Museveni’s ”Cannibalism” Statement Has Reminded Ugandans of Iddil Amin

Coutesy of John Nsubuga

Dear Ugandans,
I still cannot believe it that president Museveni said:”I will eat Besigye like Cake or Samosa” during NRM’s victory celebrations at Kololo. Such a statement alluded to President Museveni is very disturbing to many of us who have struggled to defend Ugandans who many foreigners think are cannibals because of former president Idi Amin’s utterances. As you might recall, former president Idi Amin used to swear that he would “eat” anybody who threatened his government, ”alive.”

So when Ugandans began disappearing with no trace of them being seen, rumours of skulls and human flesh began circulating that such items where delicacies of our then president. Even his last born son, Moses, was rumoured to have been eaten. And when the film,” The Last King of Scotland” was screened, Amin was shown inviting his visitors to a meal where he said something like, ” eat this meat, this one is not human flesh, just enjoy…” making the fans believe that indeed the man/Ugandans eat human flesh.

yyyyI have told members that just that statement, ” eat this, this one is not human flesh,” made me lose my beautiful lover who must have narrated to her parents, friends and other people how she must have survived being eaten. Initially, Victoria was so fond of me and whenever we had any discussions on African International Relations in the 20th Century or parties or other events, we always went together, she was proud of me and I had planned to marry her, but after watching that Amin movie, Victoria got so scared about Ugandans and kept asking me, “Simon, is it true, do you people eat human flesh?” I regretted taking her to that movie, you could see how scared she was. And at another separate occasion, one carpet cleaner I had hired to clean my stuff told me of how Ugandans were a terrible group of people, and when I asked him to explain, first he asked me where I was from so when I told him that I was from South Africa, he felt comfortable to talk about Uganda, he said that Ugandans eat people and the worst “eater” was Idi Amin whose meals consisted of human brains for breakfast, human hearts for lunch and for water he drank human blood. The guy continued to talk like he was actually the man who prepared Amin’s meals. I just told him that my parents escaped from Uganda where they worked as expertrates, so the man said, ” you see!”

Now President Museveni has said he will eat Besigye like he eats cakes and samosas. Most people enjoy cakes because of their taste, so if President Museveni compares Besigye’s ( human) flesh to cakes, doesn’t that infer that there has been previous experience of savouring human flesh? While Amin stories might have taken months or years to reach foreigners because of poor communication technology then, it is worrying now because with these innovations in communication technology, the news of another Ugandan president eating human flesh must have reached parts of the world, and again Ugandans, especially those in the Diaspora, will pay the price as they will be feared. For those who are nurses, mid-wives, baby-sitters, those who care for the elderly, those who guard at night and even lawyers or teachers, it will be hard time getting or keeping their jobs as the clientile will be scared.

But was president Museveni serious when he made that statement? President Museveni should substantiate his statement.I said that the matter is disturbing indeed considering that we have lost our children when they were burnt in dormitories in various schools in Uganda during this regime by unknown people, might such statements offer some clues where investigations should be directed? Of those burnt, how much of the body parts were recovered, were there missing parts, and did relatives of the burnt people have chance to check how their people were burnt? What about those burnt in Mukura Railway station in Kumi, Teso, were all parts recovered? It is worrying if people start bragging openly how they can eat other people.

I do not know what defence mechanism to use to dissuade human eaters from targeting us. Perhaps farting in public everywhere and all the time you meet security guys, no bathing or washing clothes for months/years may make them let “bad meat”pass. Like in Amin’s time, one could keep ones’ car without risking it being taken away or owner harassed by “denting” the new car to make it look old, so the SRB guys would not bother disturbing a poor man with a DMC vehicle as you enjoyed your car!

Oh Uganda the land of mysteries where presidents eat their citizens!

Peter Simons Okurut.



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  1. Bukenya Derrick,

    These are just polical statements, so dont take them serious, Uganda is the pearl of Africa, we neither divide it nor shate it…

  2. Sadia,

    It could be true,there is no smoke without fire.I understand Ugandans even eat dead people especially in Buganda region.

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