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Day April 30, 2011

President Museveni’s visit to Kenya worries Besigye Supporters as the Colonel is in Hospital

Statehouse has released a statement to say that President Yoweri Museveni has arrived in Nairobi for a one-day working visit to Kenya. The President, who landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 12.00 noon today, was received on arrival by the Kenyan Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Mr. Njeru Githae, the Commander of the Kenyan Army, Lt. General Njuki Mwaniki, Uganda’s High Commissioner to Kenya Mrs. Angelina Wapakhabulo as well as several senior Kenyan government officials.

During his stay in Nairobi, President Museveni will meet with his Kenyan counterpart President Mwai Kibaki. The Ugandan leader will also address a conference on Social Economic Transformation and the East African integration.

The opposition leader, Dr Kiiza Besigye was also admitted to hospital in Nairobi yesterday after after Uganda government, reportedly pushed by foreign diplomats, dramatically reversed a declared decision to block him from flying out for further medical management.

Besigye supporters on UAH are worried of Museveni visit to Kenya at the same time while Besigye is there. One supporter from Sweden called Robert Ssenkindu reckons that the president may do something dubious to Besigye in Nairobi such that Ugandans need to watch out for any suspicious activity around Besigye’s hospital bed.

Christopher Muwanga from Kampala was also not happy and he had this to say:”M7 thinks only in matters of the gun. He is not just afraid that Besigye may do something funny in Nairobi. Nooooo! His and Tinyefuza’s reported whispers of ‘planned genocide’ are aruse to sell to the neigbouring countries and a diversion to justify their [M7, Tinye & Co.’s] planned mass-murders of innocent Ugandans.In visiting Nairobi, M7 either wants the Kenyans to assist in finishing off the man, or wants him chased from the country or even worse, he wants the results of the lab tests on Besigye kept secret.The first and last reasons have higher currency [are most plausible]because the M7 terrorists did not them out of Uganda, only the foreign missions helped.”

Christopher continued to say that Ugandans should, however, take heart; ”Besigye was once a staffer at a Kenyan hospital. He has colleagues there.The bloood samples must already have reached other labs world-wide. So,whatever the case, the nature of poisons adminstred to him will be known, lives he after this or never and vengeance for crime will be persued forever.Meanwhile, Gen Tinyefuza’s goons are streaming across the border and flooding Nairobi. The ‘sleepers’ [inactive, resident agent cells] have been activated as well as those from friendly embassies [to our south-west [where else?].”

A DP elder in USA,Kyijomamanyi, was also very furious with the government heavy handness of Besigye:”It is very dumb for YKM to pour security forces in the streets especially in all town in Uganda. The last or smart thing would be to restrict access to guns and bullets. Yet what Ugandans saw was the release of Gibert Arinaitwe-is it true he grew up in TZ before joining primary school in Tororo-and set in motion the equivalent of a positive feedback in science. The situation in Uganda is deviating further and further from the norm. Certainly what we saw does not augur well for the the dictators. Who benefits from an escalating feedback situation in Uganda? But as the Grek say, may be YKM is about to go mad and may not even have pondered of the consequences of his actions. Gilbert Arinaitwe will forever be the symbol of his reign.

”If Ugandans pour in urban centers and town in large numbers, the security fores will not be of help. Sure the Muhoozi Kainerugaba force will mow Ugandans but eventually it will crumble.Now you folks in Uganda find out the ‘saved’ church that sadist Arinaitwe attends. Opposition mobs too should pretend to be ‘saved’ and trail him there. Yes mulokoke -not sure from what when you see Gilbert Arinaitwe a mulokole behaving that way-if that is what it takes to get that monster Arinaitwe.” Kyijomanyi said.

The moment of truth could be in the horizon especially as YKM and his security team fall prey to positive feedback. Let me tell you, a positive feedback is YKm’s worst nightmare. If you believe that the police have not been aid and military men are in lugabire=tyre sandals, then you get the point. At one point many will ask themselves the big question: why are we killing fellow Ugandans? Yes, I know a few are from Rwanda, but the majority are Ugandans. Why indeed should they continue to kill fellow Ugandans? ”

Ahmed Katerega, a Newvision journalist and NRM activisit, said:”the middle class has grown in Uganda such that they prefer treatment in Kenya, South Africa, Germany, UK , US, India. In 1982, Obote was treated in Italy.Secondly corruption in civil service especially in ministry of Health and Mulago Hospital.”

Another NRM supporter, Kaka John, said:”Besigye introduced the hammer as his political symbol. Now yesterday it came to haunt him as it was used by security fellows to break the glass of his car. Besigye started it all – he has been advocating for violence – now he has reaped it. The tsunami, the hammer, name it. ”

Gilbert on his wedding day.

Meanwhile, Ugandans have sent a lot of information about Gilbert Arinaitwe, the state agent who terrorised Besigye yesterday. Below is some of the information that has been posted to us:

Name: Arinaitwe Bwana Gilbert/ Arinaitwe Bwana Stephen became Cadet
Assistant Superintendent of Police in September 2007.

Rank: Assistant Supritendant of Police

Officers File No: A/1089

Department: Criminal Investigations Directorate – Homicide but currently with Rapid Response Unit

Computer No: 233553 (Old) C14409022966

Salary: UGX 473,789/=

Account No: 8020033837

Telephone: 0715063393

Marital Status: Married to Ms. Beatrice Nagawa, a lawyer and advocate who trained in clerkship with the law firm M/s Katende, Sempebwa & Co. Advocates. A brother – in – law to Ms. Sarah Nantongo, an employee of Bank of Uganda. His mother – in – law is also an employee of the same Bank of Uganda.

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