April 2011

Day April 28, 2011

Put Legal ‘fatwa’ on Gilbert Arinaitwe for Hammering Dr Besigye’s car

The NRM regime has committed and continues to commit serious crimes against ugandans. But the opposition should not dilute such atrocities by crying foul about everything. I have told the opposition MPs and activists to be wary of being served food when they attend public functions. No self service no eating. Those who are stupid enough or greedy to sit there and demand serviice will pay the ultimate price.

Gilbert Hammering Besigye's car

It is true that Ugandans are poor and are compromising their rights by accepting police bribes. What the police is doing is bribing family and that is a a matter that needs to be politicized. When is a bribe criminalized? I read the same nonsense in Gulu where Minister Wabudeya-mourners should pounce on some of those people although not Minister wabudeya in particular. I want to read in the Ugandan story of YKM’s envoys sent with mabugo pounced on at funeral and beaten kabisa. Chase them from the funerals and tell them to take their crocodile tears elsewhere.

Put aside obuntu bulamu/good manners and send a message. Pounce on those emissaries and whip them really good. When i was a young boy I recall ceremonies involving twins-okwalula abalongo- in Uganda where it was literally war. Urine was poured on the side and it was perfectly fine. These IGP emissaries need to be washed with urine at funerals. I am not kidding. The message has to be sent loud and clear. This nonsense of killing innocent Ugandans and the offering funeral expenses or help with treatment should be banished.

I am still hoping perhaps against hope that opposition leaning lawyers in Uganda will file charges against the state. It is time to file civil suits against the AG, IGP and government of Uganda. They may add The funders of law and justice namely Netherlands and Ireland among others. Their money is facilitating the police to kill innocent Ugandans. Do the people in Holland and Ireland know that their tax money is helping the Ugandan police kill innocent children. Do they know that their tax dollars are helping the judiciary to violate the rule of law in Uganda? To those of you in Holland and Ireland what are you doing to let the people there know about this?

The media did a great job of taking those pictures. Ugandans should save them. I am sure Ugandans on the ground can identify these goons. Save the pictures for future purposes to identify them, deal with the goons and piss on them. I was there after 1979 when Amin’s men took it really hard.

One of these days the opposition mobs will also pounce on an NRM biggie, be it that Lt Gilbert Arinaitwe-the younger man who is apparently caught roughing up Dr Besigye-or a member of the judiciary. If not now, soon, certainly in the future. That Gilbert Arinaitwe should be the number one, I repeat number one target for opposition mobs. It is likely he will go underground after today’s pictures but he must pay for his brutality. And so are all those security men seen beating up people. It is now tit for tat and anyone who calls him or herself NRM or works to perpetuate the violations of rights is fair game. True the weakest link may suffer but so be it.

The lawyers should also sue that idiot Gilbert Arinaitwe and force him to make deposition. That is one of the ways to put him in public view and expose him. it is sickening and we never anything like that under Amin. For real. Never!

Those goons went to school in Uganda and live among Ugandans who should be able to identify them and where they live. The good news is that YKM sold all public houses so there are not many government houses to allocate to the killers and goons. They must live in private/rented homes. My only concern is that “obuwutaavu” seems to have set in and Ugandans forgot how to respond. The pictures reveal a lot.

But I am also concerned about the opposition tactics. Why have we not seen the lawyers go to Court to file case after case about police brutal and lose of lives? What happened to civil cases in Uganda? The lawyers should pay as much attention to the peasants who lost their loved as they do to the famous opposition members.Civil suits can tie down the state and certainly embarrass them. Let us see some action on the civil suit front.

Well in 1990, Mr Moi treated Mr Kenneth Matiba-they poisoned him at Kamitii-and Mr Charles Rubia when they led saba saba against one party rule. But in the end Mr Moi relented. It is certainly possible to do to Dr Besigye to what Mr Moi did to Mr Matiba. The way the goons arrest him scares me because in that kavuyo they can inject him with poison.

BTW in Kenya the mobs nabbed one magistrate who had gone to a night club and finished him off. They had identified him as one of those who ruled to please Mr Moi. He never made it out and the mobs got away.

And to Uganda IGP Kayihura, this may help you to think twice before giving out orders: the former Kenya Police Commissioner, Mr Kilonzo, who was in office when Mr Ouko was killed was poisoned in Masaku. Fair or not is neither here nor there. Things catch up. Aparently it was the same state he served that did it to him because he knew too much. Oh, all the key players in trying to cover up for the death of Mr Ouko died mysterious deaths. The Internal security PS at the time Mr Hezekiah Oyugi-a luo-who was one of the most powerful men at the time gone through obutwa. Today his family live like beggars yet they had it all. Sooner rather latter NRM will start to eat its own Moi style. You watch. Dunia.
WB Kyijomanyi

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