Put Legal ‘fatwa’ on Gilbert Arinaitwe for Hammering Dr Besigye’s car

The NRM regime has committed and continues to commit serious crimes against ugandans. But the opposition should not dilute such atrocities by crying foul about everything. I have told the opposition MPs and activists to be wary of being served food when they attend public functions. No self service no eating. Those who are stupid enough or greedy to sit there and demand serviice will pay the ultimate price.

Gilbert Hammering Besigye's car

It is true that Ugandans are poor and are compromising their rights by accepting police bribes. What the police is doing is bribing family and that is a a matter that needs to be politicized. When is a bribe criminalized? I read the same nonsense in Gulu where Minister Wabudeya-mourners should pounce on some of those people although not Minister wabudeya in particular. I want to read in the Ugandan story of YKM’s envoys sent with mabugo pounced on at funeral and beaten kabisa. Chase them from the funerals and tell them to take their crocodile tears elsewhere.

Put aside obuntu bulamu/good manners and send a message. Pounce on those emissaries and whip them really good. When i was a young boy I recall ceremonies involving twins-okwalula abalongo- in Uganda where it was literally war. Urine was poured on the side and it was perfectly fine. These IGP emissaries need to be washed with urine at funerals. I am not kidding. The message has to be sent loud and clear. This nonsense of killing innocent Ugandans and the offering funeral expenses or help with treatment should be banished.

I am still hoping perhaps against hope that opposition leaning lawyers in Uganda will file charges against the state. It is time to file civil suits against the AG, IGP and government of Uganda. They may add The funders of law and justice namely Netherlands and Ireland among others. Their money is facilitating the police to kill innocent Ugandans. Do the people in Holland and Ireland know that their tax money is helping the Ugandan police kill innocent children. Do they know that their tax dollars are helping the judiciary to violate the rule of law in Uganda? To those of you in Holland and Ireland what are you doing to let the people there know about this?

The media did a great job of taking those pictures. Ugandans should save them. I am sure Ugandans on the ground can identify these goons. Save the pictures for future purposes to identify them, deal with the goons and piss on them. I was there after 1979 when Amin’s men took it really hard.

One of these days the opposition mobs will also pounce on an NRM biggie, be it that Lt Gilbert Arinaitwe-the younger man who is apparently caught roughing up Dr Besigye-or a member of the judiciary. If not now, soon, certainly in the future. That Gilbert Arinaitwe should be the number one, I repeat number one target for opposition mobs. It is likely he will go underground after today’s pictures but he must pay for his brutality. And so are all those security men seen beating up people. It is now tit for tat and anyone who calls him or herself NRM or works to perpetuate the violations of rights is fair game. True the weakest link may suffer but so be it.

The lawyers should also sue that idiot Gilbert Arinaitwe and force him to make deposition. That is one of the ways to put him in public view and expose him. it is sickening and we never anything like that under Amin. For real. Never!

Those goons went to school in Uganda and live among Ugandans who should be able to identify them and where they live. The good news is that YKM sold all public houses so there are not many government houses to allocate to the killers and goons. They must live in private/rented homes. My only concern is that “obuwutaavu” seems to have set in and Ugandans forgot how to respond. The pictures reveal a lot.

But I am also concerned about the opposition tactics. Why have we not seen the lawyers go to Court to file case after case about police brutal and lose of lives? What happened to civil cases in Uganda? The lawyers should pay as much attention to the peasants who lost their loved as they do to the famous opposition members.Civil suits can tie down the state and certainly embarrass them. Let us see some action on the civil suit front.

Well in 1990, Mr Moi treated Mr Kenneth Matiba-they poisoned him at Kamitii-and Mr Charles Rubia when they led saba saba against one party rule. But in the end Mr Moi relented. It is certainly possible to do to Dr Besigye to what Mr Moi did to Mr Matiba. The way the goons arrest him scares me because in that kavuyo they can inject him with poison.

BTW in Kenya the mobs nabbed one magistrate who had gone to a night club and finished him off. They had identified him as one of those who ruled to please Mr Moi. He never made it out and the mobs got away.

And to Uganda IGP Kayihura, this may help you to think twice before giving out orders: the former Kenya Police Commissioner, Mr Kilonzo, who was in office when Mr Ouko was killed was poisoned in Masaku. Fair or not is neither here nor there. Things catch up. Aparently it was the same state he served that did it to him because he knew too much. Oh, all the key players in trying to cover up for the death of Mr Ouko died mysterious deaths. The Internal security PS at the time Mr Hezekiah Oyugi-a luo-who was one of the most powerful men at the time gone through obutwa. Today his family live like beggars yet they had it all. Sooner rather latter NRM will start to eat its own Moi style. You watch. Dunia.
WB Kyijomanyi


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  1. TRacy,

    am ashamed to be a ugandan, especially when i see a small boy being as violent as this towards a leader of a political party as the police look on, he not only has blood on his shirt but also his hands. the nextthing the Inspector general of police will do is to promote him and the president will hand him a brown envelope. Lt Bwana Gilbert Arinaitwe,may you rot in hell.

  2. Ned,

    This GILBERT ARINAITWE FELLOW needs to be killed or imprisoned. Here is his picture: http://goo.gl/Q4mu4

  3. Kasolo dan,

    Thx alot 4 exposing those inhuman acts committed infront of all ugandans. That young skinny boy is Leut Gilbrt Arinaitwe. He heads pastor Robert Kayanja’s security. Imagine a ” man of god” protected by armed men? then after he tells his followers to seek god’s protection? its a shame. Bt its never too late. The time is coming.

  4. uuu,

    Systems Certification Officer: Mr. Arinaitwe Gilbert,telephone: 0414-550590; 0773132339/0713132339. E-mail: gilbert.arinaitwe@unbs.go.ug

  5. Trevors,

    This guy should be stripped of his responsibilities for the purpose of citizen safety. You cant just go around waving a loaded gun and destructing people’s property just because you want to please the “Commander in Chief”… I would directly compare him to one of those Idi Amin Henchmen.

  6. Zena,

    He better hop m7 stays in power forever or he will suffer the consequences..You are a stupid blind follower Arinatwe whatever you call you mfking self

  7. p oloya,

    sirs i do not understand wamanyira is writing. is he addressing the kintus?

  8. p oloya,

    please i do not understand what kyijomanyi is writing. is it luganda english?

  9. entale,

    I know this arinaitwe guy, such a guy will die a sloooow painful death. i would pay for anyone that would poison his guy or his family.

  10. Ritander,

    Can any one in the know give us a biography of this young man to the public and upload his photos and those of his next of kin (wife, siblings) for our better understanding of his mind and environment!

  11. Sika,

    Gilbert Arinaitwe, is the head of security at Rubaga Miracle Centre. His phone no.+256.715.063.393. He studied SWASA (Social Work and Social Admn) at Uganda Christian University,Mukono.His facebook was under Bwana Gilbert but by 5pm (EA tim) he had removed the account after his identity was busted and flooded with hate mail..

  12. Becky Abwooli,

    Gilbert Arinaitwe shouldn,t actually be at Rubanga Miracle Centre, his not Human at all. Go to hell. He should actually be taken to the courts of Law for destroying our Presidents car and health. l am very disappointed that he even went to Oguti Primary School. Shame on you Gilbert.

  13. Mr BoomBoom,

    I couldn’t help but feel a strong revulsion towards Museveni and his bloody government while watching that clip. The way the state resources (the Police, Guns, Bullets, Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Vehicles, Plain Clothes Police, Magistrates) paid for by the common man – read tax payer is appalling. Just imagine working hard to pay someone’s wage (your taxes) to expect better Government protection, ONLY to be brutally attacked for raising real issues affecting the common Ugandan.
    Mr Museveni and the Central Bank top officials should not pretend that they don’t know the causes of the soaring food, fuel and other commodity prices. And instead of telling the people the actual cause behind these price rises, they argue the lame excuse of the weather and poor farm yields. My fellow Ugandans, here I can explain to you why the commodity prices are soaring:
    1. The real cause is Museveni and Central Bank top officials
    2. During the recent Presidential Campaigns, a lot of money (Ugandan Currency) was printed willy nilly to bribe village heads (LC 1’s) each receiving UGX. 100,000. Now let’s work out the Mathematics: 111 Districts x 14 Parishes x 10 Villages x UGX. 100,000 = UGX. 1.55 Billion. That’s the minimum, conservatively worked out, but credible estimates put it at more than UGX. 600 Billion.
    3. In layman’s language, such money pushed into money circulation without matching productivity causes inflation, just compares to Zimbabwe. There’s no rocket science here.
    4. You’ll note that before Presidential elections in January 2011 that the Ugandan Shilling exchange rates to the more stable currencies were:
    1 USD – UGX. 1,800
    1 British Pound – UGX. 3,010

    5. Right now in April 2011, the exchange rates are:
    1 USD – UGX. 2,375
    1 British Pound – UGX. 3,956
    That tells you a lot, because it means that if a commodity “X” used to sell for British Pound 1.00 (UGX. 3,010) in January 2011, in April 2011, the same commodity “X” is costing British Pound 1.00 (UGX.3,956) in April 2011 because of the inflation on Ugandan currency because the supply of Ugandan currency in the market is too much. So geddit Mr Museveni and own up to your flawed economics. People are no longer in the dark, and you are repeating what your predecessors did.
    In addition, the fact that a Mr. Gilbert Arinaitwe (seen on youtube video using a pistol to hit and attack Besigye and his supporters) is an employee of Mr Robert Kayanja’s security team, leaves a lot to be desired. The world is watching and we will be keen to see if position with Pastor Kayanja remains. And what action the government takes against him.
    We’ll also be keen to see Mr Museveni reaction to this and will be more than interested to know why he’s quiet in such matters that affect the people he claims put in power. The power, that everyone knows that he has lost legitimacy to lead.
    Listen guys, the world is watching these insane perpetrators violating human rights and work as Museveni puppets. The following are a few examples:
    Ms. Grace Turyagumanawe – Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander
    Ms. Justine Atukwasa – Nabweru Court Chief Magistrate
    Mr Okello Oryem – Foreign Affairs Minister
    Mr Gerald Mbasa – DPC, Sironko
    …………………the list will be updated.

  14. clara,


  15. RITA,

    Bwana Gilbert…..Just wanted to get press fame. but my christian bro u will payy for all that you have done. GOD BLESS YOU

  16. monik Butara,

    I hate that am Ugandan right now, and that we have killers living among us in our churches! Cry my beloved country, Pray for the end is near!

  17. PKK,

    Whether Besigye was right or wrong, he deserved to be treated with a degree of dignity. That was such a shame on the part of Govt to treat a ‘high’ level citizen like that!!! Total shame. Gilbert is a disaster to the security of Uganda.

  18. ronron,

    another rap indeed! sumtimed i realy do agree with Museveni; docile idiots who voted this tyrant and his goons back into power!

  19. I know this Gilbert Arinaitwe…Guys dont waste time he cant change he has orders from ABa ,that day the guy had almost 3 guns with him b.teeth., He nows has security all over him…

  20. KKK,

    This is absolutely outrageous and criminal!

  21. hacker,

    All of you who are criticizing the manner in which Besigye was arrested are just short sighted about the issues at hand. Reasonable force was necessary at this point to avoid the situation from deteriorating. You shouldn’t blame Gilbert. Gilbert did what he did to fulfill his duties. What would you have done if you had been in Gilbert’s position? Personally, I salute Gilbert for the good display of his military tactics. Besigye is not different in any way from the current regime. He worked for a corrupt regime for all those years and after getting disgruntled with the corrupt regime, he is now pretending to be our savior. Go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jacob oketayot,

    I totally have no words for being a Ugandan. Pearl of Africa is No more because of No Love. Its unbelievable a Lt. could be this Barbaric and Inhuman to such a Reknown Figure world over. Somebody unleash his Rotten Details to the mass to Please…..

  23. hacker,

    I think Ugandans are politically immature, they should accept defeat. Let the opposition go back to the grassroots and build structures that will lead them into power. Some of us don’t believe in violence!!! Food and fuel shortages are just escape goats.

  24. bing.d,

    u ar al stupid n al ya mothers shud hav fucked wrongly……….
    what kind ov leader ar we tearing our selves for wen even the supporters he has cant be royal 2 him…stealing and beating up innocents people…….its u foolish people causing choas in our pearl…sily !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. bing.d,

    “we love our country and we love our president.”

  26. Kifaya Salongo,

    We just have to wake up and do what was done to Jade Goody and more recently to Shaher Abdulhaq the father of Farouk Abdulhaq who is wanted in England for murdering Martine Vik Magnussen, a 23-year-old Norwegian.

    People who commit such egregious acts that shock the conscience of civilization, the only redress is to shun and reject them, their families and businesses and render them outcasts. They should be rejected by friends, neighbors, business associates etc. Within a month, results will be out. Just get the list and start the campaign.

    He and others of his genre should be rejected by the church, the school where he takes his children, the saloon his wife goes, the shop or supermarket where he buys groceries, the petrol station he buys fuel, the clinic he goes for treatment etc. We should get his profile and send requests to the providers to join in the campaign to shun him. This would be a lesson to all.


    Police say they found Magnussen’s body in the basement of Abdulhaq’s apartment building two days later, partly covered with garbage. One of her earrings had been ripped from her ear, and her face was badly bruised. There was a blood trail from her body up the stairwell to Abdulhaq’s second-floor apartment, which showed signs of a struggle. A neighbor reported hearing strange noises in the middle of the night, and, by 2009, British authorities placed Abdulhaq on Scotland Yard’s Most Wanted list in connection with the rape and murder of Magnussen. They also issued an international warrant for his arrest. But, by then, Abdulhaq had left the country. Investigators found that he had left for Cairo just hours after the murder, flying onward from Egypt to Yemen.

    Farouk’s father, Shaher Abdulhaq, is one of Yemen’s most powerful businessmen. At the time of the murder, his business empire included a range of luxury hotels and ownership of Yemen’s primary cellular network. He was also the main Mercedes importer and counted a large ownership stake in Coca-Cola bottling and distribution in the Middle East.
    Since Yemen holds no extradition agreement with Great Britain, Magnussen’s father, Odd Petter Magnussen, tried diplomatic channels but with little luck. Meetings with the Norwegian foreign ministry and high-level British politicians brought promises but no results. Meanwhile, the Yemeni government offered to try Abdulhaq in country. The nation’s brutal and corrupt legal system, based on Sharia, punishes rape and murder with death; the convict is usually shot in the back of the head while laying facedown on the ground, and Magnussen’s father felt that neither that nor the unsolicited offer he got from strangers who suggested they’d fly to Yemen and kill Abdulhaq themselves would offer real justice for his daughter. What he wanted was for Abdulhaq to stand trial in Britain. “It is the only way to honor my daughter’s memory,” he told NEWSWEEK. “It can’t be possible to take a life in one place, get on a bus, and not have to suffer the consequences.”
    Shaher Abdulhaq has so far declined media interviews but confirms through a PR person in London that his son is in Yemen. However, through his representative, he asserts that his son is not financially dependent on him; that he has encouraged him to return to Britain but that his son, so far, has refused; and that, in fact, the two have a strained relationship.

    In Norway, meanwhile, the case has become a cause célèbre. In late 2010, seven Norwegian lawmakers drafted a series of letters to a number of multinational corporations connected with Shaher Trading, asking them to cut ties with the company on moral and ethical grounds. (Shaher Abdulhaq responded by threatening to sue the politicians for defamation and malicious falsehood.) Daimler-Benz subsequently dropped all business dealings with Shaher Abdulhaq but would not confirm that this was a direct result of the letters. Xerox started looking into the matter but Coca-Cola, effectively, said it wasn’t their problem. Communications director of Coca-Cola in Norway, Steir Rømmerud, told the Verdens Gang newspaper that while the company felt for the family, it was the responsibility of local and international police to solve the matter. “We have no ties to the suspect, and the suspect’s father is only indirectly involved in Coca-Cola as an investor in bottling operations,” he said, according to the paper. But a group called Justice for Martine wasn’t appeased and decided to take the battle against Abdulhaq online. Via a Facebook page, members encouraged a boycott of Coca-Cola products, starting March 1 this year. Within the first two weeks, more than 53,000 people signed up. “What we had hoped to achieve was to show Shaher Abdulhaq that this issue will not be swept under the table,” said Marcus Rolandsen, chairman of the foundation. (The foundation has also filed a civil complaint against the younger Abdulhaq in Norwegian courts for failing to respond to summons, and is considering further legal action in the United States.) While the boycott didn’t represent a massive economic impact on the behemoth company, the campaign was a potential threat to the Coca-Cola brand, and on March 14, the company released a statement announcing its decision to sever all ties with Abdulhaq. Joel Morris, spokesperson for Coca-Cola Europe, says Shaher Abdulhaq no longer holds financial interests in bottling operations in Libya or Egypt, has agreed to step down from the board of directors of the unit in Egypt, and is in the process of divesting his investments in Yemen. Morris adds that discussions on this matter began before the boycott, but that “our conversations with the campaign group did bring new urgency to the process.” The boycott’s success shows how Facebook and other social-media networks make it possible to take on multinational corporations, using a low-cost but very visual form of campaigning, says Clay Shirky, an author of several books on the effects of social media, “It’s not called good will in the balance sheet for nothing,” he says. Although the younger Abdulhaq remains at large, Magnussen’s father is optimistic that a solution is imminent. “You have to believe in the good in people, and that ethics will prevail in this case.”

  27. qwwe,

    vagabond,ashole ariniatwe go to hell bustard

  28. Samka,

    All that have been done on besigye has been on other people even long before walk to work demo. Safe houses are still operational and i hear we have the parliement, NGO’s for human rights, Embassy’s and Other bodies like police. Its a shame to all of us but most especially the US Gonernment only waiting to intervein when the situation is out of hand like in Libya.

    Gob Bless Uganda.

  29. I am really sudden by Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana’s acts. He hails from kabale from Major Victor Bwana’s family. I am really upset by his conduct. He also went to Buganda Road Primary school but as the other OBs have commented he was extremelly dense in class. He is the only boy child born of his mother with three sisters. I think the afande Mutabazi acted professionally by escorting Otunnu compared to this fool Gilbert. Bravo Afande Mutabazi. Wat was so difficult to escort the conel up to the bank. Probably u need to be held responsible for todays riots

  30. Kavuma,

    Arinaitwe twe twe…..your days are numbered!

  31. Nora,

    I was horrow-strucked after learning of Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana’s background. It is now clear to me that he is a hyprocrite and devilish figure who had been all along hiding behind christianity. What a shame! The Monitor did such a good job in unmasking such a character in time for the christian communities good ugandans at large to take note of such a dangerous devil lurking in their mist. He must be made to answer for this crude, primitive, daredevil behavior however long it will take for the law to catch up with him. I am actually speechless and ashame of being a ugandan right now in the light of such daily brutality meeted out to innocent ugandans by the state just to keep some greedy corrupt few individuals in power.

  32. Pastor Simeon K.,

    It would be wise for this young boy’s family to come out and apologise to all Ugandans for their son’s action that has caused deaths of innocent people or else their family won’t bear the curses coming from all Ugandans.

  33. golden,

    wat arinaitwe has done will be done to him one day
    same currency

  34. kkk,

    who the hell does this tiny man arinaitwe think he is? a less than 50kg man who can only die of a slap, you will have to pay back one day. we are watching you and you will never get away with it, i promise you.

  35. amos,

    I’m so sorry for my country Uganda. politicians have to learn how to swallow their pride, sit on the table and talk matters. come on guys

  36. Rwakatuzi,

    You know there is no permanent situation. Arinaitwe will be put to task for his atrocities and sentenced to death…oh i forgot by hanging!

  37. arinatwe,

    Iam so sorry for this mans actions and I hope healing will come to him and his family.I pray that we all use this as a teachble moment.Time heals wounds but for Arinatwe it will take much longer.May God grant you quietness of sould where you are.I hope Pastor Kayanja will be able to help you and make you realise that you are a child of God who acted on impulse.I pray that ypour family finds solace in the Lord and that you wife will find strength to know this happened for a reason.The state will protect you but your life wil never be the same

  38. LegalEagle,

    I wish to bring your attention to the fact that the officer involved did nothing but ‘resort to training’ in a volatile situation.

    Here are the simple facts.

    1. As long as the gentleman in the car had locked himself in it. He immediately commited the offences of :

    a) Blocking a public road.

    b) Refusing to comply with the commands of an on-duty police action, and in so doing,contributing to the possible escalation of an already volatile situation.

    2. The officer(s) were left with no recourse but to use :

    a) Reasonable force to gain entrance into the locked vehicle.

    b) Extricate the gentleman from the car within the shortest possible time.

    c) Separate him from his associates and other members of the public who were hindering and/or attempting to hinder the police from performing their duties.

    d) Removal of said gentleman from the scene immediately, thereby significantly diffusing the rapidly esclating volatility of the situation at hand.

    Now, I would also like to point out that the whole thing could have been carried out in a more orderly fashion, but in such a situation, threat to innocent life escalated by the SECOND.

  39. For those of you who wish to see that what is happening in Uganda is not out of the ordinary, read The Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Prince by Nicollo Machiavelli. Nothing tells better of Museveni than these two books.

  40. james of south affrica,

    To be a president for 24yrs its too much for Ugandans Museveni must go
    its the time for Uganda to change you must say that yes we can
    u must do it today not tomorrow [Alinaitewe tuja kuku kolako ne family ye ejakusasula bwokuza omwana obubi ebyo byosasulwa ] he must get he deserved and his family because we know where he come from and where he stay,museven mus go plz its to muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  41. fred,

    he should be killed in public or tied a rope in the neck and be driven around the streets of Kampala.

  42. james of south affrica,

    LegalEagle said,
    look at this man we are not animals how can treat a human being like a animal my be you are doing it because u are from bush 2
    remember u are not in bush u are i Kampala no animals in Kampala plz wake up

  43. james of south affrica,

    let me tell you Idi Amin was a man where is he ?
    Obote?wher is Sadamu Hesein ?Gadaf his on the way who is next?
    museven u ll go wizyour freinds soon we are not going to stop telling people what is going on in uganda ate namwe abali eka mumanye nti kyekisera mukolele wamu omusaja ajakugenda mubele bagumu ate temwonona buntu nga mwekalaka okubba amaduka sikilungi mwebale omyuyo omulungi

  44. moses,

    Omusajja oyo Arinaitwe asana kusalako mutwe awamu ne mukaziwe nabaana kubanga mutemu nyo nyo nyo.


    kanyalwanda gwe museveni and your stupid goons its time u follow sadams and go. Uganda is tired of non ugandans , thieves taking us for granted. we got fed up and u know we never voted u in power u”re just thieves in power.
    How can a stupid arinaitwe be in your security it shows all above him are senseless for such acts. All Ugandans know we never voted u back thats why u treat our president alike.
    We love and support Besigye thats why ugandans had to strike. Arinaitwe needs to be hanged for what he did.


    Museven u should act like a president not as a fool.
    This country needs a good leader not you goons in power. Take action on this fool or else we shall act towards it as ugandans coz we are fed up of such leaders like kivengere a stupid Musoga. Why does he still in power with such poor minds?. akoye takyasobola, such a report from a minister.

  47. Everything will be paid for in cash, the historicals in the army be aware the same will befall you just wake up and weed out these criminals.

  48. Patrick,

    Whats all the drama about the doctor’s ”brutal” arrest? Besigye was just handled in a ‘military manner’, thats all! He himself is a military man, or atleast once military. He knows how a person who refuses to obey a military order is treated!
    What do you do with a Ugandan who refuses to get out of his car, in the midle of the road for 3 hours? what about we people who wanted to use the road and go to work? Stop that crap and lets go back to work, unless you wana tell us that Besigye is a very special and different breed of a Ugandan who has to be treated in a different way like he dropped from mars!
    welldone Bwana Arinaitwe, great Job! Quick recovery to the Stubborn doctor.

  49. jeal,

    we need to know how others feel when we hurt them, me don’t think that was the best way of how ARINAITWE would only be put in records of this poor nation UGANDA. Its only him who can feel proud of what he did to take him up yet he was taking him self into the grave full of FIRE… We all pray to the lord to keep ARINAITWE alive till when his head is grey…


    ARINAITWE did very bad, it shouldn’t mean that he has to be taken in the courts of law. What he did is very minor he should be forgiven, people do sacrifice very young kids,abort etc. what could he have done to sm one who knows ,understands the law and admantly refused to get out of the vehicle and he knew he was under arrest. the doctor is a citizen of uganda and no one is above the law. i pray to God to heal the doctor very quickly and may the forgiving lord forgive A RINAITWE.

  51. EDWARD,

    Am wordless over this Man,s actions i really cant know where he got the extra judicial powers and anger to reach the extent of behaving in that manner..
    He took back this country to the dark days of Amin.

    He will pay for his actions.

  52. Nora,

    I heard with relief and at the same time with deep sorrow of the collapse of the wife of the ARINAITWE on hearing of her husband’s barbaric action. Relief, because it seems the wife in any way not a party to his heinous behaviour which shocked her to the point of collapse. Deep sorrow, because of the unfare and dangerous situation he has put his wife and the unborn innocent child the wife is carrying. My advice is for the wife who I understood a lawyer and a devoted christian, to pray hard to God and make arrangement of getting out of her relationship with this dangerous monster before the wrath of nature takes it’s course.

  53. Its is so saddening that the Minister of Internal Affairs Kirunda Kivejinja aka KK could come out with an incompetent speech to the nation best on his age and the time they have spent in power. It was indeed a shame coz u failed to condemn the bruitality exhibited by Arinaitwe instead you praised his acts. Mind u nature is about to call u since you are near expiry however you should have apologised on behalf of the Uganda Police since it is under your ministry. But by the fact that you remanined defiant like you alledge Dr. KB is I think Ugandan will never forgive and forget the Movevement Government Atrocities.

  54. I sent this letter to the Editor of the Monitor:

    Dear Editor

    Re: Kirunda Kivejinja’s Press Release

    The press release sent by Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja puts the entire government and our communications bureaucrats to complete shame. It is as if it was written by a Senior-4 student. When it first appeared in the breaking news on the Internet, I thought that it was one of those doctored documents from the semi-schooled that are often posted on social networks with the intention of belittling the Ugandan government, or particularly to Ndugu KK; but alas, no sooner had I opened the day’s papers than – lo and behold, it was there verbatim – hollow, shallow, unintelligible, uncivil and unprofessional. Don’t they have Information Assistants responsible for doing this job? Was it not an issue of public interest that required some damage control? Were the MP’s bluffing in condemnation of the brutality meted out to a fellow Ugandan?

    A press release or press statement should be specific, unambiguous and often appealing. Any journalism school graduate will know that there are standards set to write a press release or official press statement – of course, with the 5Ws and H. Commercial jargon and rhetorical is acceptable, albeit with reservations since professional editors in most media houses will not carry it unless it is sent in as a paid commercial. Even then, there are some limitations. I hope the ministry of Internal Affairs or President’s Office paid some money for running it in the papers. It should have been written as a story by columnist Kirunda Kivejinja. But even then, if it were as tory, when you read paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 4, there is absolutely no coherence. It looks as if it was intended to narrate the story of Dr. Kizza Besigye and how he walked from his home with journalists in tow, begging for fuel as an excuse for walking. Note that the author does not indicate that Dr. Besigye actually drove his car from his home. Come para 5, the story of the car now comes in. “He got through the roof top of his vehicle and beckoned the crowd to join him.” Whose vehicle? Did the police give him fuel which he demanded of them?

    I am not sure if Hon. Kivejinja actually checks the Internet to note that all stories were posted on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. So, his release seemed lacking in fact and presentation. I live in North America but I was following the story hour after hour. The Monitor was posting updates all the way until Besigye’s release from court. We were even able to see him arrive at the hospital in Nairobi. Then came the real story we were keen to know the government’s reaction about: the car-window-smashing brutality and the under-the-seat-stuffing last practiced in the 70s when Mbarara politicians were stuffed in car boots (or trunks) in exactly the same way by Idd Amin’s soldiers. This should have been the gist of the press statement. What the parliament was asking for was not to tell the story of Besigye’s breaking of the law, it was to explain the method in which Dr. Besigye was apprehended, if you will. Part of the parliamentary debate was also shown on the Internet with Beatrice Anywar MP literally weeping, if Mr. Kivejinja is not aware.

    I would advise that the president’s office looks for a well trained team of spin doctors or media relations experts to handle their public relations. The fast growing communication technology is changing… and changing pretty fast. Unless, KK and his sixties Russian-college-alma-mater generations join the trend, the world may leave them. And it is doing so fast, and at their expense.

    I wish and pray for peace, education and civility to prevail.

    Henry Gahima Ford
    North York, Ontario, Canada

  55. Mukiga,

    Ya maawe Arinaitwe na mayira go munyarwanda.

    Ola kachencula and I am cursing you to die with by a dog tiring your small body into more thiner pieces.

    Kasw…. ny…..

  56. eddie,

    Besigye is planning badly for ugandans let him stop demonistrations in uganda there is Democracy let the members of pariament debate on the issues of fuel not to put security operatives in dilema do members of of paliament know their work that is the best way we can over come this problem well done security officers continue

  57. Panther,

    Am not really an interested in politics but Its so demeaning that Arinaitwe chose to introduce himself to the Ugandan fraternity that feed and cloth him through exorbitant taxes its not a matter of partisan ideology but a matter of NATIONAL IMAGE “CRY THE BELOVED PEARL OF AFRICA” Arinaitwe acted unprofessionally on a man his senior in wealth,power, and basically all aspects

  58. dunc Timothy,

    The greatest jackass of alltime. He is a sinner y should he hide in God i hear apreacher my ass. He deserves to be hanged @constitutional square on May 12th 2011 before we head to kololo

  59. John Lema,

    Lets continue to enjoy the sleep that we have always talked of after all there are no gun shots and everyone is happy.
    Why are we even crying when the next day we are going to go back singing praise for him abewo and so on.

    Its shame on all of you for why wait when it happens to one of you and then wake up what have you been doing all this long when some of us have been saying that this man is a killer and the worst dictator Uganda has ever produced.

    But instead to you it was only Amin and Obote that you knew as on not knowing this was one of the people that used to do most of what happened in those two regimes.

    Welcome to the game of lies.

  60. James south africa,

    museven tusasire teli muntu asobola kutegera myaka asatu gwe nanyini bizibu mugwanga kati ensi weyali yavawo tuli kuburala ate tobimanyi Sebo mwami meseven wayita kulugudo lwe masaka nga lwabinya kati olaba nti okola byamanyi kyoka ate nze ntambulira mulugudo lwa motoca tanu5
    kitege byokola sirabamu guno simulembe gwo
    byola nga ebyamanyi byamyaka ja nsanvu Tukukoye
    gulekere banyini gwo anamanyi bomulembe guno [no more new idea’s from you] okujako okubba]

  61. James south africa,


  62. James south africa,

    As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
    Nelson Mandela

  63. Wise One,

    @uuu said, next time before you post false and misleading information on a public blog, be sure to have the decency to verify your information before you put a young man’s life in jeopardy. The Systems Certification Officer of UNBS “IS NOT”….I REPEAT “IS NOT”…..the same Gilbert Arinaitwe as the man who attacked the Opposition leader….Bloggers kindly ignore uuu said’s post giving the details of the UNBS officer…

  64. Annette KK,

    I was appalled and shocked to see the details of the UNBS Systems Officer posted by a blogger as the alleged perpetrator of the attack on the opposition leader. The Gilbert Arinaitwe of UNBS does not look anything like the man who attacked the opposition leader, neither does he own a gun and neither would he be involved in such acts….uuu said get your facts right before you mislead and tell false hoods to the Ugandans!

  65. stephen,

    To those of you who are supporting the actions of that stupid Gilbert maybe i should remind you that Tunisian leader with his clones are gone, Mubarak gone with his beloved clones and his sons, Agbogbo of ivory coast gone, OSAMA BIN LADIN DEAD. NEXT in line are MUSEVENI and his clones ( Gilbert and etc) watch the space and believe me justice will be served to the peace loving ugandan as walking is their birth right and anyone violeting it will pay a big price on earth and Heaven. Good luck to the peace loving ugandans ( Norbert mao, Olara Otunu,Kizza Besigye),YEMEN, SYRIA, BAHARAN, MORROCO,ALGERIA, ZIMBABWE ETC

  66. Abel Rusiba,

    what u did to col. ur un born baby shall pay!

  67. Alex,

    Arinaitwe’s actions are as a result of poor pay in the police force-so he was seeking cheap promotions to enhance his peanut salary.He claims to work at RRU,-Kireka, that is a pure lie,he is trying to portray himself that he is so notorious by that claim.Even RRU operatives dont behave like that in public.
    He is just stupid.

  68. Nora,

    It has come to light that the NRM leaders think ugandans are so dumb to the extend of trying to brainwash members of parliament and the public at large with some doctored video of Besigye arrest! Even Museveni himself was uttering naked lies about it so confidently to the whole world that one is left with no option, but to declare them insane. It is becoming clearer by the day that Uganda actually is being ruled by NRM with the army, police and security operatives as NRM militia. The judiciary as their court martial. It is time to let them know in no uncertain terms that it is us the ordinary ugandans who are paying for their luxurious life and will tolorate no oppression and clinging on to power with sham elections. NRM militia primitive rule trying hard to evolve into a legitimate Civilian Democratic Government for the benifit of this one man with his cult of insane blind followers.

  69. Moze,

    we shall get that bustard i knw weya ur hidng nw…………embwa eno….tumbavu….

  70. Robobo,

    This man Arinaitwe Bwaaanaaa Gilbert, are u da 1 who dug Uganda’s foundation? Is dat how u feed your family? By denying another man the opportunity to get access to his reserves? Whether u like it or not, one u r going to DIE, trust me! I pray dat ur wife delivers safely, we r going to show your horror video to ur child. He/She will live with that memory for the rest of his/her life! imagine how tormenting that will be. Stupid Arinaitwe….

  71. Masa,

    Here are my predictions on this self opinionated Arinaitwe(God is with us),
    1.He is now a very haunted man!
    2.He was so myopic as not to realise that he was playing with the many million Ugandans who believe in KB!
    3. He stupidly thought the easiest way to get where Turyagumanawe is was by acting very stupid! he thought to be “ASP” or to be “Victor Bwana’s son’ is insurance enough against stupidity!
    4.He will achieve an accelerated promotion considering that Kayihura’s policy is to reward hooligan,rather than professional, officers.

  72. aroxxxx,

    what that young man he needs to be beheaded

  73. steven kasiko,

    Up to now Ugandans ‘re still making afollow up of Gilbert Arinaitwe , Kale Kayihura . Kayihura Ugandans thank you for turning the police into amilitary brutal force that ‘s now terrorising innocent Ugandans that try to express they disatification of the government. Kayihura Museveni you have killed our brothers and sisters but you will have to account for all the innocent souls you have killed

  74. muitos tem duvida que o facebbok é uma das rede sociais mais poderosa na internet, porem sera uma explosão para o nosso seculo. muito bom seus conteúdos.

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