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Day May 17, 2011

How M7 destroyed economy and livelihoods but he Wont admit it

The Ugandan economy is in doldrums and this is caused by M7 personally and by his fellow plutocrats in power today. Bellow, it is proved that M7 is personnaly responsible for the high prices of FOOD, goods and services Ugandans are facing today. Read on.


Most people, even those in government agree that the following are the main causes of economic breakdown in Uganda today.
(a) High food prices caused by drought, low agrucultural investment, etc.
(b) High fuel prices
(c) Much liquidity in the economy.
(d) Food expports.

1/5. How does M7 cause drought? Very simple: Ever since he came to power, M7 has handed out forests to his political supporters, even forest reserves and mountain water-catchment areas. In Buganda, trees, even own trees, would never be cut without the the knowledge of the Kabaka’s agent [random cutting was mitigated by a tax]. Now, M7 is the ‘Ssabataka’ [in charge of land]. A man like Serapio Rukundo, we are told, cut down even forests planted by the colonialists simply because M7 wanted his support/catholic support in Kabale. The same with one man in Lira [who has at last bought his way to Parliament]. He allowed people in Bududa, Mayuge to settle in the forest reserves. They have harvested sorrow. Most recent: Lubigi swamp was this week cleared by NWSC yeasterday. Today is swammed by veterans and NRMO mobelisers. This means Kawempe and Kazo, let alone Bwaise,are going to flood any day a bucket falls from heaven.

So, if we have less food because of less rain, it is because M7 has cut all the forests, water catchment areas, mabira, etc, against Baganda/Ugandan cultural practices and scientific rationale. So it is unfair for one to blame droughts on ‘nature’ alone.

2/5. M7 has caused high fuelprices in many ways but most predominant is his sell of fuel reserve tanks built by all people, Idi Amin!! There is no curshion to dampt speculators’ prctices, who are his political funders. Another reason is that most fuelsellers/transporters are his campaign funders. No wonder then, that on prices Princess Kabakumba said,”this is a free market. We can’t interverne..”. They ofcourse cannot take the bread from the mouths of the people who have just bought them the so called victory.The multiplier-effect of high fuel prices on the economy cannot be fprgotten,ofcourse, even by a high-school economics student.

3/5: On the issue of how M7’s machinery caused the current high liquidity in the economy, no explanation is needed. He prepared for the just ended election 5 years ago. But 2 years back, he printed more currency notes and pushed them into the economy without withdrawing the old ones. Why? Why?

Second, he reportedly spend 2 billion CASH on buying and facilitating vote-buying. If GoU facilities and all man-hours are included, it is estimated that M7 spent 3.3 trillion shillings to buy and steal 5 million votes. Economists tell us that, any money, not backed by production, causes inflation. That is why, even though the price for a kilo of posho has risen from 800/= to 2000/= in a short time, it still is not available. WHY? There are people who have so much money that they buy it off.Where did this money come from??
So, M7 election liquidity is the major cause of inflation, nothing else.

4/5. M7 is proud that we now have food markets in South Sudan Eastern DRC, Rwanda, etc [What mother can be proud of feeding her co-wife’s baby before hers?]. But let it be so: How do Ugandan farmers gain when they do not export? Expoter licences are held only by NRM supporters or those who bribe. Middlemen, not farmers, gain. In any case, why not ake the example of Tanzania? Last time a food shotage nocked, they imporsed high ‘rice export duties’ and the citizens never went hungry. This,like whet the kenyan Govenment did recently [by reducing taxes of fuel]is what any PATRIOTIC governement, worth its name should do/have done.

5/5.CONCLUSION: Let the reader make his or her own conclusion. We are paying for the sustainance of an ‘I do not care’ non-PATRIOTIC plutocracy, that des not care when 70% of our forest cover [and thereore rain catchment] is cleared as a ‘voter bribe’ and turns around and blames those who can’t affort the resuting high costs for ‘rioting’ and therefore by imposing martial law illegally on the citizens.

Christopher Muwanga,

Museveni Calls Besigye,BBC,Aljazera and Daily Monitor enemies of Uganda’s recovery

‘We shall know them by their fruits’ – Matthew 7:16

It says in the Gospel of St. Matthew 7:16, that “…We shall know them by their fruits…” Ever since Dr. Besigye started the latest of his treacherous ‘walk-to-work’ – those who did not know the history of these groups started saying: “let him walk. What harm is there? Odong Otto walked and prayed in the church and there was no problem.” Those who were of that view did not know the ever constant hidden agenda of these groups.

In April 2007, Hon. Betty Anywar pretended to be demonstrating in defence of Mabira Forest without liaising with the Police. What was the consequence? Three people died, targeted by those demonstrators and a lot of property was destroyed. Then, there were the Kayunga riots because the Katikkiro of Buganda had been stopped from proceeding to that area because of the potential for inter-ethnic conflict. Again, property was destroyed, including the Police station at Nateete. The intention of the organizers is always to do that. If you are not the ones leading Uganda, since the population rejected you in the elections, must you destroy the economy of Uganda and attack those who did not vote for you? That is why the women are always attacked by the opposition groups, saying: “mmwe mulemezzawo Museveni” – ‘you women, are the ones that always vote Museveni back into power’. In the recent riots, about 50 vehicles of UTODA were attacked at the Taxi Park because they (UTODA) always support Museveni (NRM).

Our NRM supporters such as the NRM Chairperson of Rubaga, Ziyad Seburiba, the NRM youth leader, Jamil Kabugo, the NRM Chairperson of Teke Division in Gulu Municipality, Santa Oketa, the NRM Chairperson of Lalogi sub-county in Gulu, Samuel Odora, some women in Nateete and Kibuye and many others, were stripped because they were putting on yellow t-shirts (the colour of NRM). This is, exactly, what was happening in Northern Uganda. In that case, this opposition was working with Kony. They would kill NRM supporters such as the very good NRM Chairperson of Pabbo sub-county, the late Alpeo Bongomin who was murdered. That is why NRM was doing badly in the North during the previous elections. After the defeat of Kony, the NRM performance is very good as was manifested in the last elections.

Coming to the ‘walk-to-work’ issue, it is the same hidden agenda of Besigye and his groups. They want to ignite riots using drug-users or even hired groups to loot the property of the wanainchi. The Government response was: if you want to ‘walk’, liaise with the Police so that your ‘walking’ does not interfere with the activities of other Ugandans. They refused to do that. The Police also refused to allow them to ‘walk’. When Besigye ‘walked’, the Police arrested him. He violently resisted arrest. How can a leader behave like that? If you resist arrest or direction by authorized officials of Government, how do you expect ordinary people to behave? Recently, we saw pictures of the Mayor of Washington humbly being arrested without resistance. Why was Besigye resisting? After all, the Police would produce him in a court of law within 48 hours. What is the problem, then? At one stage Besigye wanted to go to Makerere University because he wanted to link up with the other rioters there, who had previously caused trouble by maliciously, falsely and intentionally misinforming students that university charges had been raised when the matter has never even been discussed. This same Besigye, along with some other opposition leaders, were telling lies to people during the campaigns that: “Museveni has sold Lake Kyoga”; “Museveni has sold Lake Victoria”; “Museveni wants to steal the land of the Acholi, the land of the Langi, the land of the Itesot; etc.” He had a case of treason which was dismissed on grounds other than the merit of the case – because the security personnel had not followed some procedure.

Weaknesses in the existing laws, too much laxity by elements of the Judiciary and the Police allow all this indiscipline and criminality to persist. When, therefore, it came to the so-called ‘walk-to-work’, without liaising with the Police, the aim by Besigye and the other opposition leaders was not any different. The aims were to damage people’s property, have some Ugandans killed and intimidate other Ugandans who do not support their reactionary positions.

Therefore, those who were of the view that the ‘walk-to-work’ was harmless were wrong. The Police was right to, straight away, block these efforts. It saved people’s properties, in the main, from being looted and destroyed. Nevertheless, people close shops whenever these ‘walks’ start. They, therefore, lose time and opportunity in their businesses. It scares away, people, especially, tourists and investors.

When it came to Besigye returning from Nairobi, his true purpose was exposed for the benefit of the naïve types who have been talking of the harmlessness of Besigye’s ‘walk-to-work’. This time, the FDCs had agreed with the Police that Besigye should not spend more than one hour on Entebbe road so that he goes to “pray” at Nsambya Sharing Hall grounds. Of course, all this was not in good faith on Besigye’s part. Why choose the day of the Swearing-in to engage in a public prayer. Why not any other day? Even if the prayer would have been on the 11th of May 2011, the day before the Swearing-in ceremony, as had been originally planned, it would not have been correct. Many leaders of friendly African Countries who were coming to attend the Swearing-in Ceremony were arriving on that day. What happened on the 12th could have happened on the 11th of May, also. Anyway, when I was informed that Kenya Airways had refused Besigye to board in Nairobi because the Uganda Government would not allow him to disembark, I straight away told the people concerned that, that was not correct.

You cannot stop a Ugandan from returning to his country, if he wants to do so. All he needed was to agree with the Police on the terms of using Entebbe road. This clarification was done at 9.00 a.m., when I first got this information. There were two flights that day that were yet to arrive from Nairobi: Air Uganda and Kenya Airways. Besigye refused to use either of them. One was Ugandan and he did not want to use the Ugandan one. The other was Kenyan, which would arrive after 5.00 p.m. and he did not want to use it because he would not be “welcomed by his supporters”. Why insist on being “welcomed by his supporters” on the very day the Swearing-in ceremony is taking place or even the day before. There are 365 days on the calendar. The day of the Swearing-in ceremony, on the other hand, is fixed by the Constitution of Uganda. It cannot be changed. Besides, by tradition and, as part of the African integration process, we invite other African Heads of State and Government as well as other guests from abroad. It is, therefore, not simply a Ugandan function; it is an African function. It is all in bad faith on the part of Besigye and his group. Nevertheless, my view was that as long as they agreed with the Police, even with that unnecessarily complicated arrangement, there would be no problem.

However, two problems occurred: Problem number one, the FDCs did not keep part of their agreement to spend not more than one hour on Entebbe road; Secondly, the Police officers and one Army officer who were involved, did not also keep their part of the agreement that if the FDCs did not use one hour to get off the Entebbe road, the Police and other supporting security elements would throw them off Entebbe road. Besigye and his group arrived at Entebbe Airport at 9.00 a.m. By the time we left Kololo airstrip at 3.00 p.m., Besigye and his group were still at Bwebajja. They had spent all the intervening hours at a disco at Abaitababiri and other spots. The excuse of “big crowds” that held up Besigye for hours is a myth and a lie because I was the first to drive through that road after Kololo. Somebody had advised me to take shelter at Nakasero State Lodge until they had removed Besigye from the road. I rejected that view and went straight to Entebbe. I was able to see a few hundred people at Kibuye roundabout, at Najjanakumbi and Kajjansi, making FDC signs.

By the time I came across Besigye’s convoy at Bwebajja, there were no crowds. It was scores of vehicles and bodabodas deliberately ‘imported’ from Kampala and other areas to cause the confusion. It was not local crowds overwhelming security in order to catch glimpse of the “liberator” Besigye. Yes, I was told that there was some crowd at Abaitababiri, but the Police had dispersed it. Therefore, those “crowds”, whether small or big, were dispersible. Proof is that Besigye had no crowd when I came across his vehicles at Bwebajja.

What was the consequence of Besigye’s irresponsibility and the Police weakness? Shame to Uganda. African delegations and other road-users that were coming from Kololo were pelted with stones by indisciplined elements in those crowds at Kibuye roundabout and, possibly, at other points. The vehicle of the President of Nigeria, for example, was hit by a stone. A stone missed narrowly the vehicle of President Kabila. Many other delegations reported similar incidents. All this because of irresponsible elements who seem not to care about Uganda.

We apologize to our guests who were inconvenienced by this hooliganism and irresponsibility. However, those that were responsible will be held accountable for these crimes. Besides, the NRM has already started the process of strengthening the law by amending the Constitution and the Penal Code to ensure that this type of indiscipline ends. Therefore, those who have been talking of the harmless ‘walks’ can see their mistakes. The media houses both local and international such as Al-jazeera, BBC, NTV, The Daily Monitor, etc., that cheer on these irresponsible people are enemies of Uganda’s recovery and they will have to be treated as such. Why do they not also report the negative acts of these elements?

Yes, the Police has made its own mistakes, including its reluctance to eject Besigye from Entebbe road when he failed to meet the one hour deadline as had agreed upon. There was also the criminal killing of a baby in Masaka and I have condemned the act of caning civilians. Wrong-doers should be arrested and hand-cuffed, not beaten. The original problem, however, is the irresponsibility of the opposition groups. If you want to demonstrate, do so according to the law and in co-ordination with the Police so that you exercise your right of assembly but other Ugandans also exercise their right of movement.

I have been told of a man at Equatoria shopping mall who lost about US$ 500,000 worth of goods. On the day, when Besigye was on his criminal circus along Entebbe road, I saw with my own eyes that the roadside fruit-sellers had covered their produce with tarpaulin. They were not selling in apprehension of looting their produce. This will not continue. We are seeking for everybody’s understanding as we end this criminality using all the angles of the Law.

I thank you.

Yoweri K. Museveni

17th May 2011

Liverpool Fans Have been Hurt More than Chelsea b’se ManU have won the Tittle


How one wishes our power-politics was like soccer (football)! Liverpool were overthrown as England’s record holder (of titles) recently without a shot being fired. Not even a sinlge canister of teargas thrown! How one wishes political parties too could leave power without first killing the people, including babies and bystanders!!

1/4. For the supporters of Liverpool, what was once a dream has become a pain of dreams: more than10 years ago, when they were on top [eternally, they thought] with no one within 11 trophies of their 18, they could not imagine any club, of all not one from Manchester, nearing their record. After all, had Man. U not spent 25 years without any trophy, one time in their hisstory?

2/4. In Uganda, the chants between the two RED sides’s fans been, “We shall findyou at mile 18 and leave you there” while the other ones always said “no”. Since the POOLERS’ chant/slogan is, “…never to walk alone”, they prayed, all along, that if any thing, The Blues [Abramovich’s boys] would walk with them and deny the other REDS the chance of leaving them at ‘Mile 18’ [18 England championships]. Alas, it was not to be.

3/4. That is the reason as to why, when Chelsea lost to Man. U last time, (thus handing Man. U the 2011 trophy) the hurt was felt more in Liverpool than anywhere else in the World!!! Except for some 56-year old gentleman in Natete [a west0kaampala suburb] who succumbed to a heart attack because Liverpool had lost in Europe last time, the loss of the eternal ‘champion tag’, did not cause loss of life in Uganda (as far as I know). Nothing happenned here this time around, not even any of the ‘golden lads’ supporters [of Arsenal, that is] has lost or taken his life as is usually the case.

4/4. How one wishes our politics was like Soccer [football] where reigning champions loose without firing a shot. One is sure to say/suppose that, if liverpool was an ruling party in Uganda, it would use all means, including teargas and copper [not football] bullets, not to loose the ‘record-holder’ tag in England, like the M7 regime does daily in Uganda. 25 years in power is, for them, a right to plunder more and to bleed Uganda. Demand for accountability, even by walking from one’s home, is calling for a death sentence. Hmmmm

Christopher Muwanga,

Let Ugandans Know about Ebola Disease.It is Killing people in Luwero

Dear All,

As you may have heard there is an Ebola outbreak in Luwero District (Yes, one confirmed case of Ebola is enough for it to qualify as an epidemic). People who came in close contact with this 12 years old girl who died of Ebola are being followed up (for up to three weeks) and the Ministry of Health is sending a task force to Luweero. The aim of this task force is to increase epidemic preparedness and emergence response to the epidemic.

So far Plan response in Luwero has been agreed upon and communicated to the Luweero team.

Attached below is a brief on the key facts about Ebola. Please keep alert but do not panic:


The Ebola is a disease caused by a virus and is characterized by: sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pains, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhoea and both internal and external bleeding. Note that sudden onset of fever associated with bleeding from the mouth, anus, and in urine are the defining features
Transmission: Normally found within the wild animals (especially monkeys) but can be transmitted to the human being who gets into contact with an infected animal. Once in the human being transmission is from person to person through direct contact with the blood, urine, vomit, stools, or other body fluids of infected persons.
Drivers of the epidemic:

• Burial ceremonies where mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased person can play a significant role in the transmission of Ebola.
• Health care workers have frequently been infected while treating Ebola patients, through close contact without correct infection control precautions
Incubation period: Two to 21 days
Diagnosis: Confirmation is by laboratory testing at the reference laboratory at the Uganda Virus research Institute.
Treatment and vaccine

There is no specific treatment or vaccine is yet available for Ebola. Urgently seek care from a qualified health facility where supportive care in form of intravenous fluids or oral re-hydration solutions, blood transfusions, and other necessary life support can be provided.

Recommended actions to contain the epidemic and the key actors

• Suspected cases should be isolated from other patients and strict barrier nursing techniques implemented (Health facility )
• Disinfection with JIK of the soiled clothing or bed linens from a patient with Ebola is required before handling these items (Health facility and Community).
• Strict surveillance- tracing and following up people who may have come in close contact with Ebola patients are essential (Ministry of Health).
• Hospital staff should be briefed on the nature of the disease and its transmission routes ( Ministry of Health)
• Communities affected by Ebola should make efforts to ensure that the population is well informed, both about the nature of the disease itself and about necessary outbreak containment measures, including burial of the deceased (Ministry of Health, Health facility staff, NGOs).
• People who have died from Ebola should be promptly and safely buried (Community).


Charles Luwaga
Country Health Advisor
Plan Uganda
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Plan is an international humanitarian, child centred development organisation without religious, political or governmental affiliation. Child sponsorship is the basic foundation of the organisation.

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