Uganda’s biggest referral hospital Mulago Hospital is embroiled in yet another controversy. A woman in her mid twenties was last week operated on a recommendation of a Doctor after complaining of labour pains, but only to find an empty womb.

It beats my understanding how a doctor could have sanctioned a Caesarian operation, without checking to confirm whether the woman was in labour. The woman whose identity I will not reveal for some obvious reasons is a resident of Kibuye, a Kampala suburb. She checked in at the hospital on Friday 17, June, complaining of labour pain. She was admitted but could not deliver through normal procedures. She was reportedly rushed to the theater for a C-Section. After the operation, Nabukenya was admitted in ward 5B to heal from her wounds but without a baby.

The lady herself was puzzled by the fact that she had labour pains, but was found without a baby.

Nobody including the Executive Director of Mulago hospital Dr. Baterana Byaruhanga is willing to comment on this matter. When contacted Dr Byaruhanga referred the matter to his deputy Dr. Doreen Birabwa who on her part could not pick her phone.

And the Public Relations Officer, Mulago Referral Hospital, Dan Kimosho said the matter was beyond him and insisted the issue be handled at a level of the directors.

Surprising a staff at the ward where she was admitted said a scan test was done on her after the operation and not before.

The matter is likely to raise more questions on how a person can come into the hospital with labour pain and get operated without any pre-scan done to establish the problem they are going through.

Mulago Hospital is the national referral hospital but has had numerous complaints of poor quality service arising out of low morale, inadequate staffing, mismanagement and under-funding.



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  1. Owor K Kipenji,

    What did this reporter aim at achieving? That Ugandan trained doctors cannot make proper diagnosis of pregnancy or that women undergo un called for operations in Mulago?
    I personally do not believe such a scenario happened but they may want to be highlighting what is presently amiss within the health care sector especially in the National Referral and teaching Hospital.
    So,we need to get all the facts and the source of this information before making categorical conclusions.

  2. kazindu,

    its pity that those of you who want to tarnish the name of mother Uganda don’t even sit down and think it like saying that some one flew in an aeroplane to the space shuttle this would be like fools day for the records sake Ugandan doctors are one of the few highly trained doctors who have established their records in far places as far as South Africa where health standard s are far better than any other sub Saharan African country so guys think twice before bringing out your fool day Kakumbas

  3. I not only blame the practitioners who worked on this lady for their negligence,but their is more to the story.She must have gone to mulago with refferal documents about her pregnancy from wherever she was getting medical assistance. Did her check ups show she was really pregnant,she should provide her previous medical documents. If she was really pregnant where is her baby or which doctor at mulago proved she was pregnant and ready to give birth. Their is so much to this story that we dont know yet

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