Museveni Should not speak at Tahir Square in Egypt

The news that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni(YKM) has been invited to speak at Tahir Square iluminates the claim I made here a week or so ago. YKM is one of the best on the continent when it comes to practising what Byarat has called extraversion. The language YKM speaks fools alot of people. YKM can morph depending on the circumstances. He appeals to the West because he speaks the language they like to hear: gender equality (he created women seats and money poured. Dictator Kagame copied YKM and went even further with women representations); UPE/USE and money pours in. To be sure some of the opposition parties and NGOs too have now embraced extraversion. That is bad news for Uganda.

The big question is this: why was YKM invited to speak at the square and not say Mr Raala Odinga, the leading puppet of imperialism in African today? Or the more democratic leaders such as Jacob Zuma or the chap from Botswana or even Ghana and Tanzania. Why YKM? Because he is the master of extraversion. You folks read Bayart (2000).

I would also like to know what exactly is wrong with people walking to work? Is it not good for your enviromental rocked city with DMC? Why is walking to work such a big deal to attract tear gas? What are those police folks smoking? Oh yes, i think they smoke bhang which they seize.

We are baffled that police would bar Ugandans walking to walk or wherever. Physical exercise is good. Plus Kampala is already over polluted, so if folks walk to walk, it means less pollution from the numerous DMC, ok, your cars, plying the roads. If anything the government should be encouraging Ugandans to walk more.

But seriously, I saw clip involving Hon Nandaala, MP Elect Wafula-Oguttu and Ms Mugisha. The police with three stones kept on interfering. Who is that chap? Then it seems the police could not keep up with the walkers-unfit. The walkers even sat down. What crime are Ugandans who walking committing?

I do not know how much sway NRM publicists have, but they shoud tell the idiots at police Hqs or someone should them that they are making your PR job difficult. I call them idiots because the walking is peaceful yet they go out to create a scene. That indicates that they are smoking police exhibits aka Bhang-to steal exhibits is a crime- and should have their blood randomly checked. I bet you, it will reveal traces of Bhang in their blood level.

So tell them to re-think. Why can’t they police learn? It is an insult to those Ugandans who walk to work everyday. Come back and tell us whether walking on Ugandan roads is now outlawed.

But hopefully someone with senses not that chap from Nyakasura who serves as sijui coordinator of intelligence. He is the real problem and of course the weakling who is the IGP. Whatever the Nyakasura chaps says, the IGP or acts without thinking. Incidentally both are LLM holders! Talk of education. Wowe. They are sadists and a total disgrace to the country.

But like I said YKM the master at extraversion is watching and listening to what Human Rights Watch says and he will not hesitate to morph and make some changes. The police are poorly led. Their PR sucks. Yet I hear they are better educated? Really? Their behavior is kifufu type.

WB Kyijomanyi
USA and DP elder

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