Ugandans in the UK Demonstrate on Museveni’s Swearing-in Day


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  1. Nora,

    We ugandans must be very thankful to God for sending us somebody like Dr.Kizza Besigye. This is a man who have for years now slowly brought a good portion of ugandans out of their fear of gun trotting dictators like M7. M7 together with his NRM militants in the form of the military, the police and all the other so called state security organs plus the judicial system have suppressed, killed, maimed, jailed and looted ugandans for the last 25 or so years.

    Majority of ugandans are poor to the extend of going hungry while elaborate party in the billions of shillings to honour just one man conducted. Many more ugandans are doing of treatable sicknesses because of lack of drug while trillion of shillings being spent buying some flying war machines, funcy dangerous eye spray, sickening gas emitting grenades, dye water spraying tankers, batman-like riot gears just for waylaying opposition leaders! Pathetic and lamentable!

    M7 have made ugandans much more stupid and illiterate especially those who grew up during his 25 year reign-the so called younger generation. These are the group carrying the lethal instruments used for threatening, maiming, torturing and killing ugandans. Most of them are not able to think for themselves as most of them are actually illiterate of what their actual duty is and who they are suppose to serve.

    But it seems a clear trend have come up where the opposition leaders are trying hard to lead by their action and showing people of Uganda to fear no more and reject supression by the NRM tyrants and participate in the action of taking their right and country back.

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