda telecom and Warid. According to Internet World Stats, there were over 2,000,000 internet users in Uganda as of March 2008.

Having said that, it is important to point out that President Museveni has been at the forefront of promoting freedom of expression, and has no ill feelings, whatsoever, towards CBS or indeed towards Buganda. He has honoured invitations to FM Radio station including CBS and has also held interviews with most newspapers. He is one individual who has a firm record in terms of promoting media freedoms and freedoms of expression, some repressive legislation notwithstanding.

However, the events that led to the closure of CBS needed to be put in context. Privately, many media professionals and journalists did agree that the station over stepped its mark when it came to ethics and responsibilities. Some of the utterances made can never be repeated on their own radios or newspapers. For some reason, the management of CBS was reluctant to enforce the rules that govern the broadcast industry and also deliberately or otherwise, allowed themselves to be used by people who have their own political agendas to hijack the station for their own use.

None of the people who were encouraging the riots at CBS took to the streets, although they did call as many youthful Baganda to take up whatever they could to defend their `cause’. Death and destruction occurred and the violence left property, worth billions of shillings, damaged including a police station.

While the importance of the media can never been underestimated, we must never forget the fact that the media can also be manipulated. In 1994, according to reports, Rwanda suffered Africa’s worst genocide in modern times. Approximately 800,000 Rwandans were murdered in 100 days, most of whom were ethnic Tutsis and the remainders were seen as moderate Hutus or Tutsi sympathisers. The genocide was triggered by the shooting down of President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane, which Hutu extremists blamed on the Tutsi led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).

The media played a crucial role in the genocide as it fueled the killings through hate speech. The state owned newspaper, Kangura and two radio stations mainly Radio Rwanda and Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) repeatedly made broadcasts that convinced Hutus to turn against Tutsis and kill them in their hundreds. Both radio stations were used to incite and mobilise populations, followed by specific directions for carrying out the killings.

Such a situation was nipped in the bud during the 2009 September 11 riots. People were forced out of cars and made to sing the Buganda anthem. It needed a bold decision to stop the broadcasts and calm the situation.

Indeed, following the closure of CBS by the Broadcasting Council, there were a series of meetings from the top, between the President and the Kabaka of Buganda, a cabinet committee was instituted to find a solution to the problems, prominent Baganda who genuinely believed the radio was a great mobilisation tool for the cultural institution, senior civil servants including Amelia Kyambadde the outgoing Principal Private Secretary to the president who spent days and long nights trying to resolve this issue.

During the President’s mobilisation tours, ordinary Baganda from the grassroots begged him to prevail and reopen the station, arguing that the people who caused the ruckus were self seeking politicians who were pursuing personal goals and had no love for the institution of the Kabaka.

The President listened throughout his mobilisation tours in the Central Region which was the direct beneficiary from programmes on CBS. The self seeking politicians cared less whether the radio was on air or not. They didn’t care that people were out of their jobs, they didn’t care that the cultural institution’s development programmes had been severely affected – all they wanted was using the station as their spring board to seek attention for political offices and they did.

Museveni, as a leader, had to take a decision and he did causing the reopening of the station unconditionally. Its closure had already exposed the sly enemies of the cultural institution. The people now know who is their friend and who is the real enemy.

There has been government commitment to liberalization of the media in Uganda, increasing pluralism and diversity of viewpoints and ownership. But it is important that media managers, owners and practitioners realize that, as a fourth estate, we have responsibilities that come with these rights. Re-opening CBS does not put the station above the laws and regulations governing the broadcast media like all the other stations. It is therefore upon the managers of the station to take control of the management of their institution and steer it back on course and uphold standards of professionalism and the quality of journalism.

Lindah Nabusayi


Andrew Mwenda Explains his Friendship with Museveni, Muhoozi and Besigye

Dear friends,

Ugandans At Heart (UAH) should not be involved in lies like the current claims that im going to contribute $500000 to Museveni’s campaign. It is true that I have many friends in NRM just like I have in the opposition. I assisted in fundraising for many NRM friends who came to me for assistance during presidential and parliamentary campaigns just like I assisted many friends in the opposition especially FDC, DP and UPC. I do not belong to any political party and neither do I vote. My own sister is an NRM MP and I contributed to her campaign – including posters for herself and her presidential candidate Museveni. Salim Saleh is my friend. During the campaigns, he came to me and I helped raise for him funds for Museveni’s posters and campaign paraphernalia. I did the same for Besigye’s campaign.

If that makes me a state functionary, I am guilty as accused. But I am also an opposition functionary at the same time. It is the basis of my political philosophy that political disagreement does not mean political enmity. I am friends to Winnie Byanyima and Besigye, friends to Museveni, Muhozi and Saleh, friends to Mao and Otunnu, friends to Ssemogerere and his son Karoli, friends to Bidandi Ssali and friends with so many other Ugandans across the political divide. In fact I was close friends to Milton Obote and he treated me like his own son – just like I have had a good (even though sometimes tumultuous) relationship with Museveni who has been kind and parental to me. I do not think that political disagreement should make people enemies. Indeed, we can disagree without being disagreeable. That is the essence of democracy.

These friendships have been valuable for my journalism and also for my own intellectual growth as I have a broad and non partisan reach in terms of the perspectives I learn by interacting with people across the political spectrum. In fact I would never have broken the stories I did – about junk helicopters, torture of detainees in illegal jails, arbitrary decision in cabinet to give our national silver to foreign business crooks for a song, ghost soldiers in the army etc by being friends with only opposition politicians. It is those who sit in the army high command, in cabinet, in state house etc who know what goes on inside the corridors of power. And it is they who are allies in exposing the rot inside government because they have been willing to leak vital information to me as a journalist. These people are important to Uganda because by leaking vital information, they help promote accountability.

Thus, when I get leaks from government and publish them, I generate public debate. The opposition pick it from there and make a contribution by putting pressure on government. I believe all these people – inside government and in the opposition – have a great contribution to make to Uganda’s progress even when they disagree – in that disagreement lays the creative tension that strengthens our country. I disagree with those who say we should not work with people inside NRM – including Museveni – on matters concerning the progress of our nation. This tendency to pick and choose enemies without realizing that there is more we share as Ugandans that is above government vs opposition is not helpful.

So, my friends, neither Museveni nor NRM are my enemies – political or otherwise. There are many points on which I agree with NRM – especially on the overall macro-economic policy framework. There are many things on which I disagree with NRM – most especially on institutionalized corruption, incompetence and nepotism. Equally, there are many things I agree with the opposition – especially on human rights, service delivery and accountability. There are equally many things I disagree with the opposition – especially their tendency to give only rhetoric about corruption and incompetence instead of organizing the concerned people around these issues. But neither side should fulfil my views for me to work with them.

I did not contribute money to NRM party. But I did help raise funds for the campaigns of individuals inside NRM including Museveni. I even helped write a chapter on housing in Museveni’s 2006 manifesto – to commit the president to promoting home ownership among Uganda’s middle class. Little has been done to realize that dream. That is my disappointment. I am not ashamed of any of this. It is not a secret. I am very proud that I work with all Ugandans even when I disagree with them.

Andrew M. Mwenda

Managing Editor, 

Independent Publications Limited




P.O. Box 3304

Plot 84/85 Kanjokya Street

Kampala, Uganda


An Open Letter to the New Vision – by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Good Morning Fellow Citizens at the New Vision,

My name is Vincent Magombe. I am a Ugandan News analyst and broadcaster based in the UK. I am writing to you concerning the article you recently published on your pages about Dr. Kizza Besigye’s victory in the Constitutional Court of Uganda. This was the decision to quash the  treason and terrorism cases against Col. Kizza Besigye. The article can be accessed on line at:http://www.newvision.co.ug/detail.php?mainNewsCategoryId=8&newsCategoryId=12&newsId=734918

First, let me congratulate the New Vision for publishing this story, which is clearly bad news for the government. Most Ugandans expect the New Vision to act like a public media instrument, rather than a State propaganda tool. Publishing a story which proves that the current NRM government under President Yoweri Museveni has grossly violated the constitution of the Republic of Uganda, and that the pro-government security forces acted (and must stop acting) in such a wanton, illegal and anti-people manner, is something we must all celebrate.

We hope that this new trend at the New Vision will grow and mature, and that the unravelling electoral period will become a true test of the professionalism of the New Vision editors and journalists, whereby they will show Ugandans that they (the New Vision media fratenity) can be objective, even-handed, and always on the side of the Ugandan people, rather than a biased, partisan, and anti-people organ.

What we now expect of the New Vision is for our ‘good professional friends’ to start focusing on other similar important national matters and issues, where quite clearly the government has got it wrong, and is acting in unconstitutional ways.

The most immediate case, which is about to hit the corridors of the much respected Constitutional Court is the one being prepared by Ambassador Olara Otunnu and the UPC Party – regarding the Electoral Commission.

At the heart of the arguments, in the UPC petition to the Constitutional Court, will be the unconstitutional and illegal manner in which President Museveni extended the employement contract of the EC Commissioners, without prior agreement with all the stake holders, i.e the other political parties, and Ugandan voters as a whole. The issue of a deffective Voters Roll is another central matter.

The Questions that has to be put to our New Vision media fraternity is “Why aren’t we seeing vibrant, informative, and unbiased stories, reflecting this very important national matter? Why are we hearing from the UPC Party that their President, and indeed the Party itself, are being BOYCOTTED by the New Vision, which seems apprehensive or perhaps afraid of publishing their views on the Electoral Commission? Where is the objectivity, non-partisanship, national character of the New Vision?” The UPC President has recently launched a major initiative – THE NATIONAL SOCIAL MOVEMENT, whose Positive Non-Violent Resistance for FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS deserves adeqaute and proper news coverage. It is an important national story. Just like the UPC case being taken to the Constitutional Court, the National Social Movement story is one that could determine how events in our dear country are shaped come the 2011 elections and beyond.

Is it that the New Vision does not see the crucial nature of the problems relating to the Electoral Commission? Doesn’t the New Vision not believe that it is unconstitutional for the EC to act and perform as an arm of NRM Party, or  an extension of President Museveni’s office?

It is almost unbelivable that our most enlightened professionals at the New Vision do not seem to appreciate the simple truth that Electoral Commission is required by constitution of Uganda to act and be seen to act as an independent, unbiased, and non-partisan organ. This means that the way the EC is constituted and established must mirror this independence, and non-partisan character. At the moment, what is in place is clearly a pro-President Museveni/ pro-NRM Electoral commission. This is overtly illegal and unconstitutional. The appointment letter for the EC Commissioners should have had the signatures of all the stakeholders.

It will be very nice to get some form of response from New Vision on the matters raised above. Actually, wouldn’t it be so wonderful if this letter was considered for publication in the New Vision, as the issues at hand are, no doubt, of the greatest interest and importance to most Ugandans who read the paper.

Once again, congratulations for the strength and good will you have shown in publishing the strory about the resounding victory of Dr. Besigye and his Team.

We hope you are not deliberately waiting to exclusively publish the story about the END-GAME for the Kigundu-Electoral Commission, when the Constitutional Court finally rules that “The current Electoral Commission is an illegal and unconstitutional outfit, that is therefore ordered to stop functioning with immediate effect.”

As professional media practitioners, Ugandans expect you to be at the heart of discussions and debates on crucial national matters all the time – not just when these matters go to the nation’s highest courts.

Dear New Vision Editors, I salute you,

With the Best of Regards,

Dr. Vincent Magombe
Africa Inform International

Dr Kobusingye is the woman of the year 2010

Iam now very hopeful that one day one time Uganda will be disentangled from the bondage of the Pharisees. Dr Kobusingye has moved the front to fight for freedom and dictatorship to another level. All along, the electronic media has been trying to put down some data but either it is on-line and accessed by a few privileged Ugandans or too perishable in form of news articles. Non of us had come up with a permanent write up in form of a book to create a real ghost of Museveni. 

Dr.Olive Kobusingye

Because YKM has over-lived his welcome, it is time for him to be haunted by his own ghost. Dr Kobusinge has done pretty very well to use YKM’ s very quotes to wake up Ugandan.We have had so many nasty incidences in Uganda but time has worked as an ally to govt by helping people to forget them. We had the Rukungiri PPU murder, the Bweyogerere accident, the Rwaboni Arrest etc. Has any one ever asked why YKM chose to go to Bududa with an AK 47 instead of a Red Cross apron?
Iam so impressed with Dr Kobusingye and I believe she is as intelligent as her brother, Kiiza Besigye. It is so far Dr Kobusingye who has successfully been able to penetrate through the 2 decade “siasa” by NRM. When ever Iam seated in front of my TV listening to YKM I can predict his next word. He has sang the same song for the last 24 years typically fooling Ugandan that he is the Messiah. Dr Kobusingye is my woman of 2010 indeed.
Some people think that we make these comments out of hatred and being disgruntled but non of them has ever thought that it is out of love for our country Uganda.
Regarding the confiscation of the books, that is yet another joke by Govt. The books must be released either peacefully or by an order of court. Even if the books are not released, the writer is present and can give us handwritten scripts to circulate to the population
Jude mayanja

The Ugandan-American Association of Greater Dallas-Fort worth, Celebrates Uganda’s 48th Independence in Style

By: Rev. Joseph William Kamugisha
      Hurst, TX
     [817] 500.6147 
Email: jokaruka@hotmail.com 
This year’s Uganda Independence celebrations in Dallas – Fort Worth, were marked in style. It appears like the organizers were rightly in tune with the founding fathers of our nation before the instruments of independence were handed over. The deliberation  process of how to commemorate this year’s independence festivities consisted of a significant amount of time specifically dedicated to prayer and intersession for our mother land, Uganda.
Celebrating Uganda’s 48th Independence day without prayers at the top of the agenda was certainly not by coincidence. The current UAA-DFW leadership realizes among other priorities on their one year leadership agenda, that without the true meaning of independence, which comprises of freedom from external dependency, which has been responsible for over fifty percent of our government’s national budget, lack of freedom of speech, limited democratic rights to all citizens including rival opposition parties, the implementation of equal justice, respect of law and order in all sectors of society and government in general.
Taking in consideration that one of the main objectives of our local leadership is to cohesively foster good community relations by building stronger family relations, encouraging both our youth and adults alike to pursue and invest more in education, collectively and harmoniously working towards building our motherland through self initiatives and supporting existing Ugandan based humanitarian organizations and fighting divisive and sectarian tendencies in all forms.
Realistically, all those values can be difficult to realize until our country lays conducive and healthy environment opportunities on the home front because at the end of the day, what affects our nation indirectly, directly, affects every thing we do even in the diasporas.
It is therefore, based on such basic principles, yet profound as they are, that probably came to mind even when commiserating on the ideas that our founding fathers had in mind when the significant elements of our nation that bears Godly symbols, struck a note in the minds of our local leaders. It is of little wonder that when one adds the two one cannot fail to see what the Psalmist rightly wrote in the book of Psalms 33: 12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance.”
It is probably one of the reasons upon which the above biblical scripture, that the designer of our nation’s official emblem and court of arms, chose to divinly have the words; “For God and my country” in scripted on as our logo, which also appears on a national currency. I believe that it was based on the same divine inspiration upon which Mr. George William Kakoma, centered the  composition of our national anthem supporting the same phenomena, when he wrote; “Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee, we lay our future in thy hands…..” But the spiritual significance bearing the birth of our nation did not stop at that. The former first post independence Justice Minister, the late Grace Ibingira, was equally inspired to design the national flag with the colours; Black, Yellow and Red, in the vertical format, with the nation’s emblem in the centre.
According to the interpretation of the flag colours, “Black” represents a nation which was formerly in the dark before the Europeans evangelised the country with the gospel. The colour “Yellow” represents a country which was once in the dark but had been exposed to the light. While “Red” represents, a nation washed in the saving blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Perhaps it was a combination of such background that our local UAA-DFW leadership similarly and divinely felt inspired to revisit and adopt the original godly concept of our nation’s pioneers, by dedicating almost one and a half hours of worship and praise, followed by prayer and intercession for the nation’s current troubles and un ending challenges from almost every sector of government. Thanks to our community God fearing leaders!   
Since the rebirth of our nation on October, 9th 1962, the vast political predicaments which have befallen of our dear country, one which had all the opportunities, reason and potential to be one of the most prosperous nations on the continent of Africa, a nation that was built on biblical concepts, Godly ethics and strong moral fibres, has been unfortunately, slowly but gradually falling apart for the last forty eight years.
From the first military coup in 1966 to the second one 1971 to a third one in 1985. From the first abrogation of the national constitution shortly after independence to the second abrogation framed to suit and compromise more of the same political abuses the country has been entangled with since 1962. A national referendum that later turned out to be one of the biggest political embarrassments in the nation’s history, in which government decided to openly bribe the Hon. Members of Parliament in what was shamelessly dubbed as “facilitation money…..” allegedly for the sole purpose of traversing the country in a bid to educate, sensitize and gather constitutional views from the peasants.
Strangely, the so called facilitation money was allocated to the Member’s of Parliament, not by or from the Parliamentary committee but from the National Resistance Secretariat, the ruling party headquarters, to the publicly servants elected by the people.
From political opportunists tricking the late Ssekabaka of Buganda, who was also Uganda’s first President, Sir, Fredrick Muteesa, into joining party politics of the day to tricking his son, the would be Kabaka of Buganda, into joining the then NRA’s Public relations rally in an effort to advance the political interests of the then NRA now NRM-O in a bid to rally support from the Luweroeans during the five year guerrilla war.
From one appointed President and one appointed Prime Minister, by consensus, to nine uninvited Presidents and over five Prime Ministers, selfishly imposed on Ugandan’s against their wishes. 
From the politically motivated Kisubi and Nakulabye killings to the Luwero killings, to the Northern Uganda massacres to the Kisangani massacres. From the banning of cultural institutions to the first forced exiled President of Uganda, to his eventual death in exile, to the exiling of all opinionated politicians, school teachers, University  professors, medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Journalists, while the disadvantaged five thousand Ugandan’s, who were not lucky to escape the country, innocently died as victims from the wrath of the blood thirsty dictator Idi Amin Dada, whose self imposed titles included, “VC, DSO, MC, Conqueror of the British Empire, MBE” “Life President of the Republic Of Uganda”  
From Uganda’s double interference in the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1973 and later in 1976, which later lead to the nation’s severe punishment by the Israeli forces, whose bombings caused devastating economical and infrastructural repercussions, not mentioning the death of over one thousand troops who were stationed on guard at the old Entebbe airport.
From external political interferences to Church interference which lead to assassinations, looting, jailing and torturing Christians for the name of Jesus Christ. From the attacks of the “E’mbalassasa”, in the early seventies to famine, to five different regional deadly wars, to the the scourge of HIV/AIDS, the highest rate of poverty, the highest rate of corruption the country has ever suffered, to the highest level of immorality a.k.a day light “Bimansulo”, to State endorsed gambling, prostitution and the open display of homophobic behaviours, to the current jiggers epidemic.
From the first alleged fraudulent general elections in 1981 to the second fraudulent general elections in 2006, with impending worries of a classic repeat of the nations fraudulent scheme come 2011 general elections. According to the concerns and observations raised from the recently concluded primary elections as expressed by the former high court judge, Justice George W. Kanyeihamba.
In spite of all the above troubles, challenges and tumultuous journey our country Uganda, has endured, the current UAA-DFW leadership lead by Mr. Frank Sentamu, in conjunction with the local Arlington, Garland, UAA-DFW residents organizing committee spearheaded by Pastor John Musoke, saw it fitting to organize and stage one of the best Uganda’s Independence celebrations in the community.  
The power of worship and praise sealed with the power of prayer and intercession engulfed the hotel auditorium as if it was another regular Pentecostal Sunday service, echoing a combination of Luganda, English, Swahili and Zulu worship songs, accompanied by their appropriate dance moves. Thanks to the worship team which was comprised of Pastor Hope and his wife Jossie  Ssekiziyivu, sister Tsaoni and sister Sylvia Mulima. The first section of the colourful festivities were held at the Hyatt Place Hotel, in Arlington, TX, which began shortly after 05:pm and ended shortly before 11:pm.
Unlike some of the recent hand picked “multi-denominational” services, a much wider representation of community lead religious denominations, freely and unreservedly participated in various aspects of the intercession and prayers sessions on behalf of the country’s troubles which were categorized from political, economical, the forth coming general elections, the cultural institutions, the nation’s workers,  peace and tranquillity in the nation, the September 11th, 2010 bomb victims in Kampala and a brief memorial and celebration of the life of the late Ugandan President Godfrey L. Binaisa, QC, Esq. who passed away a few months ago.
A one minute moment of silence was observed before the represented family members of the late President were prayed for. The five family member’s present were namely; Mr. & Mrs Joshua Serwanga, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kigozi and Ms. Drusilla Kigozi. In absence were several children of the late President, his former wife Ms. Kigozi and the Oklahoma based nieces. Ms. Drusilla, spoke on behalf of her mother and on behalf of Dr. Mukwaya, the late President’s nephew, whose Dallas trip was also cut short at the last hour due to an emergency trip which took him to Bangkok, Thailand.  
Ms. Drusilla Kigozi, gave the listeners an unedited, apolitical view of the true nature of who the real Binaisa was. She attributed her coming to the US together with her brother Edward, to the well placed political connections in addition to the great sense of humour which her late step father enjoyed and possessed. Drusilla said that the late Binaisa, was always fun to be around with. Some of the memorable moments that came to mind, Drussila, added, was when they first went to the US Embassy for the first time to apply for their US Visas to which they were denied.
Upon learning about her children’s denial, Ms. Kigozi, asked her husband to intervene but to her surprise, her late husband told her in Luganda, “Gwe tomanyi kukuba kaama, bagambe nti ndi Mukyala wa Pulezidenti?!” meaning, “Don’t you know how to whisper…you should have told them, that you are the wife of the President!?”
Some time later, the late President contacted the US Embassy consulate and made Visa applications on his step children’s behalf. When asked to verify the names of the children whose Visas he was applying for, he had apparently forgotten their names and went back to his wife asking her to remind him of the children’s names!
Perhaps another major land mark in this year’s Uganda independence festivities was the climax of the highly spirited fund raising drive which has been going on for the past few weeks. At the end of the day, over $700.00 in cash and more in pledges was generated from the faithful community member’s.
Before the fundraising drive began a few weeks ago, the local Association leadership identified about five Ugandan based Non governmental organizations [NGO’s] out of which one was selected to be this year’s beneficiary of the generous contributions from the Ugandan community in Dallas-Fort Worth. Given the inspiring and memorable presentation which was made exactly one year ago, during a similar Independence celebration, by a fellow Ugandan, Texan, the founder and patron of the “Uganda – American Sickle Cell Association”, a Ugandan born, US Air force, Captain, Lukia Mulumba, who together with her family were recently hosted in the White House by President Barrack Obama, whose daughter was miraculously healed from the sickle cell disease, and from whose inspiration the US Air force Captain, derives her motivation to aggressively combat one of the most deadly diseases of the 21st century.
The community leadership couldn’t have done any better than to kick off the charity donation by beginning with our neighbouring Austin, TX, based organization, with services intended for the disadvantaged Ugandan population, hence, fulfilling the proverbial; “Charity begins at home”
Other independence events on the Arlington, program included, honouring the UAA-DFW outgoing cabinet, the launching and swearing in of the newly elected cabinet which was officiated by Hon. Eng. David Mureeba, the first UNAA President. Another fundraising drive toward the UAA-DFW treasury as well as soliciting for the associations annual membership dues from the un paid community members was also conducted with positive results.
Membership fees are only a small annual lump sum of $35.00 per family and only $20.00 for singles. According to the last data base gathered the 2001-2002 local UAA-DFW leadership, it was estimated that the Uganda community membership in DFW had grown to about six hundred.
Meanwhile, a number of outstanding academic achievers were recognized. Among them was Mr. Sammuel Muwanguzi, a PhD candidate at the University of North Texas, Denton campus, who was recently recognized as the most outstanding international student for his academic performance and community service for 2010. In addition to his pursuit of an inter disciplinary program in Information Policy and Communication studies, Mr. Muwanguzi, is also a teaching fellow at the same University.
Also included were; Mr. Eugene Arigye, a PhD candidate from the University of Pittsburgh, VA. Who is currently working on his internship at the University of Arlington, TX in pursuit of Social & Comparative Analysis with a concentration in health and education studies.
     2. Last year, Mr. Michael Kaluya, earned a Masters degree in Political science he is currently in the final stages of his research in pursuit of a PhD in Business administration with a concentration in Public Administration.
3.      Pastor John Musoke, the Senior Pastor of Nations for Christ Church, Arlington, TX, was recognized for earning a Masters in Divinity.
4.      Mr. Peter Mukunya, was recognized for earning a Masters in MBA.
5.      Mr. Raymond Byaruhanga, was recognized for completing high school and now taking basic classes at the Tarrant Community College, while preparing for University entry in about two years from now.
6.      Ms. Clare Mutebi, equally graduated from High school earlier this year and is also attending attending TCC.
7.      Ms. Aisha Musoke, the out going UAA-DFW Secretary General, was doubly recognized for her outstanding services to the community and for completing her RN Associate degree.  
8.      More recognitions were carried out among some of the parents who were present. The children who recently earned excellent academic achievements included were; the daughter of Dr. Abu Senkayi, PhD. His daughter Salah Senkayi, who is in her mid thirties, already has three degrees; B.S. degree in Bio-Medical Sciences from Texas A&M University, B.S. degree in Micro-Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington, B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington. M.Sc. degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences from the University of Texas at Arlington (to be awarded in December 2010) Candidate for the Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington. As a part time student, Salah Senkayi, is a full time employee of the US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] as an Environmental scientist.  
9.      On a similar note, in absentia, the oldest son of Dr. Paschal Kibuule, Dr. Leonard Kibuule, was recognized for his academic achievement as a Neck & Spine Surgeon. The community was equally proud to learn that his wife Dr. Danette \Kibuule, is one of the few leading female Radiologists in the country. 
10.  In the same category, Jeofrey Kibuule, the youngest son of Dr. & Mrs Kibuule, whose academic achievements continues to surprise not only his parents but all those who remember him as one of the rare entrants in college at fifteen years of age, is still astoundingly amusing as he will soon be graduating from Medical school at the age of eighteen, an age which most teenagers normally graduate from high school. Jeofrey Kibuule, has already attained his first degree in Biology/Human Sciences and already eyeing his second degree in Medicine which will make him one of the youngest Medical Doctors, at the age of twenty two years, which is actually the age group in which most students earn their fist degrees. Jeofrey Kibuule’s, uncommon academic gift is not only highly remarkable but will in addition elevate him to a self made millionaire! The young man is involved in highly demanded medical soft ware which he personally researched and invented the lab. Accessories whose soft ware applications known are known as “Pocket Laboratory values”. The soft ware is currently used by medical doctors, nurses and other professions in the medical field. The young man’s products are sold in over sixty different countries world wide. According to the current rankings, his products hold the fourth place competing with over three hundred other soft ware applications on the world wide market. However, much as Jeofrey’s concentration is in Medicine, his vast knowledge in computer science has enabled him to be one of the best self made home  laboratory Engineers whose products have made him a significant contributor in the medical field in which his soft ware remains one of the best sought after in the medical industry. His dad, Dr. Paschal Kibuule, the former Desoto, TX resident humbly appeals to our youth in the community to emulate Jeofrey’s dedication and responsible diligence in order to reap the full benefits of what a good education can reward.
11. Lastly, the nephew of Mr. William Niwagaba, Mr. James Tumukuratiire and Hon. Mureeba, Mr. Twine Tumubweine, was among those who were recognized in absentia. Twine, graduated last from the University of Texas, Dallas. With a tripple combination of; Masters in Economics, Masters in Management and a PhD in Economics.
Congratulations and best wishes to all our graduants in all your future endevours.    
The second and last phase of the festivities proceeded at the Nile hall where the youth and most of the single community members braced themselves for the remaining hours of the night doing what they do best, shaking clean, the dusty dancing shoes after a delicious meal which was also served in style under the compliments of the UAA-DFW leadership.
The following day, was the highly globally anticipated 10. 10. 10. It is one of those rare dates on the universal calendar history and one which everybody would have wanted to associate with. While not many had made plans for that special day, the family and Church members of the former UAA-DFW Vice President, Pastor Richard Bazanye, did not spare the moment of doubling both daughter and dad’s birthday. Florence Bazanye, whose birthday took place a week before but chose to share the lime light with her dad, whose actual birthday fell on the rare, 10.10th 2010 with the only exception of not disclosing their actual ages, since the two look like brother and sister!
The birthdays, were colourfully celebrated with over one hundred friends and well wishers flocking the Nile Hall for yet another day of jubilation and celebrations. It was not only a special day for special birthday celebrations but it was also a day well deserving for recognizing someone who has been maturing with age even as his leadership role especially among the community youth speaks volumes besides Pastoring a fast growing Church.
Congratulations Pastor Richard, many more…..X10 Happy Birthdays!!
Thank you UAA-DFW leadership for a weekend well marked and celebrated. 
Long live the UAA-DFW community leadership!       

Amelia Kyambadde Kulubya and the rest of her lineage are actually Rwandese

Dear Ugandans at heart,
I can now prove to some people’s highly respected assertion that former Presidential Private Secretary to president Museveni, Amelia Kyambadde Kulubya, and the rest of her lineage are actually Rwandese.  They are real Rwandese.  All evidence for that is to be found in the genealogy of the Tutsi clan, the Mpeewo or Oribi. 
The Kulubyas are scattered allover that Rwandese clan!This record has been retrieved from the documents that the wife of Omwami Rwabugiri of Rwanda fled with in 1895 following Rwabugiri’s death and the chaotic succession to the Rwanda throne.  The queen, Muhumuza, fled north to Ruhengeri where she led the Abingi cult but was captured later with many official documents including the genealogy of the Oribi clan.
 As you can see in the genealogy, the Kulubyas are all over the major lineages of the Rwandese Mpeewo clan.  I have been reliably informed that the contemporary Kulubyas can be traced back to the last one in that genealogy, known to be the grandfather of a certain Mugambe Ezekiel who was a very famous Gombolola chief in the Rwandese prefecture of Singo, in the commune of Kabuwambo.  That Gombolola chief is the great grandfather of Amelia Kyambadde, I am reliably informed.  I have sent out some feelers to Byumba, in North East Rwanda to confirm that bit of information.  I will let you know in the course of time.
There is also another questionable claim that the Mugambe Ezekiel Sekiwala might be the Mugamba circled in blue/green but that claim is questionable given that he lived long before the missionaries arrived.  As you can see, it is long after the Kantinti Ssiga that christian names begin to appear.Just as a by-the-way, when the mythical Chief Rwandese, Kintu, arrived in what is now called Buganda, his entourage included the man you see at the top of the lineage, Kaimyebutega.  He was a very important friend of Kintu’s and was later, under Cwa, to be appointed as a judge in all cases that had the possibility of implicating the King himself.  His title was Kibare, which is still an important office in Mmengo officialdom as you know.
 Here below is the Oribi genealogy:


In addition, when you go to Rwanda, you will be able to locate the chief estates of the Mpeewo clan.  In the Prefecture of Kyandondo, they have estates in the following communes: Bulaynkole, Kungu, Kibone, Kiryowa, Bugamba, Nkukuba, Bubale and Kiwanguzi near Gitarama.

In the prefecture of Kyaggwe, the Kulubyas and the rest of the Mpeewos have their estates in the communes of Mawoto, Bubiru and Sugu in the vicinity of Gikongoro.

 In the prefecture of Busiro, they have estates in the communes of Nagalabi and Nganji in the areas of Kigali; while in the prefecture of Buddu, their estates are in Kanabulamu south of Cyangungu.  So, Amelia Kulubya is as Rwandese as they all probably come!

 Ah!…and it is not accidental that the Mpeewo man, Mugambe Ezekiel Sekiwala (Amelia Kulubya’s grandfather) was an important gombolola chief in Singo.  Singo was the residence of the Kabaka’s important yirizi (fetish) called Nyonyane Kikulu. The royal rug, Kiyu was also mad in the prefecture of Singo…..Mpeewo was in charge of all that…….ah!…plus the royal spear, Nakawangala.

 I hope we shall not confuse the Prefecture of Busiro with the commune of Bushiru, in Gisenyi where Juvenal Habyarimana hailed from

I have also read somewhere where some people are claiming that since Ms Kyambadde has stated that the Kabbiro of her clan is Kayozi, and also stated that her clan is Mpeewo, therefore she is a narwajja okwota( meaning a foreigner in Buganda)…….for gender balance given that Kayozi is a kabbiro only for Musu.  According to these people, Kayozi, the Kangaroo rat is a junior totem only for Musu.  That is not true.  In fact there are other clans that share Kabbiros or Bubbiro: Ngo and Ngogge both have the Kassimba or genet as their Kabbiro.  There is also the second branch of Mmamba that has the kerekere as their kabbiro, the same as Ffumbe.  The main Mmamba branch has Muguya as the Kabbiro…etc etc.

There are also clans that have opted to amalgamate with others:Katinvuma with Butiko, Crow and Otter, the same with Jackal; Dog (Rev Nakawombe’s clan) with Civet cat etc etc….they become branches but retain their bubbiro.  So, you can have one clan with 2 or more bubbiro….etc

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

I have switched sides from DP to NRM

Ugandans-at heart forumists,
It dawned on me as Uganda celebrated 48th independence anniversay that the country needs all of us but we have done it a disservice. The best we have been doing on this forum is ranting anti-government slogans calling Museveni a dictator, murderer , thief , corrunpt and also sorts of evil.
We have branded NRM the same. I asked myself is this the truth and is the problem NRM and Museveni. I thought real hard and I realised that Museveni and NRM are not the problem. It is we the critics and the opposition. We (I inclusive) are just empty headed. We don’t know how governments run. Without experence we keep precribing measures and solutions which in real terms had we been in power we could have done exactly the same. I keep thinking of Senegal when A.Wadi won Diouf evry one expected change. So many things Wadi promised have never been fullfiled including whiping out Kasamise resisitance.
My conclusion we are just a bunch of arm chair opposition critics nothing more. We can’t influence government decisions. We are lame ducks. I must say I have read well written articles on this forum but they are just empty nothing in them. No truth , no analysis, no deep thinking. And that is what the opposition is premised on empty thoughts,support and heads. I AM not being abusive. I am being honest after reflecting on Uganda since independence.
We often refer to the western world , America , UK etc but at one point they were where Uganda is today. Surely we don’t expect Uganda to suddenly be at the level of the developed world. Doing so is just expecting much that can not be attained.
That is why from today I have chosen Uganda. I don’t want to be a tribal and religious bigot like some I have read on this forum. I notice here that it Iis about being a Muganda, Acholi and hence the tribal alliance to defeat Museveni and NRM. What a shame. Hear what the SUUBI people are saying they are with IPC to defeat a Munyankole. So what do you expect me a munnyakole to think? That things are well and so I should hang with the opposition? Let some one tell me? Let us reflect. I as a muslim where do I fall? Because from discussions when the President is a protestant the VP will be catholic.
I pray that evry one of us reflects on these issue. These are serious issues.We have read that Mao will take the north in 2011 elctions because he is an Acholi and that SSUBI with IPC will not allow him in Buganda because he is from northern, what crap is this? Besigye is reportly trying to weave an alliance to get Baganda, Acholi and Langi on his side. Hell on earth.
For that matter today I announce that I have decided to become Ugandan. A true Ugandan knows no tribe , no religion. He/she is simply Ugandan. And for that reason I have opted to denouce my memebership and sympathies with the opposition. I am joinINg the steadily growing lines of people saying they are going to campaign for Museveni and NRM.
If Abbey allows me I will continue contributing to this forum. If he doesn’t I will understand  and I will surely quit.
In 1996 I was one of the Dr Paul KAWANGA’S campigners. In 2001 I jumped on Besigye’s truck and in 2006 I went back home in DP.
Respect my decision. This is what I have told colleagues at work and my neighbourhood in the Mbale, Senior Qurters. And they too have decided to reflect I don’t know what they will decide.
Colleaques bye. I sign off saying there are strong indicators the oppostion will not manage. In fact it will perform worse than it did in 2006. Besigye had a great chance in 2006 and he lost it that was his last he can’t have it in 2011. Mao has been a victim of tribalism so he to cant make it but he has a chance in 2016. He is young. And that time I will again return home and be at his side. My slogan on this forum has been Mao oyee. It now changes to Uganda Oyee.
I would like to apologise to any one I could have hurt during my past contribution on the forum. I am sorry. I particularly wish to apologise to Mr. Wafula Ogutu there was a time I came out hard on him. I reaveled what  I shouldn’t have about his past. I am sorry Waf. One of these days when I travel to kampala and I will apologise physically. Another person is Henery Mukasa I came out hard on him last week when he misreported about DP. My apologies Henry. I will also look you up at the New Vision. I agree New Vision is a great newspaper.
Besi Kizy
Uganda Oyee!!

Museveni is running Uganda as a Family Property

Dear Ugandans,

Anti nepotism laws are not in place just for the sake of it. They are here to safeguard the interests of the public and the country as a whole. When some of you ask us about where the president Museveni’s daughter, Natasha, should be employed I say, they were born in the wrong family, simple and pure. Public office is a NO, NO, or at least that is what it should have been if there was rule of law in Uganda. In fact I ask you, where should my children be employed?

Lt. Col. Muhoozi and Natasha Museveni

So when I hear about president Museveni lecturing the nation on how his family is sacrificing, by taking up positions in public office, I ask him, whose family hasn’t sacrificed anyway? How have the people in Luwero, northern Uganda, Banyoro, Baganda, the Itesots and more been rewarded?

Is there sacrifice not good enough? If his family loves Uganda so much and they are willing to sacrifice, they should also go and help treat those Basoga’s jiggered limbs, help rehabilitate wells and mop hospital floors in Kitgum and Bududa. Unless the definition of sacrifice is all about taking up public office appointments, that is what they should do also.

First lady,Member of parliament and Cabinet minister in Uganda

Although an anti-nepotism policy is generally viewed as barring of the employment of relatives in the same public office, technically nepotism involves the appointing authority appointing others to public positions because of the blood or marital relationship of the individual to the appointing authority. In other words, nepotism does not simply involve the employment of relatives within an organization, or public office, it results when the individual is employed solely because of the influence or authority of their relative to effect the employment.

You may not like the dynastic nature of Ugandan politics, that, however, is the so called democracy in which we live. Can we change it? Of course we can, but only by making it less democratic, for those who tell us that Uganda is a democratic nation.

John Nsubuga

FDC member

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