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Day May 5, 2011

Anti-Corruption Walk NEXT

Summary: Ugandans have kept ‘lazy’ for a long time and they have therefore been taken for granted by the looters who seem to think everything belongs to them by right. Having woken up at last, and already on the march to reclaim their country, they are on the march despite all bribery, the brutality and murder from the NRMO police and court cadres not withstanding. They have, at last, overcome the threshold of fear. They are tired of ‘living without a shadow’.

So, those that ‘ate’ [Uganda-speak today] public money be it GAVI [HIV and tuberculosis UN funds, or CHOGM funds, road funds, plot-land fraud, etc, etc, etc, time for ‘shaming’ is at hand.

From the population and from even within the NRMO itself [those who may loose out on appointments and some patriots within], it looks like the trigger will be the re-appointment of the sycophants named in the CHOGM scandals by Auditor General Muwanga then by the PAC but exonerated in the plenary of Parliament by the NRM caucus, led by Hon Winnie Masiko (Rukungiri Woman Rep. [who has thus entered history as the ‘pleader’ for thieves].

By the Plenary meeting of Parliament not following the recommendations of their own (i.e. Parliament’s) Public Accounts Committee [PAC], the NRM caucus made our parliament a laughing stock in parliamentary practice worldwide. They are like a mother who strangles her own baby, if not like the hungry bitch that tears its own newly-born puppy to pieces, as the first post-delivery meal. SHAME ON THE WHOLE CORRUPT, THIEVING BUNCH.

Retribution: Fortunately, everything is on public record, in the Hansard and they have stained their names and reputation for the next 1000 years, if not longer.

Unfortunately, the CHILDREN and GRAND-CHILDREN, (if not their posterity) of the likes of Ms Winnie Masiko and the seconder of the exonerating motion [who else other than the Gen. Sec. of NRM and the conqueror of Temangalo with NSSF booty, the only Patrick Mbabazi in Uganda, will be shamed to, for ever.

By the way, the right thing the UPC’s said was that M7 was ‘ekyihaze’ [a young rascal]. Not such an off-point categorisation, may be because he had served under them [Specifically under Akena Adoko’s Den. Service Unit – reserch Dept. under one Okweje]

But look, they (UPC’s) gave Gen. Kalekezi a scholarship to MUK law school and later to LSC [London School of Economics], only for him to conclude the cours ena d end up in Luwero, vis belgioum.

On his recent ‘flying panic’ visit to Nairobi, the NRMO party leader, when questioned by a journalist on the “Amin-like” acts of murder [did Amin shoot babies?] and brutality by his forces, replied with something like this: “….. why can’t the leader [Dr. KB] follow Police orders by example”, insinuating that what ever the Police do, even tell a citizen is lawful. This wrong song is now repeated verbatim by all his executioners [Kalekezi and dinosaur Kivedhinda] as though it were the truth. This post says that the police can and are issuing unlawful orders, ‘repeated from the ABOVE], violating the rights of the citizens, even to earn a living. The post also proves that IT IS THE POLICE, NOT THE CITIZENS, WHO ARE VIOLATING the law by interfering with the citizens going about their daily routines. Thus, M7 seems to justify the attempted assassination of his political rival, not unlike what Amin would have done – as though returning a stone with a live bullet also lawful!

Especially addressed here is one Sedrace who posted a letter in the ‘Observer Newspaper’, commending Police brutality, as though the Police were the law, let alone, the Constitution of Uganda.Sedrace Musiimenta (and others in The Observer, 05.05.2011) calls on the Police to continue with the brutality they are visiting on the babies and people on their houses/in their cars. Let him (her?) answer the following questions;

1/4). Two weeks ago, Dr. KB went with about 70 supporters to a church service at Gayaza. The military were there, fully armed. They left the marchers ALONE. These Besiege fans came from church and went to the Dr.’s residence without incident because the so called police/red tops never interfered with them. What does this teach you and me, Sedrace?

2/4). Next, Dr. Otunu bought groceries at Nakawa market (no incident) and then walked to Uganda H’se with a professional police officer. No incident (except the officer was later dismissed but later recalled then demoted).There was no violence. What does this teach Sedrace?

3/4). UNLAWFUL POLICE ORDERS: Secrace thinks , wrongly like the cheats afraid of the truth, that whatever the police says or orders is lawful but let all know that in our current circumstances, this is not always. You cannot stop a person from going to earn bread for his kids lawful, especially without a magistrate’s warrant. THE POLICE ARE NOT THE LAW sir!!!

4/4). In Nairobi, the ruling party leader repeated 100 times that “the ‘walkers’ or their leaders do not follow the law as directed by police”. What this insinuates is that any government militia (civilian), LDU, partisan policemen/army man, etc says IS LAW and this is where most people are going wrong. Our law does not specify that one needs police permission to demonstrate and this has been proved before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uganda [Kivumbi Vs Attorney General]! This fake condition is in the colonial Police Act that itself contravenes our Constitution today. SO, WHATVER ORDER THE POLICE HAVE GIVEN TODAY is an UNLAWFUL order and should therefore not just be obeyed or used to harass a citizen. Even the blind ones like Sedrace should admit this although he/she may be misled by a former guerrilla and by the other NRM propaganda channels.

Christopher Muwanga,



Uganda Rioters Cannot Bring Tunisia or Egypt Style Regime Change in Uganda

Private Cwinyai Uringtho Joseph excited infront of cameras

I have just been made to learn something interesting from someone that the individual some in the opposition are praising as a tough rioter is a UPDF soldier working in the Directorate of Sports at Bombo Hqs. He is part of the UPDF acrobatic troupe. His name is RA/147777 Private Cwinyai Uringtho Joseph. He hails from Parombo. The gum boots he is wearing are unmistakable.

He is one of those deployed in plain clothes to take on the rioters, and yes, there are always many soldiers deployed in that role. At that moment, his squad had just scattered the rioters that had lit that fire and that was his way of celebrating. In the picture below, he is the third from the left. That picture was taken during the Army day celebrations this year. I am sure you recognise that spot in Soroti.

Nonetheless, If a young rioter goes into squandering his calories on gymnastics, where will he get the energy to relocate to the next street corner to keep the police on their tenterhooks?

If the Kampala rioter has the wisdom to stretch out his hamstrings for the camera, where does he get the legs to locomote him to the neighbouring suburbs to sustain the momentum of the demonstration?

Just go and compare him with the Tunisian or Egyptian rioter each of whom has a camera opportunity at any time of their choosing, because each of them had a mobile phone with a camera anyway!

When Dr Besigye mounts the tank that has been sent down to Kivulu to cordon him off, and goes on to make a momentous political declaration while the commander of the tank sits and weeps by the turret, capture that image for me. It shall be iconic. And please clone Dr Besigye now, for that moment shall be in 2069!

Never mind that Yeltsin was super drunk then

In contexts of mass action, this is what we call an iconic image

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

Marshal Law slapped on Uganda. Military administrator appointed

How Besigye looked after being teargassed directly in the eyes

SUMMARY: M7 and his cohorts think that arms against civilians, corruption and bribery are enough to keep them looting and ruling. They frget that a brutilised person, when he overcomes fear, cannot be vanguished. The lies,the impunity, the corruption, the lawlessnes and the arrogance are signs that the time of M7 era is gone.

Fear is a great weapon. Leaving alone the two factors listed bellow, the ‘tools’ that M7 thought would keep him and his likes in power for 1000 years (1. Arms/weapons. 2. Bribery/Money to all (selected) and corruption, etc, are now useless and the aging Ssabagabe [Emperor or King of Kings] is going. He now finds a third factor he only read about in books: 3. people-power. By buying many with jobs, cash, districts, corruption and brutilising many who refused ‘his advances’, M7 thought hew was home and dry.

But wait, brutilising people simply gives them courage. It drives tham beyond the threshold of fear.
Mother of ALL questions now: How many is the dictor willing to kill: may be thousands but he must know that through the blood of the innocents, hisdemice will be accerelated.

In other words, (a) Arms/army (b) Money will not defeat the people simply because he cannot have enough bandits to kill all the Ugandans and as shown already, he has already bankrupted that state and, as shown already, even the 2800 million shillings for feeding his cronies on his CORONATION DAY were hard to come by.

A quarter of a century is a long time for any body, even for a an armed and mature plutocracy lof the M7 type. The more he kills, the faster his demice. So, take heart countrymen and women. Dictatoship will kill but end.

As Museveni’s coronation day approaches and with his lies not helping salvage his image in the eyes of his disgruntled, now aware oversease masters, still finding that brutal force only galvanises the oppressed beyond the threshold of fear, Emperor museven the VIth has now gone beyond the ‘Illegal State of Emergency” to “A state of Siege”. Uganda is now under MARSHAL LAW, with the military governor for Kampala already appointed.

We talk of the ‘rule of M7’s law’ but even here, the rubber-stamp parliamnent has not been consulted. The emperor’s word is final…….Or may be, does he even fear his shadows in/among his bootlicking NRM caucus, save for the few galant ones like Ssekikuubo, Banyenzaki, etc.

M7’s lawlessness knows no limits. So much that even armed terrorists can now enter the chambers of the August House and the lame-duck so called Speaker is lost for words. Why can he not resign, even though he has a few days to go still? After all, he has a ‘stolen’ MP post and legal chambers to fall back to?

Christopher Muwanga,

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