Museveni is running Uganda as a Family Property

Dear Ugandans,

Anti nepotism laws are not in place just for the sake of it. They are here to safeguard the interests of the public and the country as a whole. When some of you ask us about where the president Museveni’s daughter, Natasha, should be employed I say, they were born in the wrong family, simple and pure. Public office is a NO, NO, or at least that is what it should have been if there was rule of law in Uganda. In fact I ask you, where should my children be employed?

Lt. Col. Muhoozi and Natasha Museveni

So when I hear about president Museveni lecturing the nation on how his family is sacrificing, by taking up positions in public office, I ask him, whose family hasn’t sacrificed anyway? How have the people in Luwero, northern Uganda, Banyoro, Baganda, the Itesots and more been rewarded?

Is there sacrifice not good enough? If his family loves Uganda so much and they are willing to sacrifice, they should also go and help treat those Basoga’s jiggered limbs, help rehabilitate wells and mop hospital floors in Kitgum and Bududa. Unless the definition of sacrifice is all about taking up public office appointments, that is what they should do also.

First lady,Member of parliament and Cabinet minister in Uganda

Although an anti-nepotism policy is generally viewed as barring of the employment of relatives in the same public office, technically nepotism involves the appointing authority appointing others to public positions because of the blood or marital relationship of the individual to the appointing authority. In other words, nepotism does not simply involve the employment of relatives within an organization, or public office, it results when the individual is employed solely because of the influence or authority of their relative to effect the employment.

You may not like the dynastic nature of Ugandan politics, that, however, is the so called democracy in which we live. Can we change it? Of course we can, but only by making it less democratic, for those who tell us that Uganda is a democratic nation.

John Nsubuga

FDC member

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  1. Isabirye Isaac Balamu,

    Are you seriously telling me relatives of Museveni should not work anywhere in Uganda simply because there are his relatives. So Natasha and Muhoozi should not get a job at all, how many people do we know in a Uganda who have their private business and employ their relatives and why is it wrong.

    That is discrimination in my view, they didn’t chose to be born in the first family and they will not be the last first family in Uganda, therefore we should leave them get on with their lives. You see some of you people don’t even know people like Muhoozi are very nice people, better than some people I have meant, they don’t see themselves as very important.

    So who should serve Museveni, do you want to go and serve him in statehouse and do you think you are better than Natasha. if Museveni was not doing that we would be blaming him, we would be saying how come that man is not even helping his children, I know of many people who do nothing to help their relatives and the public is out there blaming them.

    I think the issue here should be whether these people have the skills to do the job and If the people they serve think they do so be it. Ugandans should stop this witch-hunt tendency, the other day people were hunting Lubanga the PS for Education, alleging all sorts of things, as if it is crime for someone to study the same thing like his parent, and if one did, why then should it be wrong for them to be employed in the same organisation like their parents if they have the skills and go through the interviews.

    There is a tendency for some people to think that someone holding a top office can not have a child who is even better than the parent. Why should we think people don’t produce kids who are better than their parents and are admitted on merit?

    If I’m an engineer I should not educate my child to do engineering because it is perceived wrong for them to work in the same ministry like I do. I don’t buy that argument and to me it is plan stupid argument.

    These are Ugandans, if foreigners are free to hold jobs in Uganda, why not Ugandans. Do people know that the first commissioner for URA was a Nigerian? So it was right to recruit a Nigeria but wrong to recruit a Ugandan?

    It simply means, Museveni has a right to employ anyone he see fit to work for him, you and me do when we employ people who work for us. The mere fact he is president doesn’t mean he has to work with anyone presented to him and let us be clear, there is no appointment anywhere in the world where the person recruiting does not have the final say of they type of person they want.

    So where should Natasha and Muhoozi then be employed? you see there is this hypocrisy we try to exhibit, are you telling me if you had someone you knew in any company and you had the skills for that company you would not approach them? So what difference is it with people’s children? You see unless when you actually don’t understand what you are trying to advocate but I guess you will accept that children tend to get interested in careers of their parents and if then you are telling me, we should discourage them simply because there are some people who think it is wrong to have the same skills as your parent. Because the chances are very high that you will end up working in the same ministry.

    What we should advocate for is job creation, people should stop mourning, even if Museveni recruited all his relatives they would still be jobs for others and btw, his relatives are Ugandans too and have the same right like anybody else to get a job. I don’t buy this tendency of mourning about issues like employment, we live in a global world if you think you are unfairly not being recruited you try somewhere else simple. The world is a big place to start clamouring to work in the same place statehouse.

    Life is not fair and will never be fair and the earlier one gets on with it the better, of course not many children will ever belong to the first family, we can only have one president at a time, and it is not a faulty of anyone to be born of a president and these children should be witch-hunt and that is my point.

    Isaac Balamu
    Based in London but born at Nazigo(Bugerere)

  2. alan barigye,


    You may need to revisit your statements.
    Yes the President has every right to recruit who ever he wants and yes, they is no point in mourning about that but cry for Job creation. Have you ever sought a job in public service in Uganda or you are just giving an “opinion”. BTW the first commissioner of URA was a Very smart Ghanian Col. Liabi Siaw. Do you know why his contract was not renewed? Do you know how many warning he had received by the time he left, with his colleague Amamu another Ghanaian? Do you then know what happened when they left.
    That is ONE example for your consumption! I won’t go into the UPDF! L/Cpl Otto can

  3. Michael Senyonjo,


    Don’t you really think that with 7 million unemployed Ugandans, it is right for M7 to employ only members of his family? You have lost judgement on this one Isaac. Decency in public life requires that one in a position of responsibility should NOT employ their kin. This is because when it comes to making tough decisions the one would be compromised. Basically, he President should not employ relatives to work in State house because such action would be seen to be corrupt and in total disregard of the trust people place in the president, say in a fair system of government. Barak Obama cannot employ any relative as his staff. David Cameron cannot even start.

    Such appointments are seen extremely corrupt systems of government. Iraq’s saddam Hussain, Mobutu’s Zaire, Gadaffi’s Libya, Hassad’s Sirya, Moi’s Kenya, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Milosovic’s Serbia and Hitler’s Germany. These are systems where leaders failed to put systems in place to operate government and instead relied of family members for simply control of govt NOT operation of government. Such systems FAIL – with time.

  4. gaumoy nockrach-laduma,

    Issac, you are geting embroiled in your argument when you make it so simplistic. Different codes apply here, And it should not be reduced to jealousy or envy.

    I do not know the criteria / prereqisites upon which those members of the First Family and their extended families were employed. Neither do I know how those vacancies were announced prior recruitments so, I can not comment on that.

    However, when it comes to government parastatal jobs, there are different regulations. Often these are well stipulated.

    In more advanced democracies like ours here (Sweden) sometimes even the numbers of employees are stipulated. That includes the number of ministers as well. And challengeable situations should be avoided.

    Infact, just yesterday, a very prominent national TV (SVT) programme leader hosting political debates, comments and analysis was fired from her job because a few days ago, her sister became a minister in the new cabinet!!!

    She understood the situation and so does every one else.

    The financial world have the “INSIDER” counterpart.

  5. Wambuga wa Balongo,

    We are not talking about employment per se. We are talking about corruption, favouritism, and incompetence on the president’s part.

    But most important if you do not know that the State House is apublic institution provided by the Public for the the Head of State in this the Presidency, then we have nothing to discus with you. Go back to school if you think Dictator Museveni brought our State House from Rwakitura. and put it in Entebbe.

    That is an Official Reseidence for the President, NOT a personal property. Comprende you jack-lagget!

  6. abbey Semuwemba,

    What president Museveni did is ethically unacceptable, as simple as that. Probably, it’s ok for Mr.Muhoozi to be in the army but then again we now know why he joined the army, i.e., setting himself to take over from the old man when the time comes with little problems from UPDF.I know I’m speculating but I think several people are now set for this, at least I know iam. That said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Museveni using his money (not tax payers’) to sponsor his son on different military courses around the world.

    Janet’s case is the worst form of nepotism I have ever seen anywhere in the world. She gets a salary as a 1st lady, Member of Parliament and cabinet minister in the name of ”sacrificing” for the country and the good Lord. She is also involved in a lot of causes such as HIV programs and religious organizations, and there is a lot of money involved in these things. She is simply too powerful to make anybody’s life miserable in Uganda if she chooses to, but I just hope she does not read this and decide to send me to the cleaners. Just watch how the ‘remote control’ is again gonna be employed in 2011 Ruhama elections to make sure that Augustine Ruzindana does not go through.

    Basically, Mr. Museveni and his family are just too powerful in Uganda and it’s unfortunate that this has been happening over the years under the sleepy eyes of our MPs, the media and the opposition. Several Ugandans were shocked when they read revelations in Andrew Mwenda’s article in the independent a couple of years ago. Andrew Mwenda did something that will be written about by several political writers for decades in the post Museveni era. He did something that takes guts and I salute him. He is probably the best investigative and well connected journalist Uganda has ever produced. I hope he opens an FM radio for us soon to give us a different voice than the usual bits we hear on other FM stations. Radio stations in Uganda have been reduced to playing music and doing sports programs since the Buganda Riots in 2009.


  7. Isabirye Isaac Balamu,

    But Mwenda is also a member of the first family by virtue of his relationship with Muhoozi. But i don’t agree with what you say about Janet, you see many people don’t give Janet any credit, but we should remember she started TASO and as far as i’m concerned she has done more to help the local person in form of getting help with the AIDS than many people in Uganda. She used to hold a youth conference every year and promote ABC, so we must give her some credit, and i think there are some personal issue we all don’t know about the first family and we think it is all as it looks, if you put your ear on the ground, it is rumoured the president didn’t want his wife to become an MP and in fact he tried to manipulate things on the ground, and you should also remember that ,that appointment was personal calculation for the president, it is rumoured Janet was building a constituency to challenge the power house, and some of these forces were evident during the temangalo scandal and the president thought by appoint her minister for Karamoja she will not have enough time to mobilise.

  8. Emmanuel Ofumbi,

    It is true, Janet has supported some HIV & AIDS work in Uganda, BUT Sorry, TASO was started/ founded by one Noreen Kaleba with initial funding from Action Aid International. Dr. Noreen Kaleba – Phd is also the immediate past International President/ Chairman of Action Aid International.
    Let’s get records correct !



    I have been following this thread in the back but you see one thing you have failed to agree here is that the first family is just using our nation for their own interest and therefore Will do all it takes to make sure they surround themselves really good so that no one detours their cause.

    I do not refuse that the first lady has done many good things for this country but remember one thing that how ever much you do good but once you start doing wrong it does not matter how little for it will surpass the good deeds and thats what we are seeing here.

    I used to admire this lady in the beginning the way she stood on issues but not any more for she has been blinded in all this mess and one thing that really hurts is her using Christianity to front all her agenda’s which is hypocrisy.

    Lets be realistic here I do not even think that these people under go any formal ways of being employed apart from his sister who had to be vetted by the parliament first and she earned that position but the rest it has been a matter of ordering to be instated in the positions they are told to be in.

    Are there no other Ugandans that can occupy those position you mean to say for some of these people double up in many positions as if Uganda has run short of qualified people.

    John Lema.
    DP supporter

  10. James Mugerwa,

    This is double standards, Museveni is president and also head of the family. I think it is best to employ them than for them to be engaged in business. at least they are earning a living not like other children of heads of state who live in spanish riviera driving ferraris at the tax payers expense.

    these people are being employed in the presidency, in his close quarters not in UTL or other private companies.

    if i was president i would look after my family members no questions asked and so would you. muhozi is protecting his father, to me that is a very serious round the clock job and risky as well, diana is a PA she spends sleepless nights making appointments and looking after the dad.

    all i know is a responsible head of the family will look after his relatives and that is exactly what m7 is doing.

    in the uk we have seen mps and ministers appointing their sons and wives as secretaries but the difference is that they dont have big families like us.

    it is culture, it is blood and this responsibility comes whether you are a head of state or not.

  11. Ochieng Davis,

    You are all crazy nuts who are accusing M7 for favoritism. Who doesn’t know that Uganda has been corrupt and lots of cases of nepotism being evident since we gained independence? The issue here is not about M7, it’s about how tribalism has haunted Uganda since 1962. The Baganda thinking that they are the superior tribe in Uganda, the Northerners still believing that they are the natural born leaders of Uganda, the army in the 1970s-1980s being made up of the Luo, Acholi and the like. M7 has the “right” to do whatever he wants to do, for it is what has been the historical road; I will help Mine when I am in power. Look at CBS, what proportion of non-Baganda were employed before its closure? We love to cast accusations, like the tribes we all come from never do the same for their kin. Get over it.

  12. SHABAN,

    Hey, good Ugandas.Iam a muganda but av heard so many Baganda advocating for BAGANDA to take up every office.Its not a crime and it does not sound so tribalism for Baganda to advocate for their sons & daughters to have posts in the Government.If i may ask, has the Members of the 1st family failed on the service delivery? or they do not qualify to be there.Do you want them to sleep every day simply because they can get food and clothings.Ugadans learn to say the truth where its due.Bet me wrong, none of you can leave his/her siblings behind if he/she ever puts on Museveni’s shoes.Would you clap for him if you get news that Natasha spends days sleeping simply b’se her father is a president? Many Ugandans, save the few have decided to mourn some one’s wealth instead of working for their own.Where in the Penal Code written that a president’s son cannot be a Minister? Thats why we have kept our selves behind, instead of working to see how we can get to the State house, we are in rumor mongering on who got the hot.Its their time now, let them get them.We shall se you in your turn if you can make a balance of power, after all you advocate 4 your sons only, not any other tribe

  13. the whole problem is cos since 1986 to present day its 24 yrs so when m7 come to power thse of you who were 20 must be 44 which means that the likes of Muhoozi and his entire generation dont actually what transpired during those yrs of struggle why havent i heard any body complaing about museveni going to the bush to help stop “Panda Gali” kandoya Roadblocks anyanya and all the special forces state research nakasero nile mansion etc you on body ever complained that he went with his broither saleh in the bush or that he took his family to sweden for kyeyo or that he suffered so much that he looked as if he had kamukenenya when he arrived in kla no ever remember this all we do remember now is that or he has given or favoured his family why should we appreciate when certain individualls in our society scrifice their lives i often appeal to UTV rDI uganda to try and do it like the way it done in europe when celebrating world war events the tv plays those documentaries that brings back the memories live so that people are able to focuss and imigine how life was during Iddi Amin when one could die for having good sun glasses or when our leaders would go on public syystems and start demanding for mr PSV becouse evry car he sees is witten on PSV ninatataka kujuwa ni nani huyo aniyitwa MR psv today we have young millionaire MR Kude or kiwwede and nobody even bother we have millliobaires club kwagalana and its full of banyankole and Kagutas family ? le=ts uds be realistic and if we want to complain try to give credit where its due guys are told just to go for free muchaka muchaka and you skip but can you imigine finishing yr degree and you taken to kyakwanzi those days when there were no pit latrines for awhole nine month with gum booots then sand hirst and forthill you think in these acadamies they treat you like a prince you even dont dare when you have finished all thes courses succesfully simply becouse you happen by aciednt of birth tom be born in the first family you should be on the katebe (chair )as youcall it in ugandan is 100% wrong thats cheap polotics and you should avoid it nepotism to me only arrises when one employes without competitive bidding but when all the precedures are in place and one wins on merit let join and give him a hand in Nation building i was abit angry due to this article i didnt even remember to pancuate my leeter do it for me

  14. WB Kyijomanyi,


    This thread points to one question, which is what should be done to render the state developmental? As Bates (2008) argued, politics in Africa can be a deadly game played by members of small elite. Think about that with respect to our motherland Uganda. Bates (2008) noted that its-small elite-members often favor policies that result in scarcity rather than abundance because such policies better provide the resources with which to build political organization. On his part, Tilly (1985) argued that political incumbents will render states developmental in order to ensure their own political survival.

    QN: if that is the case, why then is YKM assured of political survival when he has done none of that? Hint: maziwa lala opposition which is clueless.

    Bates (2008) went on to argue that politicians-YKM-accumulate support by supplying private benefits-e.g. brown envelope, money or jobs -rather than public good-hospitals , roads and so on. And here is the key observation by Bates (2008), in such countries e.g. YKM’s Uganda or Kenya under Mr. Moi-organizations are based upon personal relationships, family ties, personal loyalties-rather than impersonal standards. Hence the political capture one sees in Uganda where politicians (read YKM) mobilize public power for private advantage.


  15. abbey Semuwemba,


    You have probably asked genuine questions in regards to the politics but may be you could also help us on the economical side of things here as far as hiring Museveni’s family into our public service is concerned:

    What is the opportunity cost of having Mrs.Janet Museveni as cabinet minister and Member of Parliament than somebody else? Similarly, what is the opportunity cost of hiring Natasha as Presidential Private secretary rather than somebody else? In terms of technical and allocative efficiency, do you think we benefit more from these two ladies services than if the state had hired somebody else? Do you think Ugandans are spending more money on hiring these two ladies in public service than if you and me had been given the same jobs? Do you think another Ugandan will be more effective in the positions held by Janat and Natasha than the two ladies?

    I assume that you will give us better answers since you are into economics and stuff like that. May be your answer may be helpful to the managers in Public Service in Kampala about the way they make decisions to allocate resources and hiring stuff.

    Byebyo ebyange


  16. okello george,

    My friends,

    On this question of nepotism, I will quote to you the reaction of Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union during the worst moments of the German occupation of St Petersburg in the second world war. His own son , who was a soldier in the Soviet army, like many youngters of his age, was captured along with many other Russian soldiers. The Germans discovered his identity and wanted to use him as a chip to get military concessions from the USSR and to get Stalin back to the negotiating table and to further partition of Eastern Europe. Josef Stalin said NO. He said his son would get no special treatment. He would have to try the best he could as a prisoner of war just like all other soviet soldiers captured by the Germans. In the end he was hanged by the Germans. This in part expalins the brutal nature of the Soviet capture of Berlin at the end of the war in 1945. The Russians had suffered 20-30 million dead, the biggest loss in war in world history. Stalin was not going to moplly-coddle his son amidst such carnage. So I think Isaac Balamu is very wrong on this issue.
    The wife of the late Soviet leader Breznhev was not even known in public until at his funeral when she was pictured weeping besides his coffin. Otherwise, the public had never seen a picture of her because they separated political and family life.

    Nepotism is a bad thing. Government is not a private enterprise. In the UK, Isaac would know about the corruption scandal that engulfed MPs who all employed their wives and daughters and mistresses at public expense. That has now been stopped. staff of MPs have now got to be interviwed and selected just like other public servants, it is not the MP who has to appoint his staff unilaterally.

    And to answer my friend Isaac’s question that would I not employ my daughter if I was a Justice minister in Uganda, no I would not. I would never do it. My duty is to give them education and nurture them. If I have a private business, yes they can work in it. But I would never hire any of my children if I was serving in a public capacity, especially to work in my own office. I would divest myself from the interview process if they applied for a job and allow them to compete against other candidates.

    It is even very wrong to have members of the same family serving in the same public utility. It damages accountability, openness and transparency.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  17. WB Kyijomanyi,

    Mr. Semuwemba:

    Happy Independence day to all Ugandans. 48 years!

    Those questions also apply to the opposition so they should be thinking about them: how do they plan to create a developmental state in Uganda? We are anxiously waiting for the glossy manifestos to give us a hint of where their priorities lie, how and where they will redistribute resources etc.

    Regarding Mrs. Janet K. Museveni and Mrs. Natasha Museveni Karugire, I really have nothing against them. The opportunity cost you ask is that some other Ugandan does not get the job. But that is not really the issue. I have argued elsewhere that time has come for Uganda to look at the USA model: you win the election you get the chance to hire political people and put them into ministries and agencies, embassies etc.

    For example, anyone above the level of undersecretary or commissioner could be a political appointee. If YKM wins and hires only folks from Ankole, fair enough. If Dr Besigye wins and hires only Bahororo, fine. But think about, it, you could go to work for Dr Besigye for say 2 years in some capacity and that would be a good thing. You would take some professionalism to the office and of course dedication. If Mr. Mao wins and hires only people from the greater Acholi or DP members that would be fine. However, all those political hires would cease being employed the day the president who hired them leaves office. Now, what if the president does not leave office? Well, they continue into office.

    I believe such a policy would wake up Ugandans because elections would mean a lot more than just electing MP.

    Ugandans should stop pretending and deal with the real issues. The issue really is lack of a developmental state. I invite you to study YKM today and compare him to Mr. Moi in the late 80s and 90s. They have both ceased to care about the public good and instead turned their efforts towards getting elected and helping their political allies. Mr. Moi like YKM used to give out a lot of money, so much so that the Kalenjins and other Kanu types would gather at the gates of State house before 7.00am. Mr. Moi would by then have arrived from his home near Kibera-he never slept in state House Nairobi-on Kabaranet gardens. He would then give out bundles of money while the roads, agriculture, KCC, name it went to waste. Also, Mr. Moi like YKM preferred dependency over if you will a “working nation” where people fend for themselves. Why do they prefer dependency? Because that way they get the chance to hand out envelopes and load it on the people. And the people have no reason to complain but only to sing tawala or Mzeei abeewo.

    Regarding efficiency, a case could be made that hiring relatives/political friends may actually be efficient because those hired are dedicated to their jobs and would like to see their president succeed. BTW, to work in the president’s office in Uganda today, you must be a daughter or son, but preferably daughter of some elite. Almost everyone in that office is there because of their father or mother. Go figure.

    I have also argued and the idea was criticized: that Uganda should once again look at the USA where no president will ever again do what the late Kennedy (RIP) did which was to hire his brother as AG. Why is such a law not good for Uganda?

    About managers in Kampala, the most effective teams are diverse teams. And apparently gender diversity is better so they should hire more women.

    Some one wanted the list of books cited in full so here they are:

    Bates, Robert, H. 2008. “Political Reform”. In Economic Growth in Africa, 1960-2000,

    ed. Benno J. Ndulu, Stephen A. O’Connell, Robert H. Bates, Paul Collier and Charles C. Soludo, 348-90. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Tilly, Charles, 1985. “War Making and State Making as Organized Crime”. In Bringing

    the State Back In., ed. Peter B. Evans Dietrich Rueschemeyer, and Theda Skocpol, 169-91. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University press.


  18. alan barigye,


    The power of munduki in Uganda is more absolute than it was in Kenya. No matter how much Moi used the state machinery to he terrorize wanainchi, he had a limit to which he eventually bowed in shame but still walking high.
    Uganda —- the winner simply takes it all and in this case, the winner owns it. The opposition has no chance to make a case and even if it did ,so what? See how the radios need permission from able to host an opposition MP. The last time a businessman tried to oust one of them establishment by God, Amma, he was given billions and has since shut up least he is dispatched to meet his creator.
    We simply need a revolution and kick the whole lot out! A mass peoples revolt with or with out power of munduki. In fact without but that is a distant very distant dream that will never happen!

  19. Paul,

    What else could Mr. Muhoozi do on this planet aprt from what he is doing?

  20. stephen biggie kiggwe,

    It is quite sad to know that in the 21 century uganda, there is still people with views like those of Isaac, Katerega etc. These are the same idiots who cant see beyond their hooters, who have made M7 think that he is still any good for this country. I lost even the little hope i still had in the regime after his recent guff ( a.k.a bonna bapame), after 24 years in power, the big man promised people 300 free new toilets! The man has sunk as low as a snakes belly. Gentlemen we have a situation that is quite serious, we have a president with a government that is corrupt from top to bottom and they simlpy cant help it. They simply cant get their dirty hands out of the public purse.
    On the other hand we have donors who are sick and tired of funding such corrupt regimes. Uganda depends almost 40 % on Aid. As we speak the British government has cut a certain percentage of Aid to Uganda due to the CHOGM saga which involves big govt officials.

    For idiots like Isaac and his other assholes, who dont see the consequences of what this man is doing(and i dont want to go into petty arguments of employing who, m7 has employed where and why, bcoz every simple ugandan knows). The consequences are dire for our country, this has the pontetial of affecting the economy hence millions of ugandans. The worst if all donor countries cut Aid, is the fact that it could lead us into Zimbabwe kind of situation.

  21. kwitonda juma,

    we thanks all peoples in this website please thank you to chat with us.Mr museni if he loves his family its good but do not think that all peoples also loves her.katasha and muhoozi we know them becoz presindent but dont think that if his father he is presindent given muhoozi can be presindent not tall read enough news about M7 but at this time i dont have any job just am using to begging my friend how can you say that i can vote museven while i dont have ajob in uganda.

  22. kato mathew,

    what musevini is doing is 100% ok. because there is no ugandan who will be made president tommorrow and let his family suffer like young chameleons witout a mother chameleon

  23. kwitonda juma,

    Hullo all users thank you to give us agood idea.museveni he was working last two terms of election but this days he is very uselessly man.
    My main isues is like that: we have peoples who come from out side you their coming to get job in uganda while ugandan they crying about job,What is it?
    Visa last month it was 350000 ugandan money but now it 400000 this is another problem of museveni not museveni allow people to enter uganda without permission like indian people baryarwanda kenya tanzania expecial congolese thier with les pass.please be seriously we are remain few years uganda to become like rwanda 1994

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  28. Caleb mugume,

    Ugandans just be real you will realise the truth with the Gov’t

  29. Where did u acquire the tips to create ““Museveni is running Uganda as a Family Property | Ugandans-At-Heart”?
    Thanks -Rosalina

  30. Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological globe everything
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  31. kwitonda,

    please all Ugandans people vote museveni only becose he has protial

  32. Ludyelmoi,

    The whole problem emanates from Ugandans like all of you who are here.You do not offer solution to the problem,but just cover it and tell others to get over it because it started in 1962.What a bunch of little brains ! This nepotism problem is a time bomb and whoever support it here,is using a fake name to camouflage and is benefiting from it.

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