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Day May 13, 2011

”Besigye is a great Ugandan hero,” UPC supporter

Without a scintilla of doubt, Kizza Besigye is Uganda’s most brave politician ever.Whether Besigye is drawing from his natural character, propelled by personal animosity against Museven, or this trait has been forced on him, Besigye has shown all and sundry the power of resilience, the auadacity to dare and a relentless pursuit of Uganda’s wider attempt get ridding itself of Museveni, even if Besigye so thoughtlessly helped Museveni come to power three decades ago.

I hold this position so dearly, and that is why I disagree with some fellow UPC supporters and others who continue to see Besigye in the role he played 30 years ago as Museveni’s fellow combatant.

Naturally, we all re-arrange personal priorities in life, and seek a second chance to correct some wrongs we did earlier. We all want to do-over, because in hindsight, we come to a point where we take responsibility for those unpleasant choices we made in younger years. (teenage parenthood, drug or alcohol abuse, infidelity, rebel wars, etc.)

When Besigye bolted from NRM to protest Museveni’s U-turn on initial NRM programs, KB was asking Ugandans to give him a second chance. And they did, by voting for him in 2001, 2005 and 2011. In between, they got to know him by observing in shock the unspeakable horror visited upon him by Museveni.

In fact, most NRM-aged Ugandans who have turned against Museveni now, only did so after witnessing how mean Museveni can be, in as far as his treatment of Besigye.

So, I’m happy that KB is home and alive. He’s a hero to many in Uganda in particular, and around the world in general, and I consider mine too.

The New York Times is the Newspaper of Record; it’s a must-read for movers and shakers in Washington and Wall Street. I particularly paid attention to the piece they wrote about Besigye and Museveni- for what it said in the last two paragraphs; that is while Museveni had been a darling to the West….”he has recently been riddled with allegations of corruption, facing questions on campaign financing, the purchase of Russian fighter jets and secretive oil contracts.”

Not that top western officials didn’t know it already, but using western funds to purchase Russian jet fighters will not settle down with the tax-paying readers of the New York Times. And they start pestering their government to intervene!

 Edward Pojim

Uganda residing in USA

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