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Day August 10, 2011

Are Ugandans in the UK safe? Come back home!!!!

I am surprised at the way genuine Britons who are protesting against the unfair capitalist system are being called criminals! Those so-called criminals are the ”wretched of the earth” and they are simply trying to be heard. Yes! they may be criminals for trying to resist the vulgaries of capitalism – but to me they are real revolutionaries. And let me warn the Britishs and others, what they are seeing is just the beginning of the end capitalist sytem as we know it. There is yet more revolutionary chaos to come that will bring the rotten capitalist system to its knees. What will save it is reform. These are prophetic warnings!!

Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao Zedong among others must be proudly turning in their graves for what is hitting the capitalist world. When socialism appreared to have collapsed in the late 1990s, capitalist intellectuals celebrated the purported ‘end of history’ which was claimed to be the triumph of capitalism over socialism. But has what followed? The global economic crunch, severe debt burden on the leading capitalist economies of the USA, Britain and now the rest of Europe i.e Greece, Spain, Italy, mass poverty around the globe etc. Now riots have reared their ugly head in the cradle of capitalism – Britian!!!

On a curious note, why is that when there are similar riots in Africa and the Arab world, the rioters are called pro-democracy activists, un armed demonstrators by the western media even when they are using crude and real weapons as is the case of Libya. The leaders are declared autocrats who have ‘lost’ legitimacy and must go to exile! But in the UK the rioters are called criminals without a cause, blacks, Caribbeans etc. No one is allowed to dig under the surface to find out the real cause of the problem.

Now some Ugandans in the UK are trying to rationalise the riots by agreeing with Cameroun (Okellos) that these are mere criminals etc. Their fear is that if these riots continue, some people might demand that all blacks must leave Europe and all hell will break lose for them. So the best thing to do is to side with the capitalists in these battles!

Unfortunately, when there were similar riots in Uganda, the same Ugandans in the diaspora were encouraging them calling the rioters democracy advocates who were fighting for regime change, un armed and peaceful protesters etc. Now the chicken have come home to roost, in the UK and Europe, will you also encourage the rioting and regime change there as well? I hope you will!!!!

Lastly, the social media was encouraged and hailed by the west and the diasporans for bringing change to the Arab world and Uganda. Now the rioters in UK are also using it with great and the same effect. I am now suprised to hear some voices in the UK calling for the the social media to be controlled in order to stop the rioters from using it. Haa haaa Haaaaa! When the social media is used to create chaos in the Arab world and Africa, it is good but when it is used for the same purposes in Europe, it becomes bad, why?

Diasporans, should that situation become very bad, please come back home and we see how together we can develope Uganda.

John Wang,

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