YKM’s cabinet where intellectualism dies. So why would anyone want to be in such a cabinet?


As Ugandans continue to wait for YKM’s 70 or may be 80 plus cabinet,why would anyone want to serve when being a cabinet minister under YKM can be harmful to one’s intellectual mind? Put differently, what kind of people fight to serve in YKM’ cabinet? I have said here over and over that Mr. Khiddu Makubuya from Bulemezi was the first Ugandan to receive a first class in law from Makerere University in the 1970s.

We are talking the 70s when only the cream joined the University and that humble lad from Bulemezi emerged the top with a first class. Things probably stayed that way until YKM when first class is not a big deal. Well then in the 1970s and early 80s, it was a big deal. Mr. Khiddu Makubuya was rewarded for his abilities with a graduate offer from Yale the best law school in the USA. But today Mr. Khiddu Makubuya is a shadow of his past. He is no different from his colleagues in YKM’s cabinet with forged degrees or certificate. Why is that the case?

Mr. Khiddu Makubuya actually resigned as Dean of law in the early 80’s because the government-it was rumored state house had forced a woman candidate who had failed to join the faculty of law. The VC then, Professor Wandira, sanctioned the offer-you know orders from above-but Professor Khiddu Makubuya resigned as dean on principle. These are facts.

Now compare Professor Khiddu Makubuya the then beloved fellow from Bulemezi with Minister Khiddu Makubuya who has made one bad call after another about the law. If a first class holder in law like him makes such bad calls, what about those serving with him holding biccupuli papers. It seems he has had to lower his intellect to the average which is that of biccupuli holders.

To be fair, there are many bright folks in that cabinet but once they join they become something else/ why? No university would hire Dr Khiddu Makubuya to teach law again. And of course many other former professors in that cabinet.

FYI, I do not need a job from YKM. As a matter of fact, I have never lived in Uganda under his reign. I also know many well meaning Ugandans who have returned to serve and many have been frustrated. Many are also dead. Murdered by Ugandans for being honest or depressed for hoping against hope to go against the embedded corruption.

The culture in Uganda under YKM condones, yes it is true, corruption. As a result, YKM’s regime is the most corrupt. And why is it the most corrupt? Because of nepotism. A daughter or girl friend or even wife or husband is the one approving payment or originating the payment claim. There are no arms length transactions in Uganda. The folks discus in their bedroom or breakfast tables how to root that country and they go to the office and implement it.

Now some people ask about inflation. It is not Minister Sydda Namirembe Bumba’s responsibility. Inflation is under the docket of the Governors of the Bank of Uganda. But have you heard anything from BOU since?

The core(emphasis added) role of the bank of Uganda are two namely, a) price stability-keep inflation in check and b) economic growth-manage inflation in such away that it does not jeopardize overall economic growth. This is what gave rise to the famous Philips curve to capture the relationship between inflation and unemployment. There was deemed to be relationship: high inflation meant lower unemployment and vice versa.

But the chaps from Chicago came up with their rational expectations and argued that people cannot be fooled because they are rational. In plain English that authorities can no longer manipulate money supply to create jobs in the short run or cuts taxes to stimulate growth for political gains. The latter cannot happen because rational voters recognize that tax cuts today mean tax cuts tomorrow so they save their tax savings, thus nothing happens-what is called Ricardian equivalence. Recall the popular A’ level economics exam question: Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. Discuss.

The people who should be called top account are the folks at Bank of Uganda. They have escaped the scrutiny for inflation in Uganda. So do not blame Minister Sydda Bombay for the sins YKM, ok, NRM Secretariat that loaded bags and bags of money-recall Havarti Janat Mukwaya’s car overturned under the force of money during the presidential elections-and the weak BOU team which is supposed to be independent, but printed money to fund YKM’s election.

USA is doing the same thing, printing money, so inflation is up a bit-3.6%. But unemployment is still high which is not good for the politicians due to face voters in 2012.

BTW, this is the root cause/source of that global phenomenon of rising prices everywhere since the USA dollar is the international currency. Some people asked me what I would do about the rising cost of living in Uganda, nothing because iam not Professor Bernnake at the Federal Reserve.

I am telling you that YKM is going to use the same excuses and tell Ugandans in 5 years that he did not implement his election manifesto because he was busy fighting Dr Besigye and the walk to work so he need to shift money towards police and but Apartheid era trucks from South Africa to kill Ugandans.

Let the ministers eat and stop lying that they care about the country. They join to eat period. Many would never ride in a Toyota Prado, well they do once they land in the large but good for nothing-ebifure-cabinet. Who are these ministers before they land cabinet post? Nobodies hence the corruption /omululu to try and catch up.As the late Dr Samson Kisekka (RIP) used to say “mbasekeredde”/I laugh at you.

Ugandan residing in USA


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  1. komakech,

    what a good look. M-7’s cabinet is like that of Amin, A cabinet with quality but end up being quantity

  2. ian,

    Today,political positions are the shortest ways to becomming rich,in case the president offered Mr Besigye the vice presidents post,you would welcome it,but that wouldnt change the fact that he is working in M7s government and his intellectualism would be at risk too. Look what happened to Tsavaranghai in Zimbabwe,Raila Odinga in Kenya.Politics is more than we think it is

  3. Nora,

    ian is quite right. Once some of these people are bundled with cash and position to go with, it becomes like a bribe. The recipient then in turn must do a favour of being unusually quiet keeping his interlectualism in the backburner. He or she becomes like a muted speaker turned on when echoing the right music. A sad fact! Isn’t it!


    Ian and Norah, you are both right and wrong. In the African context, the efficiency of the coalition government largely depends on the convictions of the opposition group(s) with regards to their respective principals.

    For example, you find that in 1986 after the ascension of the NRM government to power, a myriad of both DP and CP protagonists gave up joined the military junta and in the process, gave up their convictions and respective party principals for reasons best known to themselves thereby embracing the NRM and thus discarding off their parties leading them to a state of abbeyance, for example, Paul Ssemwogerere, John Ssebaana Kizito, John Kawanga et al. Hence, its on this issue that your point is right.

    On the otherhand, the opposition may decide to join the status quo for the sake of preservation of peace and stability thanks to the donor pressue, as was the case in the DRC between Kabila and Bemba, in Kenya between Kibaki and Odinga, in Zimbabwe between Mugabe and Tsavangarai.

    In the latter case, the opposition groups were strongly attached to their respective party principals despite their co-existance with their erstwhile foes and for this matter, they’re adamant to tow every government proposal. This usually tend to create faults in the coalition government at various intervals.

    Otherwise, if such fellows are bribed to become muted during cabinet meetings and even become servile towards the machinations of the status quo, why is it that Odinga and Tsavangarai are yet to parcel out their parties to Kibaki’s PNU and Mugabe’s ZANU-PF, respectively?

    Thus for the case of Uganda, in the rather unlikely event that Besigye is to be offered the VP position, it depends on his conviction towards his party principals and as such, it would be an act of betrayal to his supporters and party colleagues if he just sells them off for just peanuts.

    With governmental positions, you can be rewarded and later dismissed at the conviction of the reigning president.Never mind the fact that you might have sold him your party cadres after joining and he later dismisses you!, but with party positions and or principals, they go by conviction and adherence to the party.

  5. George O. Pacu-Otto,

    Attentin WBK,

    Professor Makubuya is well known to me and is actutually a mentor. He
    is a brilliant scholar and taught me at Makerere Law School. He taught
    the most difficult subjects, like Jurisprudence, which is the
    foundation of law, the philosophy of law and the end subjects like
    evidence and procedure, that is the practical application of law. In
    our law class, only three of us opted to study Jurisprudence, myself,
    Mwene Kahima and Ntanzi Kasirivu. To the extent they moved our class
    to 6 PM because we were only three students and could not occupy the
    lecture room in the day time. I think Makubuya also taught comparative
    law and some aspects of commercial law. He was just so brilliant, he
    was so competent in all areas of the law.

    He became a personal friend and many a time I would go to his flat. It
    would be filled up with books and actually you would have to pick up
    piles of books and papers from his settee in order to find somewhere
    to sit.

    He argued with me a lot, once he discovered I was a marxist and he
    introduced me to a lot of other theories that I had never even heard
    of. The anarchist theories of Kropotkin and the debates, both
    philosophical and dialectical that took place in the earlier socialist
    movements with the Bauer brothers between Marx and Engels and the
    philistines that led to the theoretical formulation of dialectical
    materialsim. Makubuya introduced me to all these theories.

    But Makubuya also introduced me to Mahmood Mamdani, which whom I had a
    much more productive political relationship.

    I don’t know what is happenning with Makubuya right now. Some of the
    decisions and legal advice he is giving to Museveni are certainly
    totally contrary to what he taught me as a student . With regret, I
    have to say this about my professor, mentor and friend.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

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