Professor Tumusiime-Mutebile Still BoU Governor

Professor Tumusiime-Mutebile Still BoU Governor

Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile is still Bank of Uganda Governor contrary to rumours that circulated in Kampala this morning to the effect that had resigned.

Dr. Louis Kasekende, Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda, refuted the rumours.
“The Bank of Uganda wants to make it clear that there is no truth whatsoever to these rumours,” Dr. Kasekende said in a press statement.
Dr. Kasekende said the Governor is currently abroad on official duties. He attended the annual general meeting of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel at the weekend and is currently attending a conference at the University of Oxford.
The Governor was reappointed by the President in January 2011 to serve a five year term which he intends to serve in full.
Some radio stations appear to have confused the news that the Governor of the Afghan Central Bank had resigned, reported yesterday in the international media, with the situation in Uganda.


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  1. kazindu,

    mutebile is a die hard UPC what ever you will give him he is a wolf hidden in a sheep’s skin when ever he chances an opportunity to Finnish off m7 he will use it so the sooner you revoke his tenure like that of mwine the better otherwise he knows too much already
    . give this part to a die hard wacha waseme in fact afyter his payukaling ithought he wont come back but alas Mutu ni Mutu

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