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Day May 8, 2011

NRM Youths Want President Museveni to ”Punish” Mbabazi’s Daughter,Nina.

8th May.2011

The President of the Republic of Uganda,

NRM Chairperson  

Your Excellency,

Dear Sir,


Re: Dissatisfaction with the improper conduct of Nina Mbabazi

Mr. President Sir, with great humility, we the undersigned National Resistance Movement Youths across the country represented by these signatories, here by draw your attention to the above state of affairs. We lodge this petition protesting against the blatant, inadvertent, unbecoming, improper and disrespectful conduct of Miss Nina Mbabazi.


She has embarked on a bad mouthing and smear campaign through a protracted media war against the NRM Government in general, your honorable office and you as an individual. We are wondering her motives more so on the social media like Ugandans-at-heart a UK based blog where she hobnobs with the disgruntled olden opposition asylum seekers ideologically.


She has become a mouth piece of the opposition through expressing anti-Government views and opinions through mainly the Daily Monitor and the Observer and continues to tackle very sensitive issues of National security like disputing the existence of the Al Shabaab and the bombing of Lugogo.

We feel that such kind of conduct is not only detrimental to our lawfully elected Government, but also raises eyebrows about the allegiance and loyalty of those around her since the father is prominent and occupies a high ranking office in our party.


We will be grateful if our humble petition is given the consideration it deserves and a long-lasting solution is devised to bring the above state of affairs to a halt. Such conduct is the greatest revelation of conspiracy and contempt of the NRM party and the Government at large.  We thus demand to know Nina’s portifolio in the party and later disown her……


Unforgivable Sentiments.

 Nina suggesting (stupidly or inadvertently) that there is no Alshabaab by virtue of her position and status is to be seen as inside information, the father runs the country’s security apparatus under which the police falls. So the question is indeed in her position she is to be believed, because of her connections and or in the alternative may be because the dad has told her to say it.


She is known to be close to the dad and even in the absence of such political closeness I presume that she is still privy to inside information, privileges as well so yes her word is to be taken for right.


This conclusion is reached on the basis that she could always ask the dad for a clarification. Either way these sentiments are unforgivable if wrong because of the following; Should Alshaabab or any other terrorist organisation attack Uganda, Nina Mbabazi has already sown the seed of contempt in that these attacks should be seen to be state inspired in the name of Alshaab.


She indeed glorifies and or denies that the previous attack on the rugby course was state engineered since she of course says there is no Alshaabab.


She knows of course being an insider that the UPDF credibility is the ‘jewel’ in Museveni’s crown. Attacking and discrediting it is central to the crumbling of NRM and ultimately Museveni’s demise.  She is an ambulance chaser in the right family in that she brings this rather tender subject to; – Again discredit the police as corrupt and looking for an extra dime at the expense of bombing Ugandans. – That the timing is the right one.


Where the police are engaged in the walk to work 80% operational, turn even the faithful against the police, stretch their resources and then have an uprising. Amid this I have a feeling there is arms and armed conflict somewhere. Double standards yet again: Kalyebara said exactly the same things and he was jailed and harangued by security services.


What makes Nina Mbabazi different???Is Nina with NRM/Museveni or is she against it and him?? Catalogue of indicators…..


Hereunder is some her of unforgivable utterances vis-à-vis the party-NRM.


 – Wikileaks; ‘Museveni is tired and needs a replacement, my daddy is credible but Kutesa is corrupt’.


 – 100 million shilling: ‘NRM is popular but people don’t want to vote Museveni’-

Kale Kayihura is a war criminal.-


Besigye is a ‘rock star’-


Museveni bombed kampala ‘there is no alshabaab’.- Lets dialogue with the opposition.

We thus don’t want to rush into conclusions but by our standards, Nina Mbabazi has shown her side already. This message is for H.E Gen.Museveni and all NRM supporters, just don’t trust her. 



For the undersigned

Vernon Tugumizemu

Former NRM National Youths chairperson contender-2011

CC: NRM Vice chairperson

CC: NRM Party SG

CC: NRM Chief whip

Signatures in support of the petition

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