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Day October 12, 2010

Amelia Kyambadde Kulubya and the rest of her lineage are actually Rwandese

Dear Ugandans at heart,
I can now prove to some people’s highly respected assertion that former Presidential Private Secretary to president Museveni, Amelia Kyambadde Kulubya, and the rest of her lineage are actually Rwandese.  They are real Rwandese.  All evidence for that is to be found in the genealogy of the Tutsi clan, the Mpeewo or Oribi. 
The Kulubyas are scattered allover that Rwandese clan!This record has been retrieved from the documents that the wife of Omwami Rwabugiri of Rwanda fled with in 1895 following Rwabugiri’s death and the chaotic succession to the Rwanda throne.  The queen, Muhumuza, fled north to Ruhengeri where she led the Abingi cult but was captured later with many official documents including the genealogy of the Oribi clan.
 As you can see in the genealogy, the Kulubyas are all over the major lineages of the Rwandese Mpeewo clan.  I have been reliably informed that the contemporary Kulubyas can be traced back to the last one in that genealogy, known to be the grandfather of a certain Mugambe Ezekiel who was a very famous Gombolola chief in the Rwandese prefecture of Singo, in the commune of Kabuwambo.  That Gombolola chief is the great grandfather of Amelia Kyambadde, I am reliably informed.  I have sent out some feelers to Byumba, in North East Rwanda to confirm that bit of information.  I will let you know in the course of time.
There is also another questionable claim that the Mugambe Ezekiel Sekiwala might be the Mugamba circled in blue/green but that claim is questionable given that he lived long before the missionaries arrived.  As you can see, it is long after the Kantinti Ssiga that christian names begin to appear.Just as a by-the-way, when the mythical Chief Rwandese, Kintu, arrived in what is now called Buganda, his entourage included the man you see at the top of the lineage, Kaimyebutega.  He was a very important friend of Kintu’s and was later, under Cwa, to be appointed as a judge in all cases that had the possibility of implicating the King himself.  His title was Kibare, which is still an important office in Mmengo officialdom as you know.
 Here below is the Oribi genealogy:


In addition, when you go to Rwanda, you will be able to locate the chief estates of the Mpeewo clan.  In the Prefecture of Kyandondo, they have estates in the following communes: Bulaynkole, Kungu, Kibone, Kiryowa, Bugamba, Nkukuba, Bubale and Kiwanguzi near Gitarama.

In the prefecture of Kyaggwe, the Kulubyas and the rest of the Mpeewos have their estates in the communes of Mawoto, Bubiru and Sugu in the vicinity of Gikongoro.

 In the prefecture of Busiro, they have estates in the communes of Nagalabi and Nganji in the areas of Kigali; while in the prefecture of Buddu, their estates are in Kanabulamu south of Cyangungu.  So, Amelia Kulubya is as Rwandese as they all probably come!

 Ah!…and it is not accidental that the Mpeewo man, Mugambe Ezekiel Sekiwala (Amelia Kulubya’s grandfather) was an important gombolola chief in Singo.  Singo was the residence of the Kabaka’s important yirizi (fetish) called Nyonyane Kikulu. The royal rug, Kiyu was also mad in the prefecture of Singo…..Mpeewo was in charge of all that…….ah!…plus the royal spear, Nakawangala.

 I hope we shall not confuse the Prefecture of Busiro with the commune of Bushiru, in Gisenyi where Juvenal Habyarimana hailed from

I have also read somewhere where some people are claiming that since Ms Kyambadde has stated that the Kabbiro of her clan is Kayozi, and also stated that her clan is Mpeewo, therefore she is a narwajja okwota( meaning a foreigner in Buganda)…….for gender balance given that Kayozi is a kabbiro only for Musu.  According to these people, Kayozi, the Kangaroo rat is a junior totem only for Musu.  That is not true.  In fact there are other clans that share Kabbiros or Bubbiro: Ngo and Ngogge both have the Kassimba or genet as their Kabbiro.  There is also the second branch of Mmamba that has the kerekere as their kabbiro, the same as Ffumbe.  The main Mmamba branch has Muguya as the Kabbiro…etc etc.

There are also clans that have opted to amalgamate with others:Katinvuma with Butiko, Crow and Otter, the same with Jackal; Dog (Rev Nakawombe’s clan) with Civet cat etc etc….they become branches but retain their bubbiro.  So, you can have one clan with 2 or more bubbiro….etc

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


I have switched sides from DP to NRM

Ugandans-at heart forumists,
It dawned on me as Uganda celebrated 48th independence anniversay that the country needs all of us but we have done it a disservice. The best we have been doing on this forum is ranting anti-government slogans calling Museveni a dictator, murderer , thief , corrunpt and also sorts of evil.
We have branded NRM the same. I asked myself is this the truth and is the problem NRM and Museveni. I thought real hard and I realised that Museveni and NRM are not the problem. It is we the critics and the opposition. We (I inclusive) are just empty headed. We don’t know how governments run. Without experence we keep precribing measures and solutions which in real terms had we been in power we could have done exactly the same. I keep thinking of Senegal when A.Wadi won Diouf evry one expected change. So many things Wadi promised have never been fullfiled including whiping out Kasamise resisitance.
My conclusion we are just a bunch of arm chair opposition critics nothing more. We can’t influence government decisions. We are lame ducks. I must say I have read well written articles on this forum but they are just empty nothing in them. No truth , no analysis, no deep thinking. And that is what the opposition is premised on empty thoughts,support and heads. I AM not being abusive. I am being honest after reflecting on Uganda since independence.
We often refer to the western world , America , UK etc but at one point they were where Uganda is today. Surely we don’t expect Uganda to suddenly be at the level of the developed world. Doing so is just expecting much that can not be attained.
That is why from today I have chosen Uganda. I don’t want to be a tribal and religious bigot like some I have read on this forum. I notice here that it Iis about being a Muganda, Acholi and hence the tribal alliance to defeat Museveni and NRM. What a shame. Hear what the SUUBI people are saying they are with IPC to defeat a Munyankole. So what do you expect me a munnyakole to think? That things are well and so I should hang with the opposition? Let some one tell me? Let us reflect. I as a muslim where do I fall? Because from discussions when the President is a protestant the VP will be catholic.
I pray that evry one of us reflects on these issue. These are serious issues.We have read that Mao will take the north in 2011 elctions because he is an Acholi and that SSUBI with IPC will not allow him in Buganda because he is from northern, what crap is this? Besigye is reportly trying to weave an alliance to get Baganda, Acholi and Langi on his side. Hell on earth.
For that matter today I announce that I have decided to become Ugandan. A true Ugandan knows no tribe , no religion. He/she is simply Ugandan. And for that reason I have opted to denouce my memebership and sympathies with the opposition. I am joinINg the steadily growing lines of people saying they are going to campaign for Museveni and NRM.
If Abbey allows me I will continue contributing to this forum. If he doesn’t I will understand  and I will surely quit.
In 1996 I was one of the Dr Paul KAWANGA’S campigners. In 2001 I jumped on Besigye’s truck and in 2006 I went back home in DP.
Respect my decision. This is what I have told colleagues at work and my neighbourhood in the Mbale, Senior Qurters. And they too have decided to reflect I don’t know what they will decide.
Colleaques bye. I sign off saying there are strong indicators the oppostion will not manage. In fact it will perform worse than it did in 2006. Besigye had a great chance in 2006 and he lost it that was his last he can’t have it in 2011. Mao has been a victim of tribalism so he to cant make it but he has a chance in 2016. He is young. And that time I will again return home and be at his side. My slogan on this forum has been Mao oyee. It now changes to Uganda Oyee.
I would like to apologise to any one I could have hurt during my past contribution on the forum. I am sorry. I particularly wish to apologise to Mr. Wafula Ogutu there was a time I came out hard on him. I reaveled what  I shouldn’t have about his past. I am sorry Waf. One of these days when I travel to kampala and I will apologise physically. Another person is Henery Mukasa I came out hard on him last week when he misreported about DP. My apologies Henry. I will also look you up at the New Vision. I agree New Vision is a great newspaper.
Besi Kizy
Uganda Oyee!!
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