Akena Releases Documents on UAH that take his war against Otunu to another level

In the hope that we will move from speculations to facts I wish to shed some light on the regrettable situation in the UPC. Undoubtedly, there are problems in the Party but it helps no one to out-rightly dismiss them or falsely apportion blame. From the time a quit my $700pm job, sold my Isuzu KB 2.2D pick-up and invested in the Internet where I’ve had opportunity to interact with various people from Ugandanet (@edu then @kym), Fedsnet, Mwanainchi etc, I have never looked back and I’d like to think defended my Party to the best of my abilities.

In the just concluded elections, I have no regrets in campaigning for UPC candidates in Kole, Kwania, Agago, Oyam, Kaberamaido, Soroti and Serere. There were places, like Lira where primaries could not be described as “free and fair” and the appeals were ignored by the powers that be, where in effect we had official candidates and peoples candidates. Were I to be given and opportunity to ‘answer’ the charges for decampaigning anyone, I would surely call those with whom I campaigned to testify but without ever being given an opportunity to defend myself, summary judgement is being passed.

What I find most perturbing is that without my accusers proving my purported guilt and I being given an opportunity to put my case, attempts at punitive actions are being pursued. In the context of the attached documents I was incensed when Otunnu stated: “Honourable Jimmy Akena is not a member of UPC” not ‘party’ as some people a quoting. Much as some of us may wish to dismiss it as an unfortunate ‘slip’ of the tongue, the timing and context could not get any worse when I had raised my concerns on John Odit’s letter.

James Akena


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  1. Admin,

    James, stop giving yourself migraines over what Ottunu and his Baleebesi are plotting etc.
    So, if they want to stop your membership…let them go ahead!!

    You’re UPC and UPC is you, you don’t need a written document to prove that you’re UPC!!!!
    Even chickens know you…

    You’re our Leader and not those traitors that never even vote for the presidency of UPC during elections.

    Ignore those fools,waste of space,and concentrate on what people sent you to go and do in Parliament.

    Don’t worry we shall keep an eye on them

  2. Am very surprised with kind of politics mr olara otunu and his ilk are playing.Dont they know that even politics you need your enemy?

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