A coup detat has taken place at UPC headquarters but Otunu spokesperson on UAH says its not over

Otunu Olara Vs Akena James


What has happened at Uganda house today are some of the ugly classic Uganda weapon of conspiracy, intrigue and slander. It is quite clear that the UPC party under the good leadership of Olara Otunnu has become a big threat to the powers that be, it is also apparent that Olara Otunnu the man has become the true leader of opposition and as such, he has become a big threat to some leaders of opposite political parties to the dictatorship as well.

If any of our people think that Olara Otunnu is not prepared to see it through to the end then they better think again. Olara Otunnu is aware of the fact that politic in Uganda is not what it is suppose to be, but that activity which people participate in, in order to line up their pockets. Of course, in Uganda most of the youths are jobless, and any chance of a quick money, these neglected youths would jump at it, and this one such moment, but nothing too great to be handled. If the police and so called ”law enforcement” is reluctant to handle the alleged situation, then the people will have no option but take the law into their own hands, and deal with the unruly youths swiftly.

Since Olara Otunnu took over the leadership of the party, the UPC party has been going from to strength to strength which has caused serious concern among the thieves and the killers of our people. It is a known fact that Museveni and his henchmen will not rest until they see the demise of the most successful political party in the history of Uganda. There are many actors at play here, but most of these actors are not people worth wasting times on. These are characters who sat in Uganda for years waiting for someone like Olara Otunnu to come and revive the party of the people, now that such revival has taken place they want to creep in and take credit for the good job Olara Otunnu has done so far! These so called UPC youths are being misled by greedy leaders who sees the AMO as their bank account instead of a source strength to the party of the people. Instead of these greedy leaders showing the youths the right path, they are busy misleading these neglected youths into a territory of political suicide.

These poverty stricken youths must know that temporary gratification is not what the UPC party is all about, the UPC party long and sustainable gratification for all. We know that due to abject poverty, squalor, misery and incurable diseases in Uganda most of our people, especially the youths do not envisage a long future ahead, but mindless action such as locking yourselves in party offices is not going to solve the problem.

If it is true that these hooligans have occupied the HQ by force then, such force must be met with greater force. True UPC supporters must be mobilized and matched to the HQ to face the like of ”Oluk”.

Comrades, this is yet another evil work by the well oiled propaganda machine of the dictatorship. We have seen it before, and we shall continue to see such, but with a strong conviction, motivation and commitment these devils will be cast away like our heroes did back then.

Under no circumstances should the party of the people be allowed to fall under the control of the dictatorship.

Christopher Derek Nyero.


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  1. PIwang Innocent,

    Come on Guys, a party is messing itself up, and you want to blame another dictator for a party’s poor internal cohesion?

  2. Peter Okello Maber,


    Either you are an Otunnu sycophant or there is something terribly amiss with your reading of the developments in your own party – UPC.

    For a sometime even casual observers of UPC affairs have known that there have been simmering tensions in that party for a long time. These tensions have been generated by factionalism, personality disputes, struggle to control resouces and power strugggles in the party. Hardly anything to do with the “dictatorship” which also is struggling with internal disputes in NRM.

    Now for you to lay all the blame of the UPC problems squarely on Museveni/NRM is to adopt the ostrich tactics! Please look inward (UPC) and try to solve the problems in your party rather that wasting time looking elsewhere. Treat the real disease in the party but not simptoms.

    By laying all the blame on NRM and other parties, you make Museveni look very strong and powerful and UPC very weak. Secondly, it seems you need Museveni/NRM very much because whenever you have problems in UPC, Museveni is a very convinient excuse to use to explain away those problems rather than solve them.

    “The disease that kills a person is inside the body of the person and not outside!”

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