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Day April 24, 2011

A Ugandan Questions Janet Museveni’s Degree and admission to MUK

In 1993 a big scandal began. The plan was for Mrs. Museveni to join active politics and become a member of parliament. In a controversial letter signed by the academic registrar (admissions) dates: 3rd June, 1994, Mrs. Museveni Kataaha Janet whose registration number 93/3436/EXT (note that the number starts with year), was admitted.

The letter reads:
”I write to offer you a place at this university for the academic years 1993/94 for a course on study leading to the following award: BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (EDUC.ADMIN. &MGT/EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUC.”

This is a provisional offer subject to verification of qualifications stated on the application form. The entry requirements for this course are ordinary (O) and advanced (A) levels certificates or relevant diploma of which Mrs. Museveni did not have. The section requesting for examining authority & year of examination for Uganda advanced certificate of equivalent was crossed out and marked as N/A(not applicable) on Mrs Museveni’s application form.

On registration form MUR1. For first year students, Mrs Museveni when asked about her education background secondary schools attended with dates, her response is:

“ information to cover this part already sent out to your office”.

Why would Mrs Museveni have sent this crucial information in support of her application separately? Why did she not indicate this on the application form as one would normally do when applying to a college/university?

On page 3 section C of the application form submitted by Mrs Museveni under “efforts you have made to further your education”, she says:

1) “I went to a college in Harlech, N Wales to do a course equivalent to “A” level. I studied political theory, philosophy and E.Lit. Before I could finish the course however, Amin took government and my family had to leave Uganda so my education came to a sudden halt”.
2) “Then I wanted to do a Pre-school Education course in Sweden but I was required to study Swedeish language for three years first before I could be accepted at university level. I started that process but even then my time run out in 1986 when it was possible for me to come back home”.

Under section 10, Employment record, Mrs Museveni’s job was ‘air ticketing’ for Ethiopian Airlines 1974 – 1976; Tanzania Airlines 1977 – 1979. In total she has 4 years work experience up to that date.

Under section 7 declaration by the student, Mrs. Museveni declares to the best of her knowledge that information given is correct. She signed the form on 20th July ’94.The signature on this form bears very close resemblance with His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s signature. Is it a coincidence that both husband and wife share the same signature?

On 24th May, 1994 Ag Deputy Registrar (admissions) writes to Ag Academic Registrar saying he has received an application from first lady for the course. But he is not happy to handle and says:

”The admission requirements for this course are:
I. A candidate must be a holder of grade V diploma and
II. Must have at least three years post diploma teaching experience

Apparently there is no evidence of post diploma teaching experience but she may be treated as a long experienced adult educator in light of her current involvement in public arena…..This is therefore to request you to take up the matter with the Chairman, Admissions Board and Vice Chancellor’’, Letter reads;

Cases of impersonation or falsification of documents whenever discovered, either at registration or afterwards, will lead to automatic cancellation of admission.

This letter may have been signed after the admission because she was already a student according to her entry number 93/3436/EXT. That is the same year she graduated from her Montessori course which she graduated from in June 1993. So her work experience after school could only be 2 months not 3 years. So this is an inconsistence in Mrs Museveni’s fulfillment of the entry requirements for the degree course.

Was Mrs Museveni admitted to Makerere University on the basis of meeting the selection criteria or simply because she was the first lady? If she was admitted on the basis of the certificate from Montessori education centre, this is also questionable.

Montessori education centre Dublin was founded by Mary Bowers and the late Connie Fahey who were both trained by Margaret Homfray and Phoebe Child who were students of Maria Montessori. On the 16th September 1993, Janet K Museveni was awarded a diploma in nursery course in the Psychic and Physiological Development of the child 0-5 years.
The certificate was signed by Margaret M Bowers the principal. The principal of Montessori Dublin is Mary Bowers. One therefore wonders who awarded Mrs Museveni this certificate.

Most importantly, the qualification she obtained from Montessori does not meet entry requirements to a university degree course. Montessori offers distance learning course in 3 parts:
• Course 1 for children from 0-6 years
• Course 2 for 6-9 year olds
• Course 3 for 9-12 year olds.

From Mrs. Museveni’s certificate, she only completed course 1 which would not meet the entry requirements. The fakeness and deceit of Mrs Museveni does not only stop at application stage, it continues even beyond registration.

When you look at her Makerere results, it is only her name that has some strange lines. How comes? May be she did not study, but results were inserted for her making this also questionable.

The name of the college on Mrs Museveni’s certificate looks strange. Montessori Education Centre (DUBLIN) LTD. Did the Irish not move away from calling schools Ltd in the 1970s? How can a diploma of 1993 have Ltd. For references, please check the web site of Montessori Dublin.

Mrs Museveni holds public office; she is our beloved first lady and has been a role model to some Ugandans. It is very shameful that for so long she has lied to the whole nation. Any qualifications obtained having lied about entry requirements are null and void.

I am not driven by malice, greed or personal vendetta against Mrs Janet Museveni. I think this information should come in the public domain for the sake of our beloved country. She has been hiding behind ‘born again’ Christianity and yet deceiving the whole nation and herself.

For God and my country.

Kay Kadu

‘The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of UAH”

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