Ugandans At Heart Is Not a threat to National Security As the Uganda Police Claims

A police commissioner, Andrew Kaweesi, wrote in the Newvsion on 7th April 2011 on the link: asking government to regulate Ugandans At Heart(UAH) forum. He says that the forum is a threat to national security but cleary this is not true. UAH has got a membership of over 8000 people and some of these are NRM members, members of parliament, representatives of traditional leaders, the army and police itself. The forum has also extended invitations to president himself and his family because whatever it is debated, it is for the benefit of all Ugandans.The forum has also got rules and regulations that guide new members on how to conduct themselves during discussions. Basically, the forum welcomes all Ugandans of different levels

One forum member called Kassimu Kiberu questioned:”Why has the Newvision increased its attacks on UAH recently? They have been calling it a ‘gossip’ forum, so why should a gossip forum be a threat to anybody?These are the people now telling Museveni to arrest the UAH moderator, Abbey Semuwemba. Just wait and see where this end- they will ask security to call some of the Ugandans abroad – rebels and some insane charges will be prepared very soon against them.”

According to Mr.Robert Ssenkindu, another forum member from Sweden: ‘this fora pose no national security whatsoever as they are trying to insinuate. It is rather a shadow parliament working much better than the rubber stamp parliament which is of no use but waste tax payers money. These guys do think that they can go further and stretch their brutal arms across the border and intimidate peaceful folks. What is being discussed here reflect genuine problems which are affecting the nation yet they are being overlooked by the men and women who call themselves representatives of folk.

Ssenkindu went on to say:’’ if these folks are in the full know that they are violating the rights of others by going against both the constitutional and legal provisions of the land, they should bear in mind that with high tech, cyber warfare is the best substitute of what would otherwise have been daily demonstrations which now seem to be outlawed in the land. No amount of intimidation is likely to yield anything unless the circumstances dictate otherwise.

My simple opinion to bwana Abbey is to not let himself be remote-controlled by the gangsters dwelling in Kampala, but rather continue to let Ugandans globally express their views freely without being turned into prisoners of conscience like those one in K’la. Perhaps they should start to deploy kiboko squad here and teargas canisters to disperse us??’’

Another forum member based in the USA, John Kigs said:’’ There should not even be any worry about Abbey being arrested for he is not in Uganda and therefore that’s fine and secondly there is what is called freedom of speech just because we are doing the unthinkable in Uganda does not give them any right to threaten us.

There is no way they will stop the waves of UAH given that it’s not controlled by them and instead they need to wake up for its coming hard but it will only be us to destroy the wave given our ill twisted minds that makes us think on narrow angles than the broad way.’’

Rehema from Kampala also added:’’ The internet is a painful pill for those that seek to regulate thought. Too much freedom is a very bad thing in the eyes of a dictator like M7! Something must be done to end this level of freedom! That is why they hate UAH. Im surprised that the police have gone down to this level of threatening peaceful Ugandans holding debates on national and international issues. Who the hell does this Kaweesa Police man think he is? Do they think they own Uganda and love it more than the rest of Ugandans? Why do they think they know more about what Ugandans want than Ugandans themselves?

Practically and legally speaking, combating online political extremism is enormously difficult. All parties involved recognize that it is difficult to regulate the flow of information on the Internet. They may kill or arrest or punish Brother Abby semuwemba when he is in Uganda but the effect for people to use the internet to oppose government may become enormous. If the govt blocks UAH, then they may send more 30 Ugandans to open up something like UAH.’’

Peter Simon also had no kind words for Andrew Kaweesa:’’ I think it is people like Andrew Kaweesi who may pose security risk to their countries when they try to suffocate other people; whereas in Ugandan for example, the Constitution espouses freedom of expression, assembly and associations, our Police has found it offensive if people discuss local, national and international issues that help to shape the entire world. Take the current issues in North Africa for example where members of the forum are engaged in discussing the merits and demerits of the West’s intervention, what security risk is meted on Libya? How does such a discussion pose threats to national security? Keep suffocating people and reap the consequences when the tyres/balloons burst, the pressure released can deflect the police teargas.

Well, some police officers will remind Andrew Kaweesa that there have been earlier police officers before him, and some of them sadly left the police force against their will, so he might find himself in foreign lands then he will feel the pinch of suffocation.

I think Andrew Kaweesa should get a team of well informed personnel to counter arguments presented or alternatively get members of the force who participate to explain to the forum members or other interested parties what is going on in the country and the region so that we share and exchange ideas on how we can build our country. If we are going to keep quiet, then there will be loss of developmental ideas. Just recently Dr. Kayongo put a proposal on how health services could be rebuilt in Uganda and has asked members to give their views on the way forward, so how does that pose a threat to Uganda’s national security? I am at a loss unless my ignorance security issues is to blame.’’

NRM supporter and daughter of NRM secretary General, Nina Mbabazi also blamed Kaweesa for saying that internet should be regulated:”But who wrote such a foolish article? Cyber weapons target vulnerable educated youth, “the dot com generation” who are mobilised into cyber addicts with a radical zeal of causing a generation change irrespective of the means it takes. The activist tends to be lost in their own world completely detached from their cultural heritage.

Google is going to outdo themselves trying to ensure free speech. This guy doesn’t know what he is saying. In China now, facebook is accessible despite the blocking by goverment. And google has developed a new tool allowing you to call in and your conversation turns into text on twitter.Just saw twitter and Ugandans posting the picture of the kids who were teargassed yesterday. That is what I mean by unstoppable internet. They should just get with the program.”


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  1. denis mutabazi,

    The article reads somewhat like a letter to a leader on the threats of internet and western influence. It should not have been addressed to the Ugandan public, but to any African dictator.

    And the notion of cyber imperialism in this case is deeply misplaced since UAH is a Ugandan blog and writers are Ugandan. He is attempting to suggest that the freedom expression on UAH constitutes some kind of cyber terrorism like hacking of classified documents and the like.

    “Cyber culture emanates from cyber activism influenced by globalisation and imperialistic desires to create a new world order based on a virtual human. What has happened in this region cannot be described as revolutions, but rather a cyber effect propounded by cyber activists propagated from the West.”

    Cyber activism is a result of cyber culture and is as a result of frustrations of individuals, and is not directly connected to globalisation, or ‘imperialistic desires’ since the writers are Ugandans in this case and expressing grievances against their government. Although perhaps people with imperialistic desires could attempt to manipulate the forum.

    Cyber weapons target vulnerable educated youth, “the dot com generation” who are mobilised into cyber addicts with a radical zeal of causing a generation change irrespective of the means it takes. The activist tends to be lost in their own world completely detached from their cultural heritage.

    Cyber weapons (like UAH)?

    I suppose by “..detached from their cultural heritage”, he is referring to the usual laissez faire attitude that some Ugandans have developed as a result of being totally disenfranchised by Ugandan politics and the general African dilemma which has allowed government institutions to do practically anything they want.




    I think we are giving this man more than he deserves, i mean, who is he to threaten people on this forum anyway.

    Can he tell us what he has done more for uganda than many people on this forum.

    The way i read his article is a man trying to seek for a promotion thinking but suggesting all that he will be promoted.
    Yes he forgets that his boss IGP is a learned lawyer who knows that the constitution of Uganda guarantees people the freedom of expression and it is not upon a one Kaweesa to decide what Ugandans should enjoy and not.

    Let me say this , the NRM gov’t will not in any way close UAH, infact if some people have noted it is responding to some of the issues raised on this forum, in fact this forum is doing a job for the gov’t that is why you can see the gov’t has allocated people tasks to counter debates here. Though of course some are not doing a good in the eyes of the president!

    Therefore, that one Kaweesa thinks he knows much but actually he knows nothing. The gov’t of Uganda has already allocated people to work on this forum to gather information and those issues which are critically being debated.

    You have also noted some people also coming here and campaigning, thus this forum is being used by gov’t and will never close it.

    If the president of Uganda had any thoughts of closing it he would have made it clear to Nina, but he told Nina to come here and explain his version of events, which implies the president is happy with the forum provided his cadres counter any argument accurately in his view. What is very clear President Museveni has never been a man to supress debate. It is these so called Kaweesa of this world trying to become more important.

    I think we are just being paranoid, there in nothing the gov’t of Uganda is going to do to Abbey, and what has he done anyway, when Monitor was publishing things which didn’t please the president , did he go and arrest Aga Khan? of course not.
    Abbey has just provided a forum for debate, what ever is debated here has got nothing of personal attachement to him, and in fact even if that Kaweesa wanted to regulate UAH, how is he going to do that? Even if he wanted to act stupid and arrest anyone, how is he going to prove that yes those individuals actually wrote what is contained on the forum. can’t someone call himself any name?
    How is he going to link the person and what is written?

    i’m afraid i think this man Kaweesa is suffering from what to do, he may think he loves uganda more than members of this forum but unfortunately for him many people on this forum are contributing to uganda more than him even when they are not in Uganda, so he may wish to arrest Abbey but unfortunately he has no ground to do so, ok he can take the law in his hands but the world is watching, some people he may wish to touch are not only ugandans but citizens of others countries now how is he going to do that?

    Some of these people who by chance happen to get into position of authority they end up misusing them, they think they are the only people who have ever held positions of authority. That Kaweesa man, whom i think he is a muganda should pick a leaf from Katumba Wamala.

    People let us just stick to the reasons why we are here and not get too much concerned about some of these people who actually have nothing to do. Does he know that his boss is a member of this forum? Has he asked his boss to deregister from the forum? Btw who is he anyway to dictate what people do do with their lives?

  3. Gh Kkolokolo,

    Abbey Ssemuwemba’s lawyer is the UAH itself! And to any sleepy chap, I do remind that UAH is now an internationally respected organization whose effort to see to it that there is peace, unity, democracy, good governance, etc in our very great land will never be deterred! On this we are all resolved with infinite razor-sharp resolution, determination and unprecedented courage! I personally advise that policeman Andrew Kaweesi to mind his official business : take his shotgun and go to arrest those who rigged elections and who stomack our national wealth! There we shall all know that he is a real policeman serving with zeal his fellow citizens and his motherland.
    Is it true whenever such chaps come out with statements of that kind they are given some kind of tip to make them laugh a bit? If so, Kaweesi will be a very happy man because, unlike other fellow nationals, he will, I presume, have additional coins to fetch an extra heap of potatoes from Katwe Market! And this is what he should now do instead of alleging into cock and bull stories that won’t discourage UAH from helping the poor humble impoverished Ugandans to win more and more in their rights as true citizens of Uganda, a land that will never accept anything nonsensical, shallow, hollow, rubbish and obfuscatory!
    So great policeman, catch the true culprits freely at large in your midst and leave the impeccably clean UAH alone! Afendi, Bwanamukubwa!!!

  4. Byansi John baptist,

    what NRM government should do is to motivate its own media mobilisers to counter the wild propaganda opposition put on this forum.
    But what President’s aides do is that instead of motivating NRM voluntary media mobilisers and facilitating them, the likes of Tamale mirundi, Mariam Namayanja Kiwanuka Ssebaggala, Aisha Kabanda Nyago, Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi, to mention but a few, it bribes opposition mobilisers. Almost all of them were bought brad new cars (l mean telephone callers) with heavy envelops.
    l have heard that even vehicles that were given to NRM Buganda Task Force mobilisers are recalled. There is one Haji Sulaiman Walusimbi, a Public Relations Officer with Poverty Alleviation Programme under Joan Kakwenzire in State House. She has grabbed a red Double Cabit Pick Up Reg. No.uap 122Q from Ahmed Kateregga, who is the Sub Regional Chaiperson for South West Buganda covering Ssembabule, Lwengo, Lyantonde and Rakai districts.
    When the Regional NRM Chief Abdu Nadduli tried to recover it from Walusimbi, who is using it for showing off and womanising, he boasted of protection from outgoing PPS to President, Amelia Kyambadde.
    Yet Walusimbi and Mamerito mugerwa are rumoured to have made a deal with SSUUBI and supported FDC’s Semuju Ibrahim Ng’anda against NRM’s Sitenda Ssebalu.
    NRM should weed out itself of UPC elemtns who claim to be more NRM than others and who jump on every bandwagon in State House. A person that was an iade to Mam

  5. BJ. Rubin.,

    I think that Mr. Andrew Kaweesi is beeing given too much publicity here than he actually deserves. Who knows why he said that the UAH is a threat to national security? Did he say so with hope to minimize the criticism of the police by the UAH? If he feels responsible for the acts of the police, especially for what may be seen as the violations of the peoples’ rights, then it is his feeling of guilt that made him attack the UAH. I remember a saying by a certain wise man that, ”Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt”.
    I believe that the UAH is appreciated by the government of Uganda for the constructive criticism and the views of the participants that are always for the good of our country, Uganda. Long Live the UAH.

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