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Day April 27, 2011

Museveni is not a Ugandan Patriot and he has abused the Security Institutions

A patriot is that one who loves his country and therefore wishes compatriots well. Whether M7 is one or not, vis-a-vis Uganda, can be judged from his words and deeds, as sampled bellow. On the current high prices, he says, “…the farmers are ‘happy’. We are exporting to Rwanda, Sudan and Congo..” This is not true for the following reasons:

(a) A banana-bunch in rural Ankole, e.g.in Kabuyanda (new Isingiro District is sold at Sh, 1,000/= in the plantaion, if the farmer is lucky. By the time it reaches Rubaale on the Mbarara-Kabale high-way, it costs Sh.7,000/=and its price will have already risen to Sh. 17,000/= by the time it reaches Kampala. So, how does the farmer gain [except for the one selling young bulls directly to Burundi from Kisozi ranch, with no middle-men]?

(b) Further, how does the farmer benefit if the school fees of the kid have risen from Sh. 10,000/= per term [in USE rural school] and the price of paraffin has doubled in less than 6 months? The equation does not balance at ALL!!

When told that people were rioting because the high taxes were making fule un-affordable and causing the prices of all goods and services to spiral upwards (multiplier effect), in Rwakitura three weeks back, M7 advised: ” …let everyone use resources sparingly….”. The question then arose, “..why not cut the 3 billion budget for (his coronation..) due on 12th May ? “…it is not just a coronation’, mused he. “It is an investors’ forum…” – this, from the man that accused late Binaisa of making State House a ‘business clearing centre..’ back in 1980.

The lesson here though is, that the President of Uganda has more empathy with the citizens of the neigbouring countries than with his own. He therefore cannot claim to be a Ugandan patriot.

Another example of M7’s lack of patriotism is that he has handed all or almost all jobs, businesses and contracts and partnerships to foreginers, especially the Asians, Libyans, Kenyans, etc. This is mainly driven by the fear that Ugandans will discover the extent of the proxy ownership and true costs. A patriotic person, let alone the president of a country would not do that.In Uganda, there is a new god called “INVESTOR”. All stealing is in the name of facilitating INVESTMENT, the new National Religion in Uganda. Any sin becomes a glorious act, if it is baptised, “investment”.Every body is obliged to save/sacrifice, except for the emperor. All must be done to his Emperial Majestey’s service and he never goes wrong.

M7 openly bribes societies, religious leaders, villagers, tribes, personalities, voters, etc in many ways [district status, brown enevelopes, motor vehicles, promotions, jobs, ‘marriages’, etc, all that undermine the unity of a country.
A patriotic preaident would simply not do that.

Finally, M7 is ready to cause CIVIL WAR and STRIFE in Uganda [I either rule you or we perish together]. He has, as a matter of fact, already started setting tribe against tribe, lumpen-group against lumpen-group [the so called Kiboko-SQUAD, a sort of INTERAHAMWE] etc. to the extent of encouraging his business partners at the taxi park to clobber people with impunity while they enjoy police and security-operatives protection. CAN A LEADER, AT ANY LEVEL, LET ALONE A PRESIDENT, ENCOURAGE CITIZENS TO TAKE THE LAW INTO THEIR HANDS (a country-wide phenomenon today) AND SUCH A PERSON CALLS HIMSELF PATRIOTIC? No way.

M7 is using Uganda and her resources like a ‘condom’, to be dropped when no longer needed. He wishes Uganda and the Ugandans no good so he can never rightly be called a patriot. He is a traitor instead.

Uganda is now ruled under a STATE of EMERGENCY but it is still not declared!! It this cowardice or treachery?

When you bring in the case of Obote I would smell a rat, except to admit that, in case he wanted to declare a State of emergency [to allow his forces to imprison his enemies outside the areas they had committed crimes, e.g. the Ibingiras in Gulu], he WOULD GO TO HIS RUBBER-STAMP PARLIAMENT and obtain a DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY LEGALLY PASSED!!!

The mother of ALL questions then arises: IF TRULY M7 WAS RETURNED WITH 70%, meaning that his has all-round support country-wide, why, if he wants to deny people their rights and he controls all the forces and they are royal to him, HE HAS THE MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT, can he not declare a state of EMERGENCY AND THEN GET THIS RUBBER-STAMPED BY HIS PARLIAMENT?????

M7 is but a paper-tiger [dangerous though he really is]. As one revolutionary politician once put, HIS REGIME IS A COLOSSUS BUT WITH FEET OF CLAY. For example, he may have a 100,000-man army but the men too are suffering. The officer-corps are M7 kin and the regime behaves the way it does because it knows the corruption-driven inflation is hurting the security-forces too, except the bosses that have benefited by the rotten corruptionand state bribery.

Police and General Kayihura

Like any executioner, M7’s Chief Executioner cannot ‘go’ peacefully.He can only be pushed and thank God,the UCC team[Ocampo’smen] are in kampala already.D’u think the usage of poison gas is being halted because the boss’ chief executioner wants it to? No way. WE ALREADY HAVE SOME RESULTS, HOWEVER minuscule.

Although the authorities have declared and conducted chemical warfare against innocent Ugandans, all should be reminded that this is against the Geneva Conventions on war. The stocks are finished and the ICC isin town, reportedly. Corruption in procurement may have led to over-estimates in quantities.

By this act alone, of gassing women and children locked in their houses, is tantamount to commission of genocide as defined in 1948, especially as it was planned in advance.A few days ago, however, it was anoounced by M7’s Chief Executioner, that ‘tear gas’ [or kill-gas] will not be used again. Why this halt, if it is true?

At least two reasons are two possible:
a). The budget for poison gas, alias, tear gas, was inflated Ugandan style and less was imported [for the money requsitioned] and is already consumed from the stores.
b). Some has been used for other purposes, e.g. for settling love, political, neigbour and other wrangles, not for gassing the opposition alone, by untrained militias and NRM-leaning soldiers in Police uniforms.
c). An advance ICC party is reportedly in town to look at ‘the reported violations of human liberties’, especially the brutality and killing of non-combatants.

Sebaggala gets ex-town clerk’s residence

This is legalising an illegality! It is ‘asset stripping’ by the powers that be.The rules on divesture of residential houses is very clear: “…sitting tenants must be given the chance of first refusal”.Now, Seeya has never been a tenant in the Town Clerk’s mansion. He occupied it with impunity, as the mayor’s office, after he failed to repair his office.

Now, M7 donates it to him [as though it is on his Kisozi or Rwakitura ‘miles’], as a political bribe, so he may abandon DP and avail is ‘kiboko’ goons (brigade) to the NRM. This was irregular, of course and ‘had to be put right’ retrospectively, so they think, especially as the new mayor promised to correct the wrong.

The NRM dominated Council should know that neither they nor their actions are above the law. This retrospecive action will therefore be in vain because Seeya Sebaggala has never been a town Clerk of KCC, let alone being a sitting tenant, to benefit by from existing provison for a ‘first refusal’. This cancer called ‘corruption’must end , some time, someday. The wrong willbe corrected.

Christopher Muwanga,



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