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Day May 19, 2011

Oil in Amuru and Buganda May be hard for M7 to ”Steal”

Amuru is the land of the Lamogi, of the anti-colonial struggle legend/fame. Another battle is now joined against the M7 ‘kleptocracy’ and clan, and they will not be found wanting.Yesterday they resisted the Brits. Then Idi Amin and today it is M7 who gave them a carrot [district status, to cut them off the other Acholis(?) but wants their land thru’ the proxy called ‘mad’-Madhvani [leave alone the clan-head dying in London].

As people say here {in Kampala}, the Amoru people should say or are already saying ‘musanze tulaba’ – you found us awake! They are being called ‘anti-investment’ as though this is our new creed and religion or, as though investors put food in the mouth of any Ugandan! Every one wants development but if Madhvani and the like want development, why not come DIRECTLY to the owners of the land, to grow sugar-cane [so called? why come via shoddy local and external M7 agents?]

The answer is very ‘simple-stupid’ [as Bill Clinton would probably put it]: IT IS ALL ABOUT OIL …OILOOOOOO!!
CONGS TO THE AMURU PEOPLE!!! YOU HAVE ALWAYS LED BY EXAMPLE. The oil in Abyei [north of South Sudan[ is the same oil under the Nile basin in the central area. The same oil in Buliisa. You loose the battle, then the Banyoro will too [if not lost already, by the dangling of the ganda-threat carrot]. The same will soon be the case for the Laropi ferry crossing area– hope the Madi are listening. It is all oil and oil and oil and M7’s people are already aware. Forget the Sugar cane business.

The question about some Acholi military and local gov’t officers working for the sugar cane planters plus the so called ‘Arur’ claims are all diversionary issues. Customary land as is in Amur is well enshrined in our Constitution [if M7 does not change it] so, it is all about ‘oil for the family [Kutesa is the oil Sheikh of Uganda]. Good that people have resisted. The truth can never hide.

As you are aware, it is not obvious that all who have eyes can see. A few examples are given: Every one knows that a lot of money pushed into circulation but not backed by production causes hyper inflation. Mr. Mu& pushed trillions in his campaign, donating it to buy support (un-earned money that is). He then cries foul when the economy runs out of hand. When the concerned protest, for once in more than 55 years, pretends to blame them, instead off his campaign team and himself.Mu7 lets veterans and NRM activists cut down forests and reclaim swamps, rain patterns are diversionary tactic). when the people walk to their businesses, he sends the NRM militia, under his so called “BEST NRM cadre {One Kalekezi}. He blames the victims for causing violence.People steal AIDS and TUBERCULOSIS funds, let alone the CHOGM ones and they are re4warded with posts.

In other words, if Mu7 is really ‘serious’ as we in Uganda say, WHY NOT ACT BY EXAMPLE, BY ACTION: put medicine into the Hospitals, rehabilitate and stock our national Oil reserves and grain silos, stop donating government projects to foreigners by proxy, stop donating land and forests to the Asians [Mabira to Metha, Amuru Nile river Basin to Madhivan, etc.] let him imprison Mbabazi, Bukenya VP, Byabagambi [Eng], etc.

Mu7 thinks that Uganda, having slept under him for a quarter of a century, should continue in their slumber. No way. To Him: Please end corruption, stop shielding thieves, end nepotism, create national other than tribal institutions, stop dividing Ugandans, etc. Only then will you redeem your legacy. people are fed up and they no longer want people ruling them with impunity. You trust in brutalisation but that has limits too.

Christopher Muwanga,

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