Free Advice to Dr.Bukenya: ”No More Media Interviews and Sort out Your Bank Loans”

Listen folks, the toughest job in Africa or for that matter anywhere else is being Vice President, but especially in Africa where dictators are in charge. From the look of it, Minister Mbabazi was promoted to PM, but he actually lost more in the process. He is now out of the security loop and is about to relinquish his position as NRM Secretary General. With him out of security can he command the level of security he commanded before not just for himself but his family at public expense? The other truth of the matter is that he knows it is a loss of powers, but he cannot say, Mr. President let me stay where I was. No.

YKM set out to banish two ambitious people. The irony if you believe it one camp may have gone for Dr Bukenya, but paid the price in the process. So who made the call: was it Hon Janet K. Museveni’s camp-and who is in her camp-or was it YKM?

Folks, YKM feared to fire Dr Bukenya so he asked him to resign. That is another indicator. Was it some quid pro: resign and you could eat a big NRM post? Then YKM called the NRM caucus who were salivating for free food so they went to state house-yes food to endorse YKM’s decision. And listen to the minions that they were consulted.

Did one camp lose more by winning? That is by evicting Dr Bukenya from the VP, did YKM insist that if Dr Bukenya had to go the other-okay mafia camp-too had to give up something? I read somewhere Mr. Mike Mukula saying that if named to the cabinet he would not accept because he wants to serve the party. Why are some people not interested in joining YKM’s 76 plus cabinet? And YKM wonder why service delivery is terrible. Exhibit A: his 76 cabinet contingent that can’t seem to be on the same wavelength.

I suppose NRM is about to call another national delegates conferences to fill top slots. More free food and pocket money for the folks in yellow. I told you that politicking in Uganda is endless hence the hunger, which as far as I know is manmade.

Nonetheless, Hon Bukenya lacks discipline. He should have emulated then VP Mwai Kibaki who was relieved of his duties but never uttered a word. He showed up at Uhuru Park to witness the swearing in of Dr Josephat Karanja and reported at his new posting at the Ministry of Health. That is here VP Ssekandi is very different from Hon Bukenya. The former is mild mannered and not prone to any indiscipline.

It is also true that contrary to what we think; Hon Ssekandi comes to the VP job with a wealth of public service compared to what Dr Bukenya had. Yes both are humble, but Hon Bukenya lacked the discipline and started wearing hats like YKM. I doubt Hon Ssekandi can go that route. If Hon Bukenya is to thrive as per his interview in Newvision he needs to be more disciplined in public and private because the mafia will be going after him. They will tempt him and see how he responds. If I were Dr Bukenya or his handlers I would tell him to chill out and stay away from the media for now. The media is a double edged sword.

The Newvision interview was ill advised, so let it be the last for now to the media. He should refer all media inquiries to his lawyers and restrict his efforts towards Mpigi district for now. YKM can order banks to recall loans Hon Bukenya owes. I am sure YKM and the mafia would like to humiliate him more. I have said before that YKM and Mir have a lot in common. Vengeful yet they claim to be God’s men. Wupuzi. That is what Moi always did: any prominent politician who owed KCB loans, the banks would be forced to recall. He even tried it with Barclays Bank to recall loans held by Mr Matiba but he failed. Although I saw in the news the other that that his Hillcrest schools are being sold.

Here is another advice for Hon Bukenya: if has any loans, he should opt to retire them now before YKM and the mafia ambush him. That is life.

And oh, here is the evidence, Professor Sen Amartya-a Nobel winner- has documented that NO famine has ever occurred in a democracy. NEVER! If famine/hunger occurred in Uganda as acknowledged by YKM then it means-proves- that Uganda is a dictatorship. YKM provided the evidence that he is dictator because famines only occur in dictatorships because in a democracy they would pay the ultimate price of defeat at the polls. The famine in China under Moa killed over 40 million people and he paid no price. If anyone wanted proof that Uganda is dictatorship, the famine sealed it. The proof is the famine.

That said, former PM Nsibambi and Minister Makubuya deserve more scrutiny than Hon Ssekandi as speaker. Prof Nsibambi was the leader of Government Business while Prof Khiddu Makubuya was the Minister of Justice and AG. These two were responsible for ramming through parliament YKM’s agenda. Prof Nsibambi was the one who decided government business. Under the new arrangement PM Mbabazi is going to be in charge of ramming through whatever YKM/NRM wants. I said here that Hon Kadaga will be challenged beyond her expectations. She is going to sweat and regret it given YKM’s musing of what he wants to see amended so he can lord it on Ugandans more.

Show me Speaker Kadaga’s CV. What did she do before YKM? Or is she a product of YKM? If that is the case how can Ugandans-UAH-expect a stronger speaker? That is why we need the media to educate us about the new leaders.

WB Kyijomanyi


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  1. DAVID,

    This is just nothing but wolokoso. The baganda have a saying that,”nanyini kakomo bwakakusaba, nga osawo omukono”, so stop deeming M7 reshuffle in bad light because Bukenya has been dropped. I know you opposition fellows are just confused to the core. During the government versus Mengo skirmishes, you’re the very fellows who were advising the Bukenyas, Nsibambis et al through the media and blog sites to resign.

    Now these fellows have been dropped as per your demands, you’re now sounding as if you were wishing them well while still in the cabinet!. Its really difficult to know what you fellows want. These professors were mere “bapakasi” and they should indeed be proud to have been selected amongst the 30 million Ugandans to serve.

    So, there is need to stop this blame game of saying this and that, what Bukenya should have done or said and what he shouldn’t etc, let him retire luckily to his farms and palatial homesteads and thus consolidate his riches, otherwise,”That’s Life Mwattu”!

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