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Day May 11, 2011

Museveni Will Be Gone As Soon As the West Identify their Next Man


The weather is great so I have been outdoors enjoying myself. But when I checked the Daily Nation, I saw an apology from Kenya Airways to Dr Besigye and Ms Winnie Byanyima.  YKM and his goons had apparently threatened Kenya airways that it would not land if Dr Besigye was on board. It took a phone call from Washington and London or even Kampala for both the airlines and YKM to budge and allow Dr Besigye in the country.

But seriously who is advising YKM? Or put differently what is YKM is smoking and drinking?  I read in the papers General Tinye rubbishing the police for their imbecile tactics against Dr Besigye. My interpretation is that this time the chap from Nyakasura is not to blame for the actions of Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe and Turyagumanawe who looks like a chicken thief smoking police exhibits aka bhang -look at his pictures and judge for yourself.

General Aronda dismissed police actions and now General Tinye calls them morons? Ok, not those words exactly but that is the message: the Ugandan police are idiots say General Tinye.   What is going on?   And can someone please tell Afande Nabakooba to chill out. If she refuses then the independent media should give her press releases total blackout for she has nothing, I repeat nothing to say.
Afande Nabakooba, if you are reading, remember the saying “Eryato …magoba” or ” vva mukulisa ….empiso” or ‘tokotakota ….lumonde”. Think of your future.

Like is said last week, YKM has over 70 assistants and a similar number of ministers. But it is now clear that all with no exception sorry “bawwutavu”.  The irony is that it is those folks who will pay the ultimate price once things change and change they will.  Funny, Kenya will block any planes carrying them and their families!  Those Kenyans are not funny.  Funny too because YKM and his cabinet saw those  UG/UC cars packed at Harambee House in 1985 having been confiscated after the 1985 coup.  My prediction is that Kenya will do to NRM goons what TZ did in 1985. Sorry not Nairobi this time. So plan in advance where to go because we are going to block most of you from coming to the West.  And if you do, you will be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity and deported to Kampala.

If the West were to decide that it is time for YKM to go which may come sooner than later if he continues to dare the West, General Aronda and general Tinye would feature in those  conversations.  Right now the West is vetting lot of people in Uganda to screen out a potential Amin.  Once they are satisfied about their choices, YKM will be gone.

The game being played by Aronda and Tinye is quite revealing.  Could they be hanging the IGP? Is it true that YKM could name the IGP to a cabinet post where he could be General Tinye’s boss? If you believe the stories from Uganda, Kayihura is due for a big cabinet post. Irrespective, General Aronda and Tinye are street smart  and let it on record that they disapprove the imbecile actions of the police.

Basically they are saying that the IGP failed.  BTW, one question which has not been asked is this: how far was the IGP when Turyagumanawe and Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe and other police officers were assaulting Dr Besigye and other Ugandans? I bet you the IGP was not very far, perhaps hiding at Wandegeya police station and on phone with the goons.  I may have missed it but the IGP has not spoken to the media since that incident. Instead Afande Nabakooba has become very busy explaining the insanity.

The CEO of Kenya Airways, Mr. Titus Naikuni-a Masai- is lucky that he has admirers in Harambee House.  The damage to Kenya airways cannot be minimized. YKM continues to expose himself. If Dr Besigye is that powerless why is YKM prosecuting him so heavily? If the world never knew how petty YKM can be-they should ask Dr Lutakome Kayiira RIP-they now have it on you-tube.

Some of you continue to wonder about Robert Kabushenga(Newvision), Karuhanga-they both want to be cabinet ministers so badly that they are wiling to say anything to please Ssebagabe- and others. But these are the same people feeding YKM nonsense and hurting him globally.

How on earth would YKM escalate the conflict against Dr Besigye when Western imperialism is at its peak?  Why on earth did YKM turn a molehill into a mountain which has given Dr Besigye and to some extent Mr. Mao and Mr. Lubega stature? They have now told YKM to spray pink colour on protesters. YKM can be, I repeat YKM can be replaced if the West decides that he has become a liability to their interests. Sudan is now safe and under Anglo-Saxon grip.  France is on the decline and the Anglo-Saxons cannot hide their glee.

If YKM had smart advisers, they would have told him to chill and reverse the positive feedback effect which could consume the regime. The likes of IGP Kayihura, Turyagumanawe, Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe, Hajji Kirunda Kivenjija –internal affairs people-are setting up YKM for the fall. The irony is that the 70 plus cabinet is clueless-it is true that some could be the beneficiary of Imperialism once the decision is made to cut YKM-so they stay kimya like maziwa lala.

The key question the imperialists are asking is this: Who among the minister or the opposition can do better than YKM-make no mistake he is a dependable puppet-when it comes to that oil in Bunyoro? My sense is that it will all come down to Bunyoro oil. If YKM is seen as the safe bet, our motherland will continue to see more Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe’s on the road.

FYI, Libya is being bombed because Western oil firms could not grab the oil fields in Iraq.  And if they fail in Libya, stay tuned.  But if the west were to decide that there is a better bet within the cabinet or the opposition, YKM will be gone. That is why YKM should reflect on his actions. He is playing with fire, which is actually a good thing for our motherland.

The west learned a bitter lesson from Amin so they have to be careful with whoever they put in power. That is why they are not so sure about that idiot in Zimbabwe sijui PM today.  They west put Amin in power only for Amin to turn around and undermine their interests.
One major diiference between YKM and Amin Dada is that Amin had Uganda at Heart.

Yes, Amin was a nationalist. I am willing to debate this proposition with anyone.  That is why the West is very careful this time and  doing intensive vetting to weed out any potential Amin.  Do not ever forgert that Amin tried to empower Ugandans under Economic war. Sure things did not turn out well because the West imposed embargo after they realized that Amin was not their poodle.YKM is not  a nationalist. He is a tribalist  at heart and shameless one at that. Show me a single a nationalistic thing YKM ha s done. What is it?

The big question is this: can Dr Besigye be trusted by the West? I think that is the mother of all questions. My sense is that the West still has doubts about Dr Besigye partly because of his behaviour-read anger-which could turn him into an educated Amin.  I hope you and most UAH members agree that although Dr Besigye is courageous, he can at times be erratic and that scares the West. Can Dr Besigye change? It may be too late given the West’s experience/nightmare with Amin.  But the vetting is ongoing for sure. Believe me the West have their men and women too under watch and vetting. Once they are done, YKM will be gone.

WB Kyijomanyi


Kenyan Airways Issues a Statement on Besigye’s Cancelled flight as M7 Vows to change the Constitution

Wednesday 11th May 2011

After reports this morning that Uganda government had threatened not to allow the Kenya airways plane to land at Entebbe airport if Dr. Kiiza Besigye, is on board,  Kenya Airways boss,Titus Naikuni, has issued a statement and it says:” Kenya Airways  would like to confirm to its passengers, customers, investors and the public that Ugandan Opposition Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is now scheduled to depart on KQ414/11th May departing Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for Entebbe International Airport at 1750hrs.

Dr. Besigye was earlier denied boarding on KQ 410/11th May at 0800hrs following information from Kenya Airways internal intelligence sources that the aircraft would not be allowed to land at the Entebbe International Airport if he was on board. Dr. Besigye thus could not board the aircraft as Kenya Airways had to first ascertain this information without inconveniencing the other passengers destined for Entebbe. The airline has now confirmed and issued Dr. Besigye and his wife tickets to depart Nairobi this the evening. The airline takes earliest opportunity to apologize to Dr. Besigye for any inconveniences caused.”

Earlier this morning, Dr. Besigye, was seen at Jommo Kenyatta airport with his boarding pass in his possession, ready to board, but was asked not to by the Kenya airways officials. There is a heavy deployment of soldiers all over Entebbe and Kampala.

A Ugandan in USA,Edward Pojim, said:”When my BlackBerry let out three continuous beeps at 2:30 this morning, I immediately knew that my US sources were keeping me abreast of some urgent matters about Uganda.Turns out, KQ had some serious issues with UG over one passenger called KB whose itenerary would mar YKM’s coronation.These are the days of SMS, and the cable I received today contained more initials than usual. Well, I reluctantly agree with the position that Besigye should stay away from Museveni’s swearing-in ceremonies.”
Pojim continued to say:”While KB has every right to be in the country and even attend this ceremony as a citizen and a national leader, Museveni is so irrational and personally contemptuous of KB that can easily use Besigye’s presence to unleash another round brutality. And unfortunately, it’s the innocent Ugandans who will ultimately pay the price of this enemity with their blood. I strongly doubt that there exists any meaningful friction between Generals Tinye and Aronda on the one hand, and Maj. Gen. Kale on the other.To the contrary, the facade they’re presenting is to hoodwink Ugandans into accepting that the brutality against the opposition was initiated and carried out by the police, without the consent or complicity of the intelligence! My foot.This appearance of rift within the security apparatus allows Museveni some wiggle room to apologize for police brutality, and arms him with “valid reasons” to finally abolish the regular police “for incompetence.”


Meanwhile, Daily Monitor reported yesterday that president Museveni announced plans to amend the Constitution to deny bail for murder, rape, treason, defilement and riot suspects as well as economic saboteurs until they serve a mandatory 180 days on remand.

Ugandans abroad have reacted angrily to this such that one Richard Mukasa, a resident in the UK said:”M7 is moving Uganda away from the English law principles of natural justice in order for him to use the law to bully and abuse the people of Uganda. The president wants to employ de jure which means a presumption of guilt during criminal proceedings so as to detain suspects for longer  periods  while vague enquiries proceed in Uganda’s criminal justice.M7 has forgotten that he has thousands of criminal cases awaiting him and his fellow thugs in different courts of law. He assumes that he will never be in a position that will warrant him to apply for bail. Instead of laying a soft ground for him to fall on when the bad day comes, he is doing the opposite. Let him ask Kenneth Kaunda about his ordeal in jail. Kenneth complained about the bad state of the jails and the poor treatment of prisoners when he was serving his sentence. Chiluba informed him that he did not build good systems to Forster good prison service performance and it was good for him to suffer for his failures.M7 or his fellow thugs will one day suffer at the hands of the same bad laws that they are creating.”

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