Why did the state waste time and resources holding elections over a ceremonial Mayoral post? Museveni shouldn’t impose Ssematimba on Ugandans

Courtesy of the Daily Monitor

Elections have consequences. The people of Kampala voted for Hon Erias Lukwago and he should either deliver or they boot him next time. Now whom will the voters blame if the Lord Mayor does not deliver? Why did the president -sour loser in chief who threatens to ‘eat’ people like Samosa-waste so much public funds wanting desperately the Lord Mayor to be that kiccupuli NRM fellow,Ssematimba Peter, for a position that is irrelevant? What is it with YKM? He gets mad over an irrelevant position? As Mambo Mbotela would ask on Voice Of Kenya ” kweli hiyo ni ungwana”. Ungwana is something YKM does not value or even have. He is certainly vengeful, embittered and petty.

Contrast that with the aloof Mr. Mwai Kibaki who does not give a damn to such matters or even those who abuse him. What accounts for the difference in style and demeanor? You guess. He must still be livid that the voters gave him a figure even after he named the master rigger police officer, Turyagumanawe. Mark you he is the Ssebagabe and he knows that this time the voters defied him. They said go hang but we are voting for Hon Lukwago. He will not like that. As they say “eyyeewa ozomumba…”/let the NRM folks interpret it.

Let me ask straight questions: why did the state waste time and resources holding elections over a ceremonial post? Is the mayor not supposed to be the chief executive who takes full responsibility for his or her actions? If that is the case, why bother to hold elections? It is because Ugandans-including their leaders- are idiots or what? Where is the Ungwana/common sense to waste scarce resource not once, but over and over trying to elect an occupant of an irrelevant post?

The Kampala CEO must be careful. She or he cannot be the one to nullify the voters’ verdict. Like I keep saying, elections have consequences, which is why people vote. But I guess not in Uganda. The CEO should not hope for an easy ride for sure. The mobs won’t let their efforts go to waste. I mean if president Museveni is going to ‘eat’ Dr Besigye like Samosa, why can’t the mobs do the same to his CEO appointee? Kwanini?

Please somebody should tell president Museveni that to appoint Sematimba would have serious consequences on the appointee’s life. The voters will not stand for voter nullification period. Let him appoint anyone but not Sematimba, they are sending him to premature death. He will become one of the most hated figure sin Kampala.

And why did President Museveni inject him into the mayoral race? Hon Erias Lukwago is right to say that he has defeated President Museveni. What was the president thinking to announce as voters were voting that their civic duty was null and void? That whatever they did not matter? Did I hear him saying that he is a democrat? My foot.

Yes, the mobs who secured the vote will not let that minion nullify the voters’ efforts. Like I said there will be serious and fatal consequences this time. Let me say it: if defeating Ssematimba thoroughly did not teach him a lesson, then finishing him off kabisa will be the only option. And Like I said finishing him could be castration or business wise. Enough about that minion Sematimba. Who the hell does he think he is to fight voters? Who is Ssematimba anyways?

I can see YKM doing what Moi did-it is not only affinity for mbesha and corruption they share-when he dissolved the elected Nairobi City Council and appointed endless Chairmen including current Minister Gumo who then went on a looting spree. The voters of Kampala spoke. They repudiated the NRM candidate. They repudiated President Museveni’s threats. YKM dared the voters and they said to him screw or f…you, we are voting for Hon Lukwago kama mbaya mbaya and they did.

It was NRM’s stupidity to front a minion. Of all Kampala residents they opted for a minion with bicuupuuli papers. What the hell were the folks at the NRM secretariat or electoral commission smoking? They deluded themselves that bags of money and intimidating agents would help. Wapi. The more YKM spoke against Hon Erias Lukwago the more Kampala voters including NRM ones said we shall vote for him and they did.

Hon Lukwago should not be intimidated. He won. He beat the riggers. Sure it cost the Sabiny police chap his job. He beat YKM and his threats. He beat money bags of looted public funds/NSS money.

WB Kyijomanyi


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  1. Owor Kipenji,

    I think we are not seeing through the web of Mr Museveni’s deceptions.We have already like chickens with short memories forgotten about the Nambooze by election success and how that deflected the attention from changing/replacing the electoral commission.
    With all the glaring electoral malpractices that characterised the Presidential et parliamentary elections,Mr Museveni wanted those who would doubt his legitimacy based on the Presidential elections to know that he is not what the opposition say about him.What better way was there than calling upon upto 300 of Hon Erias Lukwago’s supporters and trying to chide/cajole them into ditching him knowing they wont,but that was not the primary purpose,rather it was to make the Opposition know that he too accepts defeat.
    Now,we are all rejoicing for Hon.Lukwago then he comes back after we have removed the cloud of dust about his democratic credentials with the final blow by introducing a presidential appointee to be incharge.So,whom do we blame other than ourselves for not reading Mr Museveni’s minds correctly?
    Mr Museveni with all the wounds and warts on him has clearly understudied Ugandans and he is always ahead of them all the time.
    Thus we need to be cautious about statements we make about him unless he has made his final statement.

  2. Joan,

    M7, we are completely fed up………Oba akasajja ako kaligenda ddi?

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