December 2011

Day December 3, 2011

The Murder of Rwandan journalist, Charles Ingabire,is comparable to the way Seroney Mwanga was killed

According to the Daily Monitor,’’ the editor of Rwanda’s Inyenyeri news, Charles Ingabire who had sought refuge in Uganda for political reasons, has been shot dead in a Kampala pub. Ingabire was shot dead past midnight on November 30 at Makies 2 Bar in Bukesa-Kikoni Makerere in Kampala.’ But why did he stay in Uganda? How can you flee Rwanda, and then stay in Kampala to criticize Paul Kagame? I do not know whether Uganda will ever be able to eliminate the problem of foreigners in their security services because every regime has used them to torture Ugandans.

So, what does the killing say about Kagame and his regime? Sad as it may be in the short run, it has the potential to expose Kagame. In the long run it will come back to haunt Kagame. For how long is he going to ride the genocide tragedy to blackmail the world, while killing his opponents and oppressing the majority Hutu? What a heck if the minority Tutsis fought their way into power what makes Kagame delude himself that the majority Hutu cannot do it? I know many top chaps in Rwanda who were my classmates. Some are on ‘’katebe’’ and some are in exile and some very senior officials in their army. I have not had much contact with them in the last 10 years or more. Just read about their ordeals. But I told them to treat Hutu nicely.

Strategy wise Kagame is dumb. But he faces real challenge from the so called big four now in exile. If he were to be overthrown he should never be allowed back in Uganda. He knows that because the big 4 would go after him there.

Let me tell you something, for too long Universities in North America did not want to consider Hutu students. That changed last year when several Hutu students from exile were offered scholarships. Actually they are now given priority thanks to the propaganda by the big four who are former buddies of Kagame.

Yes, Abbey Semuwemba is right: YKM is different from Kagame . Yes, we can go to Uganda and not fear of being tortured. That much is certain. Listen, YKM is strategic. We are not fighting him in some bush. Sure we criticize and say all kinds of things on the UAH forum but that is not enough for him to pounce. In others words we pose no immediate threat to YKM. We are debating in the open and he may be listening but that is it.

Now I am not saying Ugandans are not being tortured. They are Ugandans being framed by intelligence and stuff and tortured in Uganda. I am beginning to think that there are several centres of power. Some torture, and yet some kill. YKM prefers the brown envelope aka bribery of opponents. It is easier and not messy.

I seriously want you to consider the challenge: examine murders before 1994 and murders after 1994. You may find something interesting. I am beginning to think that those earlier murders during NRM like that of Dr Kayiira (RIP) were committed by the Kagames. And that is what we heard from Nairobi. Names were even mentioned but that is for another day.

Now here is big question or challenge: look at the political murders in Uganda before 1994 and after 1994. What will you find? Did political murders of Ugandans increase or decrease after 1994? If they decreased as Abbey Semuwemba hinted, what explains the change? Put differently why did YKM resort to using the brown envelope to lure back his opponents? In other words it was a blessing in disguise for Ugandan exiles. The killers now target Rwandese opponents.

The region would be better off if the Congolese put their damn act together. That is what I tell them: put your damn act together and save your country.

The murder of the Rwandan journalist reminded me of a bunch of idiotic Ugandans who planned to go and invade Uganda in from of the General post office (GPO) in Nairobi. They planned to enter Ugandan through Lwakaka so their leaders gave them money and watched apparently right at the GPO. A few went to Kawangware to celebrate over beer and other brew and in the process shared their plan. Anyway, to cut the long story short, their leader was Seroney Mwanga-he owned a hotel around the Clock Tower in Mbale-from Mbale who apparently had good support from Nyayo (Kenya’s Daniel Arap Moi). So he was given escort to the Ugandan border. They actually entered Uganda but they never made it far. ‘’Mayumba kumi’’ or something like that under theNational Resistance Council (NRC) found them crowded in some house in South Mbale. The orders were clear: The rest could be arrested but Seroney Mwanga had to be killed on the spot, and that is what happened. Those who had been openly meeting at the GPO were apparently surprised that their leader-he was dishing them money from Nyayo and others had been killed in Uganda.

That was the end of it and YKM and Nyayo reconciled. Nyayo then turned against the other idiots and chased them from Nairobi and off to the UK they went. Oh boy!
And you wonder why the folks, like Museveni and Mo, last that long in power. Some of their opponents are outright idiots. Sorry!

Yes, the former spokesperson for LRA,David Matsanga, was part of that group. He always gravitated where money is found for eating. That is why he left for London. But their leader was the late Seroney Mwanga, a Sabiny who was trusted by the Kalenjin elite including Nyayo himself. He was powerful and even had Kenyan security guarding him. But he was foolish and entered Uganda in the company of a few including a former army officer who now lives in London. He fled or was smart enough to stay in a different homestead. The only former officer, who impressed me because he was a gentleman, was the late Lt Col Agwa (RIP). The rest were funny. Anyways they left for London and Norway. But here is the funny thing; they were implicated in the murders of Seroney and Bazzira. Now they live in London and Norway the land of democracy, laws and order. Well, Well, Nyayo is nyayo.

Please don’t get confused: Nyayo is Mr Moi. Serroney Mwanga was a leader of one of the groups based in Nairobi in the late 80s trying to fight YKM. Their meeting place used to be in front of the GPO-walayi. He was sort of wealthy; he had hotels in Mbale and in Kampala near Nakasero.
The late Lt Col Agwa (RIP) was from Lango region. He impressed me because he was a gentleman. I don’ know what happened to Seroney’s family, but his young brother became an LC 3 chairman in Mbale, Nakaloke to be exact.

Well Seroney was a Sabiny from Kapchorwa not a mumasaba who settled in Nakaloke County. FYI, his home in Namunsi was opposite that of the Late Minister of Health, Dr Gesa, and a few metres away from the home where Mr Patrick Kiggundu, the former MP of Kyotera grew up. The same sub county of the late Mr Kabogoza-Musoke (RIP) the former DC and father of two senior ranking civil servants, and of course the home of the late Semei Kakungulu.

Nakaloke is the only sub county in the larger Mbale region where the majority are not Bamasaba. But ironically they produce the best kadodi drummers!

Rumour has it that the late Bazzira was betrayed by his former UPC colleagues. I know UPC/UAH’s Joseph Ochieno knows who I am writing about. Those folks now live in Europe and may even be active in UPC circles! Here is the hint: the alleged chaps came from Eastern Uganda. That is all I will say. Actually I used to see Mr. Ochieno talk to them in Nairobi. Figure them out. Mr Ochieno may have left for London when it happened but it is true. UPC 3.1.1 are the ones implicated in both murders. Those chaps left for Europe.

Yes Mr Ochieno used to visit in Nairobi and I believe now lives in Uganda. The chap who really made me sad because I knew him well was the late Mr Akure, a former mechanical engineering student at Makerere, a resident of Mitchell hall and former student of St Peters College Tororo. He is the chap who went fighting in Teso and did a lot of damage to the region. I recall meeting him in Nairobi. We even went for masala lunch together. Sure he had had problems in his studies and was discontinued under what he felt were political circumstances-the lecturer in question had to flee. He then joined the army and by the time of the coup he was a second Lt. He went back to Ugandan to start or lead the rebellion. The rest is tragic.


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