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Opening Address at the UPC Youth Conference by Hon. Benson Obua-Ogwal, MP

Dear Congress Men and Women,

Below is the written text of the address I made a while ago. Of course the delivery style brought in new ideas and points of emphasis and inversions of the pattern here and there, but the content was very much the same.




Opening Address at the UPC Youth Conference by Hon. Benson Obua-Ogwal, MP on 30th December 2011 at Sports View Hotel, Kireka

Mr. Chairman, my Hon. colleague MPs, the National Youth Leader, Key Party officials, and most importantly the Youth of UPC here gathered.

I thank the organisers of this meeting for putting together such a very important meeting. It is the first time in my memory to bring together our party youth from the whole country exclusively as youth. Before this we have only had regional youth meetings. I recognize Mr. Benson Ogwang who preceded me as NYL.

I also thank our development partners for the support they have always accorded the party.

I would like to thank the National Party Chairman, Maj. Rurangaranga, the Secretary General Hon. John Odit, Head of Mobilzation Hon. David Pulkol, the Deputy Spokesperson Moses Nuwagaba, the Press Secretary Robert Kanusu who together with many other party leaders and faithfuls have been doing their best to put the party on track by taking it away from Uganda House to the people where it really belongs. Unfortunately, the best form of appreciation they have received has been demonization and alleged sacking. I call it alleged because it is questionable and contestable. I thank Leonard Okello for mentoring so many of us during the NUSU days.

I feel privileged to have been chosen to perform the honorable task of opening this important event. This is a presidential function I have been asked to perform. I could not feel more honored than this, and that is why when I was requested to perform it, I set aside a very big district function that will bring all MPs, all LCV Executives and Councillors, LCLlll Chairpersons and Councillors, Sub-county Chiefs and District staff. That is how much I value this event today.

Am reliably informed that the Party President does not recognize this meeting. I am also informed that an SMS, purportedly from Hon. Fr. Jacinto Ogwal has been sent to most of you saying Cabinet considers this meeting illegal. If this meeting is illegal, then I prefer to be illegal. But nature abhors vacuum. So today, just for a few minutes, I am here to open this event as an undelegated Party President, because somehow somebody must bear that title here. They can go ahead and belittle and underestimate your power, but I honor you, the future of UPC.

Youths are very important to any party worth its salt, and any party that does not take its youth seriously is doomed to fail. It has no future. While you are here today, you need to deeply ponder whether you are really important, or feel important to your party or not. Whether you have been given you space or not. If not, you need to demand your space and occupy it.

At this point, let me give you a few characteristics of a youth:

– Youthfulness is nature’s gift

– Youth are proud of who they are

– The most powerful span of life (strength)

– They see beyond the horizon (the sky is not the limit)

– They see positive in every odd situation

– They are ambitious, have strong feeling to achieve

– They are courageous, do not fear

– They hate insult

– They are aggressive for their rights

– They know how to discharge their duties

– They fight injustice

– They always think of victory

Why the youth have been called here:

The NC made a resolution at the Ankrah Foundation in Mukono about the mobilization, recruitment and reactivating the youth participation as a vanguard for our party. The PP was directed to explore implementation of this.

The PP gave mandate to the National Youth Leader to explore what needed to be done.

NIMD also gave a grant for research, and the researcher is here to present her findings to you, so that your input can be incorporated as youth. The research covered among other things;

– history of youth leagues in UPC

– assessment of the current structure of UPC vis-a-vis youth

– lessons from sister parties, ANC, India National Congress, CCM

You are expected to hold free discussions on these issues as youth and to make recommendations, because this affects you directly. Anyone who is fighting this meeting is against the youth of this party, and against the youth of this country. It is sad that people like Patrick Aroma have allowed themselves to demobilize this meeting. We can reliably inform you that last night he was in Lira mobilizing some youth to come and disband this meeting. Thank God that the youth who did not know exactly why they were being brought to Kampala have felt abused on realizing the importance of this meeting. I hope my young brother Aroma is now sitting in this hall as a converted person willing to peacefully listen and participate, otherwise I’d recommend that he is not allowed to sit here for security reasons. He has to accept publicly that this meeting is legal and good for the party, otherwise he has no business here right now!

This meeting is taking place when a lot has happened in the Party within the last few weeks:

– Locking of UH by a section of youth who could not stomach what was going on any more,

– Promises to handle the genuine concerns of these youth have not implemented hitherto,

– The leadership has since run amok sacking everybody who dares questions anything and refuses to conform to its whims.

I suggest that before you disperse from here today, you should spend sometime to discuss the petition that these youth crafted and submitted to NC and pronounce yourselves on it.

But also take note that the conference was being sabotaged by the PP right from the start, just like he successfully did for women. For instance upto yesterday the National Youth Leader was instructed to officially write and dissociate herself from this meeting, otherwise, she should not use her official title. I hope that is not already tantamount to another sacking.

Youth of the Congress, I urge you not to agonize, but to organize

We can no longer burry our heads in sand and imagine we can be a party of the future without giving you the youth a say, your space!!

In 2016 there projections indicate that we will have 5,000,000 new, young voters. Who is more well positioned to reach out to these youth than you the youth? ICT and Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, etc are highly patronized by youth, and they have their own lingo now. We have a duty to empower them to carry out this task.

Finally, I am happy that the first activity in the UPC Strategic Plan on page 37 is to organize a national youth convention. Today has marked a good beginning.

Today, I would like to repeat the public apology I made recently for being part of those who literally forced Otunnu back to Uganda, and ultimately he became the PP. I deeply regret this disastrous move, and this forum is appropriate for me to reiterate that.

I say this for God and my Country.

Alutta Continua!!!

Benson Obua-Ogwal.

Banyarwanda Uganda Citizenship and UPDF promotions is a big problem for Uganda


YKM has no shame. All but one are from the same ethnicity. The exception is Otema Awany who is musangi to Minister Okello Oryem amd besieged minister of Internal affairs Eng Onek, they are married to sistterss. The other high flying sisters married to big men are Ms Mary Mugyenyi whose sisters are married to Eng Nassasira and Mr Enos Tumusiime former Railways MD now turned high powered lawyer representing Hon Bukenya.There is no order in those military promotions in Uganda. It is all done by YKM. well where are the minutes to prove otherwise?

One name caught my attention and reminded me of a funny chap-resident of Lumumba to be exact-who cuckolded a cabinet minister in Obote 2. According to the press, Johnson Namanya of Special Forces has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed administration officer in charge of Luwero Industries”. Is it possible this is the same Johnson Namanya Mupenzi, a veteinray doctor then of Lumumba hall? If so why the slow promotion.

Now on the question of citizenship, I think it is up to those Rwandese born in Uganda-what is the cut off year in the constitution-to choose between Uganda and Rwanda. For example, I know that Dr Mbonye, former PS chose Uganda over Rwanda and has not flip flopped since. He is a Ugandan as far he is concerned. He took a stand and picked Uganda and stayed with his choice. The real problems are the silent ones who choose Uganda when it suits them and Rwanda when it also suits them.

The big question is this: should those Rwandese born in Ugandan after 1994 still be eligible for Ugandan status? Why 1994? It is the year their parents went home to Rwanda. The funny thing is that Ugandans through and through -like many of you and me-can lose their citizenship, but not these folks!!!!

Now the other big question: should Uganda emulate Germany and Netherlands where it is almost impossible for foreigners to get citizenship? That is should the bar be raised somewhat?

Another question, what is the population of the people from Kisoro who are of Rwandese origin but born in Uganda? I mean bafumbiira? Furthermore are bafumbiira closest to which group in Rwanda? Tutsi or Hutu? This is not just an academic question-I understand they are closets to hutu-because it has political implications.

But we should try to figure out the cut off year. Majority of Rwandese at least those in power and eating, arrived after 1959. What about those who arrived before and after that date? The burden should be on those seeking Ugandan citizenship to prove that they met their criteria as per the cut off year.

Yes Germany’s law is racist and targets the Turks. But Netherlands too has very tough measures before one can become a citizen. The ordinary folks are Ugandans as far as they know. They are settled in Uganda and are struggling like the rest of the folks.

It is the elite who are exploiting the situation. The other thing would be to publicly withdraw Ugandan citizenship from known operatives in Rwanda and start to treat their children in Ugandan schools as international students and subject to restriction and or higher fees. Their name should be gazetted that under section so and so they are no longer deemed Ugandan citizens. But that cannot happen under YKM.

BTW, even among the Bahiima these issues are hot. They are the Rwandese group and the Ugandan group pure which includes the likes of that former Nyakasura chap Tinye. The pure Ugandan group is pro-bugabae and is not afraid to speak out.

Ugandans slept on their rights and have no recourse. Think about it. YKM went to Ntare. From there he went to Dar and was recruited in intelligence services in the late 60s. He came back under UNLF as a minister and vice Chairman of the military commission. He was cleared to contest for the presidency under UPM in 1980 when UAH’s George Okello was Hall chairman and law student. I wish Mr George Okello would not write about personal stuff because that cheapens him but he likes to do for some reason.

The discussion should also consider Sudanese, Kenyans and Congolese. I do not think Uganda has problems with TZ unless the off springs of wakombozi of 1979. But let us be honest, the biggest challenge involves Rwandese whom many Ugandans wrongly or otherwise feel are loading on them.


UPDF should be called ‘Runyakitara Army’?

Museveni and his generals view a recent para trooping display

From the names mentioned and promoted in the UPDF recently, It looks this outfit does not deserve the name UPDF but something like Runyakitara Army? Whatever the reasons for the so called changes, they should desist from using the name UPDF because it does not mirror the rainbow country that Uganda is.

I went to school with some of these chaps in the 60s and by Amin’s time, they were already declaring themselves most “educated”/schooled in Uganda and so per academic achievements, they deserve everything there is to offer. What Museveni has done is to reinforce this primitive stereotype and entrench it in society.

Mr William Oketcho the immediate past MP for Budama north,could not become chairman of the Privatisation unit because a one Rutagi was “more’’ qualified than him. Inspite of most of them being academic mediocres, they will still go around chest thumping as being very educated. If in fact they were even half educated, their conscience would make them shy away from some of these outright nepotistic appointments. Unfortunately the majority are only schooled.

So, when Museveni gets uprooted, the various militias in control of some of those places where they are now the RDC,CAOs etc will have a field day correcting the social injustices they have borne for decades on. I only hope, then, they will realize they have not after all been very educated as per their label claims.

The so called UPDF is just a dressing to lull Ugandans into thinking they have a military establishment. What is the correlation between promotions within the army and its’ professionalization? So, countries like the US,UK,France,Germany,Russia,etc etc where the military hardly get promoted should be per NRM standards non professional? Uganda is actually reliving George Orwell’s Animal Farm satire.

Ever heard of the Institutionalization Syndrome? The military or the corrections service departments provide the best environment where people get beaten by this bug. First, they may hate the whole institution, but with time, they get to like it and as they begin to feel comfortable around it, they begin to depend on it for literally anything and everything.
In fact the more schooled one is, the more predisposed they are.

So, Brig Mugira’ law training notwithstanding, he has now been beaten by the bug and he will need long sessions of debriefing to make him come to terms with reality. Ask yourself, why are many of the so called US war veterans either committing suicide or becoming homeless after being discharged from the military? It is because, all of a sudden, you have removed their identity and just feel they will not make it to the next day.

In the early 1990s, the World Bank and IMF gave NRA money to reduce their numbers which at the time was said to be between 50-80,000. I found myself involved in verifying the reasons for some of them being discharged. Much as they were being given some roofing material, cement and some “Entandikwa” to start civilian life, most of them by 1996 had gone back to the forces because life appeared like hell to them. Whatever they were discharged with were all sold off even before they left the barracks.

So, please start understanding these fellows from that context. They have virtually been given false identities that they are proud to maintain. Add that to the promotions and you are home and dry with your package of a human zombie!

Whether Mr Museveni is or was Rwandese at this point in time is really immaterial. So much has gone under the bridge that any attempts to re-write them will be an exercise in futility.

Home, they say is where the heart is! You may have been born in Uganda to Ugandan parents but if they chose to acquire another country’s citizenship and you fell in love with that new domicile, Uganda would not mean anything to you. Likewise, there are those persons of Rwandan descent who truly believe Uganda is their country. We should not make opportunistic laws to deny them that heritage.

Many of the Indians Idi Amin forced out of Uganda actually call themselves Ugandans. Should we tell them to back off? What is interesting about these Indians is that the majority of them know nothing about India but everything about Uganda and still speak those Ugandan languages they spoke while there.

As regards to deporting naturalized or adopted citizens to their former countries for whatever “security” reasons, I am opposed to that idea because it is not grounded on reality.Many of these adopted/naturalized citizens tend to behave and act based on their experiences in their new domiciles and therefore deporting them to their so called country of origin is no different from the policy the British monarch used in centuries past by sending criminals to Australia.
Whatever character flaws these new citizens develop, it is best handled in the environment where they acquired it.

Just a point of clarification with regards to German citizenship. It is true some decades back, acquiring citizenship there was very hard for foreigners and those who did get it got it by getting married to German women. Things are now different.They also had a very funny way of looking at the children of Turks, whose fore bearers went to help rebuild West Germany after the end of WWII. They continued to be called Guest workers with benefits minus the citizenship. Their off springs were Germans at birth up to 18 years where they would either revert to Guest workers like their parents or chose to apply for German citizenship.

Now on this Rwanda-Uganda citizenship issue, the majority of the rural Rwandese really do not engage in this oscillation of being either Ugandan or Rwandese pending the circumstances. Most know they are Ugandans even though their forebearers are said to have come from Rwanda.

So, even if laws are to be enacted, this should target the class of political prostitutes who are engaged in this practice. Like I said earlier, home is really where ones’ heart is. So let those whose heart is in Uganda be.

Dr. Owor Kipenji

Otunu replaces ‘rebel’ Rurangaranga with Rev. Father Hon. Dr Jacinto Ogwal



Uganda House, Plot 8/10, Kampala Road. P.O Box 37047, Kampala.

Tel: +256(0)312 108 551




 Following consultations within the Party, I have today made the following new      appointments in the Party Cabinet:

  • Rev. Father Hon. Dr Jacinto Ogwal, MP, has been appointed Secretary General. He takes over from the Acting Secretary General, Mr. David Baliraine, who continues with his substantive portfolio as National Workers Leader.
  • Professor Edward Kakonge has been appointed National Chairman. He takes over from Hon. Major Edward Rurangaranga


In addition to the changes in the Cabinet, Mr. Moses Nuwagaba, the deputy spokesperson, is being reassigned to other duties.

The changes indicated above take effect immediately.

It is also necessary to clarify that Mr. Robert Kanusu is not serving as press secretary or spokesperson for the Party Cabinet or Party President.





                                                            20TH December 2011

Uganda House

Uganda Embassies Are in a worse State after surviving being sold off

Uganda embassy in washington,DC

If all Uganda’s properties abroad are rented out on a public market, Uganda can get enough money to pay its entire medical structures. Unlike many African countries we have some of the most lucrative properties in the most lucrative areas of very expensive cities for leaders like AMO and Iddil Amin bought these properties that they paid in cash. I think and I stand corrected that Nairobi property was bought during Obote2 government.

As far as I know we do not have a single property with a mortgage debt, and all of them from embassy offices to ambassador residences to Coffee marketing board offices to coffee marketing board manager residences. It is not easy to get a property today on Trafalgar square but Uganda owns one.

I encourage Ugandans to go to Cuba and visit the Uganda property we own, it is a full city block, I was amazed when I toured this property for it was simply too huge to be a Uganda property. If this government moved all these properties and waived the diplomatic immunity off all of them, it is a shocker to those of us that have heads Kasansula wants to check.

You see as time goes by these properties have accumulated high money into assets worth and taking them today one would become a millionaire in a split of a second. When I was in Japan there was an argument for someone in Uganda wanted to sell off our embassy property one wonders if it was sold or if we still own it. London has been threatened too, these people in NRM are out to sell anything they can and before they are done we will be left naked. I fear too on who owns the Washington property today, is it Uganda government or The Rwandese government?

The sell of ’86 was that sell not made during the Tito Okello government? I had a similar war with them when they wanted to sell off Uganda house in Washington, and Olara Otunu was very influential into that sell for he was the minister of Foreign affairs at a time, and his plan was to sell the entire property we own as a minister. You see the Washington Uganda house was built specifically in Uganda materials, all furniture and all doors all wood work was flown into Washington directly from Uganda. It is that building why Amin bought an air craft that was interchangeable from passengers’ flights to cargo, so that he would bring the required materials for it.

Let me add that most of the furniture in that building was made in a carpentry shop opposite Jinja Road Police station at a time. The Olara Otunus wanted to sell it before Museveni came to power, and we had to get a lawyer who registered a claim on the property. If you register a claim on a property it cannot be sold until when it is decided either in a court of law or through lawyers. We never had a claim but we created a delay tactic that worked so well. The building was saved. Unfortunately today it benefits Rwandese better than Ugandans but Uganda still owned it to the time I stopped to follow it.

Let me add that the price of that building is way higher than what Amin spent on it. At a time of building it we had a standard so high that it was the head Quarters of the UN till when we stopped to maintain it, and the UN built its current head Quarters which is near our property.

We need to wake up and use these properties to the goodness of our country, I wonder too why we don’t combine all of them and put them under a strict ministry to know exactly how to maintain them. I was in Ottawa and the residence of our ambassador is an eye sore in the Kololo of Ottawa. But so is the embassy building its self, I arrived at that office early morning one time, and a staff was living into it so you open a door and see cooking pots of burnt food on office tables, man I was so disappointed and I stopped to go to Ottawa building. It is just too un presentable.

I encourage Ugandans to go to Havana and see this marvellous building we have man I looked at it and I had a glee on my face but that is how much business we had with Cuba at a time, so it was yes very justified.

Edward Mulindwa


Uganda embassy in London

My friend Edward Mulindwa,

Some people in the Ugandan Embassy and the Foreign office in Kampala tried to sell off Trafalgar Square and other Ugandan properties in London. Remember, before Museveni came to power in 1986, Uganda owned not only the Trafalgar Square embassy, which is a very prime business area of London, but also about other 15 residences in the most expensive areas of London like Golder’s Green etc. The Ugandan government owned these properties outright with no mortgages attached.

But in 1992, corrupt officials in Museveni’s government tried to sell off these properties. They talked to some property developers, who told them if they sold off the Trafalgar Square Embassy, they would build Uganda another embassy complex, but outside of central London, because the developers wanted to demolish the building and put in its place a modern office complex of about 15 storey . They even signed a contract, which totally undervalued these buildings and land, so that Trafalgar Square embassy would be sold at less than a half of its then going price, which was £350 million, but they were going to sell it for only £100 million. In return, these corrupt officials in the embassy and the Foreign Office in Kampala would receive a bribe of £10 million to share among themselves.

The Brirish authorities learnt about this deal, because many embassies are located in Trafalgar Square, including the American, South African, and French embassies. The developers applied for planning permission to demolish the building and erect their modern office complex, that is how the British authorities found out, and so they contacted Museveni’s government.

As usual, Museveni cancelled the contract of sale but Uganda had to pay the developers almost £50 million for breach of contract. It is the same story that has been repeating itself again and again, with Museveni cancelling corrupt contracts and then paying millions in compensation. In this case, The Permanent Secretary was made the scapegoat and was sacked by Museveni, so Trafalgar Square embassy still remains the property of Uganda.

Unfortunately, Trafalgar Square embassy is in a very sorry state and sometimes they don’t even have heating, but it is still there. They even rented part of it out to the Rwandan embassy at some point and to other organizations. Rwanda have since bought their own property and moved out instead the current tenants are the Ecuador as we speak.

This is the Museveni’s Uganda that we live in today. I also visited the Ugandan embassy in Havana, Cuba, and it is a very impressive building.

George Okello

Otunu should not quit as he represents the adaptive group in UPC.

The UPC saga illustrates the challenges new leaders meet in organizations. The difference in approaches is the cause. There are two types of approaches that are employed in leadership, technical and adaptive methods. Under technical approach, leaders provide all solutions to whatever problem experienced. Often such a leader provides all solutions almost alone, he does not disturb the status quo of the employees thus offering them certainty of where they are headed to, in this case, the party officials are sure of what to expect, their safe zones are secure, the results are predictable, solutions seem to be readily available. Whether there was bad performance or not, jobs/positions were guaranteed. Employees are not fired because of close relationships and their contribution to the party or allegiance, not because of their good performance. That kind of scenario is what we call technical approach. The organization seems to be running well but in reality there is less or no progress. This is where UPC was since 1986 to recently. Members were running the party but less progress taking place, but salaries were being paid.

By contrast, under the adaptive approach, a leader though works in a team, does not hesitate to hire a more productive employee just as he does not fear to fire a friend who fails to do what can make the organization prosper. Such a leader will meet resistance from those people who are used to quickly “fixes” or expect the leader to provide all the solutions as the previous leader did or assumed. When fired or reshuffled, they will make much noise and will solicit support from whoever sympathizes with them. They will marginalize, they will attack, they will try to seduce the adaptive leader and when they fail to get their way through, they will try all ways to get the guy out. This where we see assassinations taking place. For example Yitzak Babin was assassinated because he challenged the Isaelis to give up land for peace; under adaptive change, you let make make hard choices, often very unpalatable choices have to be made. For example, firing a close friend who occupies a sensitive position in the organization yet he is a liability, would look unpopular yet for success, it is necessary.

In such a situation, most adaptive leaders get frustrated and if they cannot stomach it any more, they resign. To succeed, they adaptive leaders need to go slow as they implement their good plans, sometimes people don’t move at the same pace, so you have to “wait” for them to understand what direction you are taking the organization. Sometimes they oppose not because they don’t like the new leader, they do so because they are not sure where they are going, they fear to lose what they already have, they think the organization will fail, because the methods employed are different from they are used to. In that case, an adaptive leader needs to recruit people who don’t fear changes, he can work best with those who are not risk averse; he needs care on who he can trust and he must not confuse allies and confidantes. Normally adaptive leaders make good judgment but when he fire off a non-performer, they are accused of destroying the organization.

This is the situation where President Museveni falls in. His close associates are a liability to NRM and Uganda as a whole yet he has no nerves to fire them because they have been trusted in the past. Had Museveni been an adaptive leader, his ministers and whoever works under him would fear to do anything wrong because he would be assured of being sacked.

In my analysis, Mama Miria fits in the shoes of a technical leader while Olara Otunnu represents the adaptive group. It will take time for people to understand his position, and when they do, they will ask themselves why they opposed him in the first place. This is not unusual, it is simply because the issue of contention had not ripened yet. He needs to let the matter ripen, i.e give people time to understand where they are going. He also needs to “go to the balcony” to assess how the works are progressing without his input or to hear what people say; then he moves back to join the team. He has to do this all the time, it is like being in two places at the same time. Adaptive leadership is tricky, as it disorganizes old guards.

I am not a party to confusion whether I belong to that organization or not. As we read in literature and hear from different cultures, good people “don’t uproot the pumpkin” when they emigrate, so if you were well schooled either in your culture or the academia, you wouldn’t be frustrated because there is nothing unusual in maintaining good relations even if you no longer belong.

As a sane and educated person, when an explanation is given, I give my response to energize the members of that organization, so if you see it as unusual or strange, I advice you to comfort and console yourself that we come from different schools of thought, of course with yours being the best, I don’t mind that.

It is unbelievable that people opt for thuggery as we recently witnessed with the youths taking over UPC headquarters. What they don’t understand is the damage they have done to the party, not to Otunnu who can start another political organization.

I think Otunnu should just let go that party at sme point; if he starts a party, I am sure he will get a huge following, and I don’t rule out my partnership with him.

I think my sympathy for UPC is gone; I am now a free political bird that is free to join any other organization that some how represents my interests.

Peter Simon Okurut

What do we know about the ”former” cabinet minister, Kabakumba

Princess Kabakumba

Princess Kabakumba Matsiko is a direct descendent of either prince Ruyonga or Kabugumire, rival brothers of either Kabareega or Kamurasi. She grew up at her father’s home in Masindi, who was a county chief before the abolition of kingdoms in 1967. She rose from ordinary mobiliser to a senior one at NRM Secretariat between 1986 and 1996 and was at the forefront for EBYEITU demands during 7th parliament. In the 6th parliament, she belonged to the young hot blooded ones, although many switched to Reform Agenda, PAFO and later FDC.

She is a proud princess and that may be her demerit which was utilised by her enemies at home and in Kampala. But she is popular in Masindi and had mobilised thousands of supporters in her defence.

At the peak of Bakiga versus Bafuruki saga, Ahmed Katerega Musaazi( Newvision) talked to her and she said that Bakiga immigrants had rushed to active politics in their new found land otherwise Banyoro hosts had no problem with them.

NRM has been hijacked by enemies and opportunists of yesterday, but Kabakumba belongs to those NRM cadres that joined it during or immediately after the struggle and had not been ejected by the system.

She should however resort to PR and it will be a matter of time before she bounces back.
Disgruntled NRM media moblisers have also not helped her because they are tired of hearing embezzling here and there when they don’t have even facilitation to go FM radio talk shows. They walk on foot and are supposed to defend billionaires and millionaires. NRM should do its own self cleansing before it is not too late.

But she is not a small thief! She has been named by the UBC board chairman responsible for selling 23 acres of UBC land at Bugolobi together with Okurut Mary Karoro. Awori, former minister of IT named her as responsible for inflating the digital migration from $ 30 TO $ 70 M after visiting china. so, she is an experienced thief not certainly an amateur but well she was an easy prey compared to the battle hardened Sam Kuteesa and Amama Mbabazi worth god fathers. She sold even land for UBC AT 0 price in Bugolobi.23 acres to Bassajjababi!

According to UPC’s Joseph Ocieno, ‘’ It is now official that NRA is really a National Robbers Association. And you know, thieves have no class. Just that the more senior, the (much) more they rob; the better armed the more daring; thieves.’

‘Even I initially thought that only those without ‘background’ steal. Those who are just stealing in order to ‘catch up’ with cars, mattresses, mabatis, radios, watches, shillings for pork joints. Thieves. Big houses to compensate being born on dust. Occupying other people’s homes, land etc, mbu catching up on sleep and ‘bush mosquito bites’. No, thieves are thieves; in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. Banks, CHOGM, Gavi funds, ‘Gaddafi’ funds for Lake Vic hotel, 1987 currency robbery, money thieves.’

‘A thief is a thief; the one who pinches my rabbit, the one who disappears with your change, the one who dips hands in a shop till, then those big ones whose theft result in deaths in hospitals, failures in exams and Radio Uganda without a mast, for Mzee and ‘royals’. And why not, darkness in ‘sleep’ is their best weather. Duped.’

‘Except, a pick pocket at the Old (very old)taxi park would be lynched by the mob while this ‘princess’ is flanked by her national ‘leadership’ general at our national assembly. New Luzira.’

“They Slept With Me” – video commemorating International Human Rights Day

Dear Friends & Colleagues

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day that was celebrated on 10 December 2011, Refugee Law Project would like to draw your attention to an often forgotten areas of rights violations with the release of a short documentary. The film’s dramatic title, ‘They Slept With Me’ immediately raises two urgent questions for anyone concerned with the search for justice: Who were ‘They’?…. and who was ‘Me’?

‘They’ were government soldiers in the late 1980s…

‘Me’ was an Acholi civilian, a man, living in Gulu district, a part of northern Uganda that was later to become the heart of the Ugandan’s counter-insurgency strategy against the notorious Lords Resistance Army.

This disturbing short documentary shares the testimonies of several male survivors, and raises critical questions about the search for justice for conflict-related sexual violence. The questions raised by men are not unrelated to those asked by women survivors: will the government ever pay ‘dowry’ for what they did to me? can someone who survives really tell their story in a formal court setting where it will be heard by many people, provoking the terrible phenomenon of self-imprisonment whereby survivors barely leave their own homes for fear of the stigma they will face?

This 12 minute video can be accessed at

Your comments, as always, are welcome and can be addressed to

Yours sincerely,
Moses A. Nsubuga
ICT Officer
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General Elly Tumwine should be supported to fight AIIS


If it is true that General Elly Tumwine has started another ‘NRM’ and anybody have contacts, please hand the General my e-mail address, I am flexible, this is the Movement worth joining. All his objectives sounds good, it addresses my concerns.

My applause to this General is based on many factors. As I mentioned one time in this very forum, and not long ago, he is one of the few well trained military officers and as some people say, he seems to be serious. Where we have reached with our corruption, there is need for various groups of Ugandans across party lines to form a formidable force if we are to save the country.

Already we see the fruits of unity by the actions of some of our legislators (NRM and Opposition) who have teamed up to expose the corrupt. It is our country that is bleeding, so when Gen. Tumwine comes with his Acquired Immune Integrity Syndrome[AIIS] with all those promises, those of us fed up with the scourge, just say,” Hail, Gen..” It was exactly under similar circumstances that Adolf Hitler became an elected Chancellor of Germany in the 1930s. The Germans who had been fed up with corruption, poor economy etc saw light in him.

If this General can continue with his forceful character, he deserves all the support. You better volunteer, as for me; I would contribute immensely if called upon. I target the social service sector (education and health) I think I have an idea of what may be done to help address the issue. In the elementary and high school sectors for example, the following could be done:

There is need for all the four stakeholders to have clearly defined roles: students, teachers, the community (parents) and the government. The very first thing to do is for committees consisting of representatives of the four groups to meet to discuss the problems face and then come up with recommendations on how they think those challenges should be addressed. Each committee should come up with a minimum of 10 issues they think are responsible for the poor performance and also give at least 10 recommendations they think will help to address those issues. A committee at say each county/district would sit to sieve the challenges and recommendations to forward to the headquarters for implementation.

Also each county/saza should have one Board of Governors and one PTA that would manage the education affairs in that county, not the various separate boards per school, which are easy to manipulate by the head teachers.

There would be need to have few well managed private schools that must meet all the minimum requirements before they are given licence to operate.

We have seen how education sector is successfully run in other countries, and even in Uganda prior to NRM, some of those methods were very good. There is no good reason for parents to watch toilets get full and eventually get destroyed when they are within the schools, either they have been misled to ignore the welfare of their children or they have been ordered not to. The solutions to some of the problems are within the people, when we involve them in solving their daily challenges, the central government will not be overwhelmed.

There is need to use adaptive leadership approach as opposed to technical approach. The central government should let lose its grip on school programs because of politics, parents need to get seriously involved. For example, there is need to have one or two parents volunteering every week to oversee how affairs in the school are being run, in that the stakeholders will come to know of the challenges affecting the school, not to wait till the roofs or toilets have collapsed. Can you imagine that teachers in a high school can take six months without pay and the teachers cannot even talk? The parents, students and government would come to know the problems if parents are involved.

There is a lot that can be achieved within a short period of time since some problems arise from within, meaning their solutions are also within.

Peter Simon Okurut

A coup detat has taken place at UPC headquarters but Otunu spokesperson on UAH says its not over

Otunu Olara Vs Akena James


What has happened at Uganda house today are some of the ugly classic Uganda weapon of conspiracy, intrigue and slander. It is quite clear that the UPC party under the good leadership of Olara Otunnu has become a big threat to the powers that be, it is also apparent that Olara Otunnu the man has become the true leader of opposition and as such, he has become a big threat to some leaders of opposite political parties to the dictatorship as well.

If any of our people think that Olara Otunnu is not prepared to see it through to the end then they better think again. Olara Otunnu is aware of the fact that politic in Uganda is not what it is suppose to be, but that activity which people participate in, in order to line up their pockets. Of course, in Uganda most of the youths are jobless, and any chance of a quick money, these neglected youths would jump at it, and this one such moment, but nothing too great to be handled. If the police and so called ”law enforcement” is reluctant to handle the alleged situation, then the people will have no option but take the law into their own hands, and deal with the unruly youths swiftly.

Since Olara Otunnu took over the leadership of the party, the UPC party has been going from to strength to strength which has caused serious concern among the thieves and the killers of our people. It is a known fact that Museveni and his henchmen will not rest until they see the demise of the most successful political party in the history of Uganda. There are many actors at play here, but most of these actors are not people worth wasting times on. These are characters who sat in Uganda for years waiting for someone like Olara Otunnu to come and revive the party of the people, now that such revival has taken place they want to creep in and take credit for the good job Olara Otunnu has done so far! These so called UPC youths are being misled by greedy leaders who sees the AMO as their bank account instead of a source strength to the party of the people. Instead of these greedy leaders showing the youths the right path, they are busy misleading these neglected youths into a territory of political suicide.

These poverty stricken youths must know that temporary gratification is not what the UPC party is all about, the UPC party long and sustainable gratification for all. We know that due to abject poverty, squalor, misery and incurable diseases in Uganda most of our people, especially the youths do not envisage a long future ahead, but mindless action such as locking yourselves in party offices is not going to solve the problem.

If it is true that these hooligans have occupied the HQ by force then, such force must be met with greater force. True UPC supporters must be mobilized and matched to the HQ to face the like of ”Oluk”.

Comrades, this is yet another evil work by the well oiled propaganda machine of the dictatorship. We have seen it before, and we shall continue to see such, but with a strong conviction, motivation and commitment these devils will be cast away like our heroes did back then.

Under no circumstances should the party of the people be allowed to fall under the control of the dictatorship.

Christopher Derek Nyero.

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