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Day May 2, 2011


Dear Friends
Some NRM suporters have said that Besigye had a hammer with him before tear gas was sprayed on him. Museveni also said while at a press conference in Nairobi that Besigye had pepper spray in his car- used by women to fight of rapists, and that he used it on police officers which provoked the men in uniform and non-uniform ( Gilber Arinaitwe) to humiliate him. So who is right???


Besigye has denied both allegations that he had been carrying any chemical sprays or other weapons in his vehicle at the time of his arrest and thanked the media for capturing the incident in detail because they could give a true account of what happened at the scene of his arrest.

Besigye in his own words said at a press conference in Nairobi today:”every aspect of the incident was recorded by the media; it is out there for everybody to see. On the fateful day, I obviously did not have any spray; I cannot have any spray. I understand while I was here that that fellow who sprayed me there have been a lot of efforts to track him down and possibly to harm him and his family but we have advised our people that they must make a statement that we have no intention of retribution in our activities,”


Besigye explained that a hammer used by security personnel to break the car window closest to him last Thursday had fallen through and hurt his right thigh. Surely, he could not have had both the hammer and spray at the same time positioned at the police officers and all journalists(national and international) miss it,could they???? That is why i laughed my head off when president Museveni blamed CNN for missing capturing that on camera. Atleast, he confirmed that he watches CNN but obviusly those who briefed our president did it wrongly. Besigye could not have had pepper spray in his car and got away with it. Where is Besigye’s car, by the way? What happened to it after that scenario?

In the video attached above, Besigye says: ”which kind of police are you with hammers’’. Honestly, how could a man of his calibre say that when he was the one with a hammer in his car. My guess is that NRM is doing PR on this and they are failing, because it looks so bad in everyone‘s eyes.

Daily Monitor reported that Minister Kassaija, who deputises Kivejinja, confirmed that neither Besigye nor any of the occupants in his vehicle were actually armed.This a state minister we are talking about, not just some Abbey on UAH forum.

Seriously,we should all unite in condemning the use of hammers in police operations regardless of our political affiliations. Tear gas should also not be used unnecessarily as we have witnessed for the past 3 years of Museveni and Kayihura leadership. Uganda will not end with Museveni or Besigye or Mao or any of those people. We all have a responsibility to sort things out.

The way Arinaitwe was busy on the scene in that video reminded me of a school boy playing football in the presence of a father, obviously with the intent to impress somebody. People want to punish everybody asociated with him, especially his family, but i think it is wrong. Ugandans should leave Arinaitwe’s family alone. What bigger crime has Arinaitwe’s wife commited than those leaders he was trying to impress? Ugandans know these leaders but few people are even talking about them. Instead, we are concentrating on destroying the family members of a young man whose testorene levels had raised beyond the normal limits.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

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