Raising and restoring the antique from the ocean

Many years of pounding, scratches, and recent massive tsunami like radioactive bombarding from the opposition will weaken even the strongest presidential fibers. Sleepless night and maneuvering by advisors and brainstorming with no time to think through measures instituted by the law enforcers makes the homosexual flag bearers jolt with happiness as the macho opposition leaders are drenched, tagged and forced to display though not proudly their pink colors as gay peacocks.

How in the world did we get to this point is a discussion for the other guys, how can the antiquated titanic can rise to glory is the topic for this fluidity freelancer analyst.

Three wheels I preach, deal with corruption, tackle healthcare, and empower the voters through education. Do all these faster than lightening or at least give the impression that you are.

Trying to do what everybody claims you have failed to do will not win you any more friends, because examples of your failure will be clearly displayed in the thick morning fog and are freshly pasted in people’s minds. The country needs roads, and many have been repeated yet the effects there of cant be related to more money in the pocket. The task of tarmac glazing the country’s road system will take years and calls for money that the government doesn’t seem to currently have. Generating power is the best way to go if you want to create or attract more business and improve the entrepreneur base but that is not the major problem now. What the people need now is free candy. Fireworks measures that the opposition can’t deny or belch are the germs for the moment. What has to be done tomorrow when the conditions are ideal has to be done or started today when they are not. This is not a period for the weak hearted, this is not a period to balance the budget, and this is not a period to please friends especially when they can survive for years on what they have in store. This is a period of upgrading the prison walls to three stars for the corrupt rich and famous or building pent house like house arrest complexes for the wannabe Rockefeller heist plotters. This is a period of total transparency or a mirror of, saving the country souls by donating your long time friends clustered savings, and letting them bleed for a while then transfuse them in the future.

For every corruption story in the news there thousands of investors discouraged, ambitions dampened and state enemies created or reborn. Every story of a suffering citizen in the hospital corridors is ammunition for the opposition front. Every lie told openly about how inflation just bumped up due to printed monies or how Uganda controls the price of crude oil on the world market, a naïve citizen trades his or her yellow card for some other symbol. The free market that the likes of me glamorize cannot warm up the cold feet of many before the wintery season freezes the country two times over, so it can’t be relied on now. The popular rap song of “ yo all will get out of poverty, bling bling for all the villagers queued on the yellow bus stage”, cant be rolled out as a number one hit song anymore. Very noble and highly needed visions, but tonight they have to be locked up for the glory black gold flowing days to come in the future.

Take a swing at the opposition knuckle ball, hit a couple of home runs in broad day light, touch your anointed ones and crucify them with plans of resurrection when the siesta is over. Roll out strings of anti-corruption laws, institute toll free MTN numbers to report the crooks and cronies. Promise massive display of the flow of millions allocated to the government for everyone to clearly see where the money goes. Boost and revamp the Auditing department. Create an elite anti-corruption force fully equipment with AK-47, I-pads, laptops and pink dye canisters. Create a new anti-corruption branch in the judicial sector and train anew breed of lawyers with special certificates for corruption sniffing and cartels busting. Come up with more so flashy and visible corruption shattering techniques. Even more practical ship chosen members of all your ministries and cabinet to Singapore or Hong Kong for training and advice on how these economic giants created corruption free societies.

Every soul that dies in pain or suffers with no hope searches for someone to curse. Curses from the flock on the ground may not bring down an eagle but even those who fly high for the longest have to come down for refreshment. Swarming curses at this time will drown you. Treat your nation, turn curses into blessings. There is nothing more warming and loving as seeing some one in pain say thank you after you have eased their pain. You can easily lock in millions of votes with penicillin than you can with brown envelopes. I don’t like pouring any more funds in the healthcare system as it is now, but something has to be done pretty first to help the dying citizens. We are not talking about free condoms, but tangible ways of improving the system which later will be included in the new healthcare frame work. Ideas are plenty on this front.

The third wheel is amplifying the voice of the government. This should not be seen as a fight between the establishment and the opposition, but it has to be training the masses on all basic activities of the government. The government can’t do it all but the opposition has painted a picture that the government can, and many have come to believe it. Let the haters speak, free the air waves, but boost up the governments voice and speak louder than all of them. Teach them, offer 101 classes for free in Economics, Healthcare, Voting, Banking, Business, Sex, Life styles, America, India, the soccer crazed country can be educated and turned into an intellectual harbor. This will make discussions on policies easier and issues like price of commodities will easily be understood by the masses. This should not be campaigns, but an educating process that can be married with the big brothers crazy shows or the swinging millions of musicians that float the whole country. Education never killed anyone, and it’s the short path out of poverty. Upgrade the countries common sense.

That’s how you raise and restore a seemingly antiquated government from the sea, and the best way to make this process smooth and acceptable is by balancing it with a forth wheel. The magic forth wheel should be stealthily mounted and eventually publically revealed. The issue of who is next, if they will ever be!

For God And My Country.

Eddie, M.D

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