Kenyan President,Kibaki, is a very rich man.Muranga is to Kenya what Masaka is to Uganda

Mr Kibaki is a very rich man. He became rich before he was president. FYI, the largest three land holders in Kenya are: a) Mr Kenyatta family, b) Mr Moi and C) Mr Mwai Kibaki. How did they get the land? After independence white settlers were forced to release some of their land , and records claim it was willing buyer-willing seller-to surrender some of their farms. And the post Independence elite benefited including Mr Mwaki Kibaki.

He also has substantial investment in real eates in Nairobi and Coats and rift valley-especialy land. In Nairobi, he owns Finance House near Chester House and opposite the General Post office. He is also the owner of Silver springs hotel near Hurlingham/Nairobi Hospital. . Most of his wealth was made when he was Finance minister. The only asset his children seem to have acquired when he was President is the the 5- star Hotel built with stolen money by Kamlesh Patin of the Goldenberg infamy. Word has it his children especially the eldest daughter is the one who bought the hotel from Central Bank of Kenya for about a billion shillings.

Mwai Kibaki

Karen Hospital is owned by Kibaki’s personal physician, Dr Gikonyo and his wife. Kenyans are in a different league from ugandan looters. Sure Kenyans looted too but they invested their loot locally and not in London or Switzerland.

Do not forget that Mr Kibaki was the longest serving finance Minister and was allowed to run the ministry as he wished by Mr Kenyatta. If Mr Charles Mugane Njonjo who was Attorney General is filthy rich, why not the former finance Minister. Then his long serving tresaury secretary, Mr Harry Mule-current Chancellor of Kenyatta University- from Ukamban, is also filthy rich.

FYI, the richest African Kenya is believed to have been the late Mr Philip Ndegwa from Kirinyaga. He was CEO of Kenya Commercial Bank(KCB) and Governor Bank of kenya. Among his property is ICEA building opposite the Ugandan embassy on Kenyatta Avenue. Although not perhaps richer than the Kenyatta family and Mr Moi who openly looted pubic funds. It is true that Mr Moi has invested heavily in Uganda with BIDCO. BIDCO is owned by Mr Moi and his side kick, Mr Nicholas Kipyetor Biwottt who also owns KOBIL, the largest oil firm in Kenya, a head of even Shell.

Also, the richest indigenous Kenyans come from Muranga. Muranga is to kenya what Masaka is to Uganda. Educated folks but also succesful businesspeople. Muranga is the home area of Mr John Njoroge Michuki who ownws Windsor hotels, Mr Stanley Nyindo matiba who owns allinace hotes and elite private schoolsl, the late Mzee Kirima who owned most buildings in the third world of Niarobi which is anything East of Tom Mboya street. The like of Jiman Mbaru and Mr S.K. Macharia of Citizen radio and Madhuapaer fame. Kenyans know that Muranga folks are frugal and mbesha.

One of Mr Kibaki’s children, the one with most visibility and a lot of power is the eldest daughter, Ms Judy Kibaki. Ms Judy Kibaki is to President Kibaki what Nina Mbabazi is to Amama Mbabazi.

Well, Kenyans including the media cannot stand a feminist first lady in the name of Mrs Lucy Kibaki. Make no mistake she is a women’s advocate and in the process has rubbed some people the wrong way. Funny because she is the daughter of a reverend from Mukurweini. So if need be, Ms Judy Kibaki accompanies the father to go to funerals and all that in Kenya.

Kibaki’s campiagns were not funded by Mondy Awoori as stipulated by some people. There are too many endowed ateereres-including the Muthaiga golfing buddies-to chip in. They have always contributed millions. It is true Mr Awori is very rich-he owns Mareba titles among others and believed to be the richest Luhya,but the Kibakii campaign was well funded by the aterere elite. Kenyan campaigns even for opposition are well funded because they are filthy rich. And Kenyans are not like Ugandan voters. There is no chnace in a milion YKM would have won such votes and seats in Acholi with two prominent presidential candidates from the region. There is no way too YKM would have won so many votes in Buganda with his attitude towards Buganda. Yes, I blame Ugandan voters for voting badly.

BTW, Mr Kibaki’s most loyal and fanatic supporters are the Meru-the Bakiiga of Kenya. Overall,I wish Ugandans had invested their loot the way Kenyans have done. The problem with Ugandans is they have short memory-political uncertainty too inhibits the long view-and simply enjoy.

WB Kyijomanyi


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  1. It is true that the Kibaki is rich but many Kenyans are also, look at it like this the Kenyatta family is the leading family in this economy from agriculture to industrial sectors.Kibaki is also like the above family but there is a group which is associated with the late hon john michuki that is controlling the Kenyan capital they are called the Rwathia. this group comes from the late honorable michuki back yard a place known as rwathia they own buildings from kpcu down to down town Nairobi they are the only people who distribute beer in Nairobi and other parts it. Rwathia richness can be found across all business sector you want to know to invest then you Ugandans should not look to america and other countries to be able to get richness you only need to join together and contribute in oneness and you may be the next big economy in east African this oneness is what we call cooperatives society this are like the Rwathia they made it and their power was seen by Moi and now kibaki they rule silently as they control the economy michuki was powerful politician whom feared nothing and i believe this group made him powerful.

  2. UAH, have you run out of ideas?? are you a tabloid? what does Kibakis wealth got to do with Ugandans? Change your name to Selfish Ugandans SU!!!!

  3. This is the silliest, aggressively horrible blog I have ever visited.

  4. Day,

    Fucked up idiots. Cnt even make sense of ur blog

  5. Word,

    I honestly feel disturbed after reading this article from way back. Why is it still on the internet?
    Where did the author get his facts? Before writing anything, please do your due diligence!

  6. Gold Ruyondo,


  7. Stephanie,

    I’ll tell you one thing about Kikuyu’s and it’s a cultural thing. And it was something my grandfather would tell me. Kikuyu’s do business to multiply wealth not for the purpose of living richly but just to strengthen the community or family. Thats why they steal to invest and own property or land. You’re not a complete Kikuyu without land and a successful business, because you need those to enrich the next family or group member until the family or group can have enough power and wealth to dominate the majority. That’s why Kikuyu’s have dominated politics for decades and will dominate it for centuries with the same attitude. Kikuyu’s are secretive, power hungry folk who are incredibly intelligent and tactical people especially in groups. They have the understanding that wealth can only be generated from within (kenya) and as a family or community. It is how it has worked for generations, only that before times it used to be militarily and protection of villages.

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