Dr Satoshi Kanazawa Conclusion that ‘Black Women are More Unattractive than other Races’ Was Wrong


Dr Satoshi Kanazawa article in the Guardian Newspaper on the link:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/19/lse-academic-triggers-race-row  has brought up a debate about race and beauty which most people try to avoid, atleast in public, but i’m not going to do so. This London School of Economics Professor has been making comments about beauty and poverty for a while. For instance, he believes that people in sub Sahara Africa are not really poor but less intelligent compared to the rest of the world population. He contends that beautiful people tend to produce baby girls instead of baby boys.

His latest comments are so out of line and I’m happy that he is feeling the heat. Our black babes are of course beautiful and attractive .They should not let any loser tell them anything different because beauty has got nothing to do with race.

Surprisingly, I was recently attending a birthday party of a friend’s son and there were a lot of Ugandans there, then I heard one of the Ugandan ladies saying that black men who marry white ladies tend to think they are on another planet whenever they meet fellow blacks. I was kind of astonished with her observations, and now there comes this article from a 21st century psychologist. Anyway, Dr Satoshi Kanazawa is ”crazy” and he does not deserve to teach anywhere else in the world anymore. I can see his next research being on the structures of black men in comparison to Japanese ‘big things’ in their pants or Black men’s big noses.

Yes, I have heard of the phase:’’ once you go black, you’ll never go back. ‘’, but I just laugh it off because it is meant to mean something which may not actually be there. All these phases are prejudiced, for example, I have also had of indirect phases by people using so many words on TV and elsewhere, where they actually mean to say that: “Blacks are criminals”, “Blacks are stupid”, “Blacks are AIDS-infected”, “Blacks are welfare collectors”, “Blacks can’t speak English”, “Blacks stink”, “Blacks are whiners”, ‘’Blacks have bigger penises’’, e.t.c

But we should be careful not to advance arguments put forward by some stereotypes invented by white or black racists. I have never dated any woman from another race but I have met white and Asian girls here in the UK who are so attractive, and I try my level best to leave them alone because of the ‘’UN sanctions’’ put on me by my wife.I try not to break these ”sanctions” to avoid being bombed like Libya’s Gaddafi. Anyway, all I know is that beauty has got nothing to with race. It is mainly down to personal taste and opinion.

Nonetheless, People tend to be naturally attracted to people who share their physical characteristics. Although I’m able to appreciate the beauty of women from other racial/ethnic groups, I feel, from a personal perspective, no strong, compelling impulse to reproduce with someone from another race though the attraction is always there. For example, I can tell you that a tall white male with blue eyes, fair skin, and light brown/blond hair is going to experience the highest sexual attraction possible to a tall white woman with similar attributes. It’s only natural, and similar to the preference that light-skinned black men exhibit for other light-skinned blacks. But this does not mean that you won’t find black men that are drawn to white women or the vice versa.

Now, here comes the big questions: Why do some black men want white women so badly? Why do black women spend a lot of money on products to straighten their hair, in an effort to look like a ‘white woman’? Let me try to offer some insight into this phenomenon.

Africans started losing their original definitions of anything political, social, cultural, beauty and economic ever since the colonialists set their journey on the continent. For example, we sometimes define a better leader by how fluent they speak English; beauty is defined on the borderlines of western concepts; and democracy is also defined along western understanding of it. As a result, most black people endeavour to dilute their African genetic code with a European genetic code to create this balance in the definition of beauty. They want a daughter who looks like Mariah Carey or Vanessa Williams, rather than “Aunt Rebecca Kadaga”(despite being a new parliamentary speaker).

Again, because of the historical perspective that blacks were inferior to other races, some of the black people are attracted or date white women to bolster their self esteem. Never mind that some of these White women are overweight, ugly, have low self-esteem, or have been rejected by the white society for some reason. It’s just a shame that some of the black men regard black women as “second-rate”. In the estimation of this kind of a black man, a kid who is 50% white is better than a kid who is 100% black (or has two parents of primarily African genetics). They consciously or subconsciously perceive this as “better genetics”, i.e. the genetics of better looking or smarter people, and it is something that has been sold ‘culturally’ to the black man through various channels.

The media has specifically played a big part in this by shaping people’s understanding of beauty. When most adolescents enter puberty, they begin to notice and explore media images (TV shows, movies, magazines) of attractive members of the opposite sex that are used to sell products such as candy, soft drinks, acne medication, clothing and anything else that teenagers can purchase with their disposable income. Most of the images used in these adverts are those of white women and this plays a major psychological role to shape anybody’s definition of beauty from childhood. This is also probably the source of the black man’s “fixation” on White women, and ultimately the source of great frustration for the black male. This frustration is caused by societal pressures on white women to not be “social failures” that date black men. Their friends and family speak low of them in their circles when they attempt to go out with black men. This very factor makes it difficult for a white girl to even consider having a one night stand with a black man at work in case it gets out to her friends.

Lastly, other than running, music and jumping ability, most black people just don’t have much else in which to take pride in. Back to Africa, our leaders are the one killing their own people instead of protecting their rights and freedom. For instance, I keep watching a video of the way Arinaitwe Gilbert was inhumanly arresting Dr.Besigye with some form of pride, and i wonder where it came from, because it is very rare to see a white policeman that takes pride in beating up and teargassing a fellow white citizen.

Basically, we have got a few role models to help us take pride in being black, and this kind of behaviour makes the rest of the races to look at us as: savages, less intelligent, non-patriotic and stuff like that, but it is not really true. The world itself has not fully given a black man as many opportunities as it should be. Intelligence has got nothing to do with race. Black People have been brainwashed to think that they are less intelligent than other races and folks that are brainwashed have no idea that they have been.

Abbey Semuwemba

United Kingdom



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  1. james,

    A very well written article with lots of truths no doubt. However the author shoots himself in the foot when he says “The world itself has not fully given a black man as many opportunities as it should be.” Why should a black man be given, why doesn’t he work his way and give it to himself? Who gave the europeans opportunity to explore, conquer and colonize other worlds? I am afraid that the author is a victim of the same inferiority complex he says a black man has, and so we are back to square one.

  2. Jonny Rubin.,

    ”Beauty” is made by good living and so is the ability to explore one’s natural potential. With that in mind, it becomes clear that beauty and wisdom have no geographical or racial boundaries.

  3. Kamugisha Vincent,

    Everything has a good and a bad side. The good thing that I have got from Abbeys article about Dr.Satoshi Kanazawa is that the blacks in sub-sahara Africa are not poor but less intelligent. This to some extend is true. Sub sahara
    Africa is not poor but the poverty is in the mind. One example is how people in Uganda sale there land to go for Kyeyo in the Western world.

  4. Maceni,

    Would you by your own reasoning then conclude that one who sells all their property in Los angeles to go back to Uganda and ends up a suffering miserable failure, is more intelligent that one who sales his piece of land to go for Kyeyo in London?

  5. for kanazawa to say that black women are ugly. take a look at his own asian looks. to be correct on looks asins are consedered mongolord. do to there eyes and there yellow skin tone. so who is more ugly. white women are just as ugly than any race of people. who say’s that blone hair and pale skin blue eyes is beautyful. to me that is and ugly mix, of race. blacks are gods people. he made blacks in his inmage. because god is black. hrer is the dna chart. it go’s like this, black, red, brown, yellow, and last not least white. black is dominet whites are resesive. so now who looks better.

  6. Patricia,

    Black women are the mothers of civilization. The Black man’s penis is a weapon in the mind of White men. The Black man’s penis can annihilate the White race. Yes, the Black man can wipe out the so-called “white race”. Whenever a Black man has a child with a white woman, that child will be a Black child. Black people produce all races.

    A white woman and a white man can only produce white children. They cannot produce a Black child, or a child of color.

    White people are albinos. They began to mate with each other, and thus we have this white race. Also, this white race is on the verge of extinction. White women in America, Europe, and around the world are not having babies. It has been concluded that the white woman’s womb has been cursed. White people are naturally weaker than Blacks.

    Black women are the most beautiful women in the world. White women are our daughters, but a distorted daughter. More and more Black women are trying to “look like” white women. They are wearing so many variations of wigs, weaves, extensions, and perms, that they are destroying their “crowns” — their heads, and the beautiful hair that God put on their heads.

  7. Grace P. Thompson,

    If you go type in satoshi kanazawa on yahoo and do a search, you will find a link to a petition to have him dismissed from the LSE. The petition was generated by his colleagues at LSE. The man is a complete buffoon and should not be permitted to earn a living inciting racial violence in our world today. We have enough problems!

  8. I signed the petition to have Satoshi Kanazawa dismissed from the LSE. Thank you very much for circulating this petition.

  9. We are a society comprised of many easily-offended people. For example, consider the recent Psychology Today article in which journalist Satoshi Kanazawa reported on research gathered by Add Health. In it, he listed the resulting statistics and offered a possible answer to the question this study introduces – “Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men?”. Admittedly, the controversy surrounding this article pretty much passed me by. I had heard about the research, but the subject matter didn’t interest me enough to digest it … until a few days ago when I heard it discussed on the talk show, Insight, by the host, a guest and a bunch of outraged callers. The majority of the callers seemed to be black women. But black women are definitely not the only group of people to get offended over something that was meant to be informative. If you think about it for a minute, you’ll come up with plenty of examples of other races, genders, religious groups, etc, getting worked up over news stories that painted them in a negative light.

    The article appeared nearly a month ago, and Kanazawa has since been fired, seemingly because of the backlash surrounding it. However, I respect and admire his willingness to present this controversial information in a logical, research-based, objective way. I am hardly saying that I agree with his conclusions, but if you disagree, attack the research, not him.

    The same goes for relationships. How often have your partners (past and current) civilly and respectfully made statements about you that felt uncomplimentary? And how often have you reacted by going off on them? Consider this: When we change the dynamic of the conversation from logical and objective to emotional, we usually do so because:

    1) It is a topic about which we are overly-sensitive (like religion, politics, or race, as in the case of Kanazawa’s article), or

    2) There is some truth to the information, and we are uncomfortable addressing it.

    So, instead of pondering the merits and weaknesses of the statements, we get offended and start an argument – making the discussion about hurt feelings rather than the real issue. But if we keep the argument on the level at which it was presented, and discuss what was said in a rational and substantive way, we participate in an exchange that gets everyone a lot further than lunging into a fight. And even if we don’t ultimately accept what our partners are saying to be true, the ability to have logical conversations will help them want to be open and honest with us over time.

    In Stephen Covey’s highly-acclaimed book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he urges us to always “seek first to understand.” Before you get offended or react, hear your partner out – and make sure that you understand both the point as well as the spirit in which it was intended. Though the information might feel insulting, consider that fact that your partner’s intention might be to be helpful – to inform you, or to help you grow, be happier, or better navigate life and relationships. This possibility is reason enough to allow for a give-and-take discussion. And even if the intention is mean-spirited, and your mate is speaking out of frustration, anger or hurt, there is still a learning opportunity there. For example, you may become more aware of your mate’s perceptions, biases or misconceptions. If you can avoid the urge to react emotionally, you may effectively dispel the aforementioned, and ultimately grow closer with your partner. When this happens, everyone wins.

    Appreciating your mate’s willingness to talk to you and present potentially sensitive information will make you a more Powerful Person in a Partnership.

    Keep Rising,

    Frank Love


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