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Day April 21, 2011

The Nabweru Magistrate,Justine Atukwasa, Should be Ashamed of Himself

r Kizza Besigye at Nabweru Court before he was charged with unlawful assembly. Photo by Isaac Kasamani from Daily Monitor


Someone should whisper to those semi-gods in Central Millitary Intelligence(CMI) that ebibimba biika/what goes up comes down. They should also study the experience of Kenya’s special branch. Anyone who lived in Kenya in the 1980s -they probably still do it-knew that whenever you saw two men in dirty coats walking together, they were in all likelihood policemen. Special branch used to do what CMI is doing today. When change came, many fled into exile while others got pissed on.

Now to hear that CMI is concocting up treason charges gainst Besigye and other opposition leaders is not funny nor is it surprising. But the other day, Ambassador Jimmy Kinobe said that the Ugandan judiciary is up to the task. Well as they say “enkuba eryokanga neetonya …emyoyo/thank the rains so we could see which hurts are resilient. This is the moment of truth for the CJ Odoki bench. The truth is in the pudding. It may be a matter of when not if anymore to test the judiciary once again.

Do not forger there are now NRM cadre judges -they too will be pissed on one day-so your guess as to which judges will be named to handle Dr Besigye’s case is a as good as mine. Do not also forger that the new Principal Judge is Mr. Bamwine-I hope I am not unfair to him-and not Justice James Ogoola Munaange. All eyes will be on Justice Yorokamu Bamwine as he names the judges to handle the pending charges. And of course Mr. Richard Butera. Who is this Richard Butera the DPP? We need to know more about them as they prepare to send innocent men to jail because president Museveni said so.

And to that Nabweru Magistrate one Atukwasa, you better have your passport ready-because one day you will never know what will hit you. You are a disgrace to the judiciary and you should be blackmailed. Judges and magistrates are taking orders from Yoweri Kaguta Museveni(YKM) or ruling according to what YKM does. That is what some magistrates and even Judges did in Kenya whenever Mr. Moi talked about cases before the courts-told you YKM and Mr. Moi have a lot in common-and judges would abide.

One of the most famous or notorious of such rulings was when Mr. Moi commented on the case before the courts between Ms Wambui-Otieno and the Umira Kager clan. Mrs Wambui Otieno had won the first round before a courageous judge for the right to bury her husband. Then Mr. Moi made comments about African cultures and women and the Appeal bench ruled in favour of the clan as per Mr. Moi’s wishes.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Moi shortly named the lawyer for the clan, Mr. Richard Otieno Kwach directly a Court of Appeal Judge-YKM too names some people without judiciary experience to Court of Appeal and even Supreme Court. And yes, shortly after he detained Mr. John Khaminwa the lawyer who had represented Mrs. Wambui Otieno. Well, Justice Richard Otieno Kwach was one of those judges purged from the judiciary once Mr. Moi was out of office. I bring up these examples for the folks in Uganda to be aware that actions have consequences. Bulikya.

We need a profile of Mr. Richard Butera the DPP who is harassing Dr Besigye and others. Yes and his place of birth too.

Pregnant woman shot at Kajjansi this week

Yes she survived and was admitted at Mulago hospital. She was pregnant but i’m not sure if the baby survived. Then there is the story of one Kato shot in the head at Kirra by someone in plain cloth that then drove off.

The names of this Kajjansi lady were reported in new Vision and her pictures were also there. Let afande Nabakoba or Mr Sekatte look at her and try their damn lies. Was that innocent woman trying to overthrow their regime? That IGP is a real sadist.

Now, I urge our Kampala mayor, Ssalongo Lukwago, and others to come to her help and sue the AT, IGP and the government of Uganda. Ambassador Kinobe said the judiciary is good so let us see what they will do to this case. The opposition should have team of lawyers to fight for her righst in the courts. It was reported that 3 people were shot in Gulu. The families should sue. The opposition should fight on all cylinders.

The govt should pay this lady and other hurt millions. So all of you lawyers in UAH please help and file charges against the relevant police organs. Go for the deep pocketed ones. Do not let Kayihura just order the police to shoot and kill innocent Ugandans. Hit them where it hurts most. If they fail top pay, seize those cars they are using to beat Ugandans.

Please do not sleep on this woman’s rights. She may not know her rights, but she has rights and let us see what the Judiciary is made of. One of the problems I have is that Ugandans have slept on their rights for too long.

By now, we should have been told the names of those thugs who were captured on camera beating Dr Besigye. One way to shame the police is to reveal their identities so the folks in Ugandan should work on that. Who was that munyakore fellow who kept on ordering Dr Besigye to climb the truck? He was in plain cloth. Expose them fully. UAH and other social networks such as facebook, should be free to publish their names for the world to know the sadists. It is time to change tactics to name and shame the goon.

In that video i believe one or two were Dr Besigye’s aides who resisted the police and managed to board the car. The police could not push them off because the cameras were rolling.

But let us hear of cases filed in the court for compensations and more. Do not go to the Human rights Commission but the judiciary. Let us expose all complicit organs of the state. So you the lawyers in Uganda act right away.

I am sure the state may try to reach out to that woman behind doors and offer her kitu kidogo. No, let the courts decide the amount.

What are the demonstrations about?

That is how the government lost the debate. Just imagine if it had argued that rising prices are a global phenomenon. YKM said some sensible things at his press conference in Rwakitura recently. In the short run, there is not much the government can credibly do. Core inflation which excludes food and energy prices is something the govt or Bank of Uganda(BOU) can do something about. I wish the opposition had zeroed in on excessive money supply induced inflation. Then BOU can act. That is something the bank can do even now.

How the govt lost the debate is mind boggling. It was wrong to accuse the organizers of ”walk to work” of treason as YKM did in his press conference. And if I may ask what is happening to real Ugandans, ok ordinary Ugandans, who normally walk to work? For them it is the norm rather than the exception.

YKM was poorly advised. Minister Matsiko was outright arrogant and stupid in her response. He should have put his economic team to task to explain core inflation because food and energy prices are not entirely a local or mad made inflation. Nature may have contributed to food shortages as Ugandans spent 2 full years politicking. There is no evidence as YKM tried to argue that rains failed. What failed was the politicians who wasted people’s valuable time on politics. That is the opportunity cost of too much politicking.

Let BOU release the money supply numbers for the last 6 months or so. That is where the real problem lies. Surely it cannot be wage inflation given the high unemployment in that country where workers have no voice.

It is the political decision to print money to win at all cost that has pushed the country to the edge. Even the poor farmers have no voice since the coops -their collective voice-was destroyed.

I take the position that YKM ordered the IGP to use such excessive force because he ordered BOU to print money-money during presidential elections that was found in minister Mukwaya’s car. The issue is about core inflation. How I wish our friends in the opposition had been forceful in their articulation. Neither side mastered the facts which is a shame

Let our friends in the media ask more questions about core inflation. The Governor of BOU should account because BOU is the guilty party.

WB Kyijomanyi

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